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CanadaHelps Gift Card Giveaway

Monday, December 29th, 2008 — 10:01pm PDT
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Help me, help you, help others! I’m giving away not one, but two e-gift cards ($25 a piece) and what’s so very special about these particular e-gift cards is that with your $25 you will be able to help one of over 83,000 registered Canadian charities through CanadaHelps.

For donors, simplifies the donating process, making it easy, quick and secure. On any pages where you share personal information or perform financial transactions, encrypts your data using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), allowing you to send and receive information without the worry of having it intercepted. Put simply, donors go online, select as many charities as they wish, make their donation and receive a tax receipt for each donation immediately.

For charities, provides a cost effective alternative to setting up their own online donations facilities: there is no set up fee, no annual charges and charities receive immediate notification when a donation is received. Charities are only charged when a donation is actually made, thereby ensuring a charity is not paying for a service that is not being used. [CanadaHelps – About]

You can win my last contest of 2008 (and first contest of 2009) by sharing how you would spend your donation dollars if you won by either…

  • Leaving a comment on this blog post about the charity you would support and why
  • Writing a blog post about a charity close to your heart, linking back here – (this is worth two entries for the contest)
  • Writing a Facebook note (same deal, mention the contest and the charity of your choice)
  • Re-Tweeting this contest & your shout out
  • I’ll do the draw January 2nd at noon Pacific Time and hopefully we’ll have two lucky winners who can help kick off 2009 with some cheer and good will toward others.

    In the meantime, feel free to spread the word about CanadaHelps!

    Current contests on


    1. […] me writing this post. The challenge? Write a post about the charity close to my heart, and link to her efforts towards CandaHelps. So, here […]

    2. rob says:


      People may not realize it, but they do a lot of outreach in smaller communities who don’t have access/opportunity to “cool” science things. Plus, everyone has a fond memory of going to Science World as a child and who wouldn’t want that to continue?

    3. mojaveband says:

      surfrider – if oceans fail, we’re all in big trouble. they do great work locally and on the island.

    4. Kye Grace says:

      KidSport BC. Every kid should have the chance to play sports if they desire regardless of their families economic situation. As a Realtor I donate a portion of each commision I receive to 3 different charities on a rotational basis. KidSport Bc is one of them and if I had to pick my favorite.

    5. So many deserving charities! One close to my heart is THE CINDERELLA PROJECT – helps deserving grads in the Lower Mainland celebrate one of the most significant & important days of their life!

    6. Jennifer Stanford says:

      The KidSafe Project – they provide nurturing safe havens for at risk inner city elementary school children when school is not in. The need for programs like KidSafe is even greater in times like these when parents are facing tougher economic challenges than usual on the downtown east side.

      Check out their website for more info:

    7. […] With Knives {December 30, 2008}   Contest Entry: CanadaHelps Gift Card Giveaway Miss604 is having her last contest of 2008 and this blog posting is my entry.  Supporting Canada Helps, a site that facilitates online […]

    8. fresnelle says:

      Miss 604 has put out a challenge to let her know which of the 83,000 charities listed on the CanadaHelps website you would donate to and why; if your entry is chosen, she will give you a $25 gift e-card to donate to that charity. For her CanadaHelps Gift Card Giveaway, this is my choice:

      The David Suzuki Foundation […]

    9. Tyler Ingram says:

      Children’s Hospital!

    10. Colleen says:

      CKNW’s Orphans fund. They have been working with disabled and disadvantaged children for decades. 100% of all money raised goes toward various programs. Operating and marketing costs picked up by the radio station.

    11. […] desire to solicit some money for a great organization, Rebecca of Miss604 fame recently posted a contest where the winner will be given a $25 e-gift card to be used at CanadaHelps for a charity of their […]

    12. Raul says:

      If I were to win the eGift Card I would definitely support the United Gospel Mission. I don’t think that this awesome charity needs much more explanation, but without them I think the homeless population in the DTES would be in much more pain.

    13. raincoaster says:

      Wow. The question is which great charity to choose. So many fantastic organizations are nonprofits, not registered charities. Hmmm, which will I pick? How about: the Pivot Legal Foundation which has the mandate of finding creative and effective ways of sustaining and advancing the lives of our society’s most marginalized people.

      I’ve worked with Pivot in the past, both the Society and the Foundation, and they are good people doing profoundly good work on behalf of some of Canada’s most marginalized groups of citizens.


    14. Eagranie says:

      A Loving Spoonful ( provides free, nutritious meals for people with HIV/AIDS. They are also fabulous people who let me exercise my writing skills event planning chops without requiring me to give up my life.

    15. Eagranie says:

      writing skills *and* event planning chops. Whoops. Got too excited there.

    16. JaneBelinda says:

      I would donate my prize to the Union Gospel Mission again. Dan Lilly’s latest photos on his flickr page are quite heartwrenching. I would also like to think that some of the money could go towards buying a few treats for the homeless people’s canine companions :o)

    17. […] this week I launched my last contest of 2008/my first contest of 2009 where I encouraged all to share the name and cause of a charity they truly believe in. In exchange […]

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