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Grouse Mountain Snowshoe Fondue

Monday, February 28th, 2011 — 3:17pm PDT
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The snow made its way from the mountain tops to the streets of Vancouver this past weekend, reminding us that spring has not yet sprung in the Lower Mainland. While many are getting out and about to enjoy the bounty of winter that’s been dumped upon us while it lasts, it can still be enjoyed on the North Shore long after the salt, sand, and plows have cleared it off Vancouver streets.

Grouse Mountain Snowshoe
Photo courtesy of Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s outdoor recreation destination in the winter with skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, outdoor skating, and much more to offer. They have partnered with me to offer up a snowshoe package, including a 1-hour snowshoe tour for two (including headlamps and rentals) followed by fondue at Altitudes Bistro. Fondue choices include a cheese course, vegetable broth course, and everyone’s favourite, chocolate.

If you would like to experience snowshoeing and fondue on Grouse Mountain, here’s how you can enter to win this package:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing favourite thing about the snow (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win a @GrouseMountain snowshoe fondue package from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries next Monday, March 7th, 2011 at 12:00pm.

    Update The winner is Daisy (@DaisyHdez) – have fun!

    The winner will be able to come up any day of their choosing this season provided the mountain receives 4 days notice of their reservation. All tours start at 7:00pm, Thursday through Tuesday.

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    1. Angela says:

      Snow is pretty!! ๐Ÿ˜€ haha
      would love to go snowshoe!

    2. Michael says:

      I love the snow for tubing and snow shoeing!

    3. Vedran Djordjevic says:

      Best thing about snow in Vancouver is that is stays in the mountains (where it belongs) most of the time.

    4. Rachel says:

      Sounds fun! Yay for fondue!

    5. Cliff says:

      Snowshoeing would be fun to try.

    6. Brenda says:

      Sounds like a great winter experience.

    7. Cindy Casavant says:

      I’d love to check out Grouse’s snowshoeing – especially for a fondue! I’ve only been to Cypress & Seymour so far.

    8. Sandra says:

      Making a snowman is always fun…haven’t done that in years though!

    9. Emma says:

      Snow is super pretty! this sounds like fun.

    10. Kat says:

      The best thing about the snow is that it makes everything sparkle, especially on our beautiful local mountains.

    11. Scott says:

      snow and fondue nothing better

    12. Janet says:

      I like the way snow makes everything quiet

    13. Emily says:

      Snowshoeing would be so fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    14. Eran Roubini says:

      Snow make the best backdrop for photos

    15. missczar says:

      I love how the snow quiets the city and makes for some awesome scenery!

    16. Would Love this! Have thought about doing this before and never gotten around to it!!

    17. Nicky says:

      Would love this! Love how pretty snow makes everything look.

    18. Sarah says:

      My favourite thing about snow is the way it looks and how silent the city feels on a snowy night.

      I went snowshoeing for the first time last week and it was so much fun, I’d love to do it again!

    19. Whitney says:

      Snow = Snowboarding! ๐Ÿ™‚ Preferably in some fresh powder!!!

    20. Alex says:

      Love snowboarding, especially after work to blow off some steam.

    21. Trevor says:

      It’s perfect for making snowmen and snow angels!

    22. Tricia says:

      the way it sparkles in little fluffs when there’s snowfall on a sunny day!

    23. George H says:

      In my opinion, snow covered conifers are the most beautiful thing created by nature. I’ve been curious why they are not better reflected in Canadian art. But I was in Bannf last week, were it was both snowy and very cold and it occurred to me that the drier, colder snow they get elsewhere in Canada doesn’t cling to the boughs of conifers the same way it does on our more moist coast. So I’m feeling even more grateful about the beauty our snow covered local mountains have to offer.

    24. Tasha says:

      Snow = snowmen, skiing, snowshoeing, snowball fights, snow angels , facewashes, booters, and building forts!!! All awesome!

    25. David says:

      Snow makes taking pictures a pleasure, especially when there’s snow-covered trees on a sunny day.

    26. Laura says:

      It makes the world seem quiet for a short time.

    27. Natalie says:

      I love how the snow sounds underneath your feet….a

    28. Mich says:

      Best thing about snow is eating it! At least my three year old thinks so!

    29. Marina says:

      This sounds beautiful. I love how snow quiets everything and makes the night sky turn purple.

    30. Tyrell Mara says:

      One of my favourite recent memories of the snow is walking under the Burrard St. Bridge and seeing the beautiful snow in the mountains!

    31. Amelia says:

      It tastes good as a snow cone

    32. Christine says:

      I love the way fresh snow makes the trees look! Would love to see them while snowshoeing.

    33. Katie says:

      Growing up somewhere that didn’t have snow means I love it now, and I really love building snowmen!

    34. lilian says:

      Magical and wild! that is what snow is all about, nothing can beat that pure and clean nature element ….

    35. Britta says:

      i love walking in the falling snow- how it muffles sounds and softens the world a little.

    36. Ian says:

      I love how it slowly drifts away and never really lose its beautiful character!!!!

    37. Grace says:

      Absolutely adore how it makes the day so much brighter the next day when the sun is reflecting on the snow! Makes me feel all fresh!!!

    38. Richard W says:

      Evening walk in fresh unstepped snow!

    39. Steph says:

      Love that muffled crunch sound as your foot packs down the snow; and the beautiful silence when you’re on a snowy mountain.

    40. Erica says:

      Making snow angels!

    41. Adam says:

      I love how the snow makes everything quiet and tranquil.

    42. Dilara says:

      I love how the snow makes the whole city go quiet and makes for a fantastic winter wonderland scene!

    43. raincoaster says:

      My favorite thing about snow is that it allows me the opportunity, for once, to be an angel.

    44. Alison says:

      Tried the snowshoe Grind this past weekend and loved seeing the trees covered with snow. The SSG is a great workout.

    45. Julie says:

      My favourite thing about snow is that it can be put into ball form and thrown at people.

    46. Ally says:

      would love to try snowshoeing!!

    47. Scratchy says:

      Finding raccoon and other animal tracks in freshly fallend snow.

    48. Paul says:

      The crunchy crunch sound it makes underfoot ๐Ÿ™‚

    49. Diane says:

      snow makes everything pretty and quiet

    50. Marianne says:

      I love the way it dampens sound and makes everything seem so much more serene and peaceful.

    51. Heidi says:

      It makes everything look prettier.

    52. Christine McDonald says:

      The sound of skis swooshing on snow whilst sitting on a chair lift enjoying the vast vistas of snowy mountains

    53. Jas says:

      Nothing better than a snow fight with fresh snow!

    54. Michelle says:

      I like to look out my window when it snowing here and say things like….Holy Cow.

    55. Whenever it snows, I go for a long walk. I love how it’s so peaceful and tranquil.

    56. Katie says:

      I love how when it snows it makes everything in the city look clean!

    57. Brenda says:

      Falling snow is the prettiest!

    58. Andrew says:

      I love going skiing on the fluffy hills.

    59. Jennifer says:

      Sitting inside by a fire on a snowy day!

    60. isobel says:

      just tried snowshoeing for the first time last week. would love to go again!

    61. Liz S says:

      Having a great excuse to build a fire and make s’mores with the kids in the middle of winter!

    62. rubai says:

      Snow day = Hot chocolate with marshmallows!

    63. Lucie says:

      My favorite thing is snowshoeing- honestly! I usually go on free trails, so winning this contest would be a real treat!

    64. stephanie says:

      My kids would say the best thing about snow is missing school but not this time. This time is was here on a Sunday. Haaaa sorry kids.

    65. Kelli says:

      when is the actual date of the snowshoe tour?

    66. Lindsay says:

      I can’t get enough snowy mountain! Love snowboarding and x country, sign me up to give snowshoeing a try!

    67. Alex says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is the skiing and sometimes, how nice it peaceful it looks.

    68. Shiraz says:

      The reflecting light that makes everything bright!

    69. Jeanie says:

      I love looking at the pretty blindness.

    70. Cassandra says:

      I love snow because it reminds me of when I was a kid with my childhood dog. Some of the most joyous moments I ever had.

    71. Linda says:

      Snow!!! Love snow.

    72. Ewan says:

      The smell.

    73. Melissa says:

      Snow brings out the excitement and adventure of a child in all of us!

    74. Harjit says:

      Beauty of softly floating snowflakes

    75. maryanne says:

      when it snows a bunch, my coworkers call in sick. I get paid double time AND have the quiet space needed to concurrently do schoolwork!

    76. Amber says:

      I love the way the snow makes everything look. And it’s awesome to play in.

    77. Ruth says:

      I love how snow makes everything peaceful and quiet. Most of all though I love how my kids laugh uncontrollably with one another, when playing in the snow.

    78. Marie says:

      That would be such fun!

    79. Tawcan says:

      Nipple deep pow is awesome.

    80. Heather says:

      Building snowmen

    81. mrslprime says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is that it eventually melts and the dandelions come out!

    82. Gen says:

      The silence & peacefullness of snow ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s beautiful!

    83. Grace says:

      would love to try snowshoeing!

    84. Jodi says:

      My favourite thing about snow in Vancouver is that it doesn’t happen very often so it always seems special.

    85. Shawnna says:

      My favourite part of winter in Vancouver is that I can ‘drive’ to the snow, and not have to shovel it each day! ๐Ÿ™‚ home in the maritimes

    86. lori says:

      It makes everything look beautiful!

    87. darcy says:

      My wife was just telling me about snowshoeing and a fondue tour they have at Mt Washington and that’s shes added it to her bucket list.
      Snow sparkling in the sunlight, can’t be beat.

    88. jade lontayao says:

      i love the snow because its the best remedy for winter blues. without it the cold will just be unbearably boring.

    89. jade says:

      i love the snow because its the best remedy for winter blues. without it the cold will just be unbearably boring…

    90. Abigail says:

      Fav thing about snow…after a fresh snowfall (away from exhaust and animals) taking a bite out of a snowball…. its just got that taste that I remember as a kid. Odd i know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    91. Steph :) says:

      My favourite thing about snow is that it makes everything look so bright, especially from up above looking down.

    92. Maggie says:

      My favourite thing about snow is how quiet and calm it gets when it snows, there isn’t quite anything like it! I also love that with snow it means I can go snowboarding – definitely one of my favourite things to do in the winter!

    93. vince says:

      my favourite thing about snow is how beautiful it makes everything. and that i can go ski or snowboard. XD

    94. Maryanne says:

      I love when the sun hits it and it glitters like crazy!

    95. Tracy says:

      The way it looks on the bare branches of trees!

    96. JA says:

      I love that the snow makes everything glow at night ๐Ÿ™‚

    97. Jen says:

      The snow makes the North Shore mountains gorgeous!

    98. John says:

      i love walking in fresh snow

    99. Lindsay says:

      I have been toying with the idea of joining the grouse snowshoe camps or this one with the snowshoeing and fondue…

      Being from northern bc, I love the snow….but only the light fluffy snow that we just had, none of this slush stuff. It’s nice to just go to the mountain and get it ๐Ÿ™‚

    100. David says:

      I love the fresh snow on Grouse.It has allowed me to share the skiing experience with thousands of people who now love the snow on Grouse!

    101. nocal says:

      Love snow shoeing.

    102. Meghan says:

      I love watching kids try to catch snowflakes on their tongues!

    103. Wendy says:

      I love that I can spot fake snow in movies immediately! Hollywood just can’t replicate the fragile beauty that is snow.

    104. Tracey says:

      The thing I love most about the snow is watching it fall. Huge moist flakes dropping slowly to the earth below is magic. A vivid childhood memory of mine is laying on my back in a snow bank below a street lamp looking up at the sky. I was watching and waiting as the flakes slowly fluttered down in a miracle of orange reflected from the lamp. When they came close, I would lazily stretch my tongue for my precious prize. I’ve always loved to watch the snow.

    105. David Darling says:

      Love sledding but would love to try snowshoeing!

    106. Heather says:

      Love how clean new show makes everything look!

    107. Linda says:

      i love the way snow falls to the ground – on saturday it was super cold and i was walking through the snow and it was beautiful – the snow was so fluffy and soft!

    108. CF says:

      Love it – Cold evening, quiet streets, walking through fresh snow to get home and bundle up with hot chocolate.

    109. Jessica says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is how it gently tucks the world into a calming silence. Everything is so quiet and still when the snow is falling. It’s beautiful.

    110. Lily says:

      Making snow angels! ๐Ÿ™‚

    111. Sanaz says:

      Snowshoeing is my new substitute for hiking as miss doing that in winter time!

    112. Lori says:

      Love the calm silence of snow.

    113. Rose says:

      My favorite thing about the snow is watching the snowflakes fall

    114. Meghan says:

      My absolute favourite thing about the snow is waking up to the silence that a world blanketed in snow creates. Nothing like a snowy morning in Vancouver.

    115. Ceci says:

      Favorite thing about snow is being able to make snow angels!

    116. Frank says:

      the favourite thing about the snow is to watch it fall and have a walk with my love in the snow. it feels the whole world has slowed down.

    117. adam knight says:

      i love the snow because i can snowboard which is my release from the everyday world.

    118. Priya says:

      I love the snow, snowboarding and would love to experience snowshoeing before the end of the season, it’ll be my last ๐Ÿ™

    119. Garrett says:

      Seems like a lot of fun!

    120. Shannon Mac says:

      i havn’t been snowshoeing in years, this would be loads of fun.

    121. Susan says:


    122. Kirby says:

      This would be fun!

    123. LisaB says:

      I’ll be honest – my favorite thing about the snow is watching it fall prettily from indoors while I read a good book. I should probably strap on some snowshoes and go out and enjoy it more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    124. PeterK says:


    125. Amy W. says:

      Beautiful views

    126. Jilly says:

      fresh pow + yummy fondue= chocolate dipped snowballs!!

    127. I love how peaceful snow is. And I love fondue. Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

    128. Chris says:


    129. A.J. says:

      I love how silent and serene everything seems at night after it’s snowed!

    130. Elle_Alexandra says:

      Yes please!

    131. carly says:

      i love fondue !!

    132. Laura says:

      Snow Angels!

    133. John says:

      the sight of snow is awesome !

    134. Sara says:

      I love the crunch sound that your boots make when you walk on fresh snow!

    135. Brian F says:

      Snowballing my cute little gf

    136. Teresa says:

      I love skiing.

    137. Aileen Reardon says:

      Reminds me of many fun winters of my childhood in the Okanagan. That even includes the annoying “facewashes.”

    138. Mav says:


    139. Helen says:

      Sounds like a fun evening.

    140. Maria says:

      would love to go snowshoeing at grouse!

    141. Amber says:

      My 3 year old goes nuts! I bribe her with snow all year long!

    142. Shannen Eis says:

      Snow makes everything beautiful! And snowshoeing is a great pre-fondue workout! : )

    143. amanda says:

      grouse has great view !!

    144. Vanessa says:

      That I can snowboard!

    145. Laureen says:

      The best thing about snow is starting an impromptu snowball fight! ๐Ÿ˜€

    146. Shawn says:

      My fav thing about the snow is skiing. Love it.

    147. Mae Yee says:

      I love being all alone on a ski run and have the amazing pristine scene around me. It’s an awe-inspiring moment.

    148. Vivian C says:


    149. Tom says:


    150. Daisy says:

      I love the crunchiness of walking in the snow ๐Ÿ™‚

    151. jaci says:

      I would love this as a workout!!

    152. Julie says:

      I love the clean, fresh smell of new snow – it’s invigorating!

    153. Natalie M says:

      Cold snow + hot cheese = awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ This would be an amazing date! *fingers crossed to win!

    154. Lisa says:

      It’s makes even the city look pristine!

    155. Danika says:

      To paraphrase Lorelai Gilmore, snow makes everything magical and pretty!

    156. Julia says:

      Love the snowflakes and seeing the sparkling ice crystals that form when it is really cold outside!

    157. Erin says:

      My favorite think about snow is how the whole neighborhood seems to go quiet when it’s snowing…

    158. Winnie says:

      best thing about snow is that when you’re inside and no matter how hard it’s snowing, it’s so serene.

    159. jean says:

      i have been dying to try this! i love the snow, my favourite thing = how pretty it looks!

    160. Phy says:

      It looks so beautiful watching it fall while bundled up at home.

    161. Sophia says:

      it’s my favourite time of you because i get to SKiBoard!! woot woot

    162. Sophia says:

      it’s my favourite time of year (woops i got excited!) because i get to SKiBoard!! woot woot

    163. Justin says:

      Snowball fight!

    164. Mark says:

      such a great workout! (the fondu, not the snowshoeing…)

    165. Shauna says:

      I love how silent it is when it snows.

    166. Marissa says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is that it’s not rain!

    167. Lisa says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is watching my 23 month old discover it for the first time!

    168. Winnie says:

      snow angels!

    169. Leane says:

      My dog loves it

    170. Donald says:

      So much snow on the mountains!

    171. martha says:

      i love snow for making snowmen ๐Ÿ™‚

    172. Linda says:

      It’s a really beautiful site, especially in Vancouver because we rarely experience having snow.

    173. Adam says:

      I like the whimsical look of the billowy white stuff.

    174. Belinda says:

      It sounds like a good exercise routine.

    175. Xing says:

      You can ski on snow.

    176. Jennifer says:

      I love that snow in Vancouver stays around just long enough for some great photos and playtime, but not long enough to cause major issues as in other parts of the country. This is another reason why Vancouver and our snow is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    177. Maria says:

      Never tried snowshoeing before. This is a perfect opportunity. Thanks.

    178. Kim says:

      Love looking at the snow peaks on a sunny day.

    179. Iain says:

      Love to see my kids play in the snow!

    180. Monica says:

      It’s so pretty and sparkly

    181. Kelsey says:

      I love the snow because it allows me to enjoy being outside in winter.

    182. Linda says:

      it glistens like white sand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    183. Gina says:

      Snowball fights! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    184. Maria K says:

      Snow angels and watching the snowflakes fall gently on your face!

    185. Melanie says:

      Everything looks a little more beautiful with a coating of snow on it.

    186. Kim says:

      snow is magical–it looks likes beautiful falling down, and once it blankets its surroundings, it looks so serene. i’m always in awe when i see it and can’t help but take a moment to be thankful.

    187. Heather B says:

      I love how bright the world is when there is snow on the ground!

    188. Courtney W says:

      My 62 year old mother-in-law would LOVE to go snowshoeing!!!

    189. Samir says:

      Fresh snow glistening in the morning sunshine.

    190. HeathDoi says:

      Extra moisture for our forests before the summer sun brings forest fire season.

    191. Alan says:

      falling face first in fresh powder!

    192. Ana says:

      I used to live in Montreal and I got the chance to see plenty of snow fall and I must admit that it was become one of my favorite things. What I like the most about snow is how it changes the pace of my life, how while it falls at night I run to the kitchen to make some lindt hot chocolate and glue myself to the window. The day after everything is perfectly quiet and white, it feels like living on a fairy tail.

    193. Jenny L. says:

      Snow is so beautiful!

    194. jeanie says:

      i love how it makes everything look so picturesque!

    195. Brenda says:

      Wow, fondue and snow. Nice!

    196. Amy says:

      i love snow because it’s so flufffyyyyyyyy ๐Ÿ˜€

    197. Andy says:

      Snow is fun to play in!: You can snowboard on it; throw it; make a snowman; or even taste it as it falls out of the sky…

    198. tim says:

      Favourite thing about the snow is how bright everything looks at night and how beautiful it is looking outside your window the morning after fresh snowfall on all the trees and roof tops.

    199. Michelle Williamson says:

      Snow angels!

    200. Alysha says:

      Snow Forts!

    201. Karen O' Mahony says:

      Came to Canada last September for a working holiday and Im loving the snow here, and experiencing the activites associated with it. I would really like to try snowshoeing before I leave. I <3 Canada!

    202. Erin says:

      The pretty factor.

    203. Rebecca says:

      The best thing about snow is that it makes the world a quieter place for just a little while.

    204. Lisa says:

      I love to look at the pretty snow that has covered the tall pine trees.


    205. Lisa says:

      I tweeted about your giveaway!

      Snowmen are always fun to make too.


    206. Lori says:

      I would love to go snowshoeing!

    207. Dan says:

      never been – would love to go!

    208. Hima says:

      Snow is the most precious natures gift to mankind. The first snow of the season changes every thing, brings smile, sets mood, create joy and the feeling is so amazing. I must confess that we are blessed.

    209. Linda says:

      I love it when the white stuff shuts down the city and our streets become eerily calm.

    210. Katie C says:

      I love the way every snowflake is different.

    211. dorcas says:

      With over 200 entries I’m still hopeful to win, I’ve never been, and would love to go and experience this.

    212. Sharon says:

      Love playing in the snow when I know a hot chocolate is not far away ๐Ÿ™‚

    213. rino says:

      snowball fights

    214. tania says:

      snow angels!

    215. Marianne says:

      A nice way to end off the work week with snowshoe trekking along Grouse Mountain and a nice dessert of fondue!

    216. Tara says:

      Walking through powdery clean white snow makes you believe in fresh starts and bright futures.

    217. Robin says:

      How pretty it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    218. alana park says:

      I love snow….it reminds me of home….it is bright and makes people feel like kids again…..

    219. Joan says:

      I like the sense of being on vacation, no matter how briefly I’m there.

    220. Larisa says:

      i love building snow forts and then heading inside for hot chocolate.

    221. Vania says:

      holy moly, more that 200 entries? maybe it’s my turn to win some contest here, eh? Fingers crossed.

    222. Danielle Scott says:

      So beautiful to look at, but most of all I love it for snowboarding!

    223. Elaine says:

      it’s cold but so pretty especially against a blue sky!

    224. Shawna Little says:

      Now we just need more snow!

    225. Jen says:

      Would love to snowshoe and fondue

    226. Brittany says:

      Never been showshoeing and dying to try it out!

    227. Britt Christianson says:

      It’s so energizing! Bright, invigorating. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    228. Leonora says:

      My favourite thing about the snow is the way it makes the world quieter, covered with a clean blanket of sparkling white, slows the world down, turns the outdoors into one big playground.

    229. Rafe says:

      The crump-crump sound as you walk over a fresh heavy downfall

    230. Jo Welch says:

      Would love the opportunity to snowshoe over the city. We have being heading east from the Valley to do our snowshoeing – so give us a chance and a reason to get there. The Mountains are awesome and we are so lucky to be in such a super location.

    231. marlis says:

      I love snow for the crisp crunching sound it makes when you walk on it.

    232. Emily Korven says:

      I love snow and everything about winter, avid outdoors person with nothing but love for skiing, backcountry exploring and snowshoeing!

    233. Rose says:

      I love how beautiful the snow makes the landscape look and how much fun you can have doing activities in it (skiing, snowshoeing, snow ball fights)!

    234. Sarah Chow says:

      I love snowshoeing!

    235. Rosanna says:

      Snow brings back great childhood memories!

    236. Alysha Rohla says:

      Love the way fresh snow sparkles at night under moonlight! Makes you feel so cozy ๐Ÿ™‚

    237. Rosanna says:

      Snow brings back childhood memories!

    238. Danaea says:

      The best memories are created in the snow! It’s fresh, soft, and a perfect landing for delving into adventurous activities.

    239. Natlee says:

      Always up to try something new!!! Life is too short not to!!!

    240. Louisa Lee says:

      Snow is the reason why I love winter. It is when I get to do my favourite thing, snowboarding! I look forward to every season with hopes of fresh powder and beautiful skies; that way I can see the snow sparkle as I board down the mountain! ๐Ÿ˜€

    241. Jennifer says:

      Who could pass up an opportunity to play in the snow with a beautiful view of Vancouver and end it with a yummy fondue? Not I, bring it on!

    242. Michele says:

      There is nothing better than being in the snow on a sunshine filled day…makes you smile from the inside out!

    243. Yogagirk says:

      Just moved back to the 604 area and would love to give snowshoeing a try!!! This would be a great prize.

    244. Katie Pallen says:

      I love when the snow first falls on the ground and hasn’t been disturbed by anyone or anything.

    245. Maryanne says:

      I love watching my dog jump around in the snow!

    246. Diana says:

      The way it glitters when it’s fresh!

    247. Lawrence says:

      I love fresh snow. It’s beautiful to see in the morning as the sun rises or in the early evening as the sun sets.

    248. Tammy says:

      Snow makes everything seem magical. It sparkles, it silences, its calming. Great for photography too.

    249. Thanks to everyone for your entries, and thanks to Miss604 for running this contest!

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