Ballet BC’s The Nutcracker

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The Nutcracker is coming to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the end of the month as Ballet BC presents this production by the Alberta Ballet.

The collaboration will bring Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and the fierce Mouse King to life on stage while the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will perform Tchaikovsky’s score.

Performances will be Wednesday, December 29 & Thursday, December 30 at 7:30pm and Thursday, Friday & Saturday, December 30th – January 1st, 2010 at 2:00pm. Tickets start at $45 and are available online for this dazzling classic.

If you would like to win two tickets (that would make for fantastic stocking stuffers) here’s how you can enter to win:

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    I will draw one winner at 12:00pm on December 13th who will get two tickets to the matinee of their choice.

    Update The winner is Cindy!

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    1. alakittenThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:05am PST

      Sounds like a great show!

    2. PhyllisThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:06am PST

      A wonderful classic!

    3. ashleeThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:10am PST

      Love the Nutcracker…no Christmas is complete without it 😉

    4. FrancescaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:10am PST

      Looks like great show!

    5. GraemeThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:12am PST

      I’ve never been to see the nutcracker and I don’t think my girlfriend has either, so this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!

    6. Lindsay BThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:14am PST

      I’m excited for this!

    7. TinaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:18am PST

      I would love to take my daughter to this show!

    8. MaggieThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:22am PST

      I’ve never seen this live, it would be amazing!

    9. Monica (aka monnibo)Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:31am PST

      I’ve never seen The Nutcracker and would love to get the chance!

    10. DaveThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:37am PST

      I saw the Nutcracker at the Queen E when I was a kid and still remember how wonderful it was. I’d love to go again!

    11. VanessaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:38am PST

      I’ve always wanted to see this and would love the opportunity to go!

    12. taniaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:41am PST

      My daughter would love this show!:)

    13. BryThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:45am PST

      I have always wanted to see the Nutcracker!

    14. SaraThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:48am PST

      I haven’t been since I was a little girl and would love to get to go again!

    15. KarenThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:50am PST

      I love the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.

    16. DilaraThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:53am PST

      I have always wanted to go see The Nutcracker!

    17. TriciaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:12am PST

      My mom took me to see it when i was about 5 or 6… two decades later, I’d love tickets to take her to see it!

    18. MichelleThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:17am PST

      Perfect Christmas gift to myself!!

    19. ChristineThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:46am PST

      I would love to see this!

    20. BJThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:55am PST

      I would love to take my mom!

    21. TracyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:02pm PST

      i would love to go!!!

    22. AngelaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:03pm PST

      wow nutcracker
      would love to go see it!!
      looks fantastic! 😀

    23. jemmaphurThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:07pm PST

      Nutcracker please. =)

    24. ParkerThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:33pm PST

      wow, this would be an amazing holiday treat!!

    25. SitaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:39pm PST

      Love the Nutcracker!!! 🙂

    26. SunnyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:40pm PST

      Would love to take my neice to this!

    27. TairalynThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:57pm PST

      I’d really love to win tickets…. My wedding was all themed to the Nutcracker – Guys walked down the Aisle to “The March” as the Girls walked down to “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”…..

      Yours Truly

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    28. TairalynThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 12:57pm PST

      I tweeted about this Giveaway as well!!!!

      Yours Truly

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    29. KatherineThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 1:07pm PST

      I have never seen The Nutcracker but always used to dance to its CD of music when I was really young!

    30. LoriThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 2:34pm PST

      Lovely contest, lovely ballet!

    31. GaryThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 2:40pm PST

      Would love to see it!

    32. lisaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 2:47pm PST

      sounds like a fun night out ! =D

    33. ManaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:01pm PST

      This would be a great Christmas surprise for my mom!

    34. AlissaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:02pm PST

      Love ballet and love the Nutcracker! 🙂

    35. StephenThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:03pm PST

      My mom would love to see the show!

    36. KrystleThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:04pm PST

      A classic. Would love to see this done by Alberta Ballet.

    37. Angela ChihThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:04pm PST

      Have always wanted to check it out. Maybe this will be year! :oD

    38. Domenic de los santosThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:05pm PST

      Love the nutcracker – how come its playing late this year?!

    39. MarinaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:09pm PST

      A great show, it’s been years since I’ve seen it!

    40. willThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:25pm PST

      Daughter would LOVE to see that!

    41. JenniferThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:25pm PST

      I love Ballet!

    42. VivianThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:27pm PST

      Would love to see my first live ballet performance this season!

    43. AlvThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:34pm PST

      My parents would love this.

    44. ClaireThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:35pm PST

      a wonderful show…a must

    45. NatalieThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:36pm PST

      Oh The Nutcracker story makes me feel like Christmas! I just love it – I have never seen a professional ballet but I saw ballet students perform this wonderful production a few years ago and it was just lovely!

    46. LaurenThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:52pm PST

      I’ve never been, so it would be nice to go 🙂

    47. CindyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:56pm PST

      oooh…my daughter’s favourite xmas story!

    48. KatieThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 3:58pm PST

      Would be beyond exciting to attend this show.

    49. LilyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 4:16pm PST

      Great gift for anyone!

    50. E. TangThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 4:16pm PST

      I’ve never been to the ballet, but this would be a great one to kick it off!

    51. VikkiThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 4:37pm PST

      i <3 the Nutcracker! 🙂

    52. KevinThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 4:55pm PST

      Looks great…

    53. DanikaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 5:28pm PST

      Sounds awesome!

    54. HuckdollThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 5:30pm PST

      This would be awesome.

    55. SharonThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 6:21pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to see the Nutcracker, would love the opportunity to go!

    56. ElaineThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 6:44pm PST

      Would love to take my god-daughter!

    57. HannahThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 6:46pm PST

      Nice post on a beautiful ballet!

    58. tracyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 7:28pm PST

      one of my favourite!

    59. EnnieThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 8:51pm PST

      I love The Nutcracker!

    60. LindaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 9:09pm PST

      Heard about this earlier… seemed interesting… would love to give it a try.

    61. JohnThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 10:06pm PST

      looks interesting ! Would love to attend this event

    62. BelindaThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:04pm PST

      I have only seen the ballet of this on TV. Would love to see it live.

    63. TracyThursday, December 2nd, 2010 — 11:36pm PST

      Never seen it live before! Would love to go!

    64. LindaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 8:30am PST

      ALberta Ballet’s presentation of Nutcracker is enchanting.

    65. AdamFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 8:31am PST

      Going to the ballet would be aa perfect gift for my parents.

    66. LindaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 8:33am PST

      It’s a lovely story and magical production.
      I can hardly wait to see it.

    67. MikeFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 8:34am PST

      What a great date idea. It’d be a perfect place to take a girl and have a wonderful time at the ballet.

    68. AdamFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 8:36am PST

      My parents would enjoy this.

    69. A.J.Friday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:12am PST

      I’d love to catch this!

    70. JennFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:58am PST

      would love love love to go!!

    71. DeeFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 11:36am PST

      I have such fond memories of seeing this as a child.

    72. ChrisFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 12:01pm PST

      This looks absolutely amazing. I’d love to go see it.

    73. Vivian CFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 1:05pm PST

      I love the Nutcracker ballet!

    74. mikeFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 1:32pm PST

      It’ll be my wife and I 5th wedding anniversary. Would love to take her there 🙂

    75. virgFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 1:33pm PST

      i saw the show many years ago for Seattle Ballet. A great show. Bet Vancouver one is just as good if not better.

    76. MelissaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 1:48pm PST

      I used to dance the Nutcracker with the Royal City Youth Ballet! would love to see the professional rendition 🙂

    77. RichieFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 2:10pm PST

      Would love to check this out

    78. SanjaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 2:41pm PST

      I’d love to see this! It’s the perfect Christmas classic to get in the spirit of the Holidays…

    79. DannyFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 2:55pm PST

      Great looking show!

    80. RennFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 4:43pm PST

      I love the Nutcracker but have never seen it perform live! Would love to go!

    81. Kim D.Friday, December 3rd, 2010 — 5:10pm PST

      Definitely one of my favorite ballets!

    82. mariaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:08pm PST

      Have never been to the ballet. Would love to go!

    83. sandyFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:16pm PST

      I would love to see this show!

    84. MayFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:36pm PST

      A brilliant, beautiful ballet! Hope to see it again this year 🙂

    85. FraserFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 10:37pm PST

      I’d love to take my wife to this as part of a romantic evening.

    86. DeannaFriday, December 3rd, 2010 — 11:51pm PST


    87. LindsaySaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 1:50am PST

      Would be a wonderful way to spend a wintery day.

    88. AlanSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 10:24am PST

      My wife and I went to see Renaissance in April and really enjoyed it, would love to go and see The Nutcracker.

    89. AlisaSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 10:38am PST

      Please pick me! What a great prize!

    90. JodiSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 10:45am PST

      The show looks wonderful! Brings back so many memories 🙂

    91. LeahSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 10:58am PST

      Would love to take my son.

    92. KaySaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 11:05am PST

      Love the Nutcracker! A timeless winter tradition.

    93. MehganSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 12:16pm PST

      I have never been…I would love to go;-)

    94. JanSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 12:22pm PST

      I would love to win tickets. Thanks for the contest!

    95. VictoriaSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 12:33pm PST

      Ah, I remember being in a small production of The Nutcracker in my youth. 🙂 Definitely brings back memories!

    96. Winnie WSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 12:51pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to see the Nutcracker ballet!

    97. DeeSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 1:43pm PST

      I remember watching the Nutcracker cartoon as a kid. I haven’t seen it in a long time and would love to watch the ballet for it!

    98. MiaSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 1:56pm PST

      My grandmother, who has passed away many years ago, used to be a professional ballerina. I would love to take my mother to watch the Nutcracker, I’m sure it would be a wonderful and an emotional experience.

    99. julesSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 2:19pm PST

      me pleeeease!!

    100. Ashley KitchenSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 3:00pm PST

      Ouuu this sounds like it could be a fun date for hubby and I!

    101. JacquelineSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 4:20pm PST

      On my bucket list, #47, “See The Nutcracker put on by a world-renowned ballet company” 🙂

    102. LaurenSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 6:29pm PST

      Have to go – annual appointment with the Rat King.

    103. emilySaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 8:47pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to see this!

    104. Taylor LorenSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 8:47pm PST

      i LOVE the nutcracker and would love to drag my bf to it!

    105. neal yonsonSaturday, December 4th, 2010 — 8:49pm PST

      id love to drag my gf to it!

    106. JoyceSunday, December 5th, 2010 — 1:46am PST

      I’ve been wanting to go see the Nutcracker ballet every year, but still haven’t because (as a poor starving college student) I haven’t been able to afford to go. That being said, I WILL eventually go see the nutcracker one Christmas! I wish it could be this one.

    107. Teresa KSunday, December 5th, 2010 — 11:46am PST

      I love the ballet!

    108. MaryanneSunday, December 5th, 2010 — 12:40pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to see it!

    109. MimiSunday, December 5th, 2010 — 10:18pm PST

      I have never seen real ballet, but always wanted to try.

    110. Paul LamMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 10:29am PST

      This will be a great show. What a honour to see it. It will be fun.

    111. RaiaMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 10:51am PST

      Love the nutcracker, a true classic.

    112. LisaMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 11:22am PST

      I’ve never seen the Nutcracker, though I’ve heard Vancouver’s is very good!

    113. rinoMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 1:07pm PST

      I would love to take my wife.

    114. JoanMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 1:44pm PST

      What a great way to end the Christmas season. I would love to go!

    115. MeghanMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 5:01pm PST

      I would love to give the tix to my mum and her best friend who first took me to see the show when I was really little.

    116. kelseyMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 7:50pm PST

      Great for Xmas time!!

    117. LucretiaMonday, December 6th, 2010 — 10:41pm PST

      Was taken so many times by my parents to see this as a child — no Christmas is complete without a showing of The Nutcracker. Don’t have plans for this year yet and would love to have a chance to see this.

    118. li lianTuesday, December 7th, 2010 — 2:23am PST

      I’ve never seen the nutcracker and would love to have an opportunity to watch it

      I tweeted here:

    119. LyndaTuesday, December 7th, 2010 — 10:53pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to see it, but always had something in the way. It looks beautiful!

    120. AnnieWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:48am PST

      Ballet is so beautiful, especially during the holidays.

    121. raincoasterWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:53pm PST

      Don’t even try, people. This one is mine.

    122. jocelyneWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 3:50pm PST

      Im from alberta and would kill to see this show while im away from home here in van

    123. JeanieWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:55pm PST

      Pick me, pick me!

    124. SandyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:01am PST

      Perfect for my first ballet show… love winter and christmas!

    125. MmeQThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:29pm PST

      Bring on Christmas…I would love to bring my daughter to this…we have a musical box version that I would love for her to see come to life!

    126. StefThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:31pm PST

      The kids would love it!

    127. LibbyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:33pm PST

      Please enter me for this!

    128. Gareth JonesThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:36pm PST

      oh, I would love to go this. I’m a wanna-be ballet aficionado! I hope I win the tickets!

    129. DanielleThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:55pm PST

      Looooove The Nutcracker!!

    130. Don ForanThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:08pm PST

      I <3 Tchaikovsky

    131. Don ForanThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:08pm PST

      I <3 Tchaikovsky

    132. HanaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:15pm PST

      I once auditioned for the Nutcracker when I was little. I didn’t make the audition & it took almost 20 years to get over it!

    133. shanThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:26pm PST

      Ooooh, I would love to go to this! 🙂

    134. GinaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:46pm PST

      Yum…I want these tickets!!

    135. artyeeThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 3:37pm PST

      Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without this holiday classic!

    136. AnaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 3:40pm PST

      Oh, I would LOVE to go with my daughter… she loves dancing!

    137. CadiThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 4:01pm PST

      I’ve been wanting to make this a tradition as my Papa had done with me as a little girl. I took our daughter 2 yrs ago when she was 2 and it was amazing! Great Contest 🙂

    138. KaleenaFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 10:41am PST

      Not a chance my BF would go with me… Guess I will take my mamma if I win 🙂

    139. AllyFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 11:03am PST

      <3 the nutcracker!

    140. LoriFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 3:16pm PST

      I’d love to go – please, please!!

    141. veronica canaleFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 9:24pm PST

      Would love to go!

    142. AlisonSaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 3:44pm PST

      Tickets to the Nutcracker!?!?! OH PLEASE! 😀

    143. TammySaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 10:54pm PST

      Such an enchanting classic! <3

    144. MichelleSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 5:21pm PST

      I would love to win tickets to The Nutcracker.Thank you.

    145. ErinSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 5:33pm PST

      Perfect timing to notice this competition. I was only saying today that I should investigate getting tickets.

    146. Vanessa NgMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 2:47am PST

      I’d love to win!

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