Jonsi in Vancouver Prize Pack

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Jónsi, lead singer of the Icelandic group Sigur Rós, is coming to Vancouver to perform April 6th and April 7th at the Vogue.

While Sigur Rós have put their plans on hold and gone their separate ways for now, Jónsi Birgisson has released a new album called Go. Known for artistic videos and performances that dazzle the senses, the upcoming show promises to “bring together the worlds of theatre and music in a new and hopefully unique way.” Tickets for the all ages concert are $39.50 and are available at Zulu, Red Cat Records, and Live Nation.

I have a Limited Edition Jónsi prize pack to give away that includes:

  • Immediate download of the Go EP
  • Go mp3
  • A CD copy of Go
  • Go Quiet a full length DVD of Jónsi performing the entire album acoustically in Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Jónsi + Nico Muhly live at Bethnal Green 4 song performance
  • More surprise goodies
  • Update: I also have a pair of tickets to the concert Tuesday night
  • To enter to win this prize pack, please leave a comment on this post or re-tweet the following on Twitter:

    Enter to win a Jonsi prize pack from @Miss604

    I’ll draw one prize pack winner (from combined Twitter and comment entries) Monday, April 5 2010 at 9:00am.

    Update The winner is Camillia (comment entry) – thanks everyone and enjoy the show, Camillia!

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    1. StefanWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 2:49pm PDT

      Awesome, would love to win this prize! I am going to the second show, and really looking forward to it. Driving through Iceland a few years ago, it was easy to see where they get their inspiration, and how fitting their music is.

    2. paulWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 2:50pm PDT

      can we skip the contest and just give me the prize pack? 😉

    3. christyWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 2:52pm PDT

      Oh My GOD!!!! I love Jonsi! I can’t afford to buy tix, so I would love the chance to win this!!!!

    4. Karen CampbellWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 2:53pm PDT

      My love for Sigur Ros definitely extends to Jonsi. I would love to win the prize pack!

    5. JeffWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 2:59pm PDT

      Sounds like an interesting band. Actually my type of music.

    6. DavidWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 3:02pm PDT

      If he puts on a show half as good as Sigur Ros does it would still be an epic, amazing night.

    7. lucWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 3:25pm PDT

      Go Iceland!

    8. SiobhanWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 3:40pm PDT

      Sounds – and looks – amazing.

    9. matthewWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 4:00pm PDT

      That’s a great prize pack. If it’s have as good as the Sigur Rós stuff it should be amazing

    10. Dagmar WandingerWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 4:31pm PDT

      My boyfriend already has a ticket and I really want to go too but thought the ticket was kind of expensive. It would be so great to join him and have a magical islandic music experience.

    11. AaronWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 5:21pm PDT

      enjoy the show of Jónsi, a great performer ^^

    12. DeannaWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 5:32pm PDT

      It looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for it.
      *fingers crossed* over winning tix!

    13. rboWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 5:34pm PDT

      I’m with David – If Jónsi is anywhere near as good live as Sigur Rós is, this is not a show to miss!.. and with the addition of the prize pack, how could it get any better? 🙂

    14. rosaleeWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 5:46pm PDT

      I super love the new Jonsi CD, it is pure magic <3

    15. CamilliaWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 5:47pm PDT

      Pretty sweet that you’re adding tickets to the prize pack. I wanted to go, but thought the tickets were kind of expensive for my budget (it was spending all that money on Olympic wear and the Olympic sale, I tell you!!). I hear the set design for the stage will be amazing to top off his performance!

    16. KathleenWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 6:49pm PDT

      I love Jonsi!!! Hope I win!

    17. ShannonWednesday, March 31st, 2010 — 9:50pm PDT

      Love Sigur Ros and Jonsi. Would love to win this.

    18. AJThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 12:37am PDT

      Yes, please. :*)

    19. TriciaThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 1:04am PDT

      <3 Sigur Rós!

    20. CatherineThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 1:39am PDT

      I discovered Sigur Ros & Jonsi when I lived with an Icelandic girl in 2005 on an exchange in Helsinki. It opened me up to a world of music not common in Canada. My first time seeing Sigur Ros was at the Werchter Festival in Belgium with my Icelandic friend. What a night! A sea of people humming hopelandic/icelandic with a backdrop of sunset … Was lucky enough to see them 2x in London in 2008 and this past October, I was finally able to make it to Iceland! The band has had a heavy influence on me as now I’m a Canadian girl addicted to Scandinavia (altho Iceland is technically not …) It’s also an expensive habit of shuttling back & forth!

      The Jonsi tour will be mellow, yet deep, leading to a climax at the end. Was in London last week for a visit and I answered an ad to be in a Jonsi vid. Long story short, it turned out to be his 1st live dress rehearsal for the tour! I couldn’t get tickets to Jonsi in Vancouver since I booked my travels before the tour was announced and it was out of my budget. Please buy his album when it comes out and support him 🙂 I hope I win but if not, anyone who does will have a fantastic experience!

    21. KevinThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 3:51am PDT

      Went to Iceland a couple years ago. Love the country and love Sigur Ros!

    22. AThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 7:49am PDT

      My bf is a huge fan! Would love to surprise him with tickets! Thank you for this opportunity!

    23. DrewThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 9:54am PDT

      For those looking to hear the new album in its entirety, it’s up on NPR.

    24. MaxThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 10:35am PDT

      Me me me!

    25. SeaBreezeThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 10:44am PDT

      What a great package!

    26. LarissaThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 10:48am PDT

      Such a beautiful voice.

    27. Julio AguilarThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 11:34am PDT

      OOoooh, I want all those things! JONSI!

    28. Shayna DolanThursday, April 1st, 2010 — 11:53am PDT

      This would be a DREAM come true!

    29. Morten Rand-HendriksenFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 2:45pm PDT

      Man, I’ve missed Sigur Ros in concert no less than 4 times for various reasons. Which is all the more upsetting because my wife Angela and I actually met because of their music and the band has a profound meaning to us both as individuals and as a couple. Oh and their music is pretty darn amazing too. Whomever wins this prize pack is in for a real treat.

    30. GloriaFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 2:56pm PDT

      ahh I’ve always wanted to see sigur ros !!!

    31. ColeneFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 3:23pm PDT

      I’d love to win this!

    32. Kim & JohnFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 4:17pm PDT

      wow – this would be a perfect date for my boyfriend. I always wish i had went and seen Sigur Ros when they played a church here in Vancouver… i didn’t know what they sounded like, and now kick myself for not going. From what i’ve read about this show – it sounds like something quite different from a typical ‘band’ show… i really respect Jonsi and his boyfriend Alex’s clever endeavors with music and art. This would make a great surprise for John – thanks for the opportunity to win tickets. cheers.

    33. Kim & JohnFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 4:19pm PDT

      I just submitted an entry for this contest.. but not sure it went thru. damn… well… i’ll try again… I think Jonsi and boyfriend Alex are a great couple and inspiration musically and artistically. cheers!

    34. JennFriday, April 2nd, 2010 — 8:36pm PDT

      I’d love to go to the concert!

    35. A Little CoffeeSaturday, April 3rd, 2010 — 3:21pm PDT

      Love this, thanks Rebecca! Please enter me in the contest!

    36. BrendaSunday, April 4th, 2010 — 9:28am PDT

      This would absolutely make my week … possibly even my year! Please put my name in the hat for the draw .. Cheers

    37. IrisSunday, April 4th, 2010 — 2:48pm PDT

      I just listened to Go on – lovely. This prize pack would be even lovelier though. 🙂

    38. C.E. HoxieSunday, April 4th, 2010 — 10:36pm PDT

      Please enter me in the draw for Jonsi tix!

    39. PingMonday, April 5th, 2010 — 12:20am PDT

      pick me! pick me!
      I have never done this before. 🙂

    40. wadeMonday, April 5th, 2010 — 9:15am PDT

      I would love to see this show!

    41. DrevsMonday, April 5th, 2010 — 10:41am PDT

      If it’s not too late, I want in on this one!

    42. PeterMonday, April 5th, 2010 — 10:42am PDT

      Cool prize … wonder if Iceland is still bankrupt, or nearly so?

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