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From the Miss604 Flickr Pool

Monday, November 9th, 2009 — 5:31pm PDT
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I started the Miss604 group pool on Flickr a few years ago because I wanted a place for people to share their images of Vancouver, while also allowing them to be posted on Since that time, many people have contributed photos ranging from nature scenes to shopping experiences. Yesterday John was browsing through the group and he remarked that the caliber of the photos being added were absolutely top notch. I agreed, so I thought I would start making a weekly photo post either featuring “my week in photos” or the week in photos as contributed to the Flickr pool.

Photo credit: kougar, on Flickr
Logs, kids, and sailboat masts-0308
Photo credit: zoomzoomMCMLXXIV, on Flickr
New Westminster's Front Street - Antique Alley
Photo credit: to be, inspired, on Flickr
Media Democracy Day 2009
Photo credit: The Blackbird, on Flickr
Rocky Point Photowalk
Photo credit: John Biehler, on Flickr
Archway HDR
Photo credit: TylerIngram, on Flickr

Photo credit: Matzuda, on Flickr

Please click on the photos to explore the original as posted by the photographer and to check out their other works.

To join the Miss604 Flickr group you will need a Flickr account (free or Pro) and then you’ll just need to go to this link and click on “Join This Group”. Once you have done that you will be able to share any of your own images that are on Flickr, with the Miss604 group by clicking on the “Send to Group” button above the photo.

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  1. Fantastic social media idea, I will check it out. I loved the pictures.

    I have always found Vancouver to be a very beautiful and inspiring place to live. Especially the new-age architecture i.e. The Wall Center or Robson Library.

    Thanks for sharing a little social media beauty….

    Time to get ready to host the world in less the 100 days….


  2. Jeremy Lim says:

    If only I knew it existed! I’m all over it.

  3. Thanks for showing one of mine, Rebecca. And the others are gorgeous. Nice idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The tower photo is amazing. I just emailed this post to friend in New York, were catching up…slowly, one building at at time…. I love the Shangri-la!

  5. luc says:

    I have an issue that maybe one of your numerous readers may clarify – the privacy law in regard to photos taken in a public space in BC.

    Suppose I take a picture of a dog on Granville Island and the owner is visible in the pic. Can I publish it on flickr?
    I know that google got in trouble with its Street View.

  6. John says:

    IANAL but have heard from a number of legal folks that taking a photo in a public space (in BC) is perfectly fine for personal use (including posting to Flickr).

    Where it gets interesting/complicated is if that same photo of the dog then winds up on the cover of a magazine, website banner, brochure – i.e. any commercial venture as you’d have to have a photo release from all the people in the photo. This would also apply if you had that Flickr photo invited to be a part of the Getty Image Collection.

    It really depends on what you’re intending to do with the photo as to what rules apply.

    I tend to not shoot people directly if I can avoid it only to not have to deal with the hassle of releases…unless of course it’s in the context of a photo shoot.

  7. […] I am taking some time to wrap up business affairs (and Christmas presents) here is yet another photo post. This is a showcase of photos from around Greater Vancouver submitted on Flickr to the […]

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