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Avenue Q in Vancouver, Win Tickets

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 — 10:30am PDT
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Avenue Q, the Broadway hit with a Tony-winning score, is coming to the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts this February 1-5.

Avenue Q
Avenue Q National Tour Cast © John Daughtry 2009

The cast of puppets tell the story of Princeton, “a bright-eyed college grad who moves to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. The only apartment he can afford is way out on Avenue Q, where everyone’s looking for the same things he is: a decent job, a stable relationship, and a ‘purpose’. Eventually, Princeton learns to embrace the ups and downs of city life and realizes that ‘the real world’ isn’t so bad, after all.”

Tickets are currently available through the Centre’s box office. I also happen to have two tickets available for opening night, February 1, 2011. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite musical (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win opening night tickets to #AvenueQ in #Vancouver from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at 12:00pm on Sunday, January 23, 2011. Note, this show is not for those 16 years of age or younger as the puppet cast deals with adult humor and topics, comic vulgarities, and “life lessons” for adults.

    Update The winner is @angelmok on Twitter. Have a great time at the show!

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    1. Mark says:

      I’m partial to Wicked and The Producers.

    2. Linda says:

      my favorite all time musical would have to be WICKED! saw it a couple of years ago when i was in new york and i also wanted to watch avenue Q too but had no time! i hope you choose me! 🙂 @jadersyo

    3. Kathryn says:

      Favourite musical – Mama Mia

    4. Neetu says:

      ‘Tis the season for Broadway to finally make it’s way to Vancouver!

      Already got my tickets for Wicked for June and would love to see Avenue Q!

    5. Nicole says:

      My favourite musical is Wicked! Going for a 2nd time when it comes to Vancouver!

    6. Amy S says:

      All time favourite musical would have to be RENT which I was lucky enough to see on Broadway in New York just before it ended it’s run in 2009!

    7. Donna says:

      I’m pretty sure my favorite musical is Avenue Q, although I’ve never seen the whole thing.

      Favorite one I’ve actually seen? Evil Dead: The Musical!

      I actually already have tickets to Avenue Q, but sweet bleeding jesus I’m so excited, I want to see it twice. (I’m also buying tickets to see Wicked in the summer with my mom, which would be her favorite musical.) 🙂

    8. Andrew says:

      I haven’t been to any musicals (sadly) so this might be my favorite if I get to watch!

    9. Carolyn says:

      billy elliot! saw it in london and it was amazing.

    10. Tom says:

      Phantom of the Opera

    11. Sky says:

      So many favourites, I’m gonna go with Moulin Rouge.

    12. Emma says:

      Fave musical is probably Wicked.

    13. Vania says:

      Wicked is my favorite!!! But I do wanna watch Avenue Q!

    14. Jen says:

      I loved the Cats production 🙂

    15. Jeremy says:

      Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourites!

    16. Jen says:

      I’ve always loved Annie. Would LOVE to see Avenue Q!

    17. Sydney James says:

      I would have to rank Mama Mia as my first and Oliver next 🙂

    18. Lois says:

      My favourite musical changes so frequently. I’m a big fan of Little Shop of Horrors, A Little Night Music, & Wicked.

    19. Christine says:

      It’s a tough call but I think my favorite musical is Cabaret – but Avenue Q is high up there!

    20. DeeAnn says:

      Les Miz is my favourite!!

    21. Lindsay says:

      Yes! I super-duper want to see Avenue Q!

      Favourite musical? Definitely Phantom of the Opera. Or, The Wiz.

    22. Laura says:

      Fav musical…Legally Blonde

    23. Ronda says:

      Phantom – love that story!! Q looks great!

    24. Denise says:

      Miss Saigon

      But have heard good things about Avenue Q and Wicked so would love to see those two this year when it comes to Vancouver 🙂

      Free tix would be nice since I’m trying to save to buy a place 🙂

    25. rob says:

      I’m not really into musicals, but Avenue Q looks great and is my front running for a fav from the clips I’ve seen.

    26. kelly says:

      Is there a musical I’ve seen and not loved?

      Great ones listed above with Wicked and Little Shop, but my favourite, for sentimental reasons is Sound of Music.

    27. Jewels says:

      favorite musical – “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” saw it in London’s West End. LOVE MUSICALS.

    28. Adrian says:

      My favourite musical is probably Bridges, a historical look at Vancouver as told through the construction of its Bridges. It was written and produced by the VSB as part of the Centennial celebration in 1986. But if we’re talking fictional musicals. then that vampire rock opera from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” also looked pretty sweet.

    29. Donna says:

      Two favorite musicals from opposite ends of the spectrum are Miss Saigon and Little Shop of Horrors!

    30. Julia says:

      Love “Moulin Rouge”!

    31. Cat says:

      Guys & Dolls

    32. Broadway Baby says:

      Wicked and In the Heights top my list!

    33. Erica says:

      All time favourite I’ve seen on the stage is still Les Miserables however more contemporary musical I loved Little Shop of Horrors. As for on film, I’m a sucker for Newsies.

    34. Alysha says:

      Absolutely LOVE moulin Rouge!

    35. The Deej says:

      Sunday in the park with George. This was the musical that introduced me to Sondheim and I’ve been a fan of his ever since

    36. Vanessa says:

      Favourite musical would have to be Sound of Music!

    37. Marline says:

      So far, Rent! Who knows, hopefully Avenue Q?

    38. My favourite musical by far is The Producers

    39. Michelle says:

      I loved Wicked… this looks interesting too though!

    40. jean says:


    41. Rob says:

      Looks funny!

    42. Nikki says:

      Having a great broadway year! Started off with jersey boys in vegas, seeing rock of ages in seattle, got legally blonde here soon and now ave q!

    43. Cathy says:

      OMG, musicals is my middle name! Love them all, but I am a sucker for Cabaret.

    44. Lauren says:

      Les Miserables was my favorite.

    45. Rachel says:

      The Phantom of the Opera!

    46. Jase says:

      Wicked is my fave!

    47. nova says:

      that would be be Rent!

    48. Jessica says:

      My favourite musical of all time is Les Miserables! Arts Club did a amazing production of it a couple of years ago! but i LOVE all musicals with Avenue Q being one of my favourites as well! It would be very cool to win this as this is for a show on my birthday!

    49. Karla says:

      It’s been years since I’ve seen a musical in the theatre, but I still love Les Miserables all these years later.

      I’ve seen clips from Avenue Q on Youtube though, and I’d love to see it live.

    50. Erin says:

      Spamalot with Avenue Q as a close second

    51. Sarah says:

      Into the Woods is my favourite.

    52. Sergio says:

      The Producers

    53. Brian says:

      I’m going to have to say West Side Story!

    54. Bettina says:

      I love Rent and Wicked even if I’ve just heard songs from Wicked 😀

    55. Don says:

      Love Les Miserables

    56. Chris says:

      Cats. I love cats.

    57. Stephanie Ip says:

      My favourite musical of all time is RENT. It’s life-changing.

    58. Teresa K says:

      Cats. Meow, meow.

    59. Jeff says:

      I’m not exactly to sure if my list would classify as musicals. I enjoy watching youtube style musicals such as Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog

    60. Monica says:

      Wicked was amazing!

    61. Patricia says:

      favourite musical of all time: Phantom of the Opera. Seen it so many times. Even went to Paris to see the seat where the Phantom sat!

    62. Brenda says:

      My favorite musical is phantom of the opera!

    63. Virginia says:

      First musical I ever saw was Cats and I still love it!

    64. Gladys says:

      Les Mis is a sentimental favourite, but Wicked is great too. Would love to see Avenue Q.

    65. Ping says:

      Les Miserables!

    66. Amy W. says:

      Spring Awakening!

    67. Zvika says:

      Avenue Q!

    68. Dennis Pang says:

      Phantom of the Opera. for sure!

    69. Myrna P. says:

      Mamma Mia

    70. Maria says:

      I love the all time classic GREASE.

    71. Ashley says:

      I saw HAIRSPRAY in New York and I fell in love. I’ll see it again in Vancouver this spring!

    72. Janice says:

      I love them all, but have a soft spot for my first-time big musical production. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar in London when I was a teenager. Looking forward to Wicked this summer.

    73. na says:

      My favorite of all times is Wicked 😀

    74. Anne says:

      My fave is a tie…Cats or Mama Mia

    75. Jamie says:

      Les Misérables or Phantom of the Opera depending on my mood.

    76. Alice W says:

      Rent is my fave musical! Second comes Les Mis.

    77. Dal says:

      RENT! was great

    78. Lori says:

      Wicked was phenomenal.

    79. Dilara says:

      Phantom of the Opera is my favorite.

    80. Jeremy says:

      Phantom of the Opera

    81. Michelle Williamson says:

      Rent is my favourite of anything I’ve seen. Both Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables are on my wish list. I used to play the music from both of them on the piano, but I’ve never had a chance to see them!

    82. Michelle says:

      I love Les Miserables. I am also partial to Cats only because it was my first Musical ever – I think I was 9 years old – and listened to the soundtrack on cassette over and over again.

    83. Erica says:


    84. Erin says:

      I love them all, I saw “Avenue Q” in London and loved it. I’ve pretty much loved all of them live. I guess I have to say “Sound of Music” seeing it is my favourite TV musical…

    85. Peggy says:

      Fav musical: rent

    86. Ritchie says:

      Favourite Musical – Chicago!

    87. Ed says:

      The producers were great.

    88. jon says:

      My fav was South Pacific in NYC.. i wanted to watch Ave Q there but ran out of time.

    89. Trischa says:

      Oldie but a goodie – Oklahoma!

    90. Louisa says:

      Still Les Mis. Just can’t seem to not love it.

    91. Michelle says:

      Tommy and Les Mis are my favourite two.

    92. Joy says:

      Hi Miss 604! My first post didn’t work…

      My favourite musical to date is ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’, which I saw at The Playhouse a couple of years ago. It was fun! Lloyd Nicholson musically directed that production and he was so much fun to watch too!

    93. Jennie says:

      I love South Pacific!!

    94. wono99 says:

      Beatles Love in Vegas!

    95. Gary says:

      Wicked was my fav!

    96. Dennis says:

      Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

    97. Jeremy says:

      Aunt Matilda’s War. It ran off, off Broad…street. In Philly.

    98. Jodi says:

      Mama Mia!

    99. Kerry C says:

      WICKED 🙂

    100. nocal says:


    101. Amanda says:

      RENT! Definitely!

    102. Sandra Ho says:

      my favourite musical is wicked! 🙂

    103. Uday Mistry says:

      Most recent favourite would be Lion King!

    104. Katherine says:

      Umoja and Les Miserables

    105. Kathy says:

      favourite musical – definitely ‘Wicked’ – seen it twice in London and NYC 🙂

    106. Tricia says:

      Les Mis!

    107. Steph says:

      Wicked. Hands down. Saw it in NYC on Broadway and can’t wait to see Vancouver’s rendition this summer. Been dying to see Avenue Q for a while since I love the soundtrack!

    108. Lorilee says:

      My favorites are Les Miserables and of course West Side Story

    109. Natalie says:

      When I was a little girl, Les Mis made the hugest impression, and today still stands as my overall favourite!

    110. Sarah says:

      Les Miserables! I grew up listening to it with my mom and then finally got a chance to see it in London of all places! It was magical

    111. tania says:

      Suessical the musical

    112. rino says:

      Rent is my fav.

    113. Sondi says:

      Hands down, my favourite musical is Les Miserables. It’s amazing!!

    114. A.J. says:

      The phantom of the opera!

    115. christina says:

      Phantom of the opera

    116. Kelly says:

      I would need to vote for Phantom of the Opera… I love the period costumes and the intensity. Opera Ghost!

    117. Kristine says:

      Les Miserables!

    118. Linda says:

      Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    119. Daniel says:

      Queen – We will rock you!

    120. Emily says:

      Les Miserables!

    121. Scott says:

      I’ve only seen Mama Mia but I’d love to see Avenue Q here in Vancouver!

    122. Leanna says:

      I’ve Hair a pile of times from highschool to college to professional performances. I love the music and the actors always seem to have a blast. Hair with puppets – that sounds even better to me now that I have seen the success of Avenue Q

    123. Justinne says:

      I actually really enjoyed Gateway Theatre’s Annie! I love love love musicals, and that was truly enjoyable for me =)

    124. Liz says:

      would love to see Avenue Q, Vancouver needs more “Broadway” !!

    125. Andrew C. says:

      Jerry Springer – The Opera

    126. Martha says:

      I Looooooove the mamma mia =)

    127. Marina says:

      Les Miz…hands down!

    128. Jonathan says:

      Wicked…it was absolutely wicked!

    129. Mimi says:

      I’ve heard nothing but great things about this show!

    130. Kimli says:

      RENT, all the way.

    131. Libby says:

      Sound of Music!!

    132. Kyler says:

      There’s many a great musical, but I wish I could afford to see Wicked again. It might be my favourite so far.

    133. @kmyles says:

      Who doesn’t like Cats?

    134. Annie says:

      Spring Awakening!

    135. LisaB says:

      Phantom of the Opera – I listened to that so many times as a kid!

    136. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      Congratulations to @AngelMok! The contest is now closed. Thank you for all of your entries and comments!

    137. katherine says:

      The Producers (Broadway version) is my favourite musical. I also loved “A Little Night Music” having seen it twice. Chicago’s fun. Cabaret. Billy Elliott. I love musicals.

    138. Carly says:

      The first musical I ever saw was Showboat when I was 7 years old at the Ford Theatre (now the Centre for Performing Arts). Since then it’s always been my favourite.

    139. ks says:

      Les Miserables!

    140. Marion Wong says:

      My favorite musical would have to be RENT!

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