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Vancouver is hosting the North American debut of the kung fu rock musical Monkey King. Running February 5th through the 27th the story is based on the Chinese legend Journey to the West.

Monkey King

This hit musical from the Beijing Olympics is the only running musical during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Visitors and locals alike can catch this production that will have international appeal for all ages.

Featuring a cast of over 60 singers, dancers, acrobats, musicians and martial artists- the show tells the story of a monk’s quest to recover a sacred relic. His journey sees him joined by unlikely warrior companions, beset by demons and monsters, and matching wits with kings and gods. The epic narrative is played out through a series of breath-taking kung fu battles, spellbinding dance sequences and an original, driving rock score.

I have two tickets to give away for the 7:30pm performance of Monkey King on February 25th at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post or re-tweet the code below:

  • Enter to win tix to Monkey King from @Miss604
  • Update February 8th @10:00pm: I have drawn the winner and it’s Sherry, congratulations!
    Print: Estimated value $90. Winner must confirm they can claim their prize within 24 hour of notification. Contest will run until February 9th 10:00pm February 8th.

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    1. heather joyFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:07am PST

      I love musicals, there are just never enough of them!

    2. JosipFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:12am PST

      Super! Count me in!

    3. HannahFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:23am PST

      I’d like to see some kung fu action!!

    4. AlexeiFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:28am PST

      Count me in too!

    5. bernita BFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:29am PST

      Musicals are the best; can’t wait for this one to come to town!

    6. MomadaFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:33am PST

      I’d like to see this musical show!

    7. JeremyFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:43am PST

      I would love to see this show

    8. ChrisFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:47am PST

      monkey monkey monkey

    9. Monica (aka monnibo)Friday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:55am PST

      I would love to see this, and I know exactly who would like to see it with me!!

    10. JenFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:01am PST

      Sounds like fun!

    11. AlisonFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:04am PST

      I can’t wait for this show. It sounds like it’ll be a colourful, musical, sensational delight!

    12. DesyFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:09am PST

      Sounds awesome! Would love to see the show!

    13. OanaFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:25am PST

      Would love to see this!

    14. TeresaFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:30am PST

      I love anything to do with monkeys.

    15. GabrielleFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 12:21pm PST

      ooo ooo eee eee! Looks like a wonderful show,
      and my little monkey would love to see it!

    16. DamienFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 12:45pm PST

      That’d be awesome!

    17. KatieFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 12:50pm PST

      Would love to see this!

    18. VinceFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 1:09pm PST

      Monkey see, monkey do!

    19. TawcanFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 1:14pm PST

      Pick me pick me!

    20. andreaFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 1:19pm PST

      Monkey King!!!

    21. MarianneFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 1:55pm PST

      YES! Please put my name down to enter to win tix to Monkey King!
      Thank you Miss604 =)

    22. JaniceFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 2:15pm PST

      Ooo ooo! Should be great.

    23. R.L.Friday, February 5th, 2010 — 2:19pm PST


    24. photodreamzFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 2:52pm PST

      I’ve never been to a musical.

    25. AdelaideFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 3:14pm PST

      Me too definately Rebecca!

    26. LarissaFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 3:27pm PST

      Would definitely love this one.

    27. wynFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 3:45pm PST

      Was educated about the Monkey King just last night from watching the movie “Forbidden Kingdom”, for what it’s worth. Please enter me in this draw to potentially learn more… through song!

    28. AnnFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 4:36pm PST

      I’ve never heard of it but it seems like it would be interesting.

    29. CathyFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 6:40pm PST

      I have been thinking about buying tickets to this since the Nutcracker in December! I hope I win :]

    30. KylerFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 7:24pm PST

      Vancouver needs more musicals (‘course I guess that might mean Vancouver needs more people who want to go to musicals).

    31. SandraFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 7:47pm PST

      The show looks like fun!

    32. JohnFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 9:56pm PST

      Monkey see, monkey do.

    33. lucFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 10:56pm PST

      I’m such a monkey, pick me, me!

    34. EdFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:00pm PST

      Looks like fun!

    35. HeatherFriday, February 5th, 2010 — 11:03pm PST

      Count me in for this qiveaway!

    36. JeffSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 12:09am PST

      I hope I get it!

    37. nanceSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 12:34am PST

      this is really cool. i’ve seen the chinese drama as a kid. the musical would be so awesome to go to!!

    38. GloriaSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 1:37am PST

      seems interesting

    39. AretaSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 8:19am PST

      I’d love to see this!

    40. MeaganSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 9:44am PST

      kung fu rock musical!!!! Sounds awesome, I gotta say I hope we win!

    41. KimshiSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 10:36am PST

      sounds awesome!

    42. jenn WSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 10:38am PST

      Such great giveaway! I hope I win!

    43. Penny YSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 11:16am PST

      gosh! i am dying to go see this musical!
      please count me in for the draw!

    44. ToddSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 11:49am PST

      A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with Sakai Masaaki in Japan. He starred as Monkey in the seventies Japanese TV show, “Monkey Magic,” based on the same story.

      I taught him dice stacking so he could perform it on the New Year’s program in Japan.

    45. XingjiSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 1:16pm PST

      A great musical that I would like to see.

    46. SherrySaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 5:06pm PST

      I love musicals & would love to win this so I could take my neice. Hope you pick me.

    47. AngieSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 5:19pm PST

      Awesome! Add me to the draw please.

    48. CandaceSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 6:03pm PST

      I’d love to see the Monkey musical!! Yay 2010 Olympics 🙂

    49. loriSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 8:46pm PST

      Fingers crossed 😀

    50. JohnSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 10:14pm PST

      I would love to attend this !

    51. BrendaSaturday, February 6th, 2010 — 11:07pm PST

      I’d love to see this because I like the story of Monkey King!

    52. matthew stevensonSunday, February 7th, 2010 — 6:25pm PST

      i would really appreciate the tickets for two reasons….
      i want to see the show, enjoy, and maybe learn something new.
      i want to take a friend from china with me so i can ask questions and enjoy the show together so we can chat later about something we have in common.
      does this make sense? i hope so.
      thank you, matthew

    53. hollySunday, February 7th, 2010 — 7:09pm PST

      Awesome. We’d love to see this.

    54. DebbieSunday, February 7th, 2010 — 9:50pm PST

      Sounds like fun! Count me in.

    55. WilliamMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 1:52am PST

      Cool thanks for giving away free tickets to see the monkey king!

    56. NathanMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 8:36am PST

      Count me in!

    57. vishvaMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 8:57am PST

      in the court of the monkey king am I pig?

    58. vishvaMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 8:58am PST

      no I am monkey’s friend pig

    59. CamilleMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 11:26am PST

      I’d love to go! Your blog is so entertaining!

    60. Michelle WMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 2:03pm PST

      I love shows, please pick me 🙂 !

    61. Duncan NicolMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 4:42pm PST

      Interested in seeing this 🙂

    62. LucyMonday, February 8th, 2010 — 5:18pm PST

      Count me in! Hope I win…

    63. K8ieTuesday, February 9th, 2010 — 7:42am PST

      Sounds neat!

    64. Susie L.Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 — 10:13am PST

      Heard lots of great things about this musical!
      Would love to go!!

    65. SherryTuesday, February 9th, 2010 — 10:32pm PST

      Thank you sooooo much! We are really excited about this show! My niece is beside herself. Love the vector photos.

    66. GigiWednesday, February 24th, 2010 — 2:08am PST

      Guess i am too late to enter for the 2 tickets. 🙁
      But i love the story Money King!! My fav is the pig!!! hihihi

    67. SherryFriday, February 26th, 2010 — 9:27am PST

      WOW! What an amazing show! Thanks again for the wonderful tickets. It is a feast for the eyes. My 11 year old niece loved it. It was her first every rock opera/musical and what a winner. If you haven’t already got tickets, it is a must see. Great for a family. There was a 5 year old in front of me and she was enthralled throughout and though she was tired you could tell she loved it. It is an upbeat retelling of an old Chinese folk tale which should appeal to everyone wanting a bit of musical theatre to round out the sports right now. If you do go, make sure to take your camera as the cast comes out to the lobby at the end for photo ops. We didn’t bring ours thinking it was the standard no photos type performance. We did buy the lovely program though for only $5 so we still have a great souvenir.

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