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This morning’s keynote is a “state of the blogosphere address” with Chris Alden and Anil Dash of Six Apart, and Richard Jalichandra of Technorati.

Update: I’m just checking out the live feed of Twitters. Not sure where the blogs are being aggregated from, but I like this concept – and now I have about 35971 places to watch the Twitters flow. So far the big theme is a) registration was super quick and painless b) there’s a serious lack of (free) coffee.

Update: Richard (CEO of Technorati) takes the stage, “I’m shocked so many of you are here for a keynote at 8:45am on a Saturday.” Blogs = Information and influence. Blogs are media.

He starts by listing some of the top entertainment blogs – touching on that point of “influence” then goes back to basics with “what is a blog”. 133 million blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002. Side note: I’m watching the flow of Tweets via Summize, there’s about 20 every minute right now.


Go E!

He’s now going over the scope of blogging, who blogs and where are they blogging? The fact is that bloggers are all over the country and the worldwide chart is interesting as well – 48% of blogs are from North America, 2/3 are male, 70% have a degree, 72% are in English, 79% are personal bloggers (corporate and professional bloggers stats are listed as well).

Bloggers are also very serious about blogging, from their surveys, 1 in 4 blog 10+ hours a week. Also, 43% of the Technorati Top 100 post more than 10 times a day. Bloggers also immerse themselves in what they do, the average one uses 5 web 2.0 apps.

Note to marketers – 4 out of 5 bloggers write brand / product reviews, 80% talk about retail customer service experience. 71% of bloggers say they are getting taken more seriously as sources of information.

I had to run out so I missed a chunk in the middle of Richard’s talk that I’m sure those on Twitter have covered such as Jeff Foust, quoting Richard: What is the difference between MSM and blogs? “The line is already gone.”

Richard’s closing comments involved stressing the importance of being engaging and transparent.

Update: Chris and Anil from Six Apart are now up to talk about the past, present and future of blogging – starting with a background on their company and their platforms ie. Movable Type / Vox.

Unfortunately the speaker on my side of the room isn’t working and my “bad ear” is facing the speakers. DOH.

Anil is talking about more personal reasons to blog, sharing opinions, thoughts and expressions to an audience that is probably looking for your insights. He says he’s often asked to give an example of “a blog”, the first of note from Anil is He said it’s nice to see politicians blogging (and using Movable Type) but then there are some like Joshua Micah Marshall or the “power bloggers” like HuffingtonPost. “Not all of us are going to have the traffic they have, but there are a lot of other niches to cover.”

“What matters is what the medium is achieving; whether that is a giant corporation or one person’s expression.”

Chris now talks more about the business of blogging. Marketers used to fear blogs, now there’s hope.
“Blogging is becoming an industry; it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, doesn’t mean it can’t be a hobby, but the beauty is that if you want it to be professional, you get to.”

Anil Dash

“Have your passion and be successful in whatever you’re doing – if you’re passionate about food, photography or wine, it’s one of the great things about blogging.”

What’s the power of blogs? Freedom of expression, control over your design, own your own identity, have power over your advertiser. “You don’t have to have someone else’s logo on the top left,” if you’re on Typepad (plug plug). Blogging is transforming media, how is blogging itself changing? Where should blogging go? Blogging and social networking communities will grow into social publishing. “Much more decentralization, and much more interconnectivity.”

Branches of Social Media

Anil and Chris are comparing the formation of the earth, from Pangaea to all of our continents to social networking it seems. How it was all one, then seperate, however now we’re all connecting again with the global village (that’s my interpretation of the slide anyhoo). We have the power to make the biggest companies fall in line with this vision. “Make the giants jump.”

“You can start to think about turning your blog into a social community,” with OpenID – your ID is portable. “Plaxo, FriendFeed etc. they’re all great services but we believe you should have the ability to have all of these networks right on your blog.”

Bloggers are becoming more dedicated – advertising, growing, engaging their audience, moving with the industry, Six Apart has a tool to help this along.

DreamBank sponsored my trip to BlogWorld this month. Sign up today to help create positive change by giving dreams, not stuff.

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  1. Corey CreedSaturday, September 20th, 2008 — 9:28am PDT

    Thanks for the rundown. I wish I could be there. The concept of a “State of the industry” to start the entire event is wise. We need that type of info. I enjoyed New Media Expo a month ago, but could not make Blog World Expo. I’ll keep an eye on your blog this weekend for updates.

    Thanks again.

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