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Thursday, July 29th, 2010 — 1:30pm PDT
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One scent that really means “summer” to me is that of a charcoal grill. On simmering August evenings my brother would be on our back patio sizzling perfectly marked steaks as my sister and I finished up our play time with the sprinkler on the lawn. We would spot puffs of smoke from other backyard grills rise above the hedge lines as the charcoal aroma filled the neighbourhood. Paper plates, corn on the cob, lawn chairs, grass between the toes, and BBQ sauce on our lips.

These days I have no back yard and my building doesn’t allow for grilling on balconies. However when we’re out at Cultus Lake or Belcarra, picnickers revive those memories for me through their afternoon charcoal cookouts.

The reason behind this nostalgia (that is frankly making me quite hungry at the moment) is that Canadian Tire has approached me to do a giveaway.

Bond Portable Charcoal GrillHere’s what they have included in the prize pack:

  • 1 Ted Reader Cedar Grilling Plank
  • 1 jar of Ted Reader’s Fig’N Delicious Honey Garlic Grilling Sauce
  • 1 jar of Ted Reader’s Crazy Canuck Sticky Chicken and Rib Sauce
  • 1 shaker of Ted Reader’s Orgasmic Onion Burger Seasoning Mix
  • 1 shaker of Ted Reader’s Bone Dust BBQ Seasoning
  • … and 1 Bond portable charcoal grill
  • Here’s how you can enter to win this prize pack:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing your favourite place for a picnic (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • RT to enter to win a portable charcoal grill from @Miss604

    Approximate value of the prize pack is $60. I will draw a winner August 11th at 9:00am.

    Update Just a quick note: As of July 31st you cannot smoke or have a charcoal BBQ or fire of any kind in Vancouver parks or on the beaches. Please wait for the ban to be lifted before taking your grill out and about.

    Update The winner of the prize pack is Kate (comment July 29th) — have fun grilling!

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    1. Craig P says:

      I have wanted a Charcoal Grill forever. I hope I win!!!

    2. Tricia says:

      Spanish banks!

      That grill looks so cute! Think I’ll pick one up even if I don’t win! πŸ˜€

    3. Larissa says:

      oooh. i’ve been eyeing one of those grills for ages. and that green might be the best colour EVER.

    4. Carlos says:

      Favorite place: Spanish Banks, low tide, sunny weekend. Oh look, it’s almost here…. !

    5. Kathy says:

      My favorite place for a picnic is probably at Vanier Park. A close second is Burnaby Mountain. Locations for my favorite BBQ place are Spanish Banks and Golden Ears Park.

    6. Tracy says:

      my favourite picnic place would have to be Stanley Park!

    7. Roshena says:

      The backyard – only ten steps away from modern plumbing!

    8. Stash says:

      Crescent beach in Whiterock is incredible but sometimes it’s great to hit up a small local park and bask in the hustle and bustle of everything.

    9. Tyler says:

      Woo more BBQ action this Summer is needed!!

    10. Tyler says:

      Whoops forgot to mention where I like to BBQ – Fav place is Willows Beach in Victoria, next would be our Balcony

    11. Adam says:

      Wreck Beach is an amazing place to do some summer grilling!

    12. Cathy says:

      This is so cute. My favorite place for a picnic is on our small boat in a bay off Anvil Island.

    13. Katie says:

      I really enjoy a picnic down on one of the grassy areas along the seawall

    14. Katie says:

      Favourite place to B.B.Q. : I would have to say my dads house. Especially when we get my family all together! Always a great time! Since I have a balcony, this B.B.Q. would be perfect for my condo! I hope I’m lucky enough to win it!

    15. Ron K. says:

      Crab Park! Beautiful north shore skyline, Canada Place and a stones throw from Gastown.

    16. Graeme says:

      My favourite picnic place is at Cultus Lake.

    17. Vanessa says:

      Favourite place to picnic is Crescent Beach. Spanish Banks is a close second, only because I now live in South Surrey, and Crescent Beach is much closer than Spanish Banks.

    18. hansolocujo says:

      Stanley park/2nd beach

    19. Dave says:

      I love a good picnic at Spanish Banks, one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

    20. Jason says:

      Kits beach is a pleasant walking distance from many bus stops, and there is lots of affordable take-out or dine-in places right by the beach, so there is the option of either bringing or buying food.

    21. Chris says:

      The best place by far must be in Stanley Park near the running oval. You get a beautiful view of downtown and the north shore. Can’t beat it.

    22. Janie says:

      My favorite place for a picnic is actually my backyard! Plenty of sunlight, soft grass and privacy.

    23. Lynn says:

      My favorite place is Sasamat lake

    24. stephanie says:

      Anywhere with grass and a lake or big body of water. White Rock/Crescent Beach…

    25. Jeff says:

      Would love to win this. Right now all I have is a $20 stand-up charcoal grill that keeps falling over.

    26. Sharon says:

      Fintry Provincial Park Public Day Beach is beautiful and has picnic tables.

    27. Brenda says:

      This would be amazing for the beach!

    28. Michelle says:

      Jericho Beach facing Burrard Inlet

    29. Sarah says:

      Far far away from the busy city! Best place for a picnic!

    30. Rachel says:

      Favorite place for a picnic is Burnaby Mountain – amazing view and scenery!

    31. Al says:

      By the duck pond in Queen Elizabeth park

    32. Jen says:

      We love Rocky Point in Port Moody!

    33. Chris says:

      BBQ yum yum at the beach.

    34. Wayne says:

      Best place for a picnic is taking food and setting up at Spanish Banks. Its just great for families, walking along the beach, taking a dip, playing v-ball, frisbee, football and every now and then there’s a car show to tour!

    35. Grant Dimock says:

      My favourite picnic site was at the public beach at Christina Lake. Wonderful summer days.

    36. Somewhere near the Lower Brockton cricket field in Stanley Park. Fun to watch the game, great views of Coal Harbour, North Shore AND totem poles, plus a washroom and snack bar nearby.

    37. ivy says:

      Favourite place will be hands down at any park nearby a friend’s local park or by the beach on a sunny day. It’s more of who you’re with and what we’re having at the picnic πŸ™‚

    38. Julie Nicholls says:

      That is one nice grill!

    39. Bonnie says:

      Beauty of a grill!!
      I like to take my family to Cultus Lake for picnics.

    40. Favourite place to barbecue? Anywhere but here. And here.

    41. Brenda says:

      Ah nostalgia, I grew up with bbq cooked over charcoal.

    42. Cliff says:

      Mm, smokey meat.

    43. Brenda says:

      Spanish Banks is a great place to have a bbq.

    44. Donna says:

      Fave place for a picnic would be the top of a mountain where there’s a fab lookout point

    45. Cliff says:

      I love grilling at my parent’s house.

    46. Carolina says:

      I would love to take that portable charcoal grill on my motorbike to the beautiful beaches of Spanish Banks!

    47. Christine says:

      Defintely Cultus lake πŸ™‚

    48. Margaret says:

      Love Rocky Point Park for a picnic.

    49. Dom says:

      Great prize! My favourite spot is Bunzten Lake.

    50. Patrickck says:

      The little garden at the mansion at Davie St. and Cardero.

    51. Jeanie says:

      Any clean patch of grass

    52. bekki says:

      Belcarra picnic area

    53. hayley says:

      Anywhere quiet and away from lifes daily stresses!

    54. Nicole says:

      I love picnic by the beach, probably by Jericho is my favorite.

    55. Winnie says:

      Bunzten lake with my family

    56. Charles says:

      Steveston Garry Points. Nice grassy area with picnic tables.

    57. Linda says:

      I have yet to picnic this year. Any place with green grass, sunshine and shade, under the big blue sky with a bag full of picnic food and good company.

    58. Daianne says:

      so cute and will be very usefull.. i would love to learn how make some canadian burguers…

    59. Sherry says:

      2nd beach or Spanish banks – it is a toss up

      Hope I win cause my ex took our portable BBQ

    60. Jeremy says:

      This would be great, I love BBQs πŸ™‚

    61. Jen says:

      I would love to win the BBQ and all the goodies with it!

    62. Michael Kwan says:

      I think my favorite bbq spot is Spanish Banks, though I had a lot of fun at some random spot near Banff this summer too.

    63. Kate says:

      I love Spanish Banks too, it’s tops. Second favourite is Whytecliffe Park.

    64. Vit says:

      Whytecliff Park, West Van!

    65. Curtis Penner says:

      Whytecliff Park

    66. Rachel says:

      jericho beach is my favorite place to picnic!!

    67. Ed says:

      I picnic close by at central park

    68. Tracy says:

      Burnaby Mountain is great for picnics!

    69. Patrick M. says:

      I would absolutely love this package!

    70. Camila F. says:

      That’s the cutest grill ever! My favorite place for picnics is my backyard! πŸ™‚

    71. Parker says:

      I’ve had a few fabulous BBQs at varying ferry terminals. Its not always bad when you just miss the ferry and have to wait!!

    72. Jeremy says:

      nice grill and again another sweet contest

    73. Jeremy says:

      nice grill and again another sweet contest, i love bbqing in the backyars with friends and fam

    74. amfriesen says:

      we prefer propane as it’s more environmentally friendly but we did have a charcoal bbq for backyard fires since it’s more contained and is great for smores; we got it too hot one night on one end and it melted through tho

      this would be a great addition to backyard garden, patio, etc.

    75. Karen says:

      Christopher Hitchens once declared: Ò€œthat the four most overrated things in life were champagne, lobsters, anal sex, and picnics.Ò€

      I still like the picnics, preferably at Ambleside beach.

    76. Rob says:

      Kits beach for BBQ’ing. How can you go wrong?

    77. Rob says:

      Brohm Lake up the Sea to Sky, on a hot summer’s day!

    78. Holly says:

      Spanish Banks! I am always very jealous of those lucky folks that are grilling….maybe I can join the club!

    79. sylvia says:

      Deep Cove Park!

    80. Christine says:

      My favorite picnic spot is the beach. It’s the perfect backdrop to any meal!

    81. Dilara says:

      My favorite picnic spot is Burnaby Mountain!

    82. Brenda W. says:

      Centennial Beach @ Boundary Bay

    83. Veronica says:

      Dundarave Beach, by the Beach House in West Van.
      You really don’t know it’s there, as it’s such a small place… but it’s great for the kids!

    84. Gunwoo Kyle Do says:

      Cultus lake.
      Water,swimming,and BBQ.
      Whatelse do I need for this summer?

    85. Gunwoo Kyle Do says:

      Cultus lake.

    86. Wezlee says:

      My backyard with friends is the best place to bbq!

    87. Bonnie says:

      down at the beach! perfect backdrop for a barb!

    88. Ruby says:

      Alouette Lake .. beautiful water and trees!

    89. Ryan says:

      My patio!

    90. Helena says:

      It has to be Spanish Banks – nothing better than watching the kids doing hand stands on the beach whilst we BBQ!

    91. Stacey says:

      The best place, by far, to have a bbq is the dog beach at Spanish Banks. Thanks for this opportunity. πŸ™‚

    92. Agasel says:

      Fave picnic place: the beach! (Just don’t get caught by the Parks Board)

    93. Claire says:

      Our favourite place for a picnic is dinner on the grass overlooking English Bay. What an amazing view in the evening.

    94. liz says:

      I love to picnic at jericho or vanier park.Jericho is the quieter place these days.

    95. John Cruz says:

      Buntzen Lake! Great view, fresh air, and bbq…. That’s a perfect picnic.

    96. mike w says:

      Finally bought my own (tiny) apartment, with balcony, and it’s crying out for a bbq for my house-warming party.

    97. VolaciousR says:

      It’s a tough choice as Vancouver has so many lovely parks and beaches, but my top choice right now would have to be Tower Beach because it’s beautiful and more isolated; sometimes you just want to enjoy the view with a little more peace and quiet, even if you can’t get out to one of the islands of the coast. =)

    98. Teresa says:

      Jericho Beach

    99. Tazim says:

      My favourite place for a picnic is Portside Park/CRAB beach.

    100. Veronica says:

      My backyard!

    101. Mona says:

      Looks great!

    102. Mona says:

      Sorry, my favorite place for a picnic is those little water outposts near Kits Beach, quiet and beautiful view, right at sundown

    103. JY says:

      I love bbqing in the summertime!

    104. Elaan says:

      Rocky Point Park in Port Moody! πŸ™‚

    105. Deb says:

      My favorite place would have to be Queen Elizabeth Park.

    106. ming says:

      nothing says summer like barbecuing.

    107. cindy quach says:


    108. PING says:

      Best place is white rock beach, near point roberts!!!

    109. Irene says:

      My boss cooks all year round on a charcoal burner. He can give me lots of hints on how to make a great meal.

    110. mike says:

      favorite place for a picnic? buntzen lake for sure!

    111. Sierra Gemma says:

      Green is my favourite colour!

    112. K8ie says:

      My fav place to picnic is Spanish Banks

    113. Krista says:

      Its a tie between Robson park and my back patio

    114. Alex Cameron says:

      I would say Kits beach right now as it’s so close to my apartment but I was at this really awesome little lake just before Squamish in Murrin Park. When I can manage a picnic there, it will likely be a favourite spot too.

    115. Sanaz says:

      Favourite place to BBQ would be Locarno Beach, beautiful and peaceful!

    116. Jeanette says:

      Definitely the best place for a picnic is Deep Cove in North Vancouver. I love being by the water, but at the same time its still quite… an escape from the city! I heart picnics, with friends and family: Best way to enjoy the summer, eat well, and soak up some sun!

    117. Billie says:

      Spanish Banks is great – or someones back yard.

    118. tk says:

      by the beach

    119. Tracey Flattes says:

      Harbour Green Park – kid can play in the spray park, we can relax and watch the seaplanes!

    120. Bernice says:

      Would love to use this grill in Spanish Banks =)

    121. kelsey says:

      queen e park

    122. will says:

      barnet beach

    123. kath says:

      love the green!
      My fave picnic ‘destination’ is pretty much anywhere that I can hit all of the following: water, grass AND sand, good friends, good food, lots of wine and plenty of sunshine and hot men πŸ™‚

    124. Renn says:

      my backyard πŸ™‚

    125. Monica Duguid says:

      I like to picnic at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. It has such a pretty view of the city and you can watch the Seabus come and go.

    126. Leah says:

      On the lake side on Weaver lake. Or on third beach in Stanley park, well anywhere in stanley park really!

    127. Leanna says:

      I like going up to Hicks Lake by Harrison. The lake is great for swimming and the beach area is lovely for picnics followed by bocce or croquet.

    128. Kat says:

      Tribune Bay on Hornby Island…our “Little Hawaii”!

    129. Wendita says:

      please please please?

    130. Areta says:

      I love to picnic at Cultus Lake.

    131. If I win, I’m going to get a green cooking apron to match.

    132. Scented Leaf says:

      My favorite picnic spot is Stanley Park, near second beach.

    133. PATRICK says:

      i love doing bbq then eat watermelon

    134. Ian Yeung says:

      oooooo perfect for my fam! we need a bbq right now!!!

    135. Candice says:

      Favorite place for a BBQ. Third Beach. Just before sunset.

    136. Kristi says:

      I love that color!
      BBQing on my patio is my favorite. If I win I will invite friends over and make my original recipe hamburgers. Mmmm!

    137. Cam says:

      I think my favorite place is sunset beach… of course, to watch the sunset.

    138. Sharon says:

      I love a picnic on the beach, White Pine works!

    139. Marisa says:

      Spanish Banks.. alllll the way at the end, GREAT spot

    140. Matthew says:

      SW Marine Dr. and Crown street has a nice secluded area for a picnic. Hurts to publicize this πŸ™

    141. Janette says:

      East Beach in Whiterock… Rustic, Ocean, Peaceful

    142. Paul B. says:

      Favourite place for a picnic on the beach at any bay on Quadra Island

    143. SUKE says:

      I’m going to grill at home!

    144. Rob says:

      Kits beach… steps away from my house so I don’t have to carry things too far πŸ˜‰

    145. Lori says:

      Trout Lake

    146. Donna says:

      West Spanish Banks is great when the tide is out! Walk out in the shallow waters of what seems like kms of beach, chill with friends, throw a disc and consume copius amounts of food!

    147. Hayfa says:

      Best place, without a doubt, is wreck beach!!

    148. Daniella says:

      I love having picnics at spanish banks it’s so gorgeous and really roomy!


    149. Victoria says:

      Third Beach!

    150. Darko Sikman says:

      Moving to a new place this month and looking forward to my first BBQ on the balcony!

    151. Tony says:

      It would have to be Crescent Beach.

    152. Favourite picnic spot… backyard? Our last one was Spanish Bank Beach!

    153. Michelle says:

      Great contest! I love to picnic anywhere, as long as my husband and two girls are with me! We love discovering all the different beaches our city and surrounding areas have to offer!

    154. Kristina says:

      Love Kits Beach and White Pine for BBQ’s!

    155. Kye Grace says:

      My favorite spot? Tunkwa Lake where I spend most of the summer…was contemplating getting a charcoal BBBQ for the lake as there is nothing but time to do things right, as you mentioned charcoal is the time tested way to do BBQ right!

    156. Shannon Richardson says:

      Favorite place for a picnic would be Spanish Banks with friends and family!

    157. Shelley says:

      Campbell Valley Park, Crescent beach or Stanley Park. Great local places for picnics

    158. Carolyn Barnett says:

      My back yard here in Tennessee USA! Is the contest good in the USA?

    159. Yvonne says:

      Favorite place for a picnic=Spanish Banks

    160. Jordan says:

      Can’t beat the logs at spanish banks after a round of vball while watching the sunset.

    161. Mags says:

      Definitely at Jericho! I also like to picnic at a place in North Van, by Lynn Valley, but it takes a bit of a hike so I wouldn’t bring a BBQ!

    162. Duncan says:

      Here’s hoping – this would be great!

    163. Samantha says:

      Cultus lake!

    164. barbara m says:

      Would like to win for Bosco,

    165. Heba says:

      By a lake… Buntzen Lake!

    166. Jodi says:

      Garry Point in Steveston. Phenomenal!

    167. Lumen Photo says:

      The absolute best place to Barbecue is Locarno Beach. Not only do you have sun till the end of the day but you can eat drink and dip your self into the water at anytime. Great place for beach sports as well!

    168. Sioned says:

      My favourite place to picnic would have to be Jericho Beach! Love it!

    169. Trev says:

      Back yard with the whole family sitting around and laughing!

    170. Kathryn says:

      favourite Vancouver places to picnic – Dundarave/Whytecliffe Park

    171. Jay says:

      At the beach

    172. Kristy says:

      So many great places to picnic in this fine city! Vanier park, Corey Rock overlooking deep cove & Jericho come to mind immediately… & soon my new backyard! Hope there is lots more BBQ’ing weather to be had this summer.

    173. Fa says:

      Favourite place for a picnic is Lighthouse park!

    174. Justinne says:

      My favourite place for a picnic is Trout lake!

    175. Cheryl says:

      I’d have to say Spanish Banks. It was pretty sweet the last few times there!

    176. Tracy says:

      Kits Beach !
      Favorite places to picnic there :]

    177. Greg says:

      I love barbecue like nobody’s business. And I’ve been dying to try my hand at a charcoal grill. And come to think of it, this would be perfect for camping. Sign me up. And keep these rad contests coming!

    178. Valerie says:

      Woohoo! Grilling season!
      My favourite place is Bergs Landing…up Indian Arm…..only accessible by boat so not too many people coming by…very peaceful!!

    179. Greg says:

      PS: Favourite place to grill would be my parent’s backyard in Salmon Arm. A great place to throw a grilling party and then wind down with a game of bocce with friends.

    180. Mila says:

      Kits Beach! I need this bad. I’m a BBQ’ing queen and my grill is getting old πŸ™

    181. Katherine says:

      There’s been lots of votes for this already, but definitely Spanish Banks! πŸ™‚

    182. Jocelyne says:

      Our family can spend an entire day at Belcarra Regional Park–they’ve got 2 huge shelters & a large common BBQ pit, so we can BBQ rain or shine (would be nice to finally have our own portable BBQ though!) πŸ™‚

    183. Allison says:

      definitely the beach!! I live in the kelowna – so I’ve got quite a few to choose from πŸ˜‰

    184. Blayne says:

      I love to grill in Kentucky! Camping weekends with plenty of meat and beer!

    185. Grace says:

      Hey there, I love free things. I also love camping so if I get this giveaway, it will be a perfect gift for me for my birthday. This grill looks good and looks durable, I hope to get it πŸ™‚

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