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Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 — 10:35am PDT
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Vancouver Foodster presents Taste the World February 22nd, bringing a collection of local chefs and international cuisine to the heart of Granville Street. Six regions from around the world will be represented that night with tastes presented by six restaurants:

Creme BruleeThailand with Charm Modern Thai
New York with Fresh Local Wild
India with Atithi Indian Restaurant
Jamaica with Calabash Bistro
Mexico with Dona Cata
France with Bentons Cheese

“When I first started Vancouver Foodster almost 18 months ago, it was because I had a great passion for food and wanted to share it with the public,” explains Richard Wolak, Editor and Publisher of Vancouver Foodster. ‘”Taste The World’ is a chance for people to try something different, foods from the Global Village in Vancouver!”

Participants can purchase receive a “Food & Wine Passport” to visit all regional tasting stations and enjoy wine pairings while DJs spin and live music plays on stage. I have two Food & Wine Passports (value $95 each) to give away to a winner and their lucky guest. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite dish from their Thailand, New York, India, Jamaica, Mexico, or France (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win a #TastetheWorld Food & Wine Passport from @VanFoodster & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 12:00pm. You can still purchase Food Only or Food & Wine Passports online until February 21st or until sold out. Attendees must be 19 years of age or older. Please enjoy responsibly.

    Update The winner is Jessica – congratulations!

    Current contests on


    1. Tracey Flattes says:

      Indian food is the best! Butter chicken, Saag Paneer, rice and naan is my fave meal!

    2. Spencer says:

      So many types of food that I love from each country, but I just had Butter Chicken last night so have to go with that!

    3. Lily says:

      Favourite dish from Thailand is Panaeng curry.

    4. Cameron W. says:

      I like New York bagels. Mmm…

    5. Marina says:

      Malia Kofta from India. It is absolute heaven on a plate! 🙂

    6. Micaela says:

      I love Pad Sew from Thailand! But I’ll also take butter chicken from India! Yum!

    7. Jessica says:

      my favourite dish is simple – pad thai! when its well done – its amazing! you just have to watch out for places with sugary/syrupy sauce that tastes like ketchup – a big no no!

    8. sue says:

      Well , when in NY, we tried to eat PIZZA everywhere we could find it!!! But we also had the best BBQ @ Jimmy’s across from Penn station..

    9. Jeremy says:

      I love pad thai!

    10. Jen says:

      One of my favourite Thai dishes is Tom Yum soup 🙂

    11. terumi says:

      Love Thai-especially Pad See Yew or Pad Thai.

    12. Angela says:

      I love Tom Yam soup from Thailand!!

    13. Shawn says:

      Sounds great. Hope to win. I love ethnic food.

    14. jean says:

      this sounds amazing! pakoras!! yum!

    15. Diane says:

      MMmmmmm… how to pick just one good dish?? Well, I’m always interested in a Thai red curry.

    16. Michelle says:

      Hi Rebecca, like several who have already commented, I would have to say my favourite dish is Indian – I can’t get enough butter chicken! My daughter and I visit our local food court every week to get our fix.

    17. Heather says:

      Paneer pakoras from India are my favourite – the Indian version of mozza sticks 🙂

    18. Maryanne says:

      From Thailand I love Pad Si Ew and from Mexico I love shrimp tacos!

    19. Jean says:

      i love love butter chicken!

    20. Amy says:

      Thai or Indian curries are my fav!

    21. Linda says:

      French food is my weakness… adore le coq au vin, moules frites et fois gras! 🙂

    22. Christine says:

      Thailand: panang curry / New York: pizza / India: chicken tikka masala / Jamaica: roti / Mexico: guacamole / France: crepes

    23. Sean says:

      It’s tough to beat a New York pizza.

    24. Sandra says:

      I love all those different types of food. Curry mutton is a favourite for sure! Jamaican patties as well.

    25. Sanaz says:

      Crepes for sure!

    26. Rita says:

      Thai satay chicken skewers are the best! And Thai roti…. mmmm yum!

    27. Heather B says:

      I love Thai food! Spicy green beans are my favorite!

    28. Tairalyn says:

      Oh I would say my favorite would have to be Thai Satay… the Peanut Dip I could eat on its own… Okay – wait thats just wrong to tell complete strangers 🙂 Sorry for that!


    29. Tairalyn says:

      and of course I tweeted!


    30. Rachel says:

      I love Tom Kha Gai soup from Thailand!

    31. Tracy says:

      my fave dish from france is escargot!

    32. Sara says:

      Indian food! Shahi paneer all the way!

    33. Cliff says:

      Mexican pork carnitas tacos, mm.

    34. Brenda says:

      Spicy Thai red curry!

    35. Julia says:

      Crème brûlée all the way! Just love French cuisine – “Vive la France!”

    36. Donna L says:

      I love pad thai. Noodles have always been my go-to comfort food!

    37. Tooth Fairy says:

      Mildly spiced Thai Curry dishes ☺
      A fave of mine is prawn + cashews mix!

    38. RoxanneT says:

      That’s a tough call! But, I would have to go with Saag Paneer + Chicken Korma from India!

    39. Michael Kwan says:

      Call me generic, but I like naan bread with butter chicken.

    40. Parker says:

      Mexican street food really can’t be beat, unless you choose poorly…

    41. Kerry says:

      French crepes after New York Pizza!

    42. belinda says:

      New York Cheesecake is to die for.

    43. Amy W. says:

      Tres Leche cake from Mexico!

    44. Summer says:

      Jamaican coco bread. Simple and addictive.

    45. Bonnie says:

      Jerk chicken from Jamaica — nothing beats it!

    46. Sarah says:

      Escargot from France =)

    47. Katherine says:

      Lazzara’s Pizza in New York on 38th in the Garment District… to die for!

    48. Kelly says:

      Although this obviously wouldn’t be a dinner choice, nothing beats a fresh chocolate croissant out of a Parisian oven. Or maybe a fresh baguette with butter.

    49. Teresa K says:

      Pad Thai. Thailand.

    50. Chris says:

      Jamaican goat curry. Hands down. Mmmm.

    51. Natalie says:

      France – real baguettes with real butter. Not sure that it qualifies as a dish but so delish!

    52. Danielle says:

      Saag paneer or Thai green curry!

    53. Katie says:

      I’m still a fan of Pad Thai from Thailand …

    54. Lawrence says:

      I love green papaya salad

    55. Ennie says:

      Butter Chicken

    56. Jennyfer C. says:

      My favorite has to be a good Aloo Gobi. A must at any Indian restaurant!

    57. Dustin C. says:

      A staple has to be Laab Chicken salad – one of my favorite Thai dishes.

    58. Sharon says:

      Pad thai is the yummiest!

    59. Veronica says:

      Thai: Chicken Satay with Lemongrass

    60. gillybean604 says:

      Me & my bf like New York Brooklyn Style pizza with the giant pepperoni!

    61. Brenda says:

      My favorite Indian food is naan bread!!

    62. Michelle says:

      France!!French wine, cheese and good bread!!!

    63. Donna says:

      Although I love food from all parts of the world I currently have a craving for the Thai dish Larb Moo (Spicy pork salad)!

    64. Kristy says:

      My favourite Indian dish is Malai Kofta

    65. Megan says:

      New York!!! Pizza, bagels, BBQ etc, so good!

    66. Henry says:

      NYC Chicken and rice from food trucks. Haven’t had any shawarma that comes even close.

    67. brianne sheppard says:

      I LOVE Indian Food… Pakoras, butter chicken, Naan… chai tea to finish.. delish!

    68. Scott says:

      Chile con queso, from Mexico. Although I do love lots of Indian food…

    69. Benjamin says:

      Mais les crêpes, bien sure!

    70. Holly says:

      Palaak Paneer is my favorite!!

    71. Jennifer M. says:

      I absolutely love enchiladas and tacos from Mexico. There is also a Thai dish I get huge cravings for, I’m not sure what it’s called but it has spinach with a spicy peanut sauce. Yum!

    72. stephanie says:

      I love all kinds of food but I have not really explored alot of thai dishes. This would be great. thanks

    73. Tom says:

      Nothing beats pad thai.

    74. Carolyn says:

      Has to be crepes from France! Or croissants. or bagettes. baked goods in general…

    75. Mary says:

      Pad Thai. I could eat that everyday… well not everyday but i sure do love it

    76. Phy says:

      I love cassoulets from France!

    77. Betty says:

      I’m allergic to wheat but bagettes are too good to be true, especially right out of the oven with artisan made pate! YUM!

    78. Hannah Lee says:


    79. Emma says:

      Tacos tacos tacos from Mexico!

    80. DeeAnn says:

      I love Mexican food, can’t get enough! Especially enchiladas!

    81. Jessica says:

      My favourite Indian dish are vegetable pakoras! Wow they are good:)

    82. Agasel says:

      Fave Mexican dish: churros!!!

    83. kelly says:

      I could eat fresh guacamole and salsa in Mexico all day long.

    84. Debbie says:

      Butter chicken from India… yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!

    85. Valerie says:

      pad thai! mmmmmmm

    86. Alysha says:

      French Onion Soup! Its the best!

    87. Vanessa says:

      Any kind of tacos!

    88. Ceci says:

      My fav is Thai’s Tom Yum soup!

    89. Matt G says:

      I love all Thai curries but Green curry is my favourite.

    90. Denise says:

      So hard to choose… butter chicken… or… red curry… or PIZZA!! Lol

    91. Erin says:

      Red Curry from Thailand with Coconut rice.

    92. Steven says:

      Pad thai!!! Thailand of

    93. Ian says:

      I absolutely love tom yum gong. Its a spicy seafood soup from thailand. It smells and tastes absolutely wonderful!

    94. Grace says:

      Salsaaaaaaaaa. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Great for the summer!!! And when u make it super hot…its also great for the winter! Not american salsa though. Mexican salsa!

    95. Jeremy says:

      Have to go with Pad Thai!

    96. Julie says:

      Vegetarian pad Thai with tofu. Yummy!

    97. Don says:

      Pad Thai will do just right!

    98. Bennett says:

      Oh…so hard to pick one from each…my faves include:
      Thailand – pad thai noodles
      NY – street dog w/ hot mustard & warm saurkraut
      India – butter chicken w/ warm naan
      Jamaican – jerk chicken w/ black eyed peas rice & johnny cakes
      Mexico – fresh grilled fish tacos w/ pickled onions & peppers
      French – crispy duck confit

    99. Tracy says:

      I just love crepes!

    100. maria says:

      I love Indian. Mmmmm butter chicken.

    101. Manuel says:


    102. Monica says:

      Crepes Suzette…yummmm!

    103. Ping says:

      Pad Thai!

    104. Jodi says:

      Chicken Tikka Masala

    105. Michael Hayes says:

      I would be hard to have to choose. If it was up to me I would start with tocitos, then have butter chicken with garlic naan, then maybe some padti, but would definatly finish off with some New York cheese cake with raspberry coilis. Thanks for letting me dream and now I am hungry!

    106. Donald says:

      My favourite Thai dish is kaeng dang moo on jasmine rice with coconut milk. Mmmh!!!

    107. Jase says:

      Green curry chicken is my favorite.

    108. Mariella says:

      Mexican enchiladas and Jamaican jerk chicken!

    109. Shelley says:

      My favorite dish from Thailand is Pad Thai. Yum!

    110. Janice says:

      Love Indian food. Butter Chicken

    111. veronica says:

      I have to agree, Butter Chicken would be my favorite!

    112. Michelle says:

      From India, ANYTHING chicken. They know how to do chicken right!

    113. Dal says:

      Sweet French crepes!

    114. Lori says:

      Pad Thai – yum!

    115. Chris says:

      Anything involving butter chicken from India = yummmm!

    116. Jeremy says:

      My favourite dish is Pad Thai!

    117. Michelle Williamson says:

      Simple: Camembert cheese! I could list about 5 favourites from each place though!

    118. Erica says:

      Butter chicken and Roti 🙂 Mmmm.

    119. Maktaaq says:

      So much good food…I guess for this contest, I’ll go with Rice to Riches mascarpone cheese with cherries rice pudding in New York.

    120. Erin says:

      Absolutely any Thai food is great especially their seafood and especially when in Thailand…France I like the culture of their food but mainly love their cheese.

    121. Tina L. says:

      Thai Satay or Thai Curry Chicken

    122. laura says:

      there’s nothing better than authentic mexican salsa! i eat it as a salad!

    123. Akemi says:

      Thailand – Tom Yum Goong

    124. Gary says:

      Pad Thai!

    125. D. Lee says:

      Still looking for that perfect French omelette roulée aux fines herbes.

    126. nocal says:

      Can’t wait for this one!!!

    127. Sandra Ho says:

      My fav dish is thai red chicken curry with jasmine coconut rice!!

    128. anupa says:

      My favourite dish is from my roots, butter chicken (india)!

    129. au says:

      any dish will do for me. .as long as the taste and savour pass my taste. .for a simple person like me, i so love tacos!!

    130. Tricia says:

      thai green curry!

    131. tania says:

      fresh guacamole and salsa!

    132. rino says:

      thai satay!

    133. A.J. says:

      Dosas from India!

    134. Kevin says:

      Chile Relleno from mexiccco.

    135. May says:

      For me, Indian cuisine reigns supreme! Butter chicken, lamb biriyani, saag paneer, veggie korma, … all vying for personal fave 🙂

    136. Fraser says:

      Red or green chicken/tofu curry from Thailand on a bed of jasmine rice.

    137. Paul McArthur says:

      Jamaican roti! Yum yum

    138. Linda says:

      from Thailand – Pad thai, any curry, tom yum soup
      New York – new york cheesecake, crumbcake, bagels
      India – so many to choose from
      Jamaica – haven’t tried real Jamaican
      Mexico – chimichangas, enchiladas, tres leches
      France- french onion soup

    139. Eva says:

      New York – new york cheesecake, bagels
      Mexico – chimichangas, enchiladas,guacamole, salsa, tacos
      Thailand – Pad thai, any curry, Wonton soup
      French – French Onion Soup

    140. Daniel says:

      France – Cheese fondue!

    141. Marc Smith says:

      I love Butter Chicken!!!

    142. Leanna says:

      The best thing about an event like this is that you can pick and choose from the tastiest food from around the world – jerk chicken, sambal bunchies, fish tacos, any kind of curry, steak and a cheese plate for dessert. Yum my!

    143. Andrew C. says:

      Boeuf bourguignon from Cafe de Commerce, Paris is pretty tasty I remember. Yum.

    144. Martha says:

      Roti mmmmmmmm good with curry and any dips

    145. Bonnie says:

      I will go with Pad Thai from Thailand.

    146. Abigail says:

      Well I enjoy heaps of the options from all types of above food, but the absolute 1st thing that came to mind was peshwari naan bread (indian) naan with nuts and raisins… so delish.

    147. kylie C says:

      Chicken tikka masala … Hmmm, that’s heaven. 😀

    148. AaRoN says:

      nothing better then tasting the world!

    149. Tash says:

      Indian food is my favorite! Vegetable korma all the way! With some basmati rice and naan bread and maybe a samosa of two . DELISH

    150. NIcole says:

      Jamaica: jerk chicken, baby!

    151. Ron says:

      Pad thai. Reminds me of the street hawkers in Thailand who would make it fresh.

    152. Brenda says:

      Butter chicken all the way!

    153. Derrick says:

      Jamaican jerk-anything is fantastic! All of the above in the same day? AWESOME!

    154. Renn says:

      I really enjoy the Tom Yum soup from Thailand ever since I first tried that in Thailand

    155. P. says:

      Pad anything. I miss Thailand!

    156. Shannon says:

      I would love to explore Thai food. num

    157. Charlene says:

      Thailand – chicken red curry…love love love!
      New York – NY cheesecake
      India – butter chicken & samosas of course!
      Jamaica – jerk chicken
      Mexico – enchiladas
      France – pot au feu…perfect for rainy weather

    158. Eka says:

      Favorite dish from France : escargot 🙂

    159. Lucie says:

      My vote is for Indian: I can’t get enough of saag panner (has to be hot)!

    160. shaman71 says:

      Got to love butter chicken.

    161. vince says:

      sounds really good XD

    162. kelsey says:

      i love pad thai, and butter chicken and garlic naan!

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