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WordPress 2.6 Available Now

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 — 7:28am PDT
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It’s only been a few month since the release of 2.5 but the bigger, better WordPress 2.6 is now out and Tyner is ready for your download or upgrade almost a month ahead of schedule.

Big features include: Wiki-like tracking of edits, Post from wherever you are on the web, Turbo-speed your blogging (with Google Gears), Theme preview (like what has been available recently for blogs, and other things like word count, image captions, and the most important – a number of bug fixes.

Matt Mullenweg’s Screencast for WordPress 2.6

Upgrading: 2.6 is pretty much identical to 2.5 from a plugin and theme compatibility point of view, so upgrades from 2.5 should be pretty painless. The 2.5 branch will no longer be maintain so everyone is encouraged to upgrade. Our standard 3-step upgrade instructions apply to this release. There were at least 1,984,047 downloads of the 2.5 series, the fastest growing release we’ve ever had, and I think all of those people will find 2.6 adds a level of polish that really makes WP a pleasure to use every day.

WordPress is the world’s number one blogging platform – I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Fraser Valley tomorrow in Langley, spots are still available, admission is free.

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  1. Jen says:

    Although this new release sounds exciting, I think I’ll wait this out until our programmer gives us the green light to proceed with the upgrade.

    Thanks for the review.

    Jen Thomas
    Muvar Software

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