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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 — 9:23am PDT
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Live at Squamish takes over the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields in Squamish, BC September 4th and 5th. Here is the amazing lineup they have planed:

Live at SquamishSaturday September 4th
Devo, Matthew Good, Dirty Vegas, Hollerado, Z-Trip, We Are the City, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Nigel Mihell, Seb Fontaine, Jon & Roy, The Dudes, Kostaman & the Good Vibrations, The Tennessee Three, John Morgan, Kristian Littman, Mindil Beach Markets, Step Twelve, Trish Jamieson, Maurice Ryan, Riddim Fernandex, and live visual mix by Tony Pantages and Electrabelle

Sunday, September 5th
The Decemberists, Bad Religion, Dirty Heads, Tom Middleton, Tokyo Police Club, Rich Hope, Kuba Oms, Mother Mother, Civil Twilight, Kevin Shiu, Jay Tripwire, You Say Party, K-Tel, Micheal Ziff, Tommy Honest & The Liars, John Bottomley, Fogon, Yuk MC, Henry Mah, Riddim Fernandez, Kate Morgan, and Live visual mix by Tony Pantages and Electrabelle

If you would like to attend BOTH days of Live at Squamish here’s how you can enter to win a a pair of weekend passes (valued at $145 each).

  • Leave a comment on this post listing the artist in the lineup that you would most like to see live (1 entry)
  • Copy/Paste the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win @LiveAtSquamish weekend passes from @Miss604

    I will draw one winner August 20th at noon.

    Update The winner is Klim, have fun at the festival!

    Current contests on


    1. Andrea Bava says:

      So cool of the Peak to put this show on. Some great acts here including my favorites: Mother Mother, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and Jon and Roy.

    2. Darko says:

      Great lineups on both days. I’d love to see Bad Religion – that would be a blast from the past

    3. Patrick M. says:

      I would dearly love to go to Squamish!

      Love the lineup!

    4. jax says:

      I have a serious craving to Whip It Good with DEVO. If I win, I WILL buy the lego style hat and do the pogue front and center!!!

      Crack that whip!

    5. Shawn Rapaz says:

      I love the Dirty Heads. Saw them two months ago in Santa Barbara with Sublime. Love to see them again.

    6. Craig P says:

      I wanna the The Dirty Heads!

    7. Robin says:

      So many good bands, but the one I’d like to see most is We Are The City as my friend has been raving about them.

    8. angela says:

      I would love to see Dirty Vegas!

    9. shan says:

      I am all over seeing Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Tokyo Police Club and (of course) Bad Religion (again)!

    10. Laura says:

      DEVO fo’ shizzle!

    11. Holly says:

      Great Line up!…I would have to say Bad Religion…oh and Matthew Good….and of course Mother Mother etc….

    12. Danielle says:

      Seb Fontaine!

    13. Teresa says:

      Devo, Matthew Good

    14. Marina says:

      matthew good, for sure!

    15. Stv. says:

      DEVO! or Tokyo Police Club. Either really.

    16. Ekaterina says:

      Mother Mother because their dancey beats are amazing!

    17. Rachel says:

      The Decemberists, for sure!

    18. Kathleen Wood says:

      Mother Mother of course!!! But it’s tough to pick just one!

    19. Sanaz says:

      Would love to see dirty heads:)

    20. Brian says:

      I saw the Decemberists in Vancouver last year, and am itching to see them again!

    21. I want to see Matthew Good!

    22. Jerry says:

      Gotta go with Tom Middleton ‘cos he’s a Jedi Knight. We don’t get enough tip-top Djs in BC and believe me, Tom is special. “Google” him why don’t ya!

    23. Parker says:

      Tokyo Police Club!! Or holy smokes – Bad Religion?! Awesome!

    24. Erin says:

      I’d love to see Matt Good, Tokyo Police Club, Bad Religion, Mother Mother….I could go on and on.

    25. Nat says:

      Kevin Shiu. I miss him in the Vancouver techno scene….

    26. sue says:

      Tokyo Police Club , We Are The City, Dirty Vegas

    27. Chris says:

      I would definitely love to check out Devo.

    28. Lumen Photo says:

      I have had a chance to photograph Matthew Good, so I am going to pick him as my favourite musician to see,but Devo wouldn’t be so bad to see either.

    29. Siobhan says:

      I’d like to see The Decemberists!

    30. Katie says:

      Wow, so many, but most of all, Dirty Heads, The Dudes, The Decemberists and Mother Mother.

    31. Liam says:

      Never been to squamish, would absolutely love to see a bunch of these bands and artists

    32. John says:

      sign me uppers! xo

    33. lindsay says:

      Since I can’t make Bumbershoot this is now perfect…or would be if you pick me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    34. Ed says:

      Matthew Good for me.

    35. Dennis says:

      Would love to see Matthew Good.

    36. Dee says:

      I would love to see Matthew Good!!

    37. Shevonne says:

      Jon and Roy and the Dudes!!! I’ve been wanting to see them live for so long. I will do a full on tumbling run if i get tickets ๐Ÿ™‚

    38. Kevin Baggs says:

      Would love to send my family to see Matthew Good

    39. Rae says:

      I met my boyfriend at a Mother Mother concert, so we would love to go see them. I’m also a big fan of The Decemberists and he likes Matt Good.

    40. Emma says:

      I really want to see Devo!

    41. Lena says:

      I would love love love to see the Decemberists!

    42. Rob says:

      Mother Mother are amazing and I would love to see them LIVE in Squamish!

    43. Sunny says:

      Top line-ups are definitely The Decemberists,Tokyo Police Club, Matthew Good and Bad Religion!

    44. Sean says:

      Bad Religion or Tokyo Police Club

    45. Karlie says:

      The Decemberists! and Tokyoa Police Club. All sound amazing though!

    46. weezer007 says:

      I’m a big Matt Good fan, but I have never seen the Decmeberists in concert.

    47. Tokyo Police Club – I’ve been hearing some of their stuff on various podcasts, and really like what I’ve heard so far.

    48. Chad says:

      DJ Z Trip is amazing – I’m an Indy rock guy and super stocked on the lineup, buy Z Trip is second to none.

    49. Rob says:

      DEVO!! I am dying to see them for sure

    50. Kathy says:

      WOW…I have never been to a concert

    51. Mary Zinck says:

      Pick just one? Hmmm….can’t…Devo, Matt Good & Bad Religion..

    52. stella says:

      The Decemberists ๐Ÿ™‚

    53. Dom says:

      Tokyo Police Club, excellent!

    54. Brian says:

      I would LOVE to see Mother Mother and Tokyo Police club!! I have also never been to a concert ๐Ÿ™ and I’m not bullshitting you guys to try to gt them.

    55. doris says:

      Tokyo Police Club!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    56. Dave says:

      The Decemberists!

    57. sven says:

      DEVO for sure…although Kevin Shiu would bring back some memories…

    58. Marina says:

      Devo all the way!!

    59. Scented Leaf says:

      … hmmm Tokyo Police?

    60. Mark says:

      Decemberists for sure! And of course Mother Mother ๐Ÿ™‚ @mjgalvani

    61. Klim says:

      Tokyo Police Club
      We are the City
      Devo – Odd they are still around, but hey, I’d see them!
      Discover new music! So many bands I have yet to see live!

      Tickets would be bloody awesome!

    62. Nina says:

      Devo, no question!!

    63. Kristy says:

      Bad Religion of course!

    64. Bruce says:

      This is going to be a sweet show!

    65. Scott says:

      Dirty Vegas, We Are the City, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Kristian Littman, The Decemberists, Bad Religion, Tokyo Police Club, uba Oms, Mother Mother, You Say Party

    66. Alana says:

      Devo!! soo many good bands playing at this show!

    67. Jason Baker says:

      I would love to see Matt Good live, as well as many others such as:

      Dirty Vegas
      You Say Party
      We Are The City
      Tokoyo Police Club

    68. Margaret says:

      Rebecca, I don’t even know where to start with naming “one” band out of all these, OMG, I love Jon and Roy, The Dudes, Matt Good, Dirty Heads (with Rome) the new guy for Sublime, I can’t believe all of these guys are playing in one venue and the first time I’ve heard about it is on your website, mind you I have been living under a rock for the last two weeks camping, no internet……….eek! Oh, and I forgot, Hollerado, damn, I can’t choose just one ; ) Thanks!

    69. Danielle says:

      Totally want to see Devo!!! Plus, Mother, Mother, Matt Good, the Dudes. I think it’s going to be epic.

    70. Spencer says:

      I would most like to see The Decemberists. Have never gotten the chance to see them live before, but I’m a huge fan!

    71. Lyndsey says:

      Matt Good and DEVO!!!

    72. RD says:

      One Band? Can’t pick. How about Devo or Civil Twilight? Do I win?

    73. Bad religion. What are they, like 50

    74. Kyle says:

      Tokyo Police Club!!

    75. Murph says:

      Said the Whale is the sound of summer for me. Tix would be great!

    76. David says:

      I would love to see Tokyo Police Club!!! End off a good summer by a weekend of concerts!

    77. MMarkey says:

      I would love to see The Decemberists, You say Party, and Tokyo Police Club!

    78. Rachel says:

      i want to see the dudes so bad !

    79. Kelly says:

      I would like to meet Tokyo police club

    80. Linda says:

      Don’t know much about these bands. But I’m sure my husband would appreciate them.

    81. Kathrin says:

      Decemberists for sure, but secretly Devo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    82. Ashley says:

      I haven’t seen Bad Religion live in a long time and they are incredible. Great outdoor summer music! They are my top pick for sure.

    83. Devon says:


    84. Akemi says:

      Tokyo Police Club or Mother Mother!

    85. Aaron says:

      Tom Middleton!

    86. Margaret says:

      Egad! I waited all day for the phone to ring, alas, it was me that won this! So whoever did win, I hope you have a super fantastic awesome weekend and that the sun shines like crazy over you while you listen to amazing music! Congrats!!!!

    87. vaughn says:

      2 days in a great small town cant go wrong on either day to see these bands

    88. joanne A says:

      Mother Mother… such a great band but there are so many others too!

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