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WordCamp @ BarCampVancouver08Since I have done about 15 live blogs in the last week or so I’m not going to be liveblogging today’s sessions. However, I will be updating this post throughout the day with a day blog in order to take notes, jot down links, and share photos.

10:00am: Right now we’re just doing the schedule jam where potential presenters get to do 30 second pitches and then we’ll slide them onto the schedule grid for the day where they will fit.

Public service announcements: The tags for the day are BarCampVancouver08, BarCamp. The Revue Stage is venue #1, the Playwrights Theatre Centre is #2, and #3 is at Emily Carr. I’ll be updating the schedule on the wiki so check there within the hour for all the info you’ll need.

WordCamp John11:00am: We’re at the Playwright’s Theatre Centre (3rd floor) for WordCamp. Andy is up first, talking about BuddyPress. We’ll then have Keith talk about WordPress for Newbies, Brad will talk about WordPress as a CMS, SEO tips from Tris, and also WordPress for business and the business of WordPress (it’s not just for blogging) from Lloyd at Automattic. Resources Lloyd has shared – WP-Pro, and Job Postings and Automattic’s WordPress consultant list.

After lunch Duane and John will do a quick WP Genius Bar session (Q&A) and we’ll fit in a few more sessions until about 2:00pm including one from Greg from Donat Group.

1:15pm: We’re back from lunch and Greg was speaking about his latest project. John Biehler is up next and he’ll talk about some cool photo plugins (like FAlbum) for WordPress (warming us up for PhotoCamp).

1:30pm: I’m just looking at the trending topics on Twitter right now and unfortunately, BarCampVancouver08 or BarCampVancouver are not to be seen in the top 10 but the day isn’t over yet.

We’re now into the general Q&A and genius bar session and there was a question about aggregation that lead us all to this brand new plugin, Lifestream. John’s top three plugins to use are, FeedEntryHeader, WordTwit, and Quicktag Manager.

Caching plugins include WP-Cache and WP Super Cache and there is a shout out to WPtouch (speaking of cool plugins). I have also updated the WordCamp @ BarCamp wiki with all of these links.

Opportunity with Brendon Wilson3:00pm: We’re now back at the Revue Stage (after grabbing a cookie and a raspberry / banana / green tea infused smoothie) for Brendon Wilson’s talk about Opportunity. The session started off with a “post-it-a-thon” where Brendon distributed Post-Its looking for us to write down where we get our inspiration and where we see opportunity (anywhere from the bus, our mothers, in retail stores, need, hunger, necessity, etc.) Brendon points out the election and calls come out from the crowd, “What is that an opportunity for?”….”sign making,” “lobbying,” “paper shredding,” “economics,”… it’s a high-energy, very involved session so far.

Brendon mentions the 4 Hour Work Week and the opportunities that Tim Ferriss shared in order to outsource and simplify his life. With regards to inspiration, “don’t let the bastards drag you down.” We’ve come full circle and Brendon is talking about Post-Its (how it was originally a failed adhesive project), his moral? Fail faster. This means defining the opportunity, think about the opportunity, try it, if it fails, get it out of the way and get going again.

TrevorO and Cloud Computing3:45pm: TrevorO is now enlightening us on the topic of cloud computing. He has more info on his company’s site, Layerboom Networks.

4:00pm: There are only two session blocks left in the day although I heard there will also be a post-BarCamp photowalk and Darren will be hosting his hockey pool in the Backstage Lounge at 5:30pm [schedule].

5:00pm: Kevin Tom from HandiMobility just gave a talk about Django – Bloom and David Drucker will be closing out BarCampVancouver08 with a session on the Firefox add-on, Ubiquity.

8:00pm: Unfortunately we had to vacate by 5:00pm so David did not get to speak so we headed to the Backstage Lounge and then a small group of us went for a photo walk. I would like to thank those who run the Playwright’s Theatre Centre (where we had WordCamp); the staff was so friendly and accommodating, and the venue was superb. Also, Cat’s Social House (downstairs and around the corner, formerly The Cat’s Meow) was very kind to seat and serve a group of us from WordCamp on such late notice.

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  1. Tyler IngramSunday, September 28th, 2008 — 9:14am PDT

    I had fun at the BarCamp and being my first time it wasn’t too overwhelming either.

    I was going to drop by and say hi though you and john seems fairly busy the entire time. Though it was nice meeting other bloggers/twitters from the Vancouver area too.

    Also found the WordPress sessions and PhotoCamp quite informational.

    I applaud you and everyone else on a job well done!

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