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Canucks vs Blues, Win Tickets

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 — 1:45pm PDT
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Coming off a 7-2 shellacking of the Calgary Flames earlier this week (and hopefully after some redemption with the Blackhawks tonight) the Canucks will take on the St. Louis Blues this weekend.

BCAA Booster

BCAA, who now has their official Booster Guy on the scene at Rogers Arena, is offering up a pair of tickets to Sunday’s game to one of my readers. Enter to win this early Christmas present for the hockey-lover in your life by leaving a comment saying how you would jumpstart a crowd at a hockey game in one or both of the following places:

  • On this Facebook page (1 entry)
  • On this post (1 entry)
  • I will draw one winner at 9:00am tomorrow so this is a very quick turnaround. The winner must be able to confirm/claim this prize by 12:00pm tomorrow. Their tickets will then be left at Will Call at Rogers Arena on game day, this Sunday December 5th, 2010. Good luck and Go Canucks Go!

    Update The winner is Marilyn!

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    1. Cameron W. says:

      I’m a huge fan of starting the wave. It’s my favourite hockey tradition.

    2. Sophia says:

      Dress up in a Mrs. Finn costume. πŸ˜‰

    3. Kaegan says:

      The chicken dance in simulated slow-motion

    4. Kaegan says:

      The chicken dance in simulated slow-motion

    5. John says:

      you obviously need some alcohol first, the wave, and a drum of some sort

    6. Andrew says:

      If I had a group of friends with me, we’d probably split up in every section and start a proper wave!

    7. Megan says:

      I’d get up and dance in my section and sing along to the songs and high five every single person around when the nucks score!!! hahaha Go Canucks Go!!!

    8. Liz says:

      I’d jumpstart the crowd at the hockey game in my Canucks gear by yelling and clapping ‘Go Canucks Go’ until everyone else followed suit πŸ™‚

    9. Sunny says:

      I’d show up with some BlackHawk gear to pounce on! πŸ™‚

    10. Rob says:

      I would cheer, dance and get the wave going and keep the Luuuuuuus coming!

    11. Tracey Flattes says:

      I’m picturing a flash mob style dance along the lines of YMCA but with the letters CANUCKS (well we may have to misspell it so it fits with the music, but that’s Canada, eh?)

    12. David says:

      Heckling Halak, because Halak works perfectly for heckling.


    13. Richie says:

      I’d wave my Canadian/Canucks flags and do a whole lot of yelling!!

    14. JC says:

      drums….not really a fan of the wave

    15. Maggie says:

      I’d love to win this for my brothers! If it was possible I’d totally bring a bass drum into the stadium and hit it as hard as I could to pump the crowd up!

    16. Sita says:

      I’d show up in my Maple Leafs gear..that usually gets the canucks fans off thier seats and pumped up real fast! lol

    17. Gillian says:

      I would bring my 10 yr old along cos’ he jumps up and down, screams and go crazy with every canucks goal, he dances great too :). Hopefully there will be LOTS of goals to go crazy for. If Schneider is in net we will be Ssshhhh ing every amazing save (if Luongo gets Luuud then Scnnieder deserves the Sssshhh. If we don’t win, we’ll still have a ton of fun at home watching

    18. Amanda says:

      I’d put on all my Canucks gear, paint my face and convince Fin to come to my section so he could help us cheer!

    19. Richard says:

      I’ve started the wave a few times. It takes a few tries but once it gets going it’s just awesome. Really gets the crowd into it. That or a goalie chant.

    20. All out face painting and chanting. I already have a vancouver canucks vs. st. loser blues . Friends/coworkers are Blues fan so these games are a big deal!

    21. Adam says:

      I would whip out some of the old playoff gear and get people pumped for another long run. A giant Canucks flag would also be great to have, especially to run it around the stadium during intermissions.

    22. ashlee says:

      I am a pro at starting the wave πŸ™‚

    23. Alv says:

      Goalie jeering for sure.

    24. Ricky Jorgenson says:

      I would a large sign that sez ” We Want the Hawks ” and take a section of participating fans to CHANT as I point to the words… but only if the Canucks win on Friday. I’m sure many fans would cheer to bring back the Hawks for a spanking that they gave us in Rogers.

    25. Parker says:

      I always have a sign for the games. My last sign was for Brendan Morrison and it read: ‘Could you B-Mo Sexy?!’

      Go Canucks!!

    26. Blessy says:

      I’d love to be able to win those tickets! I’d bring my mom to the game. This would be her first time! She gets rowdy watching at home, imagine her at the actual game!

    27. John H says:

      Well, it depends on the mood of the crowd and the nature of the game. Challenging other sections to a “cheer-off” usually works well. I’m all about positivity, but if one of the Blues is being jerky, then I might harness the power of my Bishop’s University social education and go negative with some well-aimed chants that rhyme the team’s colours (blue, yellow, white) with, well, things that can’t be repeated here.

      Wait, this is Vancouver – so the first thing I would do is get jumpstart the crowd is to get people to stop talking on their cellphones and actually watch the game! πŸ™‚

    28. Megan H. says:

      Start dancing(in time to the music!), chant GO CANUCKS GO!, then start up the WAVE!!!

    29. Raman.R says:

      First off you need to stand out..Body paint always works..As long as its Blue, Green, Yellow White or Black ;)… Secondly waving and screaming like a mad man “Go Cancucks Go” never hurt anyone. People always like leaving with more than they came with.. Maybe throwing or sling shoting out some promotional items??

    30. sue says:

      Yeah , definitely wearing my Habs jersey might start something πŸ˜‰

    31. Dave says:

      I would hold up a sign saying “Miss 604 gave me free tickets.”

    32. Aaron says:

      Rythmic clapping and stomping for the win.

    33. Jeremy says:

      I would get everyone to start the wave! Then sing a song to cheer on the Canucks πŸ™‚

    34. Jen says:

      I would use a blow horn to get the crowd going, then dance and do the wave!

    35. Rob says:

      I just may have to flash my moves!! πŸ™‚

    36. Michelle Williamson says:

      Standing up and cheering “Go Canucks Go!” Canucks fans are awesome, so it doesn’t take much to get the crowd into the game!

    37. Tricia says:

      dance party! πŸ˜€

    38. matt says:

      Starting a goo chant the best way to get the crowd going.

    39. Jeff says:

      I’ve only every been to, I think, 2 Canucks games in my life and I’m a big fan. Growing up I remember looking up to people like Toni Tanti, Stan Smyle, Tiger Williams, Harold Snepps and so on.

    40. Carlos says:

      I’d start the wave.

    41. Karin says:

      Starting the go canucks go chant is always the best! Then get everyone in your section to start chanting it along with you, get them to start the wave since its gotta start somewhere.
      What we really need to do is get a GIANT canucks and GIAN…T canada flag going around Rogers Arena ! πŸ˜€
      lets demolish the hawks tonight boys !!

    42. Sara says:

      Never having been to a hockey game, I couldn’t say for sure, but isn’t the wave always popular?

    43. Bring my child – who is a huge fan – in her jersey with her face painted blue, and let her start the wave. I hate attention, but she loves it…

    44. Andre says:

      Make everyone jump at the same time to nudge the earth a little and change the flight path of the puck (hopefully for the better).

    45. Cj says:

      cheer and start a wave πŸ™‚

    46. alakitten says:

      Hollering and making a whole bunch of positive noise for our lovely Canucks! :):)

    47. Heather says:

      My husband received a ticket for his birthday – on Nov 20th versus Chicago. I think he should get another shot πŸ™‚

    48. Heather says:

      Sorry! Totally missed the jumpstart part! He would start the wave by screaming 1-2-3 until he lost his voice completely.
      He’s done it before.
      Many times.

    49. Harsheen says:

      I’d bring my boombox and start singing “Oh Oh Oh Oh Vancouver” by Inward Eye, like the one during the olympics!
      Definitely pumps you up for the game and you get to represent for VancityΓ’β„’Β₯!

    50. Kyla says:

      I have convinced my makeup artist friend to do Canucks makeup all over me and my bf’s face and body for free if we are lucky enough to make it to a game this year πŸ™‚

    51. stephanie says:

      Start the wave. It gets everyone off their seats. Lets get crazyyyyy.

    52. Bryan says:

      Jeering. Everyone loves a good jeer.

    53. Kristen says:

      I would buy one of those really flipping loud megaphones that are electronic and just go crazy yelling Canucks nonsense into it!

    54. Rob says:

      Bang the drums

    55. Marilyn says:

      I would relentlessly embarrass my companion by repeatedly trying to start the wave until it caught on!!

    56. Michael Kwan says:

      It’s all about starting the wave. πŸ™‚

    57. Ryan says:

      Would love to take my nephew πŸ™‚

    58. Lindsay B says:

      I’m in!

    59. Nikki D says:

      My favorite things are the wave, having the fans pass along a giant flag, and we need to add some good chants in there, too!

    60. Dilara says:

      I’d dress up as Mrs. Finn!

    61. Melaney says:

      My First Nations drum! And chanting! “warm up the bus”

    62. Sam says:

      Gotta start a wave!

    63. Robert M says:

      2 words: Free Beer!

    64. Dave says:

      Go Canucks! I want to see another stomping like we saw in Calgary!

    65. Alan says:

      There is really only one solution to this problem: “More cowbell”!

    66. Lisa says:

      Obviously some traditional Towel Power…the Canucks invented it!

    67. Darcie says:

      I would start the “Go Canucks Go” and then of course I would change it to “Go Tamby Go! πŸ™‚ OR I would go gets Fin’s attention and we would work together and get the WHOLE section going and it would go from there! πŸ™‚

    68. John Paul says:

      I’m pretty spontaneous, so whatever comes to mind at the time I’m certain will get the crowd buzzin’. Traditional “LUUUUUUUU”s or jeering “KIIII-PERRRR” should work. Oh wait…. It’s St. Louis!! That won’t work! Back to the drawing board.

    69. Amy says:

      More cowbell indeed!
      Go Canucks!

    70. Veronica says:

      Body Paint for everyone!
      Besides that, lots of yelling…

    71. maria says:

      I would do the wave!!!

    72. _ericadawn says:

      I would bring my handy dandy homemade signs Always have my face painted dance when the music starts scream when we score & start the wave every chance there is

    73. Ryan Bains says:

      Seeing as we have the best one in all of North American Sports,I would start the wave. Go Canucks Go!!

    74. Kevin Baggs says:

      go Canucks!

    75. Cam says:

      Starting the GO CANUCKS GO chant!!! Love it.

    76. Sharon says:

      I’d bust out some sweet dance moves!

    77. Alena says:

      GO CANUCKS!!

    78. Emily says:

      id love tix!!!!!!!!!

    79. candida says:

      i would hold up a sign that said, “cheer if you love miss604”!

    80. Ava says:

      Start the wave, chant ‘Go Canucks Go’, and dance like crazy

    81. Steven says:

      Jump jump jump….jump around!

    82. Ian says:

      I’ll start chanting….HACK THE HALAK! or…BOOOOO BLUEEEEESSSS

    83. Grace says:

      I’d jumpstart the crowd by screaming like a little girl everytime we score!

    84. Don says:

      Lots of white towels and lots of cheering

    85. Stv says:

      VUVEZELA. ‘Nuff said.

    86. Dawn says:

      GO CANUCKS GO!!! Forever Faithful!

    87. Sheldon says:

      You cant go wrong with doing the wave, but a loud Go Canucks Go works best! Whoo Hooo Go Canucks Goooooo!!!!!!

    88. Helena says:

      My nine year old daughter would love to get the crowd going with Fin! We could even bring our own drum!

    89. lisa says:

      alright! free tickets πŸ™‚

    90. Phyllis says:

      I would do the wave repeatedly and cheer loudly.

    91. Zombie says:

      Start the wave , cheer

    92. Ryan says:

      I would bring my 9-year old son and we would scream till our faces turned blue and green!

    93. Jasmine says:

      I would dress up in canucks colours from head to toe and then have someone wear the opposing team’s colours and pretend to scrap with them and show that I have the upper hand! At the same time, i’d engage the fans by raising my arms and getting them to start the “Go Canucks Go” chant! Perhaps wearing actual gear/ equipment could hype it up even more!

    94. Vincent Chen says:

      GO CANUCKS GO! GO CANUCKS GO! and that’s how you do it! obviously followed by a big ass wave and a WOOOOO!!! GOOOOOOO CANUCKS!!!! XD

    95. Christine says:

      Totally the wave! Me and some friends jump started a Canucks game this way before!

    96. Danielle says:

      lots of yelling and cheering

    97. Amy says:

      I hope I win!! GO CANUCKS!!!!

    98. Maria says:

      I have never been to a Canuck game. I would chant ‘GO CANUCKS GO!’

    99. […] 604 is giving away Canucks tickets at the moment. She is always giving away cool stuff. […]

    100. Christopher Co says:

      I would do anything I can to jump start the crowd including starting hants, getting my section to start the wave, or maybe even dancing!

    101. tracy says:

      after watching tonight’s game, i would definitely wanna see the boys when they come home on sun

    102. CJ Stebbing says:

      i would do one of the following: either start dancing, and try to get the crowd into it, start the wave, or start a chant. ive always wanted to do one of those things at a game πŸ˜€

    103. Katie says:

      I would also try to start a chant! and just scream until I lost my voice …

    104. Steph :) says:

      Finn, Green Men, white towels and lots of attitude.

    105. Lindsay says:

      Nothing like heckling fans from the opposing team to get the crowd all riled up!(politely of course, we are Canadain and have a reputation to upkeep.) GO CANUCKS GO!

    106. Abigail says:

      I would cheer and chant Go Canucks Go!

    107. Sukh says:

      make sure every single fan wears the same colour

    108. Ed says:

      Lots of yelling!

    109. Lindsay says:

      A mega-phone, some outrageous costumes, and with the help of some friends start the wave!

    110. Jon Jennings says:

      Given that I’ve never been to a real live Canucks game before, I don’t think I’ll have any problems getting my motor running.

    111. Chris says:

      I would start a round of “Luuuuuu”

    112. Jefty Co says:

      I would start the wave and cheer hard!

    113. Darren Choi says:

      I would start chants!

    114. Jacob Rondolo says:

      I would dance!

    115. Darcie says:

      so who won???

    116. Phoenix says:

      Figure skating number with Fin during the intermission

    117. Amy says:

      YA!! Canucks!

    118. A.J. says:

      Wildly pelvic thrust the air until I got on the jumbotron or until I was escorted out by security!

    119. sabina says:

      Let the best win! :p

    120. Lori says:

      Create a Go Luongo Go sign!! He needs some inspiration too!

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