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Dine Out Vancouver 2011: Glowbal Group

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 — 9:43am PDT
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Vancouver’s Global Group operates Coast, Italian Kitchen, Society, Glowbal Grill- Afterglow, Trattoria, and Sanafir. All of which are participating restaurants in this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, presenting a menu unique to their own cuisines either at the $18, $28, or $38 price points. Last night I had the chance to sample the 3-course dine out menus for Coast and Italian Kitchen, both located on Alberni Street between Thurlow and Georgia. Our preview dishes combined all of the course options and then we also got to see the actual or full size dish, as it would be presented to Dine Out guests.

Dine Out Preview - Coast Dine Out Preview - Coast

Cuisine Type: Seafood
Price per person: $38 excludes taxes, gratuity and alcohol
Appetizer: Smoked Salmon Carpaccio, pickled beets, roasted tomato, double smoked bacon
OR Cauliflower Soup smoked sablefish, brioche croutons, minced egg, chervil salad

Dine Out Preview - Coast
Preview sizes shown. Actual Dine Out corse is a full bowl/plate.

Main: Wild Haida Gwaii Coho Salmon crab croquette, fried artichokes
OR Qualicum Bay Scallops saffron fingering potato, tomato fondue, eggplant ratatouille
OR Confit Veal Breast herbed potato gnocchi, veal jus, braised veal short rib
OR (Vegetarian) Preserved Lemon Risotto mascarpone, grana padano, mint, beurre blanc

Dine Out Preview - Coast Dine Out Preview - Coast Dine Out Preview - Coast
Dine Out Preview - Coast Dine Out Preview - Coast
(Above) Preview serving of each appetizer. (Below) Full servings of the salmon and veal with short rib

Dessert: Flourless Chocolate Torte butterscotch gelato with a butterscotch lollipop
Reservations for Coast are being accepted via Dine Out Vancouver

Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen
Cuisine Type: Italian
Price per person: $28 excludes taxes, gratuity and alcohol
Appetizer: Roasted Porcini Mushroom Zuppa thyme and asiago fritter
OR Artisan Lettuce, Gem Tomatoes and Grana Padano chianti vinaigrette
OR Salmon and Dungeness Crab Rotolo lemon chive spumo

Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen
(Left) Full salad (Right) Previews of the appetizers. Soup is a full bowl serving.

Main: Local Petrale Sole Picatta baby vegetables
OR Braised Pork Cheeks italian bean ragout, shaved brussel sprout and pecorino salad
OR Baked Radiatori Pasta fresh tomato sauce, smoked cacciocavalo

Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen
Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen Dine Out Preview - Italian Kitchen
(Above) Preview serving of each appetizer. (Below) Full servings of the sole and baked radiatori

Dessert: Classic Tiramisu mocha anglaise
OR Chocolate Pannetone Bread Pudding amaretto cream Anglaise
Reservations for Italian Kitchen are being accepted via Dine Out Vancouver

If you would like to check out a Glowbal restaurant for yourself this spring or summer, I have $100 in gift cards to give away to one lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post with which Glowbal restaurant you would visit (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win $100 in gift cards for @Glowbal_Group from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 9:00am on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

    Fine print: The gift cards will not be valid for the Dine Out menu, January 24 – February 6, 2011.
    Disclosure: Our preview was courtesy of Glowbal
    This is the second of two Dine Out Vancouver giveaways I am offering. You can also enter to win $200 for Seasons in QE Park or The Teahouse by January 24, 2011.

    Update The winner is Rob (@mrdoopey on Twitter) – have a great time!

    Current contests on


    1. Linda says:

      since i’ve already been to society for dine out and other occasions, i would love to try the new COAST restaurant.. i haven’t been there since they moved! @jadersyo

    2. Vanessa says:

      Definitely Coast

    3. Cindy says:

      I would love to visit Society again (Mac and Cheese balls! So good), or even try out COAST.

    4. Sanaz says:

      I would love to go to Coast again for oysters and vegetarian California roll!

    5. Jase says:

      Glowbal Grill- Afterglow is my fav.

    6. Paul K says:

      If I could only pick one, it’d definitely be Coast!

    7. Mariella says:

      i would visit Coast since i love seafood, especially oysters!

    8. Fatima says:

      Love the chilled seafood tower at Coast and the lobster poutine. Had my stagette dinner there last summer!

    9. Alicia Cifuentes says:

      love italian kitchen!

    10. Julia says:

      Would definitely enjoy tasting the Coast menu since I love seafood!

    11. Sharon says:

      Wow, those menus look amazing. I definitely would love to check out Coast! I’m a huge seafood fan.

    12. Kerry says:

      Sanafir! Looks like they have an awesome variety of ethnic food

    13. Shelley says:

      Would love to try Sanafir. I’ve heard great things about them.

    14. lindawwww says:

      I’d love to try Coast. They have a great seafood menu.

    15. ming says:

      I’ve tried all the global restos except for Sanafir, I’d love to visit Sanafir.

    16. Janice says:

      Italian Kitchen. The regular menu has sharing plates for appies or dinner that are amazing.

    17. Alex Cameron says:

      I’d like to visit Coast as I’ve been to Glowbal multiple times and it’s usually pretty good so don’t see why Coast wouldn’t be good too.

    18. Shawn says:

      Count me in.Love to go.

    19. Jeff says:

      I would love to visit the Italian Kitchen

    20. Rachel says:

      I’ve been to Italian Kitchen and enjoyed it there. Would love to try out Coast this time around!

    21. Tawcan says:

      I’ve been to Sanafir, really like it so would love to try the other Glowbal Group restaurants.

    22. Rob says:

      Coast is #1 on my list, hoping to go there during Dine Out!

    23. Tooth Fairy says:

      I love seafood and would love to try Coast!

    24. Anne says:

      Italian Kitchen would be my choice

    25. veronica says:

      Just looked over the Coast menu…looks amazing!

    26. Rob says:

      Walking by Coast, I was intrigued by the decor, so I would pick that one. Thanks!

    27. Jennifer M. says:

      I would be thrilled to take my husband to Italian Kitchen.

    28. Andre says:

      Never been to any of them, so I’d try them all!

    29. Michelle says:

      I’ve been to Sanafir (loved it, got seated on the “dining bed”) so I’d like to go to Coast or Italian Kitchen I think….

    30. stefanie says:

      I would love to go to Coast!

    31. Alice W says:

      Have heard some awesome things about Society, but would also like to try Coast!

    32. Tracey Flattes says:

      I love Coast, but really want to try Italian Kitchen, so that would be the one!

    33. shan says:

      I’d love to go to any of them but have been dying to try Coast ever since my boss and I weren’t able to get a lunch reservation before Christmas (which I discovered AFTER looking over their menu. oops!).

    34. Mel Williscroft says:

      Coast! it’s my absolute fav place to eat.

    35. Mike says:

      Coast! I like the fish πŸ™‚

    36. Jeremy says:

      I would love to visit Coast! Seafood is my all time favourite food and I have heard great reviews of Coast.

    37. Leisa Leisa says:

      It’s a toss up between Coast and Italian Kitchen for me

    38. Lily says:

      I have only tried Society but would love to try the others. First choice would be COAST!

    39. Drool. Falls off chair. Swoons over possibility. I. want. this. πŸ˜€

    40. Spencer says:

      I would definitely love to visit Coast or Sanafir!

    41. Jen says:

      I would love to visit Society. I have heard they have amazing martinis and fabulous food πŸ™‚

    42. Sara says:

      I would love to try the Italian Kitchen!

    43. Tavia says:

      I would go for Coast!

    44. mitzi says:

      Definitely Coast!

    45. Janis says:

      I’ve eaten at four of them, so I would try Coast or Italian Kitchen.

    46. Betty says:

      Would love to try Sanafir! I have been trying to for a while now but can’t find the time!

    47. Holly says:

      Coast for sure!

    48. Amy W. says:

      Coast for me!

    49. Sareena Pedneault says:

      I would love to go to the Coast!

    50. Lori says:

      Coast looks amazing!! πŸ˜€

    51. PeterK says:


    52. Angela says:

      Never been to Coast before. Would love to try their seafood!! πŸ™‚

    53. Deborah says:

      I would love to visit Coast

    54. Deborah says:

      I would love to visit Coast

    55. Kelli says:

      I’ve been dying to try Coast. Isn’t Dine Out fantastic?!!? My friends made reservations at CinCin for my birthday which falls during dine out – very excited!

    56. LisaB says:

      Glowbal Grill- Afterglow

    57. Chris says:

      Coast – my mouth is still salivating over those pictures.

    58. Winnie says:

      i’ve tried trattoria and would love to go italian kitchen!

    59. Dilara says:

      I’d love to try Coast.

    60. Jessica says:

      Coast for sure. I’m all about that fish and seafood!

    61. Leslie Luu says:

      I’d like to visit Coast because I absolutely love fresh seafood and I heard the seafood there is simply amazing

    62. Vivian C says:

      It would be Coast. It’s my favourite seafood restaurant, and the hot seafood platter is to die for! Not to mention the lobster mashed potatoes! Mmmmm!

    63. Phy says:

      Coast! The service is always great there and seafood is so good.

    64. Christine says:

      I’d visit Coast because I’ve never been and always wanted to go!

    65. Yvonne says:

      I can’t choose one! I would like to try Coast first

    66. KatherineKW says:

      I’ve been to Coast (love their buck-a-shuck!) and Glowbal, and am heading to Society for dineout. I would love to try the rest of the family, especially Sanafir. Have heard amazing things about it.

    67. liz says:

      Coast would be a great place to dine but I’d also love to try Trattoria.Thanks girl!

    68. liz says:

      Coast would be a great place to dine but I’d also love to try Trattoria.Thanks girl!

    69. Jeremy says:

      I would goto Coast!

    70. anne says:

      i would love to check out Coast! thanks!

    71. Elaine says:

      I would love to try out Coast!

    72. Michelle Williamson says:

      I’d try out Sanafir. I’ve never been, and it’d be great to try!

    73. maria says:

      I would love to go to Society for those cotton candy drinks.

    74. angela says:

      I would like to try Society. It looks really pretty inside.

    75. Natalie says:


    76. Grace says:

      Im a huge fan of seafood. So Coast it’d be for me!

    77. Steven says:

      We live on the shore! we have enough seafood! Id try the italian kitchen!

    78. Ian says:

      MMMMM seafood!!! Coast for me!!! Durrrr hahaha

    79. Brenda says:

      I would love to go to Coast, it’s my favorite seafood restaurant!

    80. Erica says:

      Would like to try out Sanafir

    81. Erin says:

      Italian Kitchen – been there enough times but always tasty and centrally located.

    82. Teresa K says:

      Italian Kitchen

    83. Katie says:

      I’d love to go to Coast

    84. Maktaaq says:

      Oh gosh, Coast’s Preserved Lemon Risotto mascarpone is what sounds really awesome.

    85. Tina L. says:


    86. Donna L says:

      Italian Kitchen! Gnom gnom gnom πŸ™‚

    87. laura says:

      mmm, italian kitchen. would love to win!

    88. Sandra says:

      I would love to try Sanafir! Thanks!

    89. Tracy says:

      I’ve always wanted to try Coast!!

    90. Akemi says:

      I would love to go to Coast!

    91. Ed says:

      Italian Kitchen for me!

    92. Brenda says:

      Italian Kitchen would be my pick.

    93. Cliff says:

      I’d choose Sanafir.

    94. Dianne Chow says:

      I’d have to say Coast as I love seafood and they have a great extensive menu.

    95. Nicole says:

      I’d love to go to Sanafir for Dineout πŸ˜€

    96. Maggie says:

      Tough choice, but since I’ve tried Italian Kitchen I guess it’s Coast! I love seafood so I’m sure I’d enjoy dining there.

    97. Michelle says:

      Coast!I love seafood.

    98. Kevin W says:

      i quite enjoyed Glowbal Grill the first time i visited.

    99. Sean says:

      It would have to be Coast.

    100. Janet says:

      I would visit Coast! Please pick me!

    101. Pris says:

      Coast please!

    102. Christine says:

      I would love to try Coast!!

    103. Lia says:

      The food at Coast looks amazing! I’d love to go there!

    104. Debbie says:

      I have never tried any of these restaurants! I pick the Global Grill – Afterglow

    105. Heidi says:

      Italian Kitchen

    106. Kym says:

      I’ve only been to Sanafir – I would love to visit Coast next!

    107. Alan C says:

      I also like to eat! YAY GLOWBAL!

    108. Jodi says:

      I’m a huge seafood fan so I would love to try Coast!

    109. Angie says:

      Coast is great. Sign me up!

    110. Debbie says:

      I love seafood and so Coast it is!

    111. Sharon says:

      I love seafood, so I’m totally with Coast!

    112. Cinnamon says:

      Coast! Always so delicious …

    113. Michelle says:

      I would like to try Brunch @ Glowbal, I hear it is really good

    114. Michael Kwan says:

      I’ve been to the old Coast when it was in Yaletown. Would love to check out the new location.

    115. D. Lee says:

      I don’t know why I still haven’t been to the Italian Kitchen. Now where’s that link to OpenTable??

    116. Jeremy says:


    117. tracy says:

      yay some more great food to try!

    118. Jodi says:

      Definitely Coast!

    119. nocal says:

      Nice!! This is a great prize.

    120. Amanda says:

      it’s a really hard thing to pick. I love musicals buut my number one has to be RENT. So amazing!

    121. Sandra Ho says:

      I’d like to try Coast, since I’ve been to sanafir, italian kitchen, and glowbal afterglow!!

    122. Katherine says:

      Coast πŸ™‚

    123. au says:

      ‘am a seafood lover, Coast is for me!

    124. Valerie says:

      Coast! So Yummy!

    125. Lucie says:

      A toss up between Coast and Sanafir. I’d let my boyfriend chose.

    126. Tricia says:

      already going to italian kitchen… coast or sanafir!

    127. A.J. says:

      Definitely Coast!

      (or Sanifir)

    128. May says:

      I’d love to try Coast!

    129. Fraser says:

      Italian Kitchen looks intriguing.

    130. Judy says:

      I’d love to visit Coast and have some of their fresh oysters. YUMMY!

    131. Lindsay says:

      Coast looks amazing!

    132. Eileen H says:

      We have recently started to eat Pescatarian, so it would definitely be Coast’s delicious seafood.

    133. Leanna says:

      I would love to try Glowbal Grill- Afterglow – looking at the menu got my mouth watering!

    134. Martha says:

      I’ve never been to both! I’d like to try Coast =)

    135. Andrew C. says:

      Been a long time since I’ve had fine Italian so I’d choose Italian Kitchen

    136. Tracy says:

      I’ve been hearing great things about Coast! Would love to go!

    137. Rob says:

      Coast looks great, would love to give it a try!

    138. Abigail says:

      Coast would be my top pick. Some fantastic seafood would be delightful!

    139. shaman71 says:


    140. Bons says:

      Coast because heard many great reviews about this restaurant.

    141. Andrew says:

      Hard to choose but maybe Italian Kitchen. Never been to an Italian restaurant before.

    142. kylie C says:

      Coast is my choice. Love seafood. πŸ˜€

    143. Tash says:

      Italian kitchen! Gorge on carbs!! Yummy!

    144. Annie says:

      I would love to go to Coast.

    145. martha says:

      COAST! 100 %

    146. belinda. says:

      I saw the chef from Italian Kitchen shopping for seafood the other day. I would like to go there.

    147. Ron says:

      Probably Glowbal. Had my company Christmas dinner at Coast years ago and enjoyed it there.

    148. Brenda says:

      Would like to check out Coast. Haven’t been there yet. Yum!

    149. Megan says:

      I would love to go check out Italian Kitchen!

    150. lisa says:

      would love to check out this place. looks amazing !!

    151. Renn says:

      I went to Coast for drinks last summer but have never been for dinner. Seemed like a very nice environment so would definitely love to try dinner there!

    152. P. says:

      Coast – oysters, please!

    153. Jana says:

      I love seafood, definitely would love to try COAST

    154. jenn L says:

      I’ve always wanted to check out Sanafir!

    155. terumi says:

      Haven’t tried Society- and I’m thinking a girls’ night out with my vancity mommy friends;)

    156. Bart Eshuis says:

      I would visit AfterGlow. It’s amazing.

    157. Natalie M says:

      Coast! I have seen amazing pics of their food!- massive prawns and huge pasta sides! *drool*

    158. yvonne says:

      of all the Glowbal restaurants, i haven’t tried Coast! so definitely Coast!

    159. Shannon says:

      yum yum. COAST hands down. LOVE seafood!

    160. Mika says:

      I would definitely go to COAST! YUM!

    161. Kimberly says:

      True Vancouverite…. I LOVE SEAFOOD.
      I would go to Coast!

    162. Michelle says:

      I’d love to go to Trattoria! πŸ™‚

    163. Amanda says:

      I would love to try Italian Kitchen, rainy days make me want hearty food πŸ™‚

    164. Yutaka says:

      Coast me!

      I hope I win one of these days…

    165. Charmaine says:

      Would love to go to Coast…love seafood!

    166. Jennie k says:

      I would love to go to coast for a date nite with my hubby πŸ™‚

    167. Alysha says:

      I am Society’s biggest fan! but i have never been to glowbal or coast so I would definitely pick one of those two πŸ™‚

    168. Jeanie says:

      This would be awesome! Coast!

    169. Natalie says:

      I love to check out Coast, I have never been

    170. Julie Nicholls says:

      Coast for me please.

    171. Meg says:

      I’ve never been to any of the Glowbal Group restaurants and would be delighted to go to any of them–not picky!

    172. Eka says:

      coast please!

    173. shaman71 says:

      Would love to go to CoastÒ€¦love seafood.

    174. Pooya says:

      I will probably check either Coast or Italian Kitchen as I already been to CinCin and Glowbal Grill.

    175. Ari says:

      Love to check out any one of them.

    176. vince says:

      i would love this! XD

    177. Iz says:

      Coast because I love seafood!

    178. jeanie says:

      i would love to try Coast! mmm, that menu sounds delish!

    179. Garrett says:

      I would go to both! Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry!

    180. Sunshine G says:


    181. christina luo says:

      I’d love to try out Italian Kitchen!

    182. May says:

      Definitely Coast!

    183. TL says:

      coast coast coast coast coast
      i can taste the oysters already

    184. Audrey says:

      Definitely the Coast.

    185. Shae says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit Sanafir.

    186. Ian C. says:


    187. tina says:

      definitely coast!!

    188. Grace says:

      Coast. Seafood FTW!

    189. kelsey says:

      ive never been to italian kitchen and would love to go!!

    190. rose says:

      Italian Kitchen

    191. John A says:

      Coast, I think. I just discovered your Blog, great site! Cheers

    192. Heather says:

      Italian Kitchen is my fave! So glad to see it on the list πŸ™‚

    193. Marc Smith says:

      I’d revisit the Italian Kitchen

    194. Tony says:

      Would like to try Italian Kitchen to see how it stacks to the one I grew up in!

    195. Angela says:

      Would love to try Coast again – haven’t been since the restaurant moved!

    196. Nicholas says:

      I heard Coast is good, but any would be fantastic.

    197. ashlee says:

      I would visit coast or italian kitchen…both sound SO good πŸ™‚

    198. Haley says:

      I would love to try Coast.

    199. Gillian says:

      My fave: Coast – the most incredible seafood!

    200. Jessica says:

      I’ve been to all Glowbal Group restaurants, but I have a soft spot for Glowbal. Russell is the best Glowbal employee.

    201. Grace says:

      Never tried Coast. Would love to get the chance to!

    202. Pam says:

      Love them all but COAST would be a treat!

    203. Carlos says:

      Coast would be awesome

    204. Greg says:

      Everyone tells me I have to try Coast!

    205. J Koes says:

      i’d go to Italian, for sure.

    206. Manuel says:

      Italian Kitchen

    207. John says:

      I would like to try Coast !

    208. Amy says:

      Italian Kitchen all the way!!!

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