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IKON Russian Vodka Taste Test

Thursday, September 4th, 2008 — 12:21pm PDT
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Last month I was one of three judges in the Grey Goose Vodka Arbiter of Cool mixology contest. After writing two posts about the event I was contacted by a different vodka company that asked if I would like to sample their product. Who was I to pass up an opportunity to use the martini set John got for Christmas two years ago?

IKONIKON True Russian Vodka was definitely a departure from the Orange Grey Goose from France that we polished off that week however we made the best of it, mixing it up several different ways.

I think John’s favourite recipe included some fresh raspberries we picked up.

Thanks to IKON for the sample bottle, I’m not usually a vodka drinker, but it’s nice to know there are other choices out there when it comes to these sorts of libations and also that they’re paying attention to what bloggers (and their customers) are saying.

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  1. Jordan says:

    In a somewhat related story: a little birdie told me that you can make cheap vodka taste like really really good vodka by running it through a Brita filter.

    I’d love to know if this is true or not, and I’m eyeing a bottle of cheap vodka that’s been in our work fridge for some time.

  2. Kelly says:

    I highly recommend trying an icewine martini. So incredibly yummy!

  3. Miss604 says:

    @ Jordan – Oh yes! I may have heard that too 😉
    @ Kelly – I was just reading about that on your site, sounds awesome.

  4. Rob says:

    I’d love to have a palate sensitive enough to distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to voddy. Yet, to me it’s either completely flavourless, or akin to drinking from a Bunsen burner. Hey. Is that the difference?

    I’m such an unsophisticated Philistine…

  5. max says:

    Brita’s do work for very low end vodka’s but the filtration is minimal and and in the end it is still bad vodka. Price really isn’t a factor as well between good and bad vodkas as alot of that is put into the actual package then what you are drinking. Just so there is no confusion I am the guy from the above mentioned vodka Ikon.

  6. Colleen says:

    Myth Busters did a show on the vodka filter thing. Out come… Cheap vodka can be improved by multiple filterization, but not enough to become Great vodka. For the cost of using the brita filters, you could buy a decent normal vodka.

  7. GZ Expat says:

    First…put that bottle in your freezer. There is nothing worse than room temperature vodka.

    Tomorrow, when its completely in its frozen state, throw 2 or 3 olives in a martini glass and then pour the vodka over the top. That’s all you need.

  8. @GZ Expat – Man, that’s hardcore, but I like your style.

  9. Paul says:


    having live 3 times in Vancouver, most recently up till Jan this year, I can recommend some New Zealand Vodka (my home), 42Below Vodka, or their sister drink South Gin (happy Gin). The last place I got it (from memory) was BC Liquor at 39th & Cambie.

    For simply one of the best Vodka’s in the world try this stuff, none of this northern rubbish (yeah like it’s rubbish). Man do I miss Vancouver. Cheers

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