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London Drugs Holiday Giveaway

Monday, December 13th, 2010 — 9:58am PDT
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This year London Drugs is presenting the Sox in the City campaign that will provide clean socks to Downtown Eastside residents. Although the cold snap has broken, warm, dry, clean footwear is probably even more of a necessity during our rainy months. You can drop off new or gently used socks at Vancouver City Hall or any London Drugs location in Vancouver between now and January 31st, 2011. Socks donated this year will benefit the PHS Community Services Society’s Lifeskills Centre.

This being the season of giving, London Drugs has also supplied me with a plethora of goodies to share with my readers. Cosmetics, beauty care products, nail care, lotions, and top of the line fragrances along with a pile of stocking stuffers complete with coffee, mugs, earphones, stocking stuffers, and candy canes.

Beauty Package

London Drugs Holiday Prize Pack London Drugs Holiday Prize Pack
25 items in a Nina Ricci cosmetics bag

Stocking Stuffer Package

London Drugs Holiday Prize Pack
London Drugs Holiday Prize Pack London Drugs Holiday Prize Pack

The best part is that the Beauty Package (value $500) & the Stocking Stuffer Package (value $150) can be kept all to yourself, split up into many gifts, or donated to a cause.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite stocking stuffer – to give or receive (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win a $650 holiday prize package from @LondonDrugs & @Miss604 http://ow.ly/3oq02

    Check out London Drugs this season for everything from alarm clocks to Christmas crackers and follow them on Twitter for updates and specials. I will draw two winners (one for ‘Beauty’ one for ‘Stocking Stuffer’) on Friday, December 17th, 2010.

    Update Congratulations @mortgage_diva for winning the “Beauty” prize pack and Dan for wining the “Stocking Stuffer” prize!

    Current contests on Miss604.com


    1. Scott says:

      I love Lindor Chocolates

    2. Rachel says:

      My fave stocking stuffer-scratch lotto tickets!

    3. Rachel says:

      My fave stocking stuffer-scratch lotto tickets!

    4. Simon says:

      Chocolates and candy of course!

    5. mitzi says:

      Lotto tickets! I like to give and receive as stocking stuffers.

    6. matt g says:

      Love to get a chocolate orange in my stocking.

    7. Michelle says:

      I love receiving Bath Items in my stockings.

    8. Rick says:

      Lotto tickets are always welcome in my stocking. Christmas oranges are great, too.

    9. Emma says:

      Lipbalm! Or little sea salt chocolates.

    10. Win says:

      Ferrero Rocher chocolates for me, beauty care products for the wife

    11. Kris says:

      My mom always gets me wacky patterned socks. I have quite a collection at this point!

    12. Lisa says:

      my fave stocking stuffer is candy – the silly stuff like nerds, stuff you never buy as a grown up but secretly still love!

    13. Diane says:

      chocolates for sure

    14. Amber Hughes says:

      I love receiving small kitchen gadgets in my stocking πŸ™‚

    15. Amy N. says:


      I really enjoy getting underwear and lingerie in mine from my hubby

    16. tracy says:

      daisy’s on my holiday wish list! =)

    17. Trish says:

      This is such a great campaign that LD is doing, I will be for sure dropping off what I can to the VCH!

    18. Haritina Dragneva says:

      Chocolates, make-up giftcards, movie passes… the list goes on!

    19. Jen says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer has got to be the orange in the toe. It’s just not Christmas without it!

    20. Terreeia says:

      I love getting candies in my stocking and some little game.

    21. Taigi says:

      Saltwater Taffy to receive

    22. Sean says:

      Terry’s chocolate orange! Nothing like a stocking stuffer that requires you to slam it against something!

    23. Trish says:

      Fav stocking stuffer – mini chocolates and the orange stuffed all the way into the toe of the stocking! πŸ™‚

    24. Michelle says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer to give is the photo coasters Γ’β‚¬β€œ practical and thoughtful!

    25. Susan Brouse says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer would be a perfume sample or some decadent skin or bath product; A little jar of something representing self-care and time out. At this hectic time of year, it gives the promise of peace and quiet reflection.

    26. Katrina says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer to give is chocolate, and to receive, as strange as it sounds are socks…

    27. Que says:

      My fave stocking stuffer to receive are slipper socks! So cozy & warm πŸ™‚

    28. Patrick M. says:

      Much as I love chocolate, I love coffee more!

    29. matthew m says:

      love little toys. and an orange in the toe.

    30. Amy E says:

      I always love getting gift cards in my stocking!

    31. Kirsty says:

      My mom always put the gold chocolate coins in our stocking – now I have continued on the tradition πŸ™‚

    32. Jae Koes says:

      my fav stocking item is unusual stationery, like one-of-a-kind pens and tiny notebooks

    33. Alyson says:

      Purdy’s chocolates!

    34. Laura says:

      A Toblerone chocolate bar!!

    35. Gretch says:


    36. Kate T. says:

      I like getting liquor filled chocolates in my stocking πŸ™‚ My fav thing to put in stockings is an accessory for a “big gift” like batteries or an HDMI cable.

    37. Maico says:

      That would be great Christmas gifts to myself!

    38. Oliver says:

      Favourite stocking stuffer: chocolate or marzipan…

    39. Henry says:

      Candy or chocolate, hands down. =D

    40. Jen says:

      I love giving fun and colourful hair barrettes to my daughter in her stocking!

    41. bekki says:

      Favourite stocking stuff is homemade pepernoten!

    42. Renn says:

      I love getting any kinds of tickets/gift certificates πŸ™‚

    43. rino says:

      my favourite stocking stuffer is a pair of Canuck tickets!

    44. tania says:

      My fav stocking stuffer is burt’s bees lip balm.

    45. Alicia O says:

      It has to be chocolate! Some of my favourite memories from Christmas are sneaking downstairs at 4 am to stuff my face full of chocolate!

    46. Tyler says:

      Stocking stuffer of course!

    47. Karl Woll says:

      Ferrero Rocher chocolates, hands down

    48. Jodi says:

      I love those little mini books from chapters!

    49. Kitchen gadgets or dark chocolate!

      Also willing to accept booze but apparently Santa frowns on such stocking stuffers. Phooey.

    50. Angela says:

      Has to be ferrero rocher!! My mom always give me a box of ferrero rocher in my stockings! so delicious!! :DDD

    51. lin says:

      I always look forward to getting scratch tickets! hopefully one day I’ll win more than $5!!

    52. Luci says:

      Ferrero Rocher!! Especially the kind wrapped in metallic brown

    53. rob says:

      Kinder Surprises are the best for stockings!

    54. Danika says:

      Money πŸ™‚ My parents used to put money in red envelopes (like at Chinese New Year) in our stockings.

    55. Richard W says:

      Candy Canes and lotto tickets!!

    56. Ron says:

      Cash is king. But candy is good too!

    57. lindawwww says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

    58. Mac says:

      I love giving chocolates and little “spa” treats like at home facials.

    59. Kathy says:

      I love giving hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works as stocking stuffers. Gift certificates to Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

    60. sumi says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is a tradition from my dad, every year he put in a mandarin orange and a root beer! Random but still tradition!

    61. W says:

      Super cute socks! Useful and cute πŸ˜€

    62. Mariella says:


    63. tara says:

      I love putting the everyday essentials into stockings, things like lip balm, deoderant… Ect. All things that can be found at LD! Lol!

    64. Donna L says:

      Fave stocking stuffer to give or receive is chocolates! Lindor, Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Turtles, mmmmm.

    65. Carol says:

      Gift certificates to my favourite stores are always great to receive in the stocking.

    66. Jim says:

      Any type of chocolate or candy is what I like to find in my stocking.

    67. Brenda says:

      The best stocking stuffer is chocolate.

    68. Cliff says:

      Gift cards make great stuffers.

    69. Michelle says:

      Definitely chocolates. The more, the better!

    70. Jenn says:

      any type of candy – especially the life saver books – are great stocking stuffers!

    71. Christine says:

      My fave stocking stuffers are lip balms, chocolates and magazines!

    72. Brenda says:

      I like Ferraro Rocher chocolates in my stocking!

    73. patricia says:

      Lip gloss! What girl couldn’t use more of these?

    74. Christine says:

      Chocolate and candies are my go-to for giving and always welcomed to receive!

    75. Lily says:

      Olympic red mittens to give or to receive!

    76. Janet says:

      A great new book!

    77. Ivy says:

      I love Toffifee! Yum!

    78. Nicole says:

      I love getting scratch tickets!

    79. Tricia says:

      The stocking stuffer package looks great! Can’t go wrong with Ferrero Rocher!

    80. Jessica says:

      Ferrero Rocher!

    81. Davehopkins25 says:

      Lindor while chocolate…or terry’s orange

    82. Veronica says:

      My parents always used to put the most kitschy stuff in my stocking (cheap stuff from the ‘San Francisco’ store… do they even exist now?).

      So I keep up the tradition with my kids and fill their stockings with all sorts of small cheap toys (under a few dollars).

      They’re usually a hit!

    83. Tawcan says:

      Chocolates of course.

    84. Sara says:

      I find that Chapstick tubes from Burt’s Bees make fantastic stocking stuffers. You can never have enough of those things!

    85. BJ says:

      Donations to CanadaHelps.org – that way the recipient can choose their favourite Canadian charity to donate to. A gift that is great to both give and receive!

    86. tina says:

      my favorite stocking stuffers are lindt chocolates!

    87. Heather says:

      An ARCHIE comic!

    88. Robert says:

      So many great stocking stuffers over the years, but the best is always a mandarin orange on Christmas morning to make me feel at home!

    89. Chris says:

      Chocolates in socks is my fav.

    90. Jen says:

      I love getting Toblerone chocolates and I love giving lotto scratch tickets!

    91. Parker says:

      My family and I all get lottery tickets. Then we scratch them together and guess who will win big!!

    92. Jer says:

      I always love getting a good book in my stocking!

    93. Agasel says:

      I heart London Drugs!

    94. Heidi P says:

      One stocking stuffer I would love to get is a Lotto 649 ticket…and my all-time favourite from when I was a little girl…”Orange chocolate ball”

    95. Leanna says:

      I am a gal after the heart of of London Drugs. Like their Sox for the City campaign, my fave stocking stuffer is socks!

    96. Tracy says:

      Can’t beat chocolate for a yummy addition!

    97. Alv says:

      Donation in my honour. πŸ™‚

    98. Jessica says:

      Ooohh. I would say Ferrero Rocher!

    99. Kelli says:

      the Q-tips! for realz

    100. Wendy says:

      …the mandarin orange that is inevitably at the bottom in the toe…

    101. Mariska says:

      Being from Holland, my family has never done the stocking thing, so I couldn’t even tell you what my favourite stuffer would be, cuz I’ve never had a stocking… So for me, to have a stocking at all would be something fun and new!

    102. Kelli says:

      My mom always puts black or white cotton socks in my stocking and I love it! Hey, it saves me from buying them!

    103. Raju says:

      Lindt chocolates!

    104. Karen Ann says:

      Candy is always a favourite.

    105. heather says:


    106. sue says:

      i love giving and receiving chapstick/lipgloss (if giving to girls, of course) or cute socks.

    107. Sharylin says:

      gizmos and gadgets from Lee Valley are my favourite stocking stuffers

    108. Ray says:


    109. dorcas says:

      I love lotto tickets and shampoo and conditioner because it’s often an expensive necessity

    110. Phyllis says:

      Cookies are a great stocking stuffer to give and receive. Who doesn’t like cookies?

    111. belinda says:

      I like to offer my loved ones my time to spend with them.

    112. Kelly says:

      Gift Cards are the best!

    113. DeeAnn says:

      Gift cards are awesome but I look forward to the socks my mom puts in my stocking every year! They’re awesome and make me think of her all year long.

    114. Brad says:

      gift cards rule

    115. Erin says:

      My Grandma gives wine as stocking stuffers, it’s amazing!

    116. JanineAnnT says:

      Santa brings us original chocolate oranges! Love them!

    117. JanineAnnT says:

      Santa brings us original chocolate oranges! Love them!

    118. Always look forward to the Chocolate Orange.

    119. stephanie says:

      Always always chocolate.

    120. Casey James says:

      I LOVE those SkullCandy headphones! My iPod headphones are broken, and I was hoping Santa might be bring me a new pair…. πŸ˜‰

    121. Evil Genius says:

      Best stocking stuffer ever: A severed foot. Muwahahahahaha

    122. rainbow says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is chocolate, especially if that chocolate is Ferrero Rondnoir.

    123. Amy says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer is an iphone! never got it, but I can still hope, right? πŸ™‚

    124. Amy says:

      I like both beauty products!!!!!

    125. Sharon says:

      I still love a mandarin orange in my stocking, but I’d never object to some shiny new beauty products too!

    126. Nancy says:

      Socks, bubble bath, chocolate orange, candy cane.

    127. Tracy says:

      Terry’s chocolate orange HAS to be in every stocking, and a puzzle book πŸ™‚

    128. Tracey Flattes says:

      I like gift cards as stocking stuffers – that way you can wait until the sales and get twice as much!

    129. Teresa K says:


    130. Andrea says:

      Socks. I don’t joke.

      Socks come in pretty patterns and chipper colors. They are useful. They keep you warm. I will never turn up my nose at some pretty sock stocking stuffers.

    131. Paul says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is a little book light. They are great as computer desk lights as well.

    132. Sanaz says:

      Favourite stocking stuffer would have to be chocolate, makes life so much sweeter!

    133. Rachel says:

      Candy of course!

    134. Vanessa says:

      ferrero rocher!

    135. Jessie says:

      Candy canes look so cute peeking out of stockings!

    136. Dan says:

      golf balls man

    137. VillaFan says:

      Lindor Chocolates!!!

    138. Curtis says:

      I love chocolates! Especially Ferrero Rocher!

    139. Megan H says:

      My favourite stocking stuffers are chocolates! Lindor, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, After Eight sticks… mmmmmmm!

    140. Fiona says:

      I used to love getting blank tapes in my stocking as a teenager, now I love to get a trashy celebrity magazine to read – guilty pleasure for Xmas morning πŸ™‚

    141. Jeffrey says:

      Scratch and Win lottery tickets. I give them out all the time πŸ™‚

    142. Cathy says:

      A Dark Chocolate Orange or Ferrero Rocher… yum!

    143. angela says:

      I love to give or recieve gift cards as they are the perfect size to stuff in a stocking!

    144. Scott says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

    145. May says:

      A pair of cozy, funky socks! Funky as in design, not smell πŸ˜‰

    146. maria says:

      Amazing prize!!! Lotto tix are good stuffers!

    147. Sarah says:

      mmm chocolate orange!

    148. I’d give the chocolates for my secret santa at work. He adores chocolate!

    149. Leslie Luu says:

      My favourite stocking stuffers are spongebob squarepants band-aids!

    150. Katherine says:

      Good hand cream and nail file for my purse…

    151. Lara says:

      Purdy’s Sweet Georgia Browns…to receive that is hahaha!

    152. Andi says:

      ferrero rocher!

    153. Cat says:

      Quality Street Chocolates. We only ever get them in stockings at Christmas, so they are a lovely treat.

    154. Cathy says:

      Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the best!! Also gift cards are nice. I’ve started liking how many places now cause I got a GC.

    155. Gideon says:

      100% pure Canadian maple syrup is my favorite thing to stuff into peoples stockings, not bad to receive either!

    156. Marianne says:

      My mom always finds me a really neat piece of jewelery for my stocking – never anything over-the-top, just something pretty and thoughtful.

      I *love* to give something silly – card games, silly putty, etc.

    157. Jan says:

      My favourite item to put in stockings is the annual Christmas ornament.

    158. Kandes says:

      Wow!! this would be great! I am making my mom a stocking this year cause usually she never has one just the kids in our family always got one, and now that I am 30 not really a kid anymore….ha ha course I am who am I kidding!!

    159. AmyG says:

      baby manderines!!!!!
      and purdy’s chocolate bells
      and gift cards

    160. anna says:

      Make up and cards!!!

    161. Tina Lee says:

      My favorite to give and also receive is scratch lotto tickets and chocolates

    162. Gladys says:

      The stocking stuffer package would be amazing to put in my husband’s stocking!

    163. Meghan says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer? Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and sratch-and-win tickets!

    164. Karen says:

      any type of chocolate!! πŸ™‚ those are awesome pick-me-ups for a stressful day! πŸ™‚

    165. Sandra says:

      Definitely Turtles chocolates and lotto tix!

    166. Shoshanna says:

      I love lotto tickets as stocking stuffers or Godiva chocolates…yum!

    167. Jeff says:

      Probably my favourite stocking stuffer would be Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Heck it’s my favourite non-stocking stuffer too.

    168. Winnie W says:

      beauty products like lip gloss!

    169. Maryanne says:

      A toothbrush! Cuz those should be replaced often!

    170. Addie says:

      my favourite stocking stuffer is body mist/spray

    171. Adelina says:

      Chocolate! Turtles yum <3

    172. mitzi says:

      not sure why my email address didn’t go through..but yes…i like to give lotto tix as stocking stuffers..u never know!

    173. Marina says:

      Hmmm…that’s a tough one…chocolate, body wash, candles, the list is too long!

    174. Christie says:

      lottery tickets

    175. Bree says:


    176. Erica says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer would be skin or bath products

    177. anne says:

      fav stocking stuffer, chocolate, tim hortons gift card and orange in toe…i didn’t know so many people did that!

    178. Lori says:

      mmm – dark chocolate!

    179. Claire says:

      Chocolate orange to give
      Burt’s bee lipstick to receive!

    180. Sam says:


    181. Ennie says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer to give is Ferrero Rocher.

    182. Iz says:

      Cute little cosmetics like samples of lipbalms!

    183. Amanda says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is anything mint chocolate!

    184. Crystal says:

      THree top fav’s: Lip balm- Burt Bee’s and Fluffy comfy socks, and Lindor chocolates. I hate when he forgets and fills it with soup cans and used cosmetics from the cupboards, that HAS happened once or twice LOL

    185. Rita says:

      I love little things like hand lotion, lipbalms. Stuff I need everyday!

    186. Alice W says:

      Scratch & Win cards! ’cause there’s the element of surprise that perhaps it’s a BIG winner πŸ™‚

    187. Jen says:

      Deodorant & toothbrushes!

    188. Jeanie says:

      Give out different kinds of tea bags even though it’s a bit unorthodox. I always think it’s nice to have variety πŸ™‚

    189. Shauna says:

      Favorite stocking stuffer is that mandarin orange in the toe! But London Drugs is the winner helping put cold toes into warm socks! Well done LD.

    190. Jodi says:

      a stocking is the best part of christmas! chocolate, lottery tickets, beef jerky πŸ™‚

    191. Paul McEwan says:

      I like getting odd little computer peripherals in my stocking. I know. geek.

    192. Adam says:

      I usually like getting a nice, huge Christmas ham.

    193. Doug says:

      This year I would like a 8GB micro SD card for my camera.

    194. Deb says:

      Chocolates, oranges, lotto tkts and something whacky.

    195. Hayley says:

      I love getting all the random nuts my brother and I would never eat but we would give to the squirrels so they’d have a Christmas treat.

    196. Heather R says:

      Chocolates and Lifesaver storybooks

    197. Abigail says:

      Giving and receiving…. Christmas socks, funny as you wear them during X-mas but then feel sorta odd wearing them any other time of the year… so I have a collection of Christmas socks… guess my mom just may get a re-gifted pair of slightly worn socks this year. Unless… the gift basket would come in handy?!

    198. Abigail says:

      ooo ooo and a Terrys Chocolate Orange

    199. Dilara says:

      I love to give or receive chocolate truffles or macarons as stocking stuffers – so delectable!

    200. Dennis L. says:

      Lottery scratch and win tickets!

    201. Lisa says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is the skull candy headphones. We can’t keep headphones in the house, because my teenager absent mindlessly chews them when she’s on the computer!

    202. kyliec says:

      Ferrero Rocher! Never have enough of them. Yum.

    203. Kenny says:

      I’d love to win this and keep some and split some to donate to those who really need it.

    204. Adrian says:

      Scarves! They make great, versatile accessories.

    205. Kat C. says:

      Oh wow…stocking stuffers i really really love: tiny bottles of perfume

    206. Bons says:

      Chocolates and gift cards!

    207. Alaina says:

      I hope people split this massive gift up and donate some of it united way or somewhere!

    208. Lucy says:

      Chocolate, any kind.

    209. Samantha says:

      The Lifesavers Holiday Pack!

    210. Yvonne says:

      Perfume rollerball!!!

    211. Kyle says:

      Chocolate Oranges, and a nice pair of socks!

    212. Cat says:

      It’s tradition in my family to put a chocolate orange in the toe (rather than a real orange). Even thought I dont particularly like them, it’s still my favourite stocking stuffer. It wouldnt be Christmas without it!

    213. Raia says:

      Snowboarding passes to Mt Washington and perfume.

    214. Laura says:

      What an awesome package! I know some deserving people to spread this amongst!

    215. Sharon says:

      I love a nice pair of warm socks.

    216. Muckymoo says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer is some Purdy’s Chocolates. I also look forward to new soap, makeup, perfume samples, socks. Santa also loves to add some joke items.

    217. Taseko says:

      Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange and lotto scratch tickets! ;o)

    218. Jason says:

      Hot chocolate.

    219. Humphrey says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer has to be chocolate… mmm… chocolate…

    220. Vanessa Tam says:

      I love to use little lovely smelling shower gels, lip glosses, and body lotions from the Body Shop, Sephora, or Bath and Body Works πŸ™‚

    221. Amy says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is Lindor Chocolates

    222. Susan says:

      Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…..and lip balm. Chocolate flavoured lip balm.

    223. Tomarra says:

      Lip Balm… all about the lip balm!

    224. Sabrina says:

      a lump of coal!!!

    225. alli m says:

      all time favourite thing to find in my stocking is a purdys english toffee … crazy good!

    226. May says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is socks – can’t have too many of those!

    227. Amy says:

      little mandarin oranges haha πŸ™‚

    228. Tript says:

      Ferrero Rocher!

    229. David Darling says:

      I love to receive small deonomination gift cards for the places I frequent – subway, starbucks, etc… makes for a cheap January. πŸ™‚

    230. cole says:

      Favourite stocking stuffer has to be that strange triangle shaped chocolate bar from Europe!!!

    231. Katie says:

      Socks!! and Chocolate

    232. Rui says:

      I wouldn’t mind the Skull Candy and Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

    233. alon says:

      as lame as it is, socks socks socks lol

    234. Tamara says:

      It’s traditional for me…..in the way that I am keeping up the tradition for my newphews. I always loved getting the Lifesavers book in my stocking. I’d give the butterscotch ones to my dad. So now the boys get them each year. I bought 10 lifesaver books this year for toy drive too.

    235. Tessa says:


    236. Tamara says:

      ItÒ€ℒs traditional for meÒ€¦..in the way that I am keeping up the tradition for my nephews. I always loved getting the Lifesavers book in my stocking. IÒ€ℒd give the butterscotch ones to my dad. So now the boys get them each year. I bought 10 lifesaver books this year for toy drive too.

    237. au says:

      canon camcorder or xbox360 is my dream for sock stuffer. .or Lindt chocs from Westminster Centre is fine. .thanks.

    238. Leisa says:

      Love to get fancy beauty products in my stocking.

      Love to give coffee gift cards and chocolate.

    239. Larissa H says:

      Fave to give AND receive – scratch and win tickets, chocolate coins, starbucks gift cards and fun socks πŸ™‚

    240. @kmyles says:

      I would definitely break up the stocking stuffers and share them with everyone for Christmas!

    241. Martha says:

      mmm the chocolates and the skullcandy headphones! wow

    242. A.J. says:

      I love giving people generic underpants or socks. It’s fun and funny. Everyone needs underpants and socks!

    243. Sandra S says:

      To give and receive would be chocolate. Or to receive would be the Skullcandy headphones that are in your stocking stuffer, would love to receive those! πŸ™‚
      I also retweeted:

    244. Parisa says:

      Terry’s chocolate oranges. No contest.

    245. Frank Zhao says:

      Favourite stocking stuffer has got to be chocolate.

    246. Marianne says:

      My favourite stocking stuffers to receive would have to be either chocolate or iTunes gift cards πŸ™‚

    247. Megan says:

      Scratch and wins, definitely! I also love my Chocolate orange and mandarin orange. πŸ™‚

    248. Ann says:

      Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

    249. Brenda says:

      I love Christmas lotto scratch tickets!

    250. Dave says:

      An orange in the toe is a must for my stocking!

    251. Karen says:

      The stocking must contain: a chocolate orange, a candy cane, a toblerone bar, magazines, lotto tickets

      Then I like to find something super silly – like bandaids that look like bacon, or a string of chili pepper lights. I find the best kitsch at urban empire on Commercial http://www.urbanempire.ca/

    252. Jennifer M. says:

      A Terry’s chocolate orange, or an actual mandarin (Christmas!) orange. Classic. Or both is great! πŸ™‚

    253. Anna says:

      The yummy Lindor Chocolates!

    254. liz says:

      I would love to get some Purdy’s english toffe and some movie magazines in my stocking this year.

    255. Jody Li says:

      I love giving Santa Claus chocolate.

    256. Erin says:

      I haven’t had a stocking for ages. I guess chocolate, although I see others have said books, they’re a “gift” rather than a “stocking stuffer” in my mind but would beat chocolate.

    257. I love to give my kids those chocolate oranges they seem to sell exclusively at this time of year – they love them, while I find them vile.
      I much prefer to receive the timeless Lifesaver storybook in my my stocking – Santa, are you listening??

    258. Ellen says:

      I didn’t grow up with stocking stuffers but I guess I’d like something fun like cosmetics or silly toys for the work cubicle.

    259. Julie Nicholls says:

      Chocolate of course!

    260. Cath says:

      LIP BALMS are my favorite. Yummy ones, efficient ones, fruity, sporty, sunny, name it I love it.

    261. Lucie says:

      Since my Mom is Dutch, I always get a chocolate letter (the letter of my first name). I love having this tradition to look forward to every year.

    262. cassandra says:

      my favorite stocking stuffer is a good magazine to enjoy once the chaos has died down and the turkey is in the oven

    263. kelsey says:

      i like lindt chocolate and gummies and some lip chap!

    264. Lana says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is…. CHOCOLATE. In any form.

    265. Gina says:

      Lotto tickets, candy, and gift cards.

    266. I always give chocolates, socks, and underwear in the kids stockings.

    267. Lea says:

      My favorite are scratch and wins! I don’t know why, but I love them!

    268. donna chong says:

      Terry’s orange chocolate ball to share, always a winner on Christmas morning with the coffee

    269. donna chong says:

      tweeted your tweet on twitter
      RT to enter to win a $650 holiday prize package from @LondonDrugs & @Miss604 http://ow.ly/3oq02 lots of goodies


    270. Kon says:


    271. Maggie says:

      Definitely candy/chocolates!

    272. PD says:

      My baked goods or nail polish for my girlfriends!

    273. Vivian says:

      They’re a dime a dozen, but so damn good! I love candy canes!

    274. sarah says:

      classic candy canes! or any type of chocolates:)

    275. Charles Au-Yeung says:

      I need beauty products for my face. but anything will help me… even if it’s just sleep…

    276. Heidi says:

      I Tune Gift Card is a great stocking stuffer.

    277. KEN says:

      A Lindt dark chocolate bar is perfect.

    278. Michelle Williamson says:

      Kinder Surprise!!! I’m 26 and my siblings and I protested two years ago when my mother thought we were too old for Kinder Surprise.

    279. Yutaka says:

      Coffee and snacks!

    280. Garrett says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer is a big pack of gummy bears!

    281. Nicole-Lynn says:

      My favorite stocking stuff is Ferroro Rocher chocolates!

    282. Marta says:

      Ferrero Rocher!

    283. Belinda says:

      I always give socks, by sons toes and heels seem to drill their way through socks so quickly there is never enough socks.

    284. Melanie says:

      It’s hard to choose between chocolate, magazines, lottery tickets and cosmetics.

    285. ww says:

      can never get enough wool socks and slippers

    286. Dickson says:

      Chocolates definately

    287. Julia Sousa says:

      Lots of cosmetics (is this allowed?!)

    288. PING says:

      lottery tickets

    289. Gisele says:

      Purdys chocolate bells!

    290. Amanda says:

      unique foods/ candies you can share =D

    291. Miky says:

      anything from my loved ones πŸ™‚

    292. Jenny says:

      I love any gift.

    293. giggles says:

      Haven’t had a stocking in years… but my favorite thing in a stocking is professional shampoo and conditioner! Lame eh? Oh and Purdys chocolate of any kind!! lol

      Thanks for having this draw!

    294. Heather says:

      My fav stocking stuffer is a dutch chocolate letter!

    295. Lisa says:

      i like makeup

    296. Noel says:

      Draw my name

    297. Noelcal says:

      This is great!! Wish you guys a Merry Christmas & a very happy new year.

    298. mike says:

      LD is great! it got everything. Love the Electronic dept.

    299. virg says:

      I can always use some of those products. πŸ™‚

    300. PB says:

      Favourite stocking stuffer is homemade almond bark

    301. Aggie says:

      Nuts ‘n’ gum (together at last).

    302. Sita says:

      i love getting books!

    303. Richie says:


    304. David H says:

      I love smoked oysters and mandarin oranges

    305. Amy says:

      I love getting tide to go sticks πŸ™‚

    306. Natalie says:

      I love getting ferrero rocher and mandarin oranges !! yummy….

    307. shelly says:


    308. Debbie says:

      my favourite stocking stuffers are coffee and chocolates πŸ™‚

    309. iain warren says:

      i always love giving a magazine as a stocking stuffer and its always nice to receive one too.

    310. Liana says:

      GOOODIES 4 Christmas!! πŸ™‚

    311. Dan says:

      Loto tickets are always fun

    312. Dan says:

      Loto tickets are always fun

    313. Melaney says:

      My all time favorite growing up was getting a mandarin orange in my stocking!!

    314. Gail says:

      My favourite stocking stuffer is chocolate!!

    315. sadie crandle says:

      Ferrero Chocolates win hands down …

    316. Mary says:

      chocolates and candy

    317. Alex says:

      I love to get shaving accessories and love to give little cars to my boys

    318. Art says:

      My favorite to give or receive would be chocolate.

    319. Jaime says:

      My favorite stocking stuffer is chocolate, especially Toblerone.

    320. Jason says:

      Stocking Stuffer – By FAR the Mandarin Orange, just seems to taste even better on Xmas morning

    321. Gillian says:

      Chocolate has to be the best stocking stuffer for me, warning though don’t leave hanging over fireplace or your choclate will come in liquid form πŸ™‚

    322. Kaeda says:

      My absolute FAVORITE type of stocking stuffers (both to give and receive) are themed. I find that putting a bit more thought into what goes in the sock can go a long way. Sometimes I’ll do a color theme (if I’m lazy) other times I’ll choose things that all go together to create a message to the person I’m giving it to!

    323. Kyle M says:

      Small bottles of Baileys are the BEST stocking stuffer. They get unwrapped and go straight into your coffee. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

    324. Simon says:

      LOVE to have those chocolate hedgehogs in my stocking!

    325. Pooya says:

      I love to receive electronics !

    326. TY says:

      love chocolate! can’t say no

    327. mmx says:

      ferrero rocher chcolates! πŸ˜€

    328. Toby says:

      to receive: the new and unique ornament my mom always gives me and my sister every year in our stockings.

      to give: something that will make them say yum. Clif bars fit nicely in stockings πŸ™‚

    329. Fiona says:

      my favourite stocking stuffers are ferrero rochers!

    330. Danny says:

      iTunes gift cards!

    331. kristy says:

      Vegan snacks and cookies

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