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Phoenix Concert in Vancouver, Win Tickets

Monday, August 16th, 2010 — 3:25pm PDT
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Phoenix is returning to Vancouver September 26th for a concert at the PNE Forum (original home of the Vancouver Canucks).

The French band was at the Orpheum in January and whether you just discovered them through Cadillac advertisements or have been a fan for years, it will be a great show for all music lovers.

Everything is Everything – Phoenix

1901 – Phoenix

Tickets are available through Live Nation starting at $60.50. I also have a pair to give away, here’s how to enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite Phoenix song (1 entry)
  • Copy/paste the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win Phoenix tickets from @LiveNation & @Miss604

    I will draw a winner Friday August 20th at 9:00am.

    Update The winner is Nathan! Have fun at the show!

    Current contests on


    1. Rome!

      Thanks for the chance to win!


    2. Alyssa says:

      Lisztomania! Never overplayed.

    3. Marina says:

      I would have to say my favourite Phoenix song is Lisztomania.

    4. nyc says:


      fingers crossed!!

    5. Lisa says:

      a live version of 1901 for sure :)!!

    6. Alex Cameron says:

      I gotta go with Lisztomania, it pops and scratches my desires to dance right where they itch.

    7. Arnold says:


    8. britt says:


      aaaah!! LOVE Phoenix!

    9. Lianna says:

      Love like a sunset is a beautiful song!

    10. If I Ever Feel Better! My Fav

    11. Soo Wei Tan says:

      1901 is great!

    12. Tawcan says:


      Would love to see them, Sept 26 is my birthday too! 😀

    13. Rachelle says:

      acoustic version of 1901 for sure!

    14. Brian says:

      If I Ever Feel Better or Too Young! The songs that made me a huge fan.

    15. Flora says:


    16. Sanaz says:

      Favourite song would have to be Lisztomania, would love to see Pheonix live

    17. Alan C says:


      I missed out on their last show here for the Olympics. Totally regretted it. Now I hope I can count on @miss604’s awesomeness to get me tickets WAHOO!

      Thanks REBECCA!! 😀

    18. Kyle says:

      Phoenix is awesome! My favourite song by them at the moment is Rome. All the songs on their new album are solid though.

    19. Stephanie says:


    20. Rob says:

      1901 is my favourite!

    21. nance428 says:

      so wants to go!

    22. tabulaarasa says:

      I’ve got “Fences” as my current fave Phoenix song.

    23. Karen says:


      Glad I came back in time. 🙂


    24. Kasandra says:

      Favourite song is Lasso!

    25. laura says:


    26. Jasmin says:

      I’m in the Lisztomania camp

    27. James says:

      “If I Ever Feel Better” is a kick ass song. I would love to see Phoenix live!

    28. ainsley says:

      Been a fan for 10 years…. Because of “if I ever feel better”.

    29. Brooke says:

      Lasso! Fingers crossed!!

    30. Kar Wing says:

      Definitely Lisztomania! 🙂

    31. Rob says:

      My favourite song is “Love Like A Sunset”, such a great song! Would love a chance to see them.

      Check out their Blogotheque vids at the Eiffel Tower:,5179

    32. Sean says:

      Long Distance Call

    33. Marga says:

      1901!! my fave

    34. Kate says:


    35. Sarah H. says:

      Fences… Without a doubt!!

    36. Sarah H says:

      Fences <3 without a doubt!

    37. Richard says:

      Napoleon Says!!!

    38. Nathan says:

      Consolation Prizes!

    39. Kat says:

      1901 !!!


    40. Joey says:


    41. Karl says:

      I saw these guys back in 1901 when they were unheard of

    42. gaelle says:

      Rome Rome Rome Rome

    43. Kelly says:

      Loved 1901 just cause I love to play tap tap and their song was on it 🙂

    44. will says:

      i think it would be rome. but they have so many great songs!

    45. Robin says:

      <3 If I Ever Feel Better <3

    46. Gil says:

      If I Ever Feel Better

    47. Stv. says:

      Everything is Everything, from “Alphabetical”

    48. Kevin says:

      Lisztomania for sure.

    49. Josh E says:

      It’s twenty seconds till the last call
      You’re going hey hey hey hey hey hey
      Lie down you know it’s easy
      Like we did it over summer long

    50. Krista says:


    51. Christine says:

      I love 1901!

    52. Mark says:

      Consolation Prizes for sure! Found out about them on an old Virgin Recommends CD, been loving them ever since 🙂

    53. Andrew says:

      My favorite Phoenix song is Funky Squaredance!!!!!! A franco-Free Bird.

    54. Fabienne says:

      I love 1901 !

    55. Teresa K says:


    56. Ashley K says:

      1901 is the best!

    57. maddy says:


    58. Daniella says:

      Rome… for sure!!


    59. Yasmin says:

      Lisztomania for shizzle!

    60. Tracy says:

      Listzmania FTW!!

    61. Robyn says:

      I looove 1901!

    62. maria says:

      Def 1901!

    63. Akemi says:

      My favourite is 1901!

    64. Emily says:

      ROME! I saw them back in January, just before the Olympics. It was such an amazing concert…especially when everyone rushed the stage!

    65. Gina says:

      everything is everything

    66. Dee says:

      It has to be 1901.

    67. Darren says:

      Sometimes in the Fall

    68. Matthew M says:

      If I ever feel better.

    69. Alien says:

      Girlfriend FTW!

    70. Jennifer P says:


      Boyfriend is a big fan and I thought it would make a great surprise bday gift.

    71. Carla says:

      Phoenix – North, the quintessential song to any road trip…soothing bliss!

    72. Erin says:

      Everything is Everything.

      Love them.

    73. Rachel says:

      my favorite is “fences”.

    74. Kristen says:

      My favourite is ‘Too Young’. First song I ever heard of theirs way back in 2000.

    75. Yvonne says:

      Long Distance Call!

    76. scales says:

      I have a strong incline for 1901 but love everything from them.. Would be a good show to see

    77. Jodi says:

      Too Young!! Thanks for the chance!

    78. Chelsea says:

      If I ever feel better! 🙂

    79. Kendrick says:

      1901, tough choice though

    80. Margaret says:


      Think Less but see it grow

      Like a riot, like a riot! Oh!

      I’m not easily offended

      It’s not hard to let it go

      From a mess to the masses….

    81. Nathan says:

      Thanks Rebecca! Woot!

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