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HP Store Mini Laptop Giveaway

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 — 9:40am PDT
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Since I married into an Apple family five years ago, my only interactions with a PC have been when I test the websites I build as a part of my business. However, I found myself shopping around for small laptop computers twice last year and discovered that there’s some excellent value out there. For under $300 you can get a purse-sized notebook for business and leisure on the go.

Celebrating the launch of Canada’s first HP Store in Vancouver last month, Hewlett-Packard has offered up a giveaway for readers.

HP 110 Mini – value $299 retail
HP MiniThe Mini is less than one inch thin and is just 2.67 pounds (carrying it around in your bag shouldn’t hurt your shoulder at all). It has a 10.1″ LED anti-glare widescreen display, and a keyboard that’s 93% of full-size so your hands should be comfortable typing on the small device.

It comes with built-in wireless capability, 4.25 hours of battery life, HP MediaSuite, and access to the HP Cloud Drive. Even though it’s a small laptop, it still has 3 USB drives, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ45 (network cable port), and 1 headphone (out) plus microphone (in) jack.

The HP Store is located at 1162 Alberni Street and is open Monday to Saturday (10:00am – 6:00pm). They offer weekly specials in-store as well as workshops with local tech experts on everything from gaming with your laptop to setting it up.

Here’s how you can enter to win the HP Mini 110:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post about the first computer you ever owned (1 entry)
  • Head over to my “Contest” tab on Facebook and leave a comment (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win an #HP Mini laptop from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries February 2, 2011 at 12:00pm.

    Fine print: This contest is only open to residents of BC.

    Update The winner is Stacey (@roswello) – congratulations!

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    1. Alex says:

      My first was the Vic 20. I loved it.

    2. Nicole says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a Commodore 64 and I used a small TV set as the monitor!

    3. Mike says:

      Oh man, the first computer ‘the family’ ever owned was a commodore 64. There was no place to put it except for my bedroom. I was about 10 years old and spent hours playing video games and programming for next loops in basic to the amazement of my parents.

    4. Marc Smith says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a commodore 64!

    5. FRANK ZHAO says:

      my first computer was a Vaio (i can’t remember the model though).

    6. Pooya says:

      It was a 386 desktop PC !

    7. Pooya says:

      It was a 386 desktop PC !

    8. Danielle says:

      My first computer was a Commodore 64.. I remember playing some sort of duck rescue game for hours.

    9. Tracey Flattes says:

      I had the commodore 64, too, and thought it was so awesome at the time!

    10. Bons says:

      My first computer was a toshiba laptop and I’m still using it after all these years. Love to win a new mini laptop for myself!

    11. rob says:

      Funny enough it was an HP media box … still use it today!

    12. Noble says:

      Does Intellivision count?

    13. matthew m says:

      Looks like I’m in good company. The Commodore 64 was my first as well.

    14. Tyler says:

      The first one I owned, or the family?
      OUr family bought a C64 when I was six! I taught myself the BASIC language and made little games.

      As for my own first computer, it was a custom build AMD Athlon I think in highschool.

    15. Jen says:

      The first computer I owned was one of the early Macintoshes. I’m pretty sure it was a Color Classic. Hilarious and massive now, but I remember how exciting it was at the time. And about $2000!

    16. Danny says:

      The first computer I had was the original Pentium!

    17. Andrew says:

      1st computer had a 4 foot tower, had to be tied to the desk to prevent serious injury if it fell, still rocked Oregon Trail and Kings Quest though!

    18. Sharon says:

      I can’t remember the model of our first computer, but we got it in the mid to late 80’s. It was pretty enormous. I remember playing a couple of fantastic games on it. One was a flight simulator game (I always crashed pretty quickly), or a game where you moved your little man around these green lines that turned orange when you passed over them. If you got shot by the little bullet that was chasing you, game over. I also remember playing Oregon Trail on similar computers at school around the same time.

      The first computer that was totally mine was a Macintosh Classic.

    19. Sharylin says:

      My first compy was a hand-me-down Commodore 64. The HP mini laptop sure would be great to have when traveling!

    20. LisaB says:

      We definitely had a commodore 64 – I recall the tape deck that went with it. you would get it going loading your came and then come back half an hour later to play because it took so long. And trying to remember all those command prompt codes. Ah, good times!

    21. Mary says:

      it was so long ago i forgot what model it was. back in the early90’s

    22. Christine says:

      Our very first family computer was a Commodore 64 and my first personal computer was a brick of an IBM Notebook laptop in university.

    23. Wendy Thatcher says:

      First computer I ever owned…my brother had an Apple IIe that I shared with him…this was like 1985! The first one that was completely my own was from my bro’ (Compaq Presario) that I used in university for the first year or so. After that its been a flood of laptops. I will never again own a desktop, although my husband prefers desktops for gaming. Would love to own that cute little HP!

    24. Shannon says:

      ah, i need a new laptop sooo badly.

    25. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      @Noble Intellivision! I guess so, I mean the Gorilla banana-tossing game was a precursor to Angry Birds πŸ˜›

    26. Karen Lally says:

      My first computer was a Commodor 64, I was told that if I wanted something better, I better show that I understood how to navigate Dos first.

    27. Jewels says:

      gosh…it was a texas instrument thing that my father gave me when i was five. it played games. that’s all you need to do at 5.

    28. Ine says:

      The first computer my family owned was a Tandy computer. Can’t remember the exact model. I was too young to really understand it though… I just enjoyed typing non existing words on it:) I remember that my brother really loved it and after working with that thing many more computers were bought in our house…

    29. Kym says:

      The first computer I owned was an old Acer laptop… it was huge!

    30. Jessie says:

      My first computer was nothing special- it was in 2000, and my mom saved and saved and purchased it as a holiday gift for the family. I remember chatting in mIRC for hours on end as a young teenager. That laptop is so cute, I’ve been coveting a smaller one for quite some time now!

    31. Julien says:

      Like many, the first computer I ever owned was a commodore 64. Oh yeah!!

    32. Mrkus says:

      Miss 604, you might want to change the details on the Netbook.
      It’s an “RJ45” network port, not RJ.

      My first computer was a custom built 486, my iPhone leaps and bounds faster than it was. I do remember my first printer was an HP Deskjet.

    33. Donna L says:

      I didn’t get my first computer until about 10 years ago. It was a pc, nothing special. But near the end of its life, it started overheating pretty badly so I had to take the covering off the tower and blast a fan at it to cool the unit down.

    34. Rob says:

      The first computer my family ever owned was a 486 from way back when. I’m pretty sure it had a 100 megabyte hard drive and was only 33 mhz! It ran through MS DOS but we could load up Windows 3.1, which in comparison to nowadays, is incredibly archaic! But even then windows still came with minesweeper and solitaire haha some things never change.

    35. Keri Haywood says:

      I grew up in the States with both my parents as doctors, so we always had the latest technology around. We had one of the ghetto IBM computers which had the black/green screen and took up the entire desk. We also had a “portable mobile phone” which cam with it’s own suitcase. πŸ˜› No joke.

    36. Linda S says:

      My first computer that I bought for myself was an HP actually! Its a laptop, i bought it several years ago, and it still works! No problems! And still fast!!

    37. David Darling says:

      I also owned a commodore 64! πŸ™‚

    38. Brandon says:

      Mine was a giant monster of a PC with no memory whatsoever…ah the good ol’ days. Still remember loading the old Sierra games (King’s Quest, Space Quest, etc.) one floppy disc at a time.

    39. Elaine says:

      It was an “apple” that my dad built!

    40. michelle says:

      Our family had an old DOS machine in the 80s, I don’t remember which one. We had a stack of floppy disks for it, and I remember having games like monopoly and lemmings!

    41. Brenda says:

      First computer was a 486

    42. Chris says:

      My Dad built me my first computer running Windows 95 in the ugliest, heaviest, pretty much bullet proof metal case. I loved it. Great contest! Thanks.

    43. lindawwww says:

      My family’s first computer was bought in 1985. I can’t remember kind it was. All I do remember is that my son, aged 10 at the time, was so, so happy.

    44. Gwen says:

      My first computer was a Ti99.

    45. vince says:

      it was an old second-handed desktop around 7 years ago. haha~ really could use a new one know since my laptop just broke down on me.

    46. Sarah says:

      I’m not sure what our first computer was, I just know my brother and I got into many fights over using it! We ended up having a 15 min time limit each at one point.. We were not happy!

    47. Michelle says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a Compaq Presario, purchased in 2001. It was so slow… within a few years it became completely useless – a dinosaur compared to newer machines.

    48. Brenda says:

      I’m not even sure I know what the first computer our family owned was… too young to know!

    49. A.J. says:

      My family purchased a Compaq presario 386 as our first computer.

      I remember my entire family going to the huge blue Doppler Computer Store off cambie street and spending hours in there with a product rep.

      Fond memories of windows 3.1 being “cutting edge”!

    50. Michael Kwan says:

      The first computer in our home was some generic IBM “compatible” PC (remember those?) that was loaded with Windows 3.1, but most of what we used it for was through DOS. It was a generic beige box and we cost $3,000… 20 years ago or so.

    51. Sean says:

      The first computer that was officially mine was a DIY setup.

    52. Jeff says:

      The first computer I ever owned had Windows ’95 on it, had 1.5GB of total space and I played games such as Doom and Myst on it.

    53. Garrett says:

      The first computer that my family had 15 years ago seemed like the greatest thing in the world too me all because I could play that Putt Putt car game!

    54. Iz says:

      I don’t quite remember what type my first computer was other than that it was very old back in the 1990s. It was my granduncle’s and it could only drag and copy icons, lol

    55. Phy says:

      I know it was HP but can’t remember the model number. I was in grade 4! I had to do school reports on a typewriter up till that point.

    56. don says:

      first computer? the loud and proud Mac Classic!

    57. jean says:

      i have no clue what our family comp was. definately nothing fancy, a hand-me-down from my dad’s work.

    58. Sandra says:

      Just a hand me down from my brother…I just remember it being slow and old and clunky!

    59. ALEX says:

      My very first computer was a tandy 1000… my parents bought it so my dad didn’t have to use his typewriter anymore. It was the SERIOUS floppy disk computer, that couldn’t do ANYTHING unless you had a disk in. My brother used to take out computer books from the library and studiously plug in binary code so we could play target games. So old school!

    60. Vanessa says:

      First computer? I don’t remember the brand but it was a horrible computer and experience. There were lots of spontaneous crashes. There were many tears shed as I worked late nights on my school projects.

    61. fokxxy says:

      commodore 64 baby!!! What a treat that thing was!! hahah.

    62. christina luo says:

      It was an HP computer from Costco. We didn’t have internet so I entertained myself with MS Paint and solitaire all day!

    63. Sunshine G says:

      The first computer I ever owned was massive and had a cutting-edge 2800 baud modem.

    64. Brenda says:

      My first computer was this huge PC IBM.

    65. vilmark says:

      first computer I ever owned was a vic20

    66. Sandra S says:

      First computer was a Inspiron Dell laptop about 12 years ago. It was top of the line and we maxed it all out,I think we paid over $4000 , outch! It had a 12 GB internal hard drive. Ha, ha!

    67. giggles says:

      We got our first computer exactly 20 years ago around my daughters fifth birthday….she turns 25 on the 4th of February. It was a generic one a friend put together. I remember the really long phone line draped across the floor to plug into aol. Eventually I let go of my daily newspaper and beloved crossword, to pay for high speed internet services! We’ve come a long way baby!

    68. Rory says:

      Commodore 64 with about 3 games. No wonder I didn’t get into gaming!

    69. Linda says:

      i stil have my first computer – a sad nec computer that got a virus back in 1999 but i still use it for word processing. it glitches from time to time and i’m also scared that it’ll electrocute me lol

    70. Sandra S says:

      Oh, and I retweeted:!/Sandra516/status/29998330264166400
      and left a comment on Facebook sand516
      , not sure if we are supposed to post an extra comment about this or if you draw winners from twitter and facebook posts directly.

    71. jenbubbies says:

      In 1985 the fist computer I had was I believe an apple had green typing and a black background. I was only 5 years old so I am going by the best of my memory. I hope I win as my computer right now is a make shift one made out of a computer screen and a lap top. I would love to have one complete lap top:)

    72. MrDisco says:

      Commodore Vic-20

    73. Jon Jennings says:

      My very first computer? A Nascom II.

      Hand built by me. And for you kids who just slot together lego kits of parts & think that that constitutes “building a computer”, no, I mean I soldered every joint and socket myself.

      Ahhh… the joys of being old πŸ˜‰

    74. Sharonne says:

      apple 2c

    75. Adil says:

      first laptop was a dell 600m in 2002, it still alive and runs when i want it to.

    76. Bernice B says:

      My first computer was an IBM πŸ™‚

    77. Jenny says:

      My first computer was built by my dad.

    78. Martha says:

      I know that the first ever computer in my house was one of small those boxy macintosh – its still the same startup sound today. whenever you hear it its automatically oh yeah they’ve got an apple lol

    79. TL says:

      It was a Mac!

    80. ginette4 says:

      Got our first IBM computer in 1997,at the time we bought it, it was the best out there by the time we picked it up and set it up there was a better

      Twitter name: @ginette4

    81. May says:

      I had a Toshiba the size of a briefcase. Boy, was it chunky!

    82. victoria says:

      The first computer I ever owned was given to me by my parents for a high school graduation gift. It was HUGE, monitor was black and white, and came with a giant dot matrix printer but it made me feel so technologically advanced. Before that I had been writing papers etc. on an electric typewriter! LOL

    83. Vince says:

      An Apple ][+ with 48 kilobytes of RAM and a Disk ][ floppy disk drive.

      Before its retirement, it had been upgraded to dual floppy drives, 64 kb RAM, 80 column display card, and serial port card with blazing fast 1200 baud modem.

    84. Brian says:

      My families first computer was a 133MHz processor PC that ran only on DOS. I remember playing monopoly off of a floppy disk!

    85. Brian says:

      My family’s first computer was a 133MHz processor PC that ran only on DOS. I remember playing monopoly off of a floppy disk!

    86. icitea says:

      All I remember was playing Wolfstein on it. Windows 98.

    87. Jenny says:

      I actually don’t even remember what brand it was it was so long ago and comparered to the ones now so slow.

    88. Shel says:

      I think we had one of those Commodores, too. Atari games were soo fun. πŸ™‚

    89. Julia says:

      Our family bought a Commodore 64 – wow, we had lots of fun times and great memories with it!

    90. Andy says:

      My first computer was an IBM PC Jr. My parents bought if for me from a garage sale.

      This HP would be quite the upgrade!

    91. Megan says:

      The first computer I’ve ever owned is the one I’m using right now. I bought it in 2007 and it still works fairly well, although I’ve noticed some sluggishness lately and noises that don’t sound too good!

    92. Ian says:

      first computer I ever own..that is actually my own and not shared with my parents is the hp dv2000. although the battery is absolutely terrible on it, it sure does its job!!

    93. Lynn says:

      First computer I ever owned — not the family computer (first of which was an IBM PC Jr, I believe) — was a Compaq laptop. I was 16 and paid for more than half of it with my own money. Allllll mine.

    94. sue says:

      Quite sure it was a HP. My boss got a deal from a friend of his & passed it on to me & a few other staff members.

    95. Grace says:

      First ever computer was around 12 years ago…dont even know if there was a brand. We had someone build it for us and man it wasnt cheap at all! And it was super slow!!!! LIKE SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW hahahah. Its probably an IBM or something

    96. Steven says:

      My first ever computer was my sony laptop from 8 years ago!!

    97. Parker says:

      Apple IIe! I had it into undergrad – and I’m not *that* old, just couldn’t afford to upgrade. I definitely got made fun of because of it!!

    98. Stef says:

      I believe it was the Commodore 128. A whopping twice the power of the 64.

    99. Jennifer M says:

      Our family first got a computer about 12 years ago, it was a PC, I think the brand was “Seanix.”

    100. Rachel says:

      My first computer was an Acer laptop that I used all the way through university.

    101. Matt says:

      My first computer was a hand-me-down PC from my cousin. I wasn’t able to install any programs because of the 500mb hard drive,

    102. Bekki says:

      I don’t remember what my first computer was but I do remember using Windows 3.1. And even before that I used computers in school — all monochromatic and they didn’t do anything.

    103. Rob says:

      The first computer I had was the Radio Shack CoCoII. Had to use a cassette to store data, since floppy disks were too new! Only used it to play games though.

    104. Tyler says:

      Our first computer was a Pentium 386, a Christmas present to the family. Being the mischievous 10 yr old child I was, I picked the lock on our study door, setup the computer in the middle of the night and proceeded to play games until just before Christmas day morning… I then got caught going to bed (at 6AM) and cried about the whole thing. Oh man, the memories…

    105. Jake says:

      My neighbours had Vic 20s & Commodores, but we didn’t get one until much later … a crappy Packard Bell PC with Windows 95, I think it was. I can still smell the stink of that crappy computer …

    106. BJ says:

      Hmmm…it was a hulking grey laptop, that doubled as a heat source in winter! πŸ™‚

    107. Renfrew says:

      A blue I-Mac was my first. I loved it.

    108. photodreamz says:

      Apple IIE with a monochrome screen. Fun times.

    109. Sam says:

      Commodore 64 wooohoo!

    110. Shae says:

      The first I owned was an AMD K6-2 300MhZ.

    111. Tara Liddicoat says:

      We had an Amiga computer, by Commodore…

    112. Will says:

      Mine was an Apple II e

    113. Tawcan says:

      My first computer was a PC with Pentium 75 MHz, 16 MB of RAM, and 1GB of HD.

    114. Garrett Cook says:

      My very first computer I owned was the old IMB “Buck a Day” PC from the TV ads.

    115. Edd says:

      Sinclair ZX81

    116. Michael says:

      I might be dating myself a little here, but mine was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. It came with a whopping 3mhz processor, which for the day was the fastest you could get!

    117. Garrett Cook says:

      My very first computer I owned was the old IBM “Buck a Day” PC from the TV ads.

    118. Garrett Cook says:

      My very first computer I owned was the old IBM “Buck a Day” PC from the TV ads.

    119. Derek says:

      IBM PS/2 FTW!

    120. Jens says:

      My very first computer was a Timex Sinclair ZX81 that I assembled myself, to save $50- .

    121. Taigi says:

      Hmm… an IBM 8086 based machine. 640KB of memory if memory serves me right. 5.25 drive bays playing Leisure suit Larry.

    122. My first was a trust Atari 400 which we imported from the USA. We then got a disk drive long before many people had ever heard of them. Ah, those were the days when computers started right away. The first one that I worked on though was an Apple IIe and a TRS 80. Man I’m old.

    123. Shawn says:

      Oh man… mine was a Vic 20. I thought I was pretty bad ass programming really awful games in BASIC. Even had the old tape recorder attachment that was used to read data.

    124. Lori says:

      A secondhand Vommodore 64 which was extremely outdated. I ended up doing most of my work that year (I was in 1st year at university) in the school computer lab. Please pick me, my laptop is overheating every 45 minutes πŸ™‚

    125. Jessica Macht says:

      Like many others our first family computer was a Commodore 64. It was second hand from the school where my dad worked at the time. I love playing Jumpman Jr, Summer Games and Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? I wish I could play those games on a 3 1/4 inch floppy again!

    126. Andrew Dawoud says:

      My first computer was a HP Pavilion 6000. It lasted 5 years…. then I became a university student. It couldn’t handle the load πŸ™‚

    127. David Thomas says:

      My first computer was a Commodore 64. Used to love playing Potty Pidgeon back in the day!

    128. Kyle M says:

      Commodore 64 it is!

    129. Laura says:

      Mine was a BBC Micro built by Acorn Computers (in the days when computers were still being made in Britain).

      It was actually my dad’s, but I did get to enjoy such games as ‘Granny’s Garden’ and ‘Magic Mushrooms’. Hmmmm…. πŸ™‚

    130. Adam says:

      The gray beast of the 90’s…an intel-486!

    131. Kirby says:

      First computer was an 8G Dell.

    132. Bob Gray says:

      TRS-80 Model 1, bought Feb 29, 1980. That bad boy had 16 K of built in Ram, expanded to 48K, with a cassette deck storage drive. WHOO-EEEE !!!

    133. Libby says:

      My first computer was an indigo iMac. Growing up my mom didn’t think computers were necessary to have at home, so I bought my first as an adult. LOVED it!

    134. Russell says:

      My first computer was a Commodore 64.

    135. Lori says:

      An all-in-one Mac with a black & white monitor and a built-in handle.

    136. Laura says:

      I used my grandfathers massive old computer to play Mixed Up Mother Goose back in the early 90s! I even have photographic proof!

    137. Jen says:

      My first computer was a Commodore 64 πŸ™‚ How times have changed!

    138. Jeremy says:

      We had a Commodore 64!

    139. Sean Hagen says:

      The Apple IIc. Taught myself a bit of BASIC on that thing.

    140. Duane says:

      Mine was a Commodore 64 also!

    141. Corey says:

      I had a iMac actually…. I know weird but it was the first computer that I actually bought. I think it was the bondi-blue rev 2

    142. Colin says:

      Texas Instruments TI-99. Followed by an apple //c which I still have. Now even my iPhone has more processing power!

    143. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      I love all of the comments! To throw my own experience in there, my Dad brought our first computer home from work when I was wee and it was MS DOS. We “upgraded” a few years later to Windows 3.1… I also remember when ’95 came out. That “Buddy Holly” Weezer video was all the rage, eh?

    144. Natalie says:

      all I remember is that the computer took up half my desk and we used floppy discs !!

    145. Danika says:

      My very first computer that was solely mine was/is a Dell Dimension 3000. It’s 5 years old and still putters along.

    146. Similar to others, Commodore 64.

    147. Bradley says:

      Apple IIC -amazing at the time. I’d love to see it in real life again. I know has some pretty cool old school computers on their site.

    148. Simone says:

      It was a ZX81!
      I appreciated the silver coloured paper it came with the most πŸ™‚

    149. Diane says:

      The first computer I owned instead of mooching from my Dad’s business was an IBM Pentium. It wasn’t cheap and the first one I got was DOA, but the 2nd one was good enough to last for 6 years.

    150. Janet says:

      First computer I owned was called Ambra with Windows 95

    151. Dan says:

      Mine was a 386 SX beast running Windows 3.11 – had like a 20MB hard-drive, and 256KB of RAM I think!? Pretty PIMP!

    152. Simone says:

      Amiga 500

      The real crazy thing is that my husband still has his Amiga 500.

    153. Sam says:

      Commodore 64. Haha!

    154. ruby says:

      Our family had a hand-me-down Commodore 64. Right now I have an old laptop that I swear weighs at least half my weight so this mini would be an awesome prize!

    155. VillaFan says:

      Going to have to go with the classic Commodore 64

    156. David says:

      The first home computer my family had was an Apple ][+.

    157. angela says:

      The first comp i ever owned was commodore 64. Was it slow!

    158. PatZ says:

      many a game was played on that Apple IIe in the basement… and not in boring, old monotone colour, no, in full 16 colour majesty! the memories of Oregon Trail in such stunning clarity and vibrance… brings a tear to my eye.

    159. Steve says:

      I need a new netbook!!

    160. maria says:

      My first comp was an HP. I was late in the computer game i bought it 9 years ago and it only lasted me 5.

    161. Julie says:

      Vic 20!!

    162. Brent says:

      I has a Commodore Vic 20. It ran cassettes instead of disks. I think my program just finished loading πŸ™‚

    163. Anne says:

      I did not have my first computer very long. It had a problem, I took it back to the shop I bought it from. The next week, the shop had shut, taking my computer. πŸ™

    164. Annie says:

      Sony Vaio (not the first computer my family has owned but it’s the first one I call my own)

    165. stephanie says:

      My first computer was an Intel computer. It was very slow. My daughter has been looking at these Mini Laptop computers and she is saving her pocket money to buy one for herself. They look great.

    166. Carol says:

      My kids begged and begged for a computer. I had no idea what one was. Finally I capitulated and we got a Commodore 64. The kids had so much fun playing Pong, Pac Man and then Mario.

    167. Francis says:

      A Tandy 1000 (Radio Shack PC) – it ran from 2 floppy disks at first. Upgraded from 64k of RAM to 128k – added a 10 Meg hard drive. Still have it here under my desk heh! Could be a collectors item.

    168. Erika says:

      I have no idea what it was called but it was HP and I got it for my first year of high school and it’s still in my basement haha.

    169. Ian C. says:

      Dell Inspiron 6400

    170. Leanna says:

      Our family had and Apple IIe and then I got one of the first powerbooks – I thought it was pretty darn cool.

    171. tina says:

      my first computer ever was a commodore 64.

    172. Patty says:

      Don’t remember the model, but it was ancient and used Windows 95 (:

    173. Megan C. says:

      My first computer was an Atari 800!

    174. Aggie says:

      The first one I ever bought myself was an Acer Aspire 3050 laptop. It’s still chugging along except for that annoying “low disk space” warning…

    175. Kevin says:

      Something that ran MS-Dos.

      Then it was Windows 3.1.

      Then 95/98/2000/XP.

      Then I went to MBP!

    176. Jeff says:

      VIC 20 for me… then upgraded to Commodore 64 πŸ™‚

    177. Karen C. says:

      The first laptop I got was a BENQ one. It broke πŸ™

    178. Sara says:

      I think that I pretty much went from using my parent’s computer to using my boyfriend’s computer, so come to think of it, I don’t think that I’ve every actually owned one.

    179. Veronica says:

      Commodore64! I learned to program Basic on these babies, and it was great.

      Saving program to tape drives (real cassette tapes!), always added that element of danger, as you weren’t sure you’d get the same program back…

    180. liz says:

      Ye olde Commodore64 was the first computer,and my brother & I fought over it constantly.

    181. Adam says:

      Commodore 64 too, wow!! Although, I do recall the most love for the one who came after… my Amiga.

    182. Teresa K says:

      I can’t remember what my first computer was. I own a HP now.

    183. Angie says:

      I can’t remember. It was so long ago.. but I do remember it was a beige desktop with Windows 98.

    184. cole says:

      first computer is too embarassing to list, it was a ‘gulp’ 486 ibm clone

    185. Kelly says:

      Windows 2000 it lasted 6 years

    186. Ami says:

      It’s so long ago that I don’t even remember what’s the model of my first computer! But I’ve been using only Dell. So I would love to try an HP laptop! πŸ™‚

    187. CaroleM says:

      My 1st computer was an 8088 back in University in the early 90s. It was so slow you could hit enter on a page and wait 5 minutes before the next page would load.

    188. Rick Rake says:

      First computer I ever owned was a Model 100 TRS-80, a crude laptop from Radio Shack which I used to write stories remotely for the newspaper. It had accoustic cup attachments for the phone.
      I think the memory in it was good for about two stories. But boy, did I every think I was on the cutting edge of technology then.

      Things have changed drastically. My phone has 100 times the capability and capacity now.

    189. Kevin Skrepnek says:

      Mine was a Pentium 486. We got it on Christmas morning, and danced with glee!

    190. Justin says:

      My first computer was an first generation iBook πŸ™‚

    191. Jeanie says:

      The first laptop I call my own is the Thinkpad I received from my parents for university. I am on my second Thinkpad.

    192. John says:

      My first pc was purchased from London drugs for around $2500. nowadays pc are much cheaper..oh im never purchasing from LD AGAIN !

    193. Jan says:

      My first computer was one put together by a local shop. I can’t remember the operating system, maybe win386

    194. Kerry says:

      I am still on the first computer I ever owned! Compaq laptop, 7 years old, letter keys worn off from many years of university essay writing. I had to replace the power cord because it was beginning to spark but other than that I’m still (and barely) in business! Eek!

    195. Shamus says:

      My first computer was a Commador 64.

    196. Wendy says:

      First computer was an e-machine from Staples….didn’t work out so great.

    197. Shivani says:

      My first computer is the laptop I am typing this on, an HP Pavilion! πŸ™‚ 4 years and counting!

    198. Dom says:

      Sinclair Spectrum 48k πŸ™‚

    199. Ian says:

      An abacus.

    200. Patrick says:

      A custom made pc from a small computer shop back in the late 90s.

    201. Kevin W says:

      intel 24 inch iMac!

    202. Linda says:

      I loved playing Super Mario in black & white on my Commodore 64! Sometimes the game would freeze and I’d have to reboot…but I didn’t care, i was just happy to get this hand-me down from my brother.

    203. kelsey says:

      not sure what type, but I played wheel of fortune, jeopardy and king kong on it with no mouse just a keyboard!

    204. Jeff says:

      Commodore 64!

    205. ping says:

      386 ! cost me $5000

    206. P Lo says:

      an ibm clone

    207. Anne-Marie T says:

      I think it was a Mac 512

    208. Kevin says:

      My first computer that I owned was back when I was still on elementary. I remember going to Yahoo and try to search for anything random. I was glued to the computer because that was something exciting to do. :/ haha

    209. ari says:

      late 80s. a shop assambled one.

    210. Anne-Marie T says:

      Tweeted about the giveaway. (@amt946)

    211. ying says:

      Shop put together one using DOS operating system. No mouse. Monochrome monitor. Printer was extremely loud and slow using perforated paper with tracking edges.

    212. A H says:

      I used an abacus in grade school

    213. rose says:

      Commadore 64

    214. pete says:

      Can’t remember. but I now own several.

    215. Jase says:

      It was an old Apple computer. I remember playing Oregon Trail and Number Munchers.

    216. Greg says:

      IBM clone 386

    217. Patrick M. says:

      My first computer I owned myself was an HP Pavilion Laptop. I bought it when I was 20 for school and named it Lappy. It was great and I’ve been an HP person ever since (and no, I’m not making this up because it’s an HP giveaway), I’m now on my third HP laptop, after Lappy eventually died, I picked up another HP, called it Lappy2 and moved on.

      This one, named The Defiant, is rapidly reaching the end of its lifespan, and would be just in time for a mini laptop to replace it…

    218. Rob says:

      My first computer was a Timex-Sinclair with a membrane keyboard and data was downloaded to audio cassette.

    219. CW says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a hand-me-down Acer. It constantly beeped at me and failed to work and I always had to fight the urge to throw it out the window.

    220. Belinda says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a 286. I learned typing in a funky dos environment.

    221. Gary says:

      I had an IBM PC with a 8088 processor, 640k memory and get this … two 5.25 floppy drives and no hard drive!

    222. Rob Y says:

      15 years ago, windows 95 was the best thing out there. I remember playing the classic games on that machine, like ski free. Still have the speakers and printer from that system today.

    223. Robin says:

      Commodore 64! I still have a button with the logo on it that says “I adore my 64”. And I did. =)

    224. Natalie says:

      I’m not 100% sure of the name / style of my first computer, but I do know that it certainly only operated DOS. My parents had their own business and my mom would bring me in when I was young and let me play around on the computer to get familiar with it. I remember my favourite computer game when growing up was a typing teacher – go figure. At least now I can type 94 words per minute!

    225. Joanne says:

      The first computer I ever owned… I honestly can’t even remember what OS it had. I wish I could describe it more, but that’s it! πŸ™

    226. brianne sheppard says:

      Not a clue… our dads friend worked for Microsoft in the early days and hooked us up so we could play Duke Nukem and use our AOL Cd’s to get on the internet… that sound sod dialing in will forever haunt me. πŸ™‚

    227. i have never own my own laptop since i was born and i realy need one for college please let me win ):

    228. Pamela Ip says:

      Apple IIe (clone!)

    229. Katie says:

      My first laptop was an HP 4230 model. It was great. I spilled a whole large glass of water on my laptop and it still functioned after a good blowdry to dry it out.

    230. Karen says:

      My family’s first computer was an Omega, great for playing California Games and Lemmings! My first personal computer was an Asus laptop which I’ve been using since December 2006!

    231. Rose says:

      I don’t remember my first computer. All I know is that it’s a PC and had a 15(?) inch screen. I think it was back in 94.

    232. Yutaka says:

      I believe it was a Celeron that took forever to boot up, forever to open applicatoins, and forever to close.
      We’ve come a long way. πŸ˜‰

    233. Serge Khm says:

      My first ever computer was IMB 286 πŸ˜€

    234. Chris says:

      My first computer was a Speak & Spell.

    235. aldrich says:

      familys first computer… some really really old thing way back in 1996! Ran windows 95. That old beast.

      Fast forward, I got a Dell laptop in 1st year of University! Its breaking down crazily though, so a new mini would still help me in school. πŸ™‚

      twitter; @aldricht

    236. aldrich tan says:

      back in 1996, I had one old beast that ran windows 95! Forgot the brand, though.

      fast forward to 2007, i used a Dell Inspiron for university. its almost dead, so a new laptop would be great!

      twitter: @aldricht

    237. Katherine says:

      I completed a university degree using only a typewriter and did not buy a computer until I got my first job. It was a Mac Performa that I bought in 1995. After using a typewriter for so long I thought it was pretty darned amazing!

    238. A. Phillips says:

      Does Colecovision count? While everyone else was getting Atari, we got Coleco, Christmas 1983. It rocked!

    239. shaman71 says:

      This one I’m using right now is my first computer – Dell.

    240. Maria says:

      My first computer? …I just remember it being white. I remember being okay operating it as long as the screen was in color but as soon as the screen went to black and white (dos) I would freak out and not know what to do. Yup! I would just unplug it and plug it back in. My way of rebooting.

    241. kylie C says:

      My first one was an ACER. 10 years old already and is still running. Amazing eh? πŸ˜€

    242. shah says:

      pantium 500 man that was slow

    243. Lucie says:

      The original imac, baby! It was a thing of beauty. All curvy and a luscious Bondi blue.

    244. Addie says:

      My first computer was a Dell

    245. Shawnna says:

      My first computer was a Dell laptop.

    246. Ed says:

      My first computer was a 386.

    247. Roger says:

      First computer I owned was a 386 built computer. All I did on it was use Paint!!! I need an upgrade!

    248. Heather says:

      My first PC was a huge COMPAQ we got when I was 11..the first thing I did once dial- up was hooked up was to download NAPSTERand listen to Ol’ Dirty Bastard..ha!

    249. Tom says:

      I have no idea but it was probably the size of the dishwasher.

    250. Anoop says:

      commodore 64, with the big floppy disks!

    251. Rosine says:

      My first computer was an gigantic IBM!

    252. Nicole says:

      I was quite young and it was massive! i still remember playing games on it!!

    253. Leslie Luu says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a humongous gray block that lagged like crazy. I don’t even remember what the brand of the computer was…but I do remember smacking it several times a day πŸ™‚

    254. Gideon says:

      I bought my first computer in 1998 and it was an NEC laptop with a 33kps modem! and vga screen but boy did I think it was hot at the time…

    255. Kathy says:

      I can’t remember the first computer I ever had but I shared it with my brother. It was big and chunky. We played Stick Streetfighter, Leisure Suit Larry and Pong on it. The dial-up connection modem drove me crazy!

    256. Az says:

      This would be perfect for me, while sitting in Starbucks and working on my freelance writing pieces πŸ™‚

    257. Emma says:

      It’s so long ago, but I think our first computer was a Commodore 64! But we had some old Macintoshes at school.

    258. nichole says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a laptop given to me by my employer. I could have never imagined looking at my 4 1/2 inch high laptop with the floppy drive that the ones today would be as slim as a notepad?

    259. Megan says:

      The one I’m using now an HP

    260. Connie says:

      first computer i ever owned was an HP! haha

    261. Beth says:

      My first computer was a desktop PC.

    262. Beth says:

      My first computer was a desktop PC.

    263. My first computer was a TRS 80. Seemed like hours of programming to make a silly character move across the screen!

    264. Dan says:

      Mine was an AST Advantage 486. it was great at the time….

    265. Simone says:

      I bought my first computer, a desktop, in 1998: a Dell Dimension XPS D300. It had a floppy drive and an amazing (at the time) 8 gigs of memory, which I thought I would never use up. The machine is in storage, but still works great! Then I got a Mac mini, and my poor old PC has been collecting dust ever since.

    266. Leanne says:

      It was a Dell 265 which i used for my last year of high school in 1994 and university undergraduate degree. I only knew how to use word, save to floppy discs, and play solitaire. Simpler times.

    267. Trevor says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a no-name brand. I got it in first year university along with my very first email address ( We had four good years together until one day a shiny new Dell caught my eye.

    268. Ursula says:

      We had some kind of Tandy that took about 10 minutes to boot up. Ah, fond memories of Dig Dug and Burger Time…

    269. KatherineKW says:

      I’m pretty sure my first computer was Mac … but it was a square box and was only in green text. WOW. I think I may still have it somewhere!

    270. Matt Kirkey says:

      My first computer was an IBM XT – yes, the precursor to x86 computers. 5.25″ floppy disks, awesomeness.

    271. Kelli says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a Dell Laptop. It took me through university and 10 years later – I finally paid it off!;)

    272. nance428 says:

      lol… 486 and i thought with 150 mbs harddrive i was cool.

    273. Lyndsey says:

      My first computer was a Dell, that I got for my first year of university. I kept it even after restoring it post the deadly ‘blue screen”. It finally just could not keep up with the speed of everything and had to be recycled.

    274. Joanne says:

      The very first thing I did on my first computer, a clunky desktop iMac, was to write an application for a job in Paris Ò€” and I got the job!

    275. Penny says:

      we had an old hand-me-down, I don’t even remember what brand except it only ran DOS…it was a nightmare…my first real computer was a p.o.s compaq presario laptop…I’d never buy compaq again!

    276. Albert Giesbrecht says:

      The first computer I owned was an Acer Desktop. My father bought it in 1997. I had it until 2003. The Internet was more fun back then.

    277. zofia says:

      toshiba labtop. and when it died, along with all of my photos, emails, and school work, i learned a life long lesson of the wisdom of backing my data up.

    278. Neil Fisher says:

      Apple Macintosh LCII – played way too much Oregon Trail and sim city 2000… that was when I was about seven’ish, 1992!

    279. Helen Abear says:

      My first computer was a Power Macintosh 7300 sporting a 166MHz Pentium processor and a game port… ooooo!!

    280. Emma says:

      My first was a 2nd hand “WANG” with a small 5″ CRT type screen computer. Those little neon green displayed words.

    281. Sherry says:

      My first home computer was a Macintosh Plus……does anyone remember them?

    282. Michael K says:

      Man I remember it like it was yesterday. 386dx with a turbo button! It was DOS 3.0 all command line and the most advanced game I had was PAC-MAN…

      Loved it!

    283. Caio says:

      My first computer was a HP… I can’t remember the name, I loved it so much!

    284. Abigail says:

      Yikes, I have no idea what the first one that my family had, but I do remember what it was like… it had neon green writing when you typed and the keyboard was terrible. It made some awful click clicking when you typed. Complete with a dot matrix printer.

    285. Ann says:

      Commodore 64. How many times did I spend hours writing basic only to get a Syntax Error at the end.

    286. Scott says:

      First computer I ever owned was an Apple II+. But the first computer I ever used was an old (even then) HP card reader, which we used for our first programming course in high school. It was about the size of a desk and had a mighty 4K of memory. Good times.

    287. Tiera says:

      the above comment – delete. I posted too quickley

      My first computer made a whizzing noise at all hours. I think the big deal was when msnmessenger came out, and I would spend hours talking to my friends after school…

      I’m glad that box is gone. Make way for a new mini.. πŸ™‚

    288. Steph :) says:

      It was my family’s Commodore 64. I remember playing the Winter Olympics game with my brother. I never imagined that I would one day actually live where the Games were held!

    289. Dal says:

      Commodore 64!

    290. Mike says:

      I remember having an Apple II when I was a kid…black and green screen. Floppy disks. Loved that little computer!

    291. Shell says:

      My first computer…Commodore 64. LOL yeah, I know, but I thought it was awesome!!! And to think the first one I ever worked on (at work!) was a Wang! Oh my, how I’ve dated myself!

    292. Jackie says:

      I don’t know what brand my first computer was. My son gave it to me. It actually was my Christmas gift years ago.

    293. PB says:

      Unable to recall name/brand/type of computer; recall approximately year 1981 playing “pacman” game on the computer system

    294. Richard says:

      Our first computer was given to us by a family friend. I don’t remember what kind it was but I do remember that I would turn it on and I had plenty of time to go make myself a sandwich and a cup of tea and still had to wait a few minutes before I was connected and ready to go!

    295. Hank Einarson says:

      My first computer was a Mac, operating on System 6, bought in 1991. At the time it cost far more than what computers cost today, and it had many limitations, including an inability to take it anywhere.

    296. Akemi says:

      The first computer I ever owned was one of those old school grey Macs that took floppy disks…

    297. Michelle Williamson says:

      I love my little netbook, but she’s rapidly approaching the end of her life. This prize would be a godsend!

    298. Katherine says:

      Commodore 128

    299. Alex says:

      i actually have no idea what model my families first computer was, but i know that it was old and big. We later moved it up to my room and I remember gaming for hours on that old thing. I am a teen and therefore never experienced the things that many of the other entries have, but i am also just getting into high school and am realizing my need for a newer, more mobile computer, as i split my time between the non-portable family computer and an older laptop that is frustratingly slow, and the prize would be just what i need! Thanks!

    300. tracy says:

      i don’t quite recall, but it was a hand me down from my older sister, which didn’t last long.

    301. Kristinalee says:

      I don’t know the model but it was a monstrosity from Radio Shack – a big brick keyboard/monitor in one with a black screen and green type.

    302. Lis Price says:

      my first computer was a commodore 64

    303. laura sepulvera says:

      My first computer was an old IBM

    304. lis price says:

      My first computer was th comodore 64

    305. Jay says:

      My first was an Apple 2e clone

    306. Bill says:

      my first computer was a 386sx and all I wanted to know was what games I could play on it!

    307. Mo says:

      The first computer I ever owned was an IBM Aptiva, was soo excited when I first had got it thinking it was so cool….lol. It weighed a lot had the old CRT screen and the printer was probably bigger than the computer hahahaha!

    308. Andrew says:

      My first computer was a Sony desktop computer. Never owned a laptop before – really want one and would be useful for my studies.

    309. John says:

      First used: Apple ][+ at school
      First owned: TRS-80 Model III given to me by my grandfather.

      I recently bought one for nostalgia:

      (not an entry, just a comment)

    310. stacey dempsey says:

      i am still using the first computer i ever owned, i was a little late getting into the computer thing, it is about 5 yrs old now , sure could use a new one,it is a dell desktop and so far has been pretty reliable , but definatley needing some rest

    311. Lilac says:

      Okay I’m embarrassed to say my first computer was a Commador.

    312. Lily says:

      Macbook all the way!

    313. Dawn says:

      I was behind the times when I got my first computer. I couldn’t get enough of it!

    314. Lynn Montes says:

      Power Mac 6100!! OMG!! Seems like a lifetime ago!!

    315. Tiffany says:

      I was forunate enough to have a Dell. It was great!

    316. Jason says:

      Like Alex, I owned a Vic 20 – I was so pissed at my folks for not ponying up the extra $400 for the Commodore 64 – it came with blocky graphics, a tiny three-colour screen and… Wait for it… A CASSETTE TAPE DRIVE.

    317. Meghan says:

      I cannot remember the name of the first computer that I ever owned. I think it was an Apple? I do remember playing Oregon Trail type games and pin ball.

    318. Mark says:

      Mine was an old IBM running Windows 95, and it was only used for the Best of Windows Entertainment package πŸ™‚

    319. Maria L says:

      My first computer was a desktop computer made by Gateway. Such a headache.

    320. Beki says:

      my first was a commodore!! wow, its been 2 decades since…

    321. Darko says:

      It was a home made thing from random parts a friend of mine put together and it was a great deal at $1700!!!

    322. Henry says:

      Oh my good ol’ Tandy 3000. Dos only, big floppy drive. I kinda miss it.

    323. lisa says:

      my was a old commodore 64 (?)… back in the days.

    324. Nikki Shaver says:

      My first computer was a no name brand, big chunky box of a thing, with the harddrive sitting under the monitor. There was no internet, only old school 80’s games of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Hehe.

    325. Erin says:

      Zenith Z100. All it did was word processing.

    326. aylo says:

      Can’t remember. I played Tetris on it a lot.

    327. Veronica says:

      My first computer was a commodore 64 too.

    328. rose says:

      commodore 64

    329. plock says:

      Commordore 64

    330. Ying says:

      No name. IBM clone.

    331. Kenny says:

      The first ever computer I’ve had was my sister’s old passed down one. It was a HP as well!

    332. Jacklynn says:

      I keep going to buy one of these, then I turn around and walk out because I shouldn’t! I have student loans to pay off πŸ™ Would be awesome to have for school though

    333. Lyne Barnabé says:

      Commodore 64.. way back… that makes me realized that I am not getting younger!

    334. Mav says:

      It was a desktop computer.

    335. Michelle says:

      It was a compaq desktop!

    336. Amy says:

      I think I had an IBM! It was so old school! I want this sooo bad it would seriously enhance my life in a huge way right now!!! PICK ME PLEASE!

    337. Ryan says:

      My first computer was a Mac Plus. I still have it. A couple of Halloween’s ago I also took an old Mac SE, spray painted it orange and turned it in to a Mac O’ Lantern!

    338. Alice W says:

      First computer I ever got was a Commodore64! Brings back memories…

    339. au says:

      i wud love to have that. . .’coz my 1st computer & still using it now is HP too!

    340. Linda says:

      does the family computer qualify as my first computer???? It was the best that it could be for the 90s… PC… win386.Wow! How far we’ve come!!!

    341. VK says:

      The first computer I ever owned had the world’s largest CRT monitor, taking up half my desk.

    342. KK says:

      My first one had DOS mode. There was something magical about looking at a black screen and seeing a blue command-mode prompts.

    343. Vyacheslav says:

      My first computer sounded like a jet engine. On startup, the whole house would hear it, and it made more noise than a mach4 air plane doing a fly-by.

    344. Konstantin says:

      My first computer had DOS mode. There was something old-school about seeing a blue flashing marker on a 10″ black screen. So matrix-like.

    345. Heather B says:

      The first computer ever owned was an hp desktop that bought for university at the price of 2000 dollars whch seems like so much money now 10 years later!

    346. Heather E says:

      Radio Shack Tandy, if you can believe it!

    347. jeanie says:

      all the computers i’ve used before have all been family computers and i’ve never had to put money into buying them but now, i can actually say i own a macbook pro! well, half of it anyway since my brother paid for the other half! it’d be nice to own one just for myself! =)

    348. Nocal says:

      Would love to get my hands on this one!

    349. Eric says:

      First computer in 1986 was a $4500 IBM PC with a single 5.25″ Floppy drive with 180K capacity ($15 box of 10). We ran Lotus 123 Version 1 and added a Devong Harddrive (cutting edge at the time) with a whooping 5Mb storage for $8,000.

    350. Gingermommy says:

      my first computer took 15 minutes to load a page on the web. It was an off white colour and big lol

    351. Beth says:

      My family owned a Commodore 64 when I was a kid (and my dad continued to use it up until about 2004!). The first one I owned personally was in 1995, the year I started university. We didn’t have Internet access in our dorm rooms, so we still had to go to the computer lab to email, but I used my computer to write lab reports and play a very addictive golf video game (and I don’t even like golf OR video games!)

    352. My first was a Dell. It has a whopping 4megs of ram!

    353. Claire says:

      My first ever laptop was affectionately/unfortunately dubbed “Wheezy MacWheezerson” not long after I purchased it. That fan was deafening…

    354. Katrina says:

      My first computer ran Windows 3.1

    355. Amy says:

      I remember it being a monster PC in 1994, it probably would hold maybe 10 high-res files from now a days! It’s amazing how fast things change.

    356. Susan says:

      First computer- the little Mac classic desk top.

    357. Rachel Goodine says:

      IBM 5150 PC! I was about 4 when my mom started to teach me a few simple DOS commands.

    358. Maria K says:

      Good old Commodore 64.

    359. SHC says:

      I got my first computer 17 years ago when I was a high school student, and I remember it had DOS mode. To be honest, I still don’t understand why my dad bought it for me. DOS mode? Seriously, I have no idea how that works. lol

    360. Amy says:

      The first computer I ever owned was an Atari!

    361. Lisa Fisher says:

      It was a 486 pc, with a really lame dot matrix printer. But it got me through undergrad.

    362. Tanya says:

      The first computer I ever owned cost more than my newest laptop and ran windows 3.1, I thought it was so great.

    363. Iain says:

      Original Nintendo to be technical, but really an Apple iBook G4

    364. andrea says:

      Dell – and I hated every minute of it!

    365. AlliEvolution says:

      Golly, the first computer I ever owned. All I can say is that it was HUGE and when dial-up was introduced, it was SLOW.

    366. Marina says:

      A giant monstrosity with Windows 3.11. I had it for far too long and I think the program used most was Solitaire, with Minesweeper being a close second.

    367. My first computer was the old family laptop I was given when I went off to University. It was a Compaq and it was as heavy as a brick!

    368. Lima says:

      My first computer, that I shared with my sister, which was subsequently the reason for many black eyes and bruises was a behemoth desktop HP! Remember how heavy monitors used to be? It was good to us, gave us many good years but alas, we had to pull the plug. I could really use something that fits into my purse, I can get so much work done on the sea bus! Who doesn’t want a floating office?

    369. Josh says:

      Commodore was my first computer!!

    370. Cecilia says:

      The first computer I owned was an OLD desktop Apple…. the screen was black with orange text… that’s about as “full colour” as it got! πŸ™‚

    371. Bapi says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a pentium 1 that was brought home from the discard pile at my dad’s work. It was awesome! It even had a dedicated graphics card.

    372. Paul says:

      Mine was the Vic20!

    373. Heather says:

      My family owned a commodore 64 ~ I used to sneak on it when my parents were out to play Leisure Suit Larry lol. Best!

    374. Amy says:

      My first computer was a hand me down from my uncle and it was made in the late 80’s. The keyboard was huge and it contained te motherboard and all te computer components inside it. The screen sat on top of the keyboard and it only had one color- green! It came with a tiny joystick the size of my palm and it still used the 5 inch floppy disks. I remember I taught myself to use the computer as a kid and played games on it. I will never forget this computer !

    375. Hannah says:

      I don’t even remember. My parents were on the first wave of computers, so it was this thing we had when I was about 5. It was beige, black screen, green text and a brick!

    376. Coral W says:

      i got my ver first computer for my 20th bday ( may 7 2000) Yup ive had my baby for 10 years!

      i have up graded it with ram, and extra hard drive and its still working today!

      we use it as a kids computer now, for all their school games and such.

      i have never owned a lap top that woule be cool!

    377. Christopher King says:

      I’m with quite a bit of the others: Commodore 64. I was a wiz with it. I had the Commodore monitor that I STILL own and use. It had a great sound card in it so I did some very early MIDI recording on it, and after all these years, my Father still has it safely packed away.

    378. Andy C. says:

      I owned an Amiga 2000 – cost $5K+ ouch

    379. Alicia says:

      My family computer was super old school. We had dial up Internet and the best thing we had to play on it was solitaire. Thank goodness for laptops!!

    380. Hiroshi T says:

      The first new computer I bought for myself was an iBook from Apple. I was looking something small, light that looked good. The iBook fit the bill.

    381. Suzannah says:

      I had to learn DOS to start it. ‘Nuf said.

    382. shelly says:

      my was a HP (can’t remember the model). we named it ‘mark’.

    383. Belinda says:

      My Ex brought home an old amber screened dos nightmare (I had just wanted a typewriter) little did I know it would put me on the road to geek.

    384. Deborah says:

      My first computer I owned was a toshiba satellite laptop

    385. Jill H says:

      The first computer I ever owned was a Commodore 64

    386. Dilara says:

      We had this old DOS, I can’t remember the specifics but I do remember having tons of those old floppy disks to save my school work on!

    387. Tatiana P says:

      I remember having a big, yellowish PC. Pretty nice one too.

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