Wednesday Morning Link Fest: News Roundup

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Every morning while getting ready for work, my husband listens to the local news radio station. As I slowly wake from my slumber I hear sports scores peppered with weather guarantees and the latest Hollywood gossip that all somehow work their way into my half-conscious dreams. As such, this morning’s Link Fest is dedicated simply to what’s making headlines around the city.

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  • Grow-op busted on Mount Seymour. For those who do not live in BC, a “grow-op” is a Marijuana growing operation and this particular one involved about 300 plants that were spotted from above in a helicopter. The comments section on this story online is almost as entertaining as the face the police officer is making in the photo accompanying the article. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Today Show will be broadcasting from Grouse Mountian during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. “NBC said Today show fans are encouraged to visit Grouse Mountain every day to watch the live broadcast and get a chance to meet Olympic athletes and the show anchors.” [Vancouver Sun]
  • BC isn’t much closer to banning the use of cell phones (for calls or text) while driving. [CKNW] Meanwhile Ontario has its ban in place (with fines starting at $500) which also includes hand-held entertainment devices such as MP3 players (if they’re not plugged into the vehicle’s sound system).
  • A pipe bomb was found and safely detonated outside of Metrotown Shopping Centre yesterday. They still don’t know how it got there but there was a similar bomb found at Metrotown in March of 2008. [CBC]
  • Critical Mass is a monthly cycling demonstration through the streets of Vancouver to promote bike culture while also cutting off vital vehicle commuting routes on the last Friday of each month. Some feel that this “in your face” approach is a bit much (even though it’s been going on for years) so they have taken action… by taking less action. On August 14th Critical Manners will lead cyclists around the city on bike routes, while co-existing with vehicles instead of cutting them off.
  • If you are a homeowner in the Metro Vancouver area, are you renting out your home during the 2010 games? Turns out not too many rentals are being scooped up with just six months left to go. [CBC].
  • The new Canada Line North Arm Bridge from South Vancouver to Richmond carries under it a bicycle and walking path that will allow pedestrians, cyclists, and transit-riders alike to make the crossing. The new Canada Line trains will also allow for bikes at any time of day (even during peak hours). [CBC] There are areas without seats that have a special hub where you can rest the front wheel of your bike during the train ride.
  • With the Canada Line opening up months ahead of schedule, the City of Vancouver hasn’t quite caught up. The Granville Street revitalization isn’t quite ready so downtown still looks like a construction zone however, the trains will be running from Waterfront all the way to Richmond Centre and the Vancouver International Airport as of Monday August 17th. Which leads me into this poll:

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    1. Tyler IngramWednesday, August 12th, 2009 — 10:31am PDT

      I’m not thrilled about the Canada Line being opened, as I still have no reason to use it. I will be just happy when Cambie Street is somewhat normal again. Though I would like to use it when we head out to Costa Rica in December as getting to the Airport will be that much easier/cheaper and less expensive! 26minutes from Downtown, at like a fraction of the cost for a taxi/limo. Yes we’ve rented a limo when we went with another couple to the Dominican ($50/flat rate).

    2. Tales From A Bar StoolWednesday, August 12th, 2009 — 8:08pm PDT

      I think I’ll let the new Canada Line run for a couple of weeks before I venture aboard. Opening early? Gotta be some glitches and kinks, no? I wait safely on the sidelines…

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