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Valentine’s Day 2011 Giveaway: Spa and Chocolates

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 — 3:12pm PDT
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There’s nothing like telling the love of your life how much they mean to you and although you can do so any day of the year, Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity to crank up the romance in your life. For this reason, I have been working to put together a few Vancouver-specific Valentine’s Day packages and the first prizes that came to my mind are the following:

Fairmont Willow Springs Spa
Photo credit: James KM Cheng Architects

Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa
Website, Facebook, Twitter
Recently ranked within the Top Ten Luxury Hotels in Canada, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is home to the Willow Stream Spa. There is a wide range of services available from facials and pedicures to special package deals. Not to jump the gun, but the Fairmont Pacific Rim also offers several services as a part of their “Perfect Proposal” package.

My contest winner will enjoy a 60-minute side-by-side massage with their partner followed by time on the exclusive spa terrace with hot tubs, couples’ lounge, and steam room.


Mink Chocolates
Website, Twitter, Facebook
Vancouver’s own Mink Chocolates is located between Cordova and Hastings on the plaza that would be Hornby Street. They have a cafe that will take your senses for a whirl, serving up treats such as Chocolate Chai, the Minknog Latte, personal s’mores-style fondue, and belgian waffles. Of course the main attraction is their chocolate – my personal favourites being Mermaid’s Choice (burnt caramel, fleur de sel, rosemary), Key Lime (lime in white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate), and Open in Case of Emergency (mint & Kentucky bourbon).

My contest winner will receive an “Oh, Baby!” gift box of chocolate bars and a 16 piece assortment of bonbons – perfect for sharing.

Banana Republic
Wildbloom, Banana RepublicWebsite, Twitter, Facebook
Banana Republic’s “Wildbloom” Eau de Parfum launched Valentine’s Day and they have offered a 50ml bottle (value $60) to add to my prize package.

The new scent is described as “soft and feminine” with notes of “guava, pear skin, kumquat, and pink grapefruit on top of light exotic floral notes and the warm, woodsy scents of patchouli, sandalwood, musk, and pink suede at the base.”

Here’s how you can win this Valentine’s Day ‘Spa and Chocolates’ giveaway:

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  • I entered to win a Valentine’s Day ‘Spa & Chocolates’ giveaway via @FairmontPacific @MinkChocolates @Miss604

    When you book your spa appointment, make some extra time to stop by Mink Chocolates (about 5 minutes away on foot) to see the cafe and pick up your chocolates. One winner will be drawn at random from all entries next Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 9:00am. If you would like to use an anonymous name so your partner doesn’t know you’ve entered or won the contest, please be sure to provide a valid email address for the sake of prize notification.

    Update The winner is Lori (with a comment February 3, 2011 at 2:43 PM) – congratulations!

    Fine print: This contest is open to all residents of BC.

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    1. Jon Strocel says:

      Sounds like a lovely Valentine’s gift.

    2. Tony says:

      Would love to surprise the girlfriend with this gift…Valentines is also our anniversary!

    3. Michelle says:

      I would LOVE to go!

    4. Tawcan says:

      Would love to win this. My gf would love the spa and chocolates. πŸ™‚

    5. Brenda says:

      This sounds fabulous! I love MINK!

    6. Tori Klassen says:

      My sweetie is flying all the way from New Brunswick to wish me a (slightly belated) Happy Valentine’s Day (my birthday’s a week later). Wouldn’t it be nice if I could treat him to a massage and chocolates while he’s here?

    7. Kelly says:

      Mmm chocolates and spa! Amazing

    8. Tim says:

      happy valentine’s day everyone!

    9. Rachael Q says:

      Great giveaway. I’d love win. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    10. CraigW says:

      Valentine’s day just so happens to coincide with my gf/bff’s birthday. Spa and chocolates makes a great bd/vd gift.

    11. Kym says:

      perfect for valentines day! (or any day, really) would love to go ! πŸ™‚

    12. Dilara says:

      This sounds so lovely!

    13. Alan says:

      Would love to win this for my wife.

    14. chico sousa says:

      We moved into our new place on Valentine’s Day then we had a beautiful child. Now I’d love us some chocolates and spa day! Yes thank you!

    15. K says:

      Pretty please!! This is such a fantastic gift.

    16. Bernard says:

      My wife would love this!

    17. Nicky says:

      Fingers and toes are crossed for this! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting such a great competition.

    18. Blondie says:

      Mmmm… what a delicious contest!

    19. Emma says:

      Sounds lovely!

    20. Grace says:

      what an awesome combination! perfect for valentine’s day.

    21. Mike says:

      Wouldn’t this be lovely!

    22. Marisa says:

      This sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day experience!

    23. Jenna says:

      that would be the ideal Valentine’s Day! Mink Chocolate & the spa, enough said.

    24. Shawnna says:

      Sounds like a great way to spend the day!!

    25. alakitten says:

      Would LOVE to win this, thanks! πŸ™‚

    26. Tara says:

      Would love to win this!

    27. Donna L says:

      I love massages. I also love chocolate. I’m just chock full of love!

    28. Michelle says:

      Sounds divine. *drool* Pick me, pick me!

    29. A.J. says:


      I left one.

    30. jeff says:

      Would be nice!

    31. Kelli says:

      Love the Fairmont!

    32. Elaine says:

      Oh please pick me!!!!

    33. Mark says:

      Make me look good, Miss604!

    34. Serena says:

      What a great prize – I can feel the soothing relaxation already!
      Tweeted too!

    35. Jeanie says:

      Me! Me! Me! (Please!)

    36. Tess McCann says:

      Yeah free prizes!!!

    37. Victoria R says:

      Oh I would love to win this!

    38. jean says:

      sounds amazing!

    39. Cliff says:

      That would be great.

    40. Brenda says:

      I love spas and chocolate.

    41. Charmaine says:

      Sounds so relaxing and romantic…please pick me!!

    42. Erin says:

      Sounds perfect for those of us who dont have a partner! A little pampering goes a long way to uplift a day…

    43. Johannes says:

      Yes, please!
      Sounds amazing!!!

    44. Suzannah says:

      I’ve spent the last two weeks researching Vancouver chocolate and the people who make it and judge it. I’ve watched countless hours of other people enjoying it. It’s not enough – YouTube is just not cutting it anymore. And to add insult to injury, the chocolate envy has now given me tight shoulders. I need chocolate and a massage. (and that bonbon with the bourbon.)

    45. Jen says:

      I would love to surprise my boyfriend with this!

    46. Jen says:

      Wow, what an amazing Valentine’s prize πŸ™‚ Since by birthday and our anniversary is so close to Valentine’s day, this would be such a special way to celebrate!

    47. Jer says:

      My fiance would love to have this as a Valentine’s surprise!

    48. Lia says:

      This prize sounds heavenly! I absolutely adore MINK!

    49. Angela says:

      Would so want it for Valentine’s Day!

    50. Sarah says:

      I’d love to win this! I need a little pick me up after being laid off today. πŸ™

    51. Tricia says:

      massage and chocolates? me!

    52. Chris says:

      Get out of doghouse gift… CHECK!

    53. Kathryn says:

      Would love love LOVE to win!

    54. au says:

      ‘am soooooooooo loving it and dying to share it with my uhhmmm!!!
      advance happy valentine miss604!!:)

    55. Hanne-Sophie Solhaug says:

      This sounds incredible! It will be my first valentines day in Vancouver this year and it would be great to celebrate like you’ve mentioned above!

    56. maria says:

      Would love to win this amazing contest!

    57. Lucia says:

      This would be the perfect surprise for my boyfriend:)

    58. Brenda says:

      I would love to win this awesome prize : )

    59. lainey says:

      You have the best contests!

    60. Patricia says:

      Spa and chocolate, does it get any better ? πŸ™‚

    61. Shannon says:

      Yowza! Amazing!

    62. Eileen says:

      Oh please, oh please, oh please….

    63. Oana says:

      Sign me up! I love both those places.

    64. Don says:

      Spa treatments and chocolates would be a great Valentine’s Day treat!

    65. Cass says:

      Oh wow! It would be delightful to have a spa treatment for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been to a spa before, but was thinking about going to make Vday feel a little bit more special. <3

    66. Chris says:

      I would love this!

    67. Shivani says:

      This sounds awesome! πŸ™‚

    68. Scratchy says:

      So need a spa day…this would be wonderful

    69. Veronica says:

      Awesome contest!

    70. Linda Nguyen says:

      oo sounds awesome! i’ve never been to a spa before πŸ™‚

    71. L. says:

      I would looooveee to go to a spa! And chocolate?! Too awesome πŸ™‚

    72. Soo Wei Tan says:

      Sounds like an amazing staycation too!

    73. Grace says:

      Chocolates and spa are the perfect combination to set the tone for a romantic Valentine’s day!

    74. sarah says:

      I am 35 and haven’t had a boyfriend in 7 years…that right, 7 years. And, I am FINALLY seeing someone amazing!! I would love to treat the both of us (actually, have you treat us!) to this amazing prize.

    75. Ally says:

      <3 would love!

    76. Andrea says:

      Fabulous giveaway!

    77. au says:

      Definitely a great Valentine’s gift.

    78. Hayley says:

      This would be so wonderful!

    79. Chris says:

      Yes please!

    80. Kevin Baggs says:

      Would make an awesome gift for my honey

    81. Amy says:

      spa + chocolates = BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER!!

    82. Deborah says:

      I love Valentine’s Day!

    83. Kyle says:

      pick me!

    84. Amy says:

      I would LOVE this!!! πŸ™‚

    85. Grace says:

      Id love to have this!!

    86. Heidi says:

      Yum! I’d love to win this.

    87. Lori says:

      Chocolate and a massage, nothing beats that!

    88. Darcy says:

      This would score some brownie points!

    89. Meghan says:

      I am a chocoholic- pick me, pick me, pick me πŸ™‚

    90. Melissa says:

      The perfect way to spend the day!

    91. Laura says:

      Sounds terrific! Happy Valentines Day πŸ™‚

    92. Kelli says:

      never had a couples massage…is it as romantic as it sounds?

    93. Linda says:

      The spa and some indulgent chocolate… what more does a girl want! Sure I’ll share it with my hubby πŸ™‚

    94. Brandee says:

      What a great prize!! Mmmmm, chocolate and massage, sounds like a pretty perfect day to me.

    95. Ruby says:

      can’t even explain how wonderful this would be as a surprise V Day gift for me & my sweetie!

    96. Tara says:

      This would be delightful!!! A lovely way to spend Love Day.

    97. icitea says:

      Oh, i walked by Mink the other day! So popular now~

    98. Georgia Heraty says:

      I would love to win this contest! My man and I desperately need a relaxing spa day… we are both hard working students. Please and thank yous.

    99. Angie says:

      Amazing giveaway. Thank you!

    100. Bekki says:

      Hopefully I’ll have a man to do this with lol

    101. natalie chan says:

      sounds like a wonderful day !!

    102. Lucie says:

      Spa + Chocolate= heaven.
      I would so love to win and treat boyfriend to this romantic experience.

    103. Virginia says:

      This will be really special!

    104. Kelsey says:

      I think this sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

    105. This looks like a great package. Please keep posting more valentines specials around Vancouver as it may be something we’d like to feature on CC.


    106. M says:

      Sounds like a dreamy day……..

    107. Wesley says:

      This is a match made in heaven!

    108. zamma says:

      looks fabulous

    109. Shannon says:

      I would love to share this with my partner! Fingers crossed!

    110. Kerry says:

      WOW that looks amaazing! We should really be doing this at all times of the year!

    111. Isha says:

      This would be a wonderful valentine surprise for my boyfriend!

    112. maryanne says:

      wife recovering from a car accident and ima taking care of her. a massage and some relaxation would do both of us good. What a lovely offer you’ve posted!

      throwing my hat into the ring πŸ™‚

    113. Jay says:

      Looks good!

    114. Gen says:

      I can’t wait to go πŸ™‚

    115. Vanessa says:

      Oh Yes!

    116. Christine says:

      I want to win!!!

    117. Anon says:

      This package is awesome!

    118. Mystery says:

      The spa and chocolates would be a great conclusion for valentines.

    119. Jenn H. says:

      wee hoo. my partner would love love this!

    120. Kimberly says:

      My hubby is so into the spa I think it’s cute… isn’t it suppost to be the other way around?

    121. Julie says:

      What a lovely and romantic prize this would be!

    122. cooper says:

      spa please!

    123. Great contest! I would love to win this, it would be a great surprise for my sweetie!

    124. Monica says:

      These prizes sound lovely!

    125. Jenn H says:

      Mink is one of my favourite chocolate shops – the Mermaid’s Choice bar is to die for!

    126. jeff says:

      My wife would be very happy as she loves to get pampered.

    127. lindawwww says:

      A spa day and chocolates – Heaven

    128. Going on my 3rd year being single since ending a 5 year relationship! I could use a choco perk up this Valentines!!

    129. Richie says:

      oh this would be nice

    130. Sita says:

      I’d love to go here with my hubby!

    131. VERONICA says:

      Sounds delightful!

    132. kevin says:

      Seems just like what my girlfriend needs!

    133. Meg says:

      This would make the perfect gift for my manpanion!

    134. Rosi says:

      Massage, oils, relaxation… definitely an important part of the path to well-being!

    135. Julia says:

      Couple spa massages and chocolates! What an awesome gift combo!

    136. Kirby says:

      This would be great for me and the wife!

    137. Louise K says:

      Oh I’d love to win this! To pamper my tired prego body and to indulge in some precious alone time with hubby before the baby arrives in a month!

    138. JK says:

      Me, please, me! I mean: Us, please, us!

    139. Debbie says:

      what a special trat that would be

    140. Lisa says:

      Sounds nice πŸ™‚

    141. Jeremy says:

      Sweet prize!

    142. Stv says:

      i can’t say no to a massage!

    143. Kathy says:

      This sounds like a luxurious, romantic activity for a lovely couple. Even if I don’t win, it’s nice to dream. I love chocolates and I have been to Mink before. Thank you for having another wonderful contest!

    144. jeanie says:

      these sound amazing! good combo! <3

    145. Dennis L. says:

      My wife would love this. Hope I can win it for her.

    146. Robin says:

      That sounds amazing! I think my favourite chocolate from Mink is the fig and balsamic vinegar bar. So good!

    147. Eileen H says:

      I wonder if I could drag Hubby to this? Not to worry, I’ve got lots of galpals to go with!

    148. victor tang says:

      i’m glad i suggested the couples massage at fairmont pacific rim πŸ™‚

    149. Tooth Fairy says:

      Ò˜º WOW!!!…could this Tooth Fairy ever use this sweet treat!
      Spa + chocolate sounds heavenly to me! Γ’β„’Β₯
      ladybugcda (at) hotmail (dot)com

    150. Davina says:

      Would love to take my bf. What a cool experience this would be!

    151. Betty says:

      I would love to win this, not for me and my bf but me and my sister!

    152. Lori says:

      Wow – lovely & decadent times two. Fabulous πŸ˜€

    153. Parker says:

      what a lovely day that would be!!!

    154. Laura McNaught says:

      Lovelovelove this contest!!!

    155. Rachel says:

      Sounds totally dreamy! Here’s hoping πŸ™‚

    156. Rachel J. says:

      Husband and I would love this!

    157. Scott says:

      What a great way to spend Valentine’s Day!

    158. Gary says:

      Wow what a great 1st valentines gift this wold be for my lovely new wife & I πŸ™‚

    159. Beth says:

      Yum- i love mink!

    160. Lori says:

      A mama who needs a little romance … fingers crossed!

    161. Dan says:

      My wife would love it!

    162. tania says:

      pick me! pick me! I work around chocolate so therefore appreciate it in all its forms!!

    163. Lyne Barnabé says:

      My husband would love me to have it! πŸ˜‰

    164. Teresa K says:

      My boyfriend and I would like this.

    165. Kelli says:

      This draw is being done on my birthday!!! Hoping my boyfriend and I can enjoy this!

    166. Sandra says:

      My husband and I would love this! He has never had a massage before!

    167. Sanaz says:

      Great gifts!

    168. Amanda says:

      This sounds too good!

    169. Wendy says:

      Sounds amazing!! What a wonderful prize.

    170. Rita says:

      Never been to a spa before, this would be an awesome experience.

    171. Mayghan says:

      Love the prizes- they sound amazing!

    172. Alex says:

      Spa and chocolates, yes please!

    173. DeeAnn says:

      Pick me! Pick me!

    174. Leigh says:

      yummo…. chocolates!

    175. Kat says:

      Pretty pretty please!! =)

    176. Michelle su says:

      This sounds lovely!

    177. M. says:

      Really in need and in hopes for this pamper with my spouse! We rarely have a date night; rarely!

    178. Samantha says:

      Would love to win! It has been a horrible week in my work and personal life. This would really lift up me and my boyfriend’s spirits.

    179. Sara says:

      This sounds divine!

    180. RajuS says:

      this would be amazing!

    181. Brandon says:

      I would be HONORED to win this
      My gf and I, both students, can’t afford treatment from such a nice spa while were finishing our studies. Would be amazing!

    182. Mariella says:

      pick me! i love chocolate

    183. Christine says:

      Great giveaway! This would be SO amazing to win!

    184. David says:

      Good luck to whoever wins this prize ! and Happy Chinese New Year !

    185. amfriesen says:

      great and timely gift

    186. Sara G says:

      Awesome, but all I heard was chocolate chocolate chocolate oooh! Pick me πŸ™‚

    187. Lindsay says:

      My better half would love this, he is so stressed πŸ™‚

    188. Rachel says:

      Great contest! I’d love to surprise my husband with this!

    189. Sophie M says:

      what a great surprise this would be!

    190. Lindsay says:

      I would love to win this contest!!

    191. Brian says:

      Sounds great, count me in!

    192. Ian says:

      WOW! I would love to win this contenst prize for my little cutie and I!

    193. Ohhh, I love sharing with my colleagues at my non-profit organization (AMSSA). Happy ValentineÒ€ℒs Day to you all!~

    194. Tiffany says:

      This would be so amazing for my boyfriend and myself. But I have a feeling I would give it to my parents and that they’ll love it (and need it) even more.

    195. Shannon says:

      Sounds wonderful!

    196. Sophia says:

      This would be amazing!! Another great contest Rebecca. πŸ™‚

    197. Jen says:

      Wow I would love to win this!

    198. Henry says:

      This would be awesome. I’d probably give the spa to my mom because I know she’s been kind of wanting one for a while.

    199. Phy says:

      Sounds heavenly!

    200. Kate T. says:

      Those chocolates sound amazing! Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed!

    201. Veronica says:

      Wow, this is so awesome. Great contest!!

    202. Yes please! Oh this sounds so sweet!

    203. Karen says:

      I love Mink chocolates SOSOSOSOSOSOSO much. πŸ™‚

    204. Tiffany says:

      Hello?! Mink has Belgian waffles! Yum!

    205. Amanda says:

      I looooooooveeeeeeee chocolate! My other half would love the massage (I wouldn’t mind that either) πŸ™‚

    206. amy says:

      this would the perfect day to spend with my friend who’s birthday is on valentine’s day =)

    207. laura says:


    208. Keny says:

      This is pretty incredible. Definitely a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day.

    209. Amy says:

      This package sounds incredible!

    210. Liz says:

      This sounds amazing.

    211. Liz says:

      This sounds amazing.

    212. Graham Acres says:

      Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful wife Sandi.

    213. Crystal says:

      Oh my! What a perfect way to spend valentine’s day!

    214. Nicole says:

      Oooo, sounds great!

    215. Jemima says:

      Great idea allowing people to use an ‘alias’ for entering! Would love to win this prize – have been eyeing off Willow Stream since it opened and I love mink!

    216. Airdrie says:

      I needs a vacation! To a spa! NOW!

    217. Shelley says:

      Ooohh… sounds relaxing and delicious!

    218. nance428 says:

      coco and spa, perfect match <3

    219. Tiffani says:

      ooOoO i’m excited πŸ™‚ xcrossingmyfingersx !!

    220. Meghan says:

      Wow, that’s such a great package! Great idea!!

    221. Ian says:

      That would be an awesome package for my gf and i!! πŸ™‚

    222. Amy says:

      thanks for the contest!! hoping for a relaxing spa date. πŸ™‚

    223. Jen says:

      The Fairmont Pacific Rim and Mink Chocolates are two of my MOST favourite places in Vancouver!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

    224. Joyce says:

      am i allowed to share this with a girl friend ? Like my best friend? haha because i’m a girl and me and my bestie are both single =)

    225. Michael Kwan says:

      Count me in. πŸ™‚

    226. amy says:

      Looks like fun!! πŸ™‚

    227. Shannon says:

      Oh, oh!! Pick me!! Pick me!! πŸ™‚

    228. Lydia says:

      Yes, please! Perfect for an unemployed like me!

    229. kelsey says:

      this would be wonderful! πŸ™‚

    230. will says:

      sounds divine

    231. Bonnie says:

      A spa treatment would be a nice pick me up during this dreary weather.

    232. Marina says:

      ohhh…I’ve been wanting to book a couples massage forever. I would love to win this!!

    233. Mary Elliott says:

      Minks is my favorite mid-afternoon pick-me-up treat. I SO want to win!

    234. Meagan says:

      sounds like a wonderful valentines day treat, would love to share that with my partner! πŸ˜‰

    235. Jennifer Levesque Lo says:

      Chocolate and relaxation all in the same package? It’s a Valentines Day Extravaganza! The only thing that would make it better would be winning and sharing with the love of my life.

    236. Janet says:

      I would love to win this great prize! Thanks!

    237. Steven says:

      Id want this prize! πŸ™‚

    238. Steph :) says:

      Spa and chocolate! What a delightful combo!

    239. Abigail says:

      ummm chocolate

    240. Abigail says:

      yummm chocolate

    241. dave says:

      I’d be a hero.

    242. Erin says:

      Would love to win this, great to shake off the winter blues.

    243. Jen says:

      Oh my, that would be seriously lovely. With two young children, we are in serious need of some romance. πŸ™‚

    244. Joey says:

      This would be a lovely prize to win for Valentine’s Day!

    245. Kye Grace says:

      Shannon hates Valentines day. I love it. Backwards I know. But she is different then the rest of us in so many ways. πŸ˜‰

    246. yvonne says:

      MmMmM MINK!!

    247. mandy says:

      This would be amazing!!!!

    248. Krysh says:

      Would love to get to visit this spa! On my list of spas to check-out!

    249. bopeeplady says:

      Wow, sounds like an amazing prize pack! Thanks!!

    250. Alicia says:

      love to take my mama to this πŸ™‚

    251. Andrew C. says:

      Me Julie luvs the chocolate

    252. May says:

      Sounds divine & decadent!!

    253. T says:

      Wow! Sounds amazing! We never go all out on Valentine’s Day, so this would be really special.

    254. Aileen Reardon says:

      My fiance and I decided this year not to spend money on Valentines day and to only do what we could make ourselves or had in the house. This would be an awesome loophole *lmao*

    255. E. Tang says:

      What a fantastic contest! Thanks!

    256. Charity says:

      Great contest! So romantic.

    257. Betty Lin says:

      This would be lovely to have. Chocolates & Spas. I have never had the opportunity to go to a spa before.

    258. Amy says:

      My wonderful long-distance boyfriend will be in town for Valentine’s Day – I would love to surprise him with this!

    259. Jordan says:

      looks good!

    260. Joy says:

      Mink has awsome droolling chocolate.and goes best w/ a spaaaa

    261. Justinne says:

      I would love to win this! Perfect for me and my boyfriend πŸ™‚

    262. Jacynthe says:

      That would be perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our 5 year Anniversary (yes we started dating on VDay)!

    263. Ping says:

      this one is going to be difficult to win.

    264. Renfrew says:


    265. Jennifer says:

      This sounds amazing!! Please!

    266. Josna says:

      Would love to win!

    267. Karin says:

      Would be lovely

    268. Jessica says:

      Would love to surprise my fiance with this!

    269. Lauren Smith says:

      Yes Please!! πŸ˜€ This sounds lovely!

    270. Carrie Geng says:

      I would really like to go somewhere with my boyfriend this Valentines Day.
      Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

    271. Ivan Yin says:

      What a romantic thing to do!
      Thank you! πŸ™‚

    272. Coral says:

      This sounds like Heaven! I would love to win this, thank you for the opportunity miss604

    273. Gaby Eirew says:

      Chocolate and Spa – happy inside and outside !
      Yes, please

    274. Bernadette Foley says:

      Visiting from Nova scotia and would love to experience this while visiting my daughter!

    275. Shannon M says:

      A couples massage is a perfect date!

    276. liz says:

      What a wonderful suprise for your sweetie!I’ve never been for a massage at a spa-sounds amazing,would love some downtime from the 3 kids.

    277. Katie says:

      mmm chocolate.

    278. Leah says:

      this would be amazing!!

    279. Heather says:

      Oh my gosh I would love to win this!!! #yuminmytum

    280. Brittany Yu says:

      WOW! So many people entered this! I would LOVE to win!

    281. Oh to have a message at the Fairmont.
      Pick us! Pick us!

    282. Monica says:

      This sounds divine! I would love to win this.

    283. Shane Gibson says:

      Did someone say SPA!?!

    284. Rina says:

      Fantastic contest!

    285. Alice says:

      Would love to win this to take my bf for Valentine’s Day and our upcoming one year anniversary!

    286. Bedrock says:

      Oh to get both a massage at a proper hotel spa, and some Mink chocolates – delicious idea!

    287. Sunshine G says:

      Mmm – dark chocolate!

    288. Marie says:

      Love to take my hubby here!

    289. rino says:

      the spa looks amazing

    290. tania says:

      This is a perfect valentines treat

    291. Joyce says:

      Fabulous prize pack! Whoever gets it is a lucky winner!

    292. Lynne says:

      What a perfect way to vacation in your own town.

    293. Naomi Thomas says:

      Dream prize pack!!

    294. Tom says:

      That would be great.

    295. Tracey Flattes says:

      Oooh, great treat for V-Day!

    296. Rachel says:

      Sounds like an amazing Valentine’s Day experience! that was be such a great experience, I’ve never been to the spa and would love the experience!

    297. Sioned says:

      Yes please!!

    298. Shannon says:

      sounds fantastic. Would love to go!

    299. courtney says:

      awesome giveaway!

    300. mallory says:

      great giveaway, i would love to win this

    301. Sarah C says:

      I need a Valentines Day retreat!

    302. Annie says:

      Sounds so relaxing.

    303. Tiffany L says:

      I would love to win this lovely contest πŸ™‚

    304. Jennifer says:

      What an amazing contest!!

    305. Jennifer says:

      Hi, massage yes please! =)

    306. Diane says:

      I just tried Mink for a hot chocolate during the hot chocolate festival and it was delicious. I would love more of their chocolates and a massage.

    307. stacey says:

      Maybe this’ll make him believe in Valentine’s Day!

    308. Thyge says:

      Would love to give this gift to my girlfriend.

    309. Nicole P says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

    310. faris says:

      my wife and I really need this. Happy Valentines Day! well, on the 14th that is

    311. heather says:

      love is such a lovely thing to celebrate <3

    312. Maryanne says:

      My new husband and I are on a really tight budget and would love to be able to celebrate our first V day together as a married couple! Would love to win!

    313. Richard says:

      I would absolutely love to win this for my girlfriend and myself.

      Fingers crossed.

    314. Emma says:

      I would love to win this for my hubby & I…we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year and this would be awesome way to enjoy it πŸ™‚

    315. sheila says:

      would love to win this!

    316. Lawrence says:

      This an amazing Valentine prize

    317. Jennifer says:

      Ok, I’m just saying… this is an incredible giveaway… INCREDIBLE!

    318. mandy says:

      happy valentines !!

    319. Jen B says:

      Would really really love to make this year’s valentines day special!

    320. luc says:

      Spa for her, chocolates for me!

    321. Paula says:

      My boyfriend and I (his personal massage therapist) would love this! Gives me a little break too! ^_~

    322. Donald says:

      What a nice treat for her!

    323. Iris says:

      would love this after 40 years of marriage 3 children and 4 grandchildren. take me away please.

    324. Ennie says:

      Sounds like a nice gift for my parents.

    325. Chris Walts says:

      Ashleigh would love this. It’d make for a great date!

    326. Lauren says:

      My boyfriend of three years lives in Seattle, I live here in Vancouver. He’s coming up for Valentines weekend but we are tight budgeted and have no plans.. this would be amazing!

    327. Peter says:

      Love to be able to win this. Terrific gift.

    328. NN says:

      Sounds divine!

    329. Heather says:

      If I don’t win this I will die.

      Maybe not die.

      But I’ll cry really big droopy tears.


    330. Tanya says:

      Sounds amazing!!! Great prize lineup. πŸ™‚

    331. Michelle says:

      Sounds divine!

    332. Britta says:

      thank you for the contest!

    333. Michelle says:

      As always, another great contest! πŸ™‚

    334. Leslie says:

      I’d love to spend valentines day with the man I love doing this. AMAZING!

    335. Stephanie says:

      No big plans for Valentine’s Day so this would be perfect πŸ™‚

    336. Eileen says:

      MMmmmm, a massage and chocolates! Sounds like a great day!

    337. Tazim says:

      Love the different things included in this package! Yummy looking chocolate. πŸ™‚

    338. kristina says:

      Would looove this πŸ™‚

    339. Anna says:

      Love, actually, is all around you πŸ™‚

    340. AW says:

      Love this prize! Here is my entry!

    341. Gail Pearce says:

      Miss604 I am your biggest fan, thanks for the opportunity for a special gift to share with my husband. Gail

    342. Katrina says:

      Relaxation, chocolate, and now perfume? What more could a girl want for Valentine’s Day?

    343. Blair Hirtle says:

      Fairmont + Valentine’s Day + Mink Chocolates + Banana Republic x 2 = a fantastic memory I’ll tweet about and then tell all my friends and family. And I’m a dude!

    344. Marga says:

      I need this!

    345. Marga says:

      I need this! Really, I’m not kidding Thanks miss604

    346. Dianne Chow says:

      Chocolates and spa day? Can’t think of a more perfect way to spend the day with someone you care for.

    347. Susan says:

      You had me at SPA!

    348. Heather Lindsay says:

      ssspppppppaaaaa for deux!!!

    349. Cassandra says:

      This would be the perfect way to celebrate our first Valentines Day as an old married couple! πŸ™‚

    350. karlprizeguy says:

      Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day surprise. Hope to win and spoil my significant other!

    351. Manuel says:

      Would love to give this to my wife

    352. vanessa says:

      this would be fantastic for a first valentine’s gift πŸ™‚

    353. Areta says:

      Here’s my entry!

    354. shauna says:

      My tough guy could really use a massage and a hot tub! This would be a total treat to win. : )

    355. Lyn Stewart says:

      What better Valentines present!

    356. Marta says:

      Just came back from Mink with my usual soy latte!

    357. vince says:

      nice XD

    358. Erin says:

      Sounds amazing

    359. shan says:

      this would be an amazing treat for my brand new fiance and I!

    360. Carolyn says:

      Very nice Valentine’s Day treat… would love to win – who wouldn’t?!

    361. kristen says:

      would love, as we had “cancelled” valentines day this year!

    362. Melissa says:

      Yummmmyy this sounds ahhh-mazing! πŸ™‚

    363. Ann says:

      What an amazing Valentines day this would make! πŸ™‚

    364. Micaela says:

      No money for Valentine’s day this year – would love this to have some alone time with my man!

    365. Aoife says:

      what can I say … we would Γ’β„’Β₯ this.

    366. Paulina says:

      Would love to go, of course πŸ™‚

    367. Sherry says:

      What an amazing prize! I would love to take my sister……hope you pick me

    368. david c says:

      mmmm…. this sounds amazing!! Would love to knock my girlfriend off her feet with this πŸ™‚

    369. Matthew says:

      I have a new romance going so this would be a great valentine’s present…

    370. Ashleigh says:

      This is the perfect date for our first Valentine’s together!

    371. Hetesh says:

      my wife would love this~

    372. ML says:

      mmmmm…Dark Chocolate…

    373. Lila says:

      This would be a fantabulous prize!


    374. Lila says:

      I tweeted about your giveaway!


    375. Katie says:

      LOVE! It would be amazing to surprise the bf with this…I’m tweeting it right away!!

    376. Rose says:

      I dream of more time at the Willow Stream!

    377. Zu says:

      Yay for giveaways! I wish I had twitter just so I could have another entry!

    378. Chelle says:

      This sounds absolutely amazing. Love the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and would love to win! What a great giveaway.

    379. Christine says:

      Would really love this!

    380. Karen says:

      Thanks for the many contests, really hope to win!

    381. This would make a great Valentine`s gift for my wife Heather, a nurse, who deserves to be pampered!

    382. Harjit says:

      I would love this relaxing yet delicious Valentine’s prize to share with my love-bug. πŸ™‚

    383. SHC says:

      I’d love to win this one for my mom.

    384. shaman71 says:

      Awesome ValentineÒ€ℒs Day treat. Thanks for the opportunity.

    385. Kylie C says:

      Pick me please!! πŸ˜€

    386. Ashleigh Schafer says:

      This looks amazing! What a Valentine’s Day surprise it would be…

    387. Anne-Marie T says:

      What a fabulous giveaway. I need this so badly.

    388. Danny says:

      Spa and chocolate sounds great!

    389. Julian Demers-Mader says:

      This would be the ultimate gift for my girl on Valentine’s day! πŸ™‚

    390. Annie says:

      Pick me me me !!!!!

    391. Roland says:

      Cool. Happy Valentines Day!

    392. Charlotte H says:

      All these sound like great Valentine’s Day ideas!

    393. Jennifer says:

      I would be in heaven if I won this. Awesome prize!

    394. lock says:

      Hope I’m not too late to enter.

    395. aylo says:


    396. rose says:

      Pick me please.

    397. ari says:

      Love to win this.

    398. Natalie says:

      loving reading your posts. Thank you!

    399. Annice says:

      Grief is complex, I require R & R to recover

    400. Hana Brynda says:

      My son moved 6 months ago to Vancouver and I miss him so much. This would be so nice to win!

    401. Karen says:

      This looks like an amazing experience.

    402. Karen says:

      I would love this!!

    403. Cynthia says:

      Would love to win a couples massage!!!!

    404. Michelle says:

      My two favorite words: chocolate and spa!

    405. Heather says:

      My husband deserves to be spoiled…would be amazing to treat him to something so special…

    406. Julia says:

      LOVE IT!!!

    407. JP says:

      this would not only be perfect for valentines day but for our 15th wedding anniversary!!!

    408. Becky says:

      For our first Valentines day in Vancouver my boyfriend and I would love to try something new like this! Chocolates and massages sound great

    409. Catherine says:

      decadence it seems, perfect for us, why not? Tks Miss 604 for great deals, posts, contests

    410. Lori says:

      I just want to say a big thank you for the amazing prizes!!
      Lori & Dan

    411. Lori says:

      I just want to say a big thank you for the amazing prizes!!
      Lori & Dan

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