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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 — 3:58pm PDT
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Vancouver is one active town and I know this because when there is a hint of sunshine the Sea Wall is just as crowded as the Pattullo Bridge in morning rush hour.

Photo: Lululemon

That being said, complimenting an active lifestyle with the right food is key. Now this doesn’t mean snacking on crunchy cardboard diet crackers all day, but just being more aware of the types of food and ingredients that are going into our bodies.

Cruising into our first holiday of the summer many will be indulging in fire-grilled meats, saucy side dishes, and creamy desserts. It’s not quite as belt-loosening as Thanksgiving or Christmas but there are ways to eat right this season and stay active.

A recent StatsCan study showed more than 40 per cent of Canadians aged 20 to 79 have unhealthy cholesterol levels.

I was approached to run a contest in partnership with Becel pro.activ calorie-reduced margarine with plant sterols. Of course before I could begin, I had to look into what exactly “plant sterols” are.

Plant sterols occur naturally in everyday foods like vegetable oils, nuts, grains and fruits, and have been studied for decades for their cholesterol-lowering effects. Though they are found in everyday foods, Canadians aren’t able to consume enough to significantly reduce their cholesterol – up until now: Health Canada recently approved the addition of plant sterols to certain food products for their cholesterol-lowering claims. Links: Plant Sterols on, Plant Sterols on Wikipedia.

To promote lowering your cholesterol this summer with healthy food and an active lifestyle, Becel is offering up a prize pack to one of my readers. This includes:

  • A gym pass for one month (for local gym near the winner)
  • Jump rope
  • Water bottle
  • Yoga ball
  • Pedometer
  • Becel pro.activ coupons (x2)
  • Free consultation with Melodie Yong, a Vancouver-based dietitian
  • Approximate value of the prize pack is $200. To enter to win, please leave a comment below stating how you will stay active this summer.

    This could be from starting (or continuing) a morning run, kayaking in Deep Cove, doing the Grouse Grind, or cycling through Stanley Park. I’ll draw one winner Tuesday July 6th and they’ll be able to pick out a gym in their neighbourhood for their 1 month membership.

    Update The winner is Julie! Congratulations and have fun being active this summer!

    Disclosure I was not paid to write this post or conduct this contest

    Current contests on


    1. Jen says:

      I will be going to yoga regularly this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Jeremy says:

      I have been going on more walks instead of driving and will continue through the summer!

    3. Oana says:

      I plan to go for runs in Pacific Spirit Park with my dog, and have also started the 100 Push Up Challenge.

    4. Tricia says:

      My summer’s all about dragonboat and ultimate frisbee on a weekly basis, interspersed with tennis, golf swimming and short runs. Kayaking, hiking and biking trips now and then are nice too. The gym membership would be great once the weather gets dreary in the fall!

    5. angela says:

      Running after the kids at the park!

    6. Dilara says:

      My summer exercise consists of jogging and doing the Grouse Grind.

    7. Mark says:

      I stay active year round riding my bike instead of using public transit/driving. It’s not much but it’s enough.

    8. maria says:

      Some nice long walks! Hopefully our weather improves!

    9. Lyndsey says:

      doing yoga, hope to bike a bit.

    10. bekki says:

      I will starting biking more.

    11. Mona says:

      I go running a few times a week.

    12. Katherine says:

      Walk West Van seawall and/or North Van trails 4X a week..

    13. Chaminda says:

      I go running 3 times a week and do yoga 2 days.

    14. Kris says:

      I hike in the North Shore mountains a couple times a month, and walk/jog on the Burnaby Mountain trails a couple times a week.

    15. Patrick M. says:

      I’d be fighting forest fires, but luckily for the Okanagan,it seems like they’re going to be saved from that this year.

      Seems I’ll have to get back on the bicycle after all ๐Ÿ˜›

    16. Xingji says:

      I plan to bike to work.

    17. Sandra M. says:

      I was just told my cholesteral levels have doubled in the past 6 months which means I have to do some serious excercising … and the prize pack is just what I need. :o) I’m going to start by exercising at lunch time and walking after dinner.

    18. Nicole says:

      i’ll be doing the grouse grind!

    19. Kali says:

      I just bought a new bike, and have been riding long distances on the weekends to stay fit. Considering membership at the YWCA to swim after work during the week.

    20. liane says:

      I have just recently moved to Vancouver so I’m excited to run the Sea Wall, and get dragged up the Grouse Grind by my friends!

    21. Bonnie says:

      I’ll be swimming at Kits pool this year — only a block away, so no excuses!

    22. Gladys says:

      I’m hoping to hit the gym at work more often, supplemented by workouts with my wii aerobics routine.

    23. luc says:

      My wife will chase me around the house!

    24. Toby says:

      I moved near the seawall a couple months ago and have since taken up jogging three to four times a week. Shedding pounds like I never imagined possible and having a great time doing it! I’m looking forward to my most active summer ever. ๐Ÿ˜€

    25. Johannes says:

      Running in Stanley Park is the way to go!

    26. MIKE says:

      Living in Vancouver with its awesome beaches, I naturally take to the beaach and ennjoy running along the shoreline. Swimming is also a favourite exercise and best of all I can exercise and its free to be me.

    27. Julie says:

      Continuing to train to run 10km, something I never EVER thought I’d be able to do, but I’m already half way there!

    28. GusF says:

      I need to be more active, you think with walking to work and walking a dog I’d lose some weight, but NO. ๐Ÿ™‚

    29. Leanne says:

      I plan to ride my bike on the seawall.

    30. Teresa says:

      I am going to jog 2-3 times per week.

    31. Dee says:

      I stay active by riding my bike and going to yoga. I’d like to take up running.

    32. Nicole says:

      I stay active by taking advantage of the bike routes in Vancouver and am will discover a new walking/hiking trail once a week.

    33. Erin says:

      Morning run, hot yoga, runner’s yoga, cycling the sea wall and doing the Grouse Grind.

    34. Erin says:

      Swimming at Kits pool and riding my bike. It’s a beach cruiser so it’ll slay me on hills. Stupid sensible vs cuteness battle!

    35. Chris says:

      With a decision to either play or pass on softball this year, I elected to play thinking that if I were to pass, I’d simply be sitting around doing nothing much else instead.

      So far I’ve proved myself right.

      I’d like to think I’ll hit the pavement on my bike if the weather were to improve, but I don’t think I have the personal drive to do so. Maybe I can actually prove myself wrong on that count.

    36. Ellen says:

      hiking and possibly buying a bike

    37. Anne says:

      biking to work, instead of the bus

    38. Berh says:

      Just did a half marathon and am about to start training for the next one! That should keep me pretty active!

    39. Sherry says:

      I am trying to walk every night after dinner and will be taking the bike out most weekends.

    40. lisa chau says:

      Ride my bike to work every day. Kickbox in the evenings to let out some steam. Hike on the weekends to soak in the beauty around this amazing city! Rockclimb…simply because it’s wicked fun!

    41. amfriesen says:

      i will continue gardening (pulling weeds & squating is tiring)
      i will continue to ride my stationary bike when i get my fave mag in the mail to read
      i will continue to enjoy the nice weather by taking walks during lunch with running errands

    42. Stephanie says:

      I’m going to do the Grouse Grind and Chief for the first time, and continue playing softball and pole dancing for fitness!

    43. Heather says:

      I will be riding my bike on the PoCo Trail, aka the Traboulay PoCo Trail. It’s partly paved and really well-maintained.

    44. Emma says:

      I plan on hiking more, and biking to UBC for my classes!

    45. Roshena says:

      Participating in events like Seek the Peak in support of Rethink Breast Cancer!

    46. Nazanin says:

      Swimming in Kits beach pool, tennis in Stanley Park, and running to Semperviva in Granville Island!!

    47. Steph :) says:

      I will be staying active this summer by playing badminton, walking and doing hot yoga.

    48. Tracy says:

      Walking on the sea wall.

    49. John says:

      I kept myself committed to go to the gym everyday doing weight training followed by cardio , and I feel great !

    50. Amy says:

      Lots of Bikrams Yoga and Swimming this summer!

    51. lauren says:

      Definitely doing the Grouse Grind this summer. Also going to use my bike more and hit the gym regularly.

    52. Laura says:

      I love early morning beach runs and power yoga on the weekend!

    53. Julio says:

      By hiking as much as I can

    54. Jessica says:

      A few friends and myself are starting kickboxing! =)

    55. Peter says:

      Sounds great!

    56. Ping says:

      I’m going to take my toddler to the park and try to keep up with him.

    57. ruby says:

      I have been getting off a few stops early and walking the rest of the way home. I am going to start yoga classes to help improve my flexibility.

    58. Andrea says:

      i try and walk everywhere! and i’ve added swimming to my life.

    59. Christine says:

      I just bought a bike and will be going on bike rides and also riding to the pool and to yoga.

    60. Janice says:

      I enjoy gardening, cycling with my husband and walking with my friends.

    61. Holly says:

      I will start walking home from work every day instead of taking the bus.

      Also, I will use my lunch break for walking and enjoying this beautiful city in the summer!!

    62. Chris says:

      Human powered transportation to work!

    63. I’ve been trying to go on bike rides on the weekend. Last weekend I cycled the South Dyke Trail in Richmond.

    64. Aly says:

      Yoga and walking. Taking time out to be outside and just take in some fresh air!

    65. Alexa says:

      recently fell back in love with the Grind ( I know!). Hate it while I’m there, but loving the results.

    66. Nadine says:

      Swimming & trail running.

    67. Alex Cameron says:

      Nice, I was just gonna start biking to work and try to get back to yoga. I’ve got a free week at Exhale starting next week thanks to you already ๐Ÿ˜‰

    68. Jewels says:

      well, i’m working on getting in my athletic form again by working with a trainer [so i don’t get hurt] and doing activities such as rollerblading around the seawall, cycling through the city and walking as much as my little feet will take me. All this for myself and for the goal of getting a hot little dress to wear to a wedding in mid September and a bikini in Hawaii in December.

    69. Katie says:

      I just started tennis lessons. Hopefully that will keep me in shape.

    70. Renn says:

      Jogging/biking around the neighbourhood

    71. Rita says:

      Biking and swimming in the heat wave that is going to hit Vancouver

    72. Audrey says:

      I’ve been jogging everyday at QE and I plan to sign up for some dance lessons!

    73. kelsey says:

      maybe this will motivate me to do something about myself!

    74. will says:

      going to the gym everyday, grouse grind

    75. Kathy says:

      Yoga three times weekly,learning how to run from a group and lets add learning how to golf too! Whew!

    76. Angie says:

      This summer, along with weekly volleyball & softball, I have a goal to hike the Grouse Grind 36 times (3 times/week) for the Grind For Kids Children’s Hospital Charity program! Keeps me healthy & fit, and gives the Hospital some, always needed & appreciated, support!

    77. Rachel says:

      Biking on the sea wall and going to the gym

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