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Friday, June 4th, 2010 — 2:11pm PDT
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Being more familiar with the local pitch & putt courses than anything else, over the last few months I’ve had the chance to branch out and explore Fraserview Golf Course, one of three courses run by Vancouver Parks Golf.

Golf at Fraserview

Location: 7800 Vivian Drive
Features: Par 72, driving range, home of the The Golf Institute, lessons available, pro shop
Green fees: Starting at $15.75 and going up to $63.00 depending on date and time of play
Twitter: @VPGFraserview

Location: 7188 MacDonald Street
Features: Par 71/21, driving range, lessons available, pro shop, Golf Academy
Green fees: Starting at $14.75 and going up to $59.00 depending on date and time of play
Twitter: @VPGMcCleery

Location: 6706 Alberta Street
Features: Par 71, pro shop, clubhouse
Green fees: Starting at $13.75 and going up to $55.00 depending on date and time of play
Twitter: @VPGLangara

In 2004 all three courses received designation as Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries recognizing their high environmental standards. Birds chirping and dive-bombing worms, squirrels scurrying, and curious (but harmless) coyotes are on the prowl among native plant species and thick groves of trees.

Vancouver Parks Golf has also recently announced a partnership with the Vancouver Golf Tour and will be hosting the Vancouver City Open this September. They have also committed to running The First Tee program along with the Vancouver YMCA. This is the first of its kind in Western Canada that helps get children and youth involved with golf.

In order to get more local out on the links this season (which will hopefully dry out nicely toward the end of the month) Vancouver Parks Golf has kindly offered up a round of golf at Fraserview for one lucky reader and three friends. I’m launching the contest today in order to build some momentum for Father’s Day as I’m thinking this could make a great gift.

Golf at Fraserview

Here’s how to enter to win a day of golf for four at Fraserview:

  • Leave a comment on this post (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Enter to win a round of golf at @VPGFraserview from @Miss604

    I will draw a winner at random from all entries in one week, on June 11th.

    Update Thank you to everyone for entering the contest. I have drawn a winner at random and it’s Tricia (comment on June 6th), congratulations! Hopefully you can all have the chance to get out to a Vancouver Parks Golf course this summer regardless.

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    1. Jan says:

      This is great! I’ve tried the driving range at Fraserview and I know my boyfriend and his dad would love a day of golf there.

    2. Dom says:

      Great prize Rebecca. I’ve always wanted to try Fraserview. Count me in please.

    3. Loraine says:

      Looking forward to playing again!

    4. Roshena says:

      Sounds like fun!

    5. Jeremy V says:

      Never played this course and I would love to, hope i win

    6. Florence says:

      I’ve only been to the Fraserview driving range and would love to try the golf course! Photos look great, and I read about the YMCA program from the Y’s website too ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Tracy says:

      I’d love to play!

    8. Chris says:

      Sounds Great. I’ve always wanted to play a full course of golf. Pick me please!

    9. Jeff says:

      One of my favourite courses in the Lower Mainland. Great track!

    10. Nicole says:

      Enter me please!

    11. lori says:

      What a great prize! ๐Ÿ˜€

    12. Anna says:

      oh I’ve never tried to play golf before but I’m willing to try ๐Ÿ˜‰ thx 4 the contest

    13. Al says:

      I live next to one but haven’t gone!

    14. Great contest. I want to win!

    15. nance428 says:

      could really use some free golf away from the office.

    16. Mark says:

      Fraserview is definitely the best of the city courses. I’ve played it a few times, and would love to play it again (for free of course!).

    17. Rick Orlando says:

      Very intriguing contest! I want to win!

    18. Michelle says:

      Yikes. I haven’t played golf since I moved to Vancouver.. so I would so need to hit a driving range first.. but when I last played.. w/only 1-2 lessons was hitting my 3-wood ~250-300.. AND I’ve done Pilates training for golfers.. great (possibly best) cross-training for golf!
      That is also SO very cool about the YMCA program.. the more ways we can can make various forms of fitness/sport available to kids.. the better.
      Thx for this contest!

    19. Tyler says:

      Oh what a fun thing I can do with my dad and brother!

      Consider me entered!

    20. Jason Baker says:

      This would be an awesome father’s day gift to give not only to my father, but allow a friend and his father to enjoy as well. What a great day on the course this would be!

      I’ve never played any of those three courses but would absolutely love to!

    21. Kana says:

      My father’s favourite driving range… Fraserview!

    22. Sam says:

      Fraserview is the best public golf course in the city!

    23. Norm says:

      Fraserview is where I finally figured out the game of golf —

      hit the ball hard, straight, and not too often!

    24. Gary says:

      Although I always have trouble at the drawbridge at Dracula’s Castle, I would welcome more of a challenge.

    25. will says:

      haven’t gone in a while. would be nice!!

    26. Jan says:

      I live by Fraserview but have never played there. It would be a nice opportunity.

    27. Ed says:

      I’ve still never played a full 18 hole course.

    28. Chris says:

      I’ve never golfed at Fraserview, but have had a number of opportunities to do so rained out. I should check it out some day.

      More importantly, I think you just helped me overcome blogger’s block – at least for one post.

    29. jo says:

      I love par three! It is the best part of summer. Fraserview is one course I have not played and would love to!

    30. Nathan Tippe says:

      I have yet to play Fraserview, but I’ve heard great things! Thanks for the contest!

    31. Amy says:

      Would love the chance to try a real golf course, instead of the regular pitch and putts!

    32. Karen says:

      Sounds great!

    33. Tricia says:

      Just picked up golf a few months ago… I’d love to win a round of golf, but I’ll probably go to Fraserview sometime this summer regardless ๐Ÿ™‚

    34. Teresa says:

      I would love to play.

    35. John says:

      I would like to play some golf !

    36. Linda says:

      What a great idea for Father’s day!!! Would love to try it with family.

    37. Micaela says:

      My hubby would love this!

    38. Jodi says:

      would love to try this course.

    39. Jewels says:

      some sunshine and some golf are a great pair in vancouver ๐Ÿ™‚

    40. Teresa says:

      My boyfriend would love this!

    41. Scott says:

      I’ve never been to Fraserview before, thanks for posting about it. So close, yet never seen.

    42. Cameron says:

      Sounds great! I’d love to win.

    43. Janet says:

      Great give away for Father’s Day. Thanks

    44. Jeanna says:

      Thanks for the info & the opportunity to win a day out with daddy…

    45. Jeannie I have loved the game of golf for over 40 years now and never get discourage from the game. Playing at different golf courses presents a constant challlenge.Fraseview Golf Course is awesome and I would love to play there once again.

    46. Allison says:

      Like Janet said…awesome fathers day gift.

    47. Rob says:

      Would love a round of golf!

    48. McKenzie says:

      Hey this is a great prize…definatley an awesome course…..count me in!!!!!!!

    49. Tricia says:

      FORE! Only golfed once this year, hoping for dryer conditions and a great fathers day gift. Fraserview is a great public course that is well maintained and good for entry and intermediate level golfers.

    50. Holly says:

      I am trying to get myself out on 18 hole course more often.

    51. SGP says:

      I love golf!

    52. robyn says:

      Wow just found miss 604 and I like it.Keep up great blogging

    53. aria says:

      Love to golf!

    54. Rose says:

      What a great father’s day gift this would be!

    55. ALO says:

      A day at golf beats any day at the office.

    56. pete says:

      I love to support the Parks Board golf courses!

    57. P Lo says:

      I was good at pitch and putt. Now it’s time to upgrade.

    58. Peter says:

      Love to support the Parks Board courses!

    59. Ying says:

      Sounds great!

    60. ari says:

      how lovely

    61. aylo says:

      a game of skill, concentration, conversation, relaxation….and more

    62. PC says:

      Most challenging game to perfect!

    63. Karen says:

      I hope I win!

    64. Rachel says:

      This would be a great Father’s Day gift for my dad!

    65. t king says:


    66. Brenda says:

      Golfing! Nice!

    67. Jeanie says:

      Fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    68. acey says:

      Golf is a good walk spoiled! Nah, just kidding, it’s not always that bad ๐Ÿ™‚

    69. These are some nice courses. Great contest!

    70. Dave says:


    71. Areta says:

      Here’s my entry!

    72. Laura says:

      Wow! That would make a great father’s day gift!

    73. Katie says:

      Would love to win tickets to this

    74. Fawn says:

      Another great contest Miss 604.

    75. Lana says:

      I love McCleery!

    76. Mr. Ames will be really happy if I win this prize!
      Great contest, Rebecca

    77. Gareth Lockhart says:

      Golfed Fraserview in Feb. it was beautiful then, even better if I win and play in July!

    78. Stefan says:

      Haven’t ever played this course before, but would love to give it a try!

    79. Peter says:

      Great public courses across the lower mainland. This is one I’ve not played, yet!

    80. Dana says:

      “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.” “You eat pieces of shit for breakfast? Gross!”

      – Happy Gilmore

    81. Luke says:

      This is a great contest, thanks for the opportunity.

    82. Cadi says:

      All these great prizes here! Who wouldn’t want to enter! Bring on the Sun, Bring on the Golf!

    83. I would love to win a round of golf and had a great round at Langara last week! We sometimes look for a Friday 4th. @chrisbreikss on Twitter

    84. Would love to win this for my husband!!!

    85. Marc Smith says:

      Had fun golfing with you at Fraserview already. Perhaps we’ll golf together again ๐Ÿ™‚

    86. Ranelle says:

      Golfing is fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    87. I’m a big fan of Fraserview. Great course, very easy to get a tee time and super friendly staff!

    88. Ryan M says:

      I’m the worst golfer I know so I could really use the practice. Cool idea!!!

    89. Tiffany says:

      This sounds great! My fiance LOVES to golf!

    90. Tyler says:

      I think Vancouver Parks Golf has many courses that are very affordable and yet offer a quality course to play.

    91. Christine Campbell says:

      I don’t golf a lot but Fraserview is the location of my best golf story: during a twilight round we were followed by a pack of coyotes. They kept and eye on us from the trees for the last 5 holes, perhaps to make sure we left their domain when we were done?

    92. Jesse says:

      Fantastic course, great deals, 15 minutes from downtown – unbeatable. Great contest Rebecca and great website! Thanks for keeping Vancity informed!

    93. Brent says:

      Your blog is one of my favorites. Keep up the entertaining and informative work! I also like golf.

    94. Kelly H says:

      Golf nothing better!!! I ready to win!

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