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Last night on Twitter, @BradyV said that he wrote a rant about the Canucks and had nowhere to publish it. He’s sent me the text, which I’ll republish here along with my own comments and responses at the end of the post.

“I live and breathe Canucks, they’ve been my team ever since I got that $5 bill autographed by Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden, but for as long as I can remember, this city has been full of halfway fans. The Canucks are an excellent team, you can’t blame them for a coach that can’t coach a team as stacked as the Canucks.

We got outstanding offense in Sedins, Sundin, Wellwood, Burrows, Kesler, Bernier, Demitra, Raymond, Hansen. We have terrific grit players in Brown, Johnson, Hordicuk, Rypien, O’Brien. We have one of the best defensive cores in the entire NHL with Ohlund, Bieksa, Salo, Mitchell, Edler. We have THE best goaltender in the world, talkin bout Bobby Lu.

AV doesn’t know what to do with all this talent, and he was a great coach when we first got him, cause we didn’t have the offense we do now, he put together a system that shut down the best teams in the league, and only needed a goal or two to do it. But our new offense doesn’t know what to do when they get the puck. Now we have the talent to be able to put in atleast four or five goals a game, but AV doesn’t give them a chance. It’s defense this, and defense that, dump the puck, cycle, play the trap, and pass it around. When will he learn that this style won’t work with these guys? He’s only holding their talent back, and with a lot of our players going up for free agency at the end of this season, you have to wonder who’s going to be willing to stay with this.

I think the biggest thing though, is the fans, they have no faith, they’re like corporate big-wigs, they want positive results, and they want them now, they have no time for a little learning. We score, they jump and cheer, you’ll hear them scream ‘GO CANUCKS GO’, and ‘CANUCKS FOR THE CUP ’09!’. We get scored on and suddenly the world just ended. ‘THE CANUCKS SUCK! TRADE LUONGO. SEDINS ARE USELESS. WHAT DO WE PAY THE DEFENSE FOR?!’ They remind me of little fourth graders, trying to find a way, unsure of which will make people accept them, they go back and forth in a style reminiscent of a young shy boy. (Don Taylor, anyone? 😉 ). How hard is it to stay supportive of your team, honestly? My dad’s been a die hard Leafs fan his whole life. I know right, who wants to cheer for the Leafs for 47 years… 😛

I saw this guy walking down the street a couple of days ago, proudly wearing his #33 Henrik Sedin jersey, and a sudden urge came over me. I screamed out ‘GO CANUCKS GO’, just before my friend screamed out ‘LET’S GO CANUCKS!’ The guys face lit up, as he raised his fist into the air, and we had a brief across-the-street conversation before the lights changed. It made me wonder, how many fans like this are still around, how many true fans do we still have. I know that I, for one, and my good friend Matthew Schmoll and his father remain true fans to this very day. One of my favourite things about their house is the ‘Canucks Shrine’ as they call it, an entire wall dedicated to the Canucks, full of merchandise, souvenirs, and photos.

So why is it so hard? Sure, we have our ups and downs, but what team doesn’t? Hell, we were 30 seconds away from shutting out the best team in the NHL. We played a hell of a game, sure we had a sloppy third period, but it happens to everyone.

This is my team, always has been, and always will be. I am proud to be a Canucks fan, and there’s not a force on this universe that can change that, or ever have me say anything negative about my team. Just remember, we are all Canucks!”


Regarding Alain Vigneault, we chatted a bit about that in the latest episode of The Crazy Canucks Podcast. I think a lot of people are thinking this is coming down to a coaching problem and I have for a long time considered his constant line changing annoying at best.

As for the fans, I agree that our city if full of bandwagon jumpers, but I think it’s because we’re so starved for some NHL championship action… or at least to see our players live up to their potential. However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t disappoint me when people (mostly in the lower bowl) get up and leave the rink with 10 minutes left in the third period, where anything could happen, really.

I would really like to see our players shine since when they have bursts of genius-on-ice it’s often short-lived (usually because their line gets changed up or something). Remember the whole Cowan/bra situation? I don’t think our city’s seen much excitement like that since.

I think all us die-hard fans need to hang in there. Heck, I know I can do it and well John, he’s a Cubs fan so I know he can still have hope in the Canucks.

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  1. LindsayThursday, January 22nd, 2009 — 10:34am PST

    I gotta agree with BradyV’s sentiments. I’m originally from NS which means no hometown NHL team to cheer for. When I was a kid, I’d cheer for the Frogs, er, Montreal Canadiens because my father did. I finally had the sense knocked into me and rooted for the Sens for many years. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver in 2005 that I started cheering for the Canucks. Admittedly, I just love watching hockey. No matter who is playing, I completely love the sport.

    But when the home team is down and not winning, local fans become fickle like the fog that is currently engrossing our city. Gloom and doom. No hope for the cup. Isn’t it about the sport though? Vancouver is lucky enough to have the money/income to support an NHL team – the chances of anywhere East of Quebec getting a team? Nearly impossible.

    Be thankful for what you have. There are about 2 million East Coasters who are rooting for The Leafs ‘because they’re close!’ 🙂 Look what they’ve succumbed to! 😉

  2. Mother Pucker HockeyThursday, January 22nd, 2009 — 1:13pm PST

    It’s good to see fans in other cities feeling the same kind of pain.

  3. DarrenThursday, January 22nd, 2009 — 3:12pm PST

    So, two related responses:

    1) It may be helpful to remember that the Vancouver Canucks are, like every professional sports team, a corporation. “Loyalty to the team” is the same as loyalty to a brand. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s also nothing morally superior about it. Say I’m loyal to Apple (which I mostly am). If their iPods start to suck, am I expected to continue using them and, therefore, supporting Apple? Of course not. Why should my approach be different with the Canucks? When the Canucks put a lousy product on the ice, I’m less interested in them. Why shouldn’t I be?

    2) When a team performs well, we always laud the players. When a team performs poorly, the coach is the first to get the axe. It’s silly pride to think we understand the efficacy of an NHL coach because we watch the games and read the paper. Like the GM, it’s a tip of the iceberg thing. 90% of coaching happens outside of the public view.

    Most of the players on the team are already millionaires. If they have motivational problems, it’s not the coach’s fault. They’re paid to perform (they are, after all, employees of corporation). When they don’t perform, I think that it’s almost always their own fault.

  4. erik @ gravytrain – vancouver sales leadsThursday, January 22nd, 2009 — 4:54pm PST

    Awesome! That was quite the rant… I enjoyed it. See you around, Miss604!

  5. BethThursday, January 22nd, 2009 — 7:03pm PST

    A couple years ago I had friends visiting from Ottawa and brought them to a Canucks game. They were stunned when they saw exactly what BradyV described – fans professing undying love for the team one minute, screaming for their blood the next. To this day they talk about mercurial Canucks fans and their “beloved/despised Canucks.”

  6. lisaTuesday, April 21st, 2009 — 9:20pm PDT

    My boyfriend and i are canucks fan he is gets so excited as a little kid and he’s 61 and I first became a fan when my friend said to bet him on the came and they were playing against the rangers well i never seen either one played too much on t.v only bits an peice if i was allowed to watch hockey is my thing and for the some reason i like the canucks and believed they could go places and achive so i bet my friend 20.00 that they would win and they did and always believe in them no matter what they do wether they play good or bad not matter what they do better next time i knew they could and never gave up some yes get mad but as a fan you support them no matter if they win or lose but they have to start playing as team more and more and luogo needs to stay in his goal more every time we could all see he come out to much and then the other team scores and fighting stop keep on the game your losing your energy for nothing on fighting forget about fighting a walk away your better for it and go play they came like you can do cause they can do it if the other team want to fight walk let them lose thier energy not you cause then your letting your team down cause your wasting your energy when you can save it for the game your team needs you to be in the game not wasting it on something stupid as what they want they do to don’t in to them show them what your made and what you have. They have heart they soul and most of the time they play as a team and thats what they got to keep doing it and i believe they win all they way

  7. Michael CormierSaturday, May 2nd, 2009 — 1:40pm PDT

    I think the Canucks have turned things around with Crawford out and Vignault in we’ve made the playoffs 2 of the past 3 years with him behind the bench I thikn he’s just whatthe team needs and I punch anyone in the face who disagrees 😛
    He’s really turned Willie around aand has improvewd play of anumber of players. this is our year GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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