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Social Media Marketing Unplugged 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 — 11:42am PDT
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With everyone in business now realizing that social media cannot be ignored, training sessions, tutorials, and conference are popping up like crocuses in March. However, what makes a conference stand out for me is the lineup of speakers. How long have they been using social media? Do they practice what they preach? Do they have a successful track record and respectable reputation in their field? This is exactly why I didn’t ignore the Social Media Marketing Unplugged event listing when I saw it appear in my inbox. It involves leaders, trend-setters, and people who actually have a career in which they use social media in various ways, for a wide range of audiences, will be taking part.

Confirmed speakers include:
Rochelle Grayson (CEO, BookRiff, Canada) has 19 years of business, technology, entertainment, and education experience. Rochelle was also a “Vancouver Tech Woman to Watch” in 2008 and has since been named a one of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40.

Dave Olson (Community Marketing Director, Hootsuite Media) has been working with internet media and technologies since 1996. Dave has done everything from operate an ISP to being a podcast pioneer and helping to grow HootSuite into the most popular Twitter manager on the planet. Dave is also a very good friend of mine who has spoken at my WordCamp Whistler and WordCamp Vancouver events in the past.

Crystal Henrickson (Marketing Director of Canada, Yelp Canada) has helped successfully launch and promote Yelp in Canada, including taking social media out into the ‘real world’ with events. With millions of user-submitted reviews, engagement, and these in-person meetups Yelp is a global social media success story.

These industry stars will also be joined by Marty Yaskowich (Managing Director, Tribal DDB Worldwide), Iman Biock Aghay (CEO, SuccessRoad Entreprises), Elijah van der Giessen (Creative Services Lead, David Suzuki Foundation), Amielle Lake (CEO, Tagga Media Inc.), and Annalea Krebs (CEO, ethicalDeal). Each will share their experiences and stories about how they effectively use social media in their various fields — and how you can do the same.

Social Media Marketing Unplugged will take place at the Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema (SFU Woodward’s, Vancouver) January 29th, 2011 from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Here’s how you can enter to win a ticket to this event:

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    I will draw one winner at random from all entries tomorrow, January 13th, at 12:00pm. Value of the prize is $259 (for regular registration).

    Update The winner is Christina (@paperclipco) – have a great time!

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    1. Daisy says:

      Social Media has allowed me to connect with people from around the world I’d never dreamed of getting to know.

    2. Mary says:

      I would love to go!

    3. Charlotte says:

      Social media has helped me to market both myself and companies I work for!

    4. Kate T. says:

      Ahhh … social media. It has made me more connected, more informed but slightly less productive ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Ine says:

      I would really like to go. Out of interest on a personal level, but definitely also because my business has recently started getting into social media.

    6. Julia says:

      I’m enjoying the social media world and would love to learn more about how to use it more efficiently and effectively – at work and at home!

    7. Linda says:

      from a business point of view… SM makes marketing about taking time to listen and build relationships.

    8. Jeff says:

      Social Media Impact for me started with Facebook and re-connecting with old friends. Then an introduction to Twitter gave a forum to find like-minded people and create new friends. Now both sources with regular blog visits have changed the way I communicate and keep up with people. How I keep track of events, like parties and meeting. They are now my main source for news, keeping up with sport scores and standings. And now it is even begining to change the way I earn my living. It’s become an exciting year for me with social media and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

    9. Vyacheslav says:

      Social media has allowed me to market myself and establish an online presence. It also allowed me to find like-minded individuals.

    10. Konstantin says:

      Social media allowed me to find and reach out to large numbers of individuals while reducing my operating costs to a minimum.

    11. Lila says:

      Social Media has allowed me to connect to communities and people who share similair likes and dislikes. It’s also a platform of expression for me to be me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    12. Cecilia says:

      Social media is my favourite networking tool, and has provided rewarding connections in the form of clients, mentors, partners, and new friends.

    13. Kate says:

      Wow – what a fantastic opportunity! Social media has connected me to like-minded professionals and provided resources I never imagined I would be reading/using.

    14. Elaine says:

      Glad to see this type of activity in British Columbia.

    15. Rita Farruggia says:

      Social Media has helped me generate customer loyalty and attract new customers for my previous employer. Also, Social Media has helped me learn about other businesses, get deals, and learn about being apart of fun communities. I love Social Media and would love to attend this event!! I plan on using Social Media to generate a supportive community of fans for my business in the future. This event sounds perfect!:))

    16. Beth says:

      Social media permeates my everyday life, as a private individual and journalist. My home page is my Twitter feed, where I get all my latest news from Vancouver and around the world, and I check Facebook to keep in touch with friends, LinkedIn to keep in touch with professional contacts. I would love to go to this conference because I am intensely curious about where the future of Canadian marketing is going with social media.

    17. Adrian says:

      Social media has completely changed the way I communicate with my family and friends from around the world. It has allowed me to connect to an enormous network of people who have access to areas of interest to me, areas that I would have never been able to find on my own

    18. Adrian says:

      Social media has completely changed the way I communicate with my family and friends from around the world. It has allowed me to connect to an enormous network of people who have access to areas of interest to me, areas that I would have never been able to find on my own

    19. Yvonne Nasby says:

      Love social media, the connections and opportunities for relationships are incredible! Also love the fact that it gives us more mediums to reach people in a more sustainable manner! SM is totally green, yay!!! My face colour!

    20. Lori says:

      A few months ago, I jumped feet first into social media. I was already on Facebook, but in September, I started writing my blog and then I took on responsibility for a moms meetups group on Blogging has really enriched my life. It’s empowering and I have received some wonderful comments. I have also connected with other bloggers out there that I didn’t even know existed — there is some really wonderful writing on blogs – who knew!! I would absolutely love to go to this conference!!

    21. Farhan says:

      Social media has enabled me to build relationships with some pretty awesome people I probably would not have had the chance to know or meet IRL

    22. Farhan says:

      Social media has enabled me to build relationships with some pretty awesome people I probably would not have had the chance to know or meet IRL

    23. Rob Severin says:

      It’s what we do now. We’re trying to bring social media to the arts world. ~r

    24. Rob Gloor says:

      Social media has changed how we work in the arts – for the better! I has forced our sector to think externally and engage with our audiences more actively and personally.

    25. Dilara says:

      Social media has allowed me to connect with people and businesses in a way I never would have before. It’s amazing how much my daily interactions have changed!

    26. Jacqueline Ronson says:

      Social media has connected me with other journalists.

    27. Jessica says:

      Social media has helped me reconnect with dozens of old friends.

    28. Sara says:

      Social media has given me the opportunity to expand my small biz, while also giving me the chance to re-connect with long lost friends ๐Ÿ™‚ It also teaches me something everyday. This time last month I had no idea what a hashtag was ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s keeping my mind sharp!

    29. Victoria says:

      Social Media benefitted so many aspects of my life. It has allowed me to reconnect with people I haven’t talked to or seen in as long as 24 years. It’s also helped me with customer service issues. After tweeting about my frustrations with Telus TV I recieved a Direct Message from a Telus rep and they sent a tech over. And most recently we used social media instead of a “save the date” postcard by announcing to my fiance’s family that we’d set a wedding date on his family’s facebook group page.

    30. Lizzie says:

      Because of social media I have had the chance to network within the outdoor media industry which has allowed me to make many new relationships and connections with like-minded folks!

    31. Sarah K says:

      As a social media newbie, it would be a great opportunity to learn the right way, and not the hard way.

    32. Teresa K says:

      It’s made my interactions with people better.

    33. Alisha says:

      Social media has given me the opportunity to advance my career and small business by speaking with and learning from fellow photographers from around the world whom I highly respect!! It has also allowed me stay connected with my dear clients, family and friends who I do not regularly have the chance to speak with!! I LOVE social media and it has changed my life for the better!! I am always eager to new things and I would LOVE a chance to attend Social Media Marketing Unplugged!! Thanks for offering this GREAT giveaway!!!

    34. Tracey says:

      There are so many personal and professional reasons I love social media. The most recent example was my responding to woman’s tweet about a book we were both reading. Another woman joined in. We joked back and forth a few times. Another friend joined and within 24 hours a book club was formed, a twitter list was growing, a blog post was posted and there were at least 15 members of our little group. The first two woman in the conversation were not part of my “regular” twitter friends. But we were interested in similar topics. I can’t wait to meet these ladies in real life for a #TwitLit tweet-up.

    35. Ennie says:

      I waste way too much time on facebook games!

    36. Andy says:

      This one’s easy, Social Media pays my bills. As a Social Media Community Manager, I’ve created a career at building online communities for TV shows and listening to conversations to gage sentiment analysis. This kind of job didn’t exist 5 year ago. As Bob Dylan said “dem’ times a changin”…

    37. NoRaH says:

      This would be educational, and that’s an understatement.

    38. jeff says:

      As a daytrader I use twitter to connect with other traders and locate potential opportunities in the market in an extremely efficient manner.

    39. Christina says:

      Pretty soon we won’t need to say “social media marketing” anymore…twitter, linkedin, facebook, you tube, blogs… these are today’s marketing mediums. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

    40. Jase says:

      Ability to keep in touch with friends from around the world.

    41. Kathy says:

      I have never thought of platforms like Friendster and MySpace as social media until Facebook came along. It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with all of my classmates, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Twitter is very useful to me. I use it as a tool to get updated on the latest news (in real-time), to gain insight on people I admire and to educate myself about certain facts and information. My Twitter is also a very supportive community of intellectual people. Adapting to change, learning new technology and new methods is the future of education.

    42. stephen says:

      I would love to attend.
      Social Media has made it possible to share, connect, and change the world, all by a single click

    43. Social media is the backbone to staying in touch and in the know of what goes on around town. I’m always looking to learn more on using these tools!

    44. Jenn H. says:

      social media has enabled me to talk to family and friends throughout the world. yay!

    45. Mariella says:

      Twitter and Facebook has been taking over the majority of how we communicate. The great thing about it is that you get to keep in touch with friends from near and far!

    46. Jenny says:

      social media got me a job

    47. Julia S. says:

      Social Media made information flow easier, faster and democratically, keeping myself busy all day, everyday.

    48. vik uslugi says:

      “In truth, immediately i didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.”

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