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Tuesday Morning Link Fest: Blogathon Recovery and Video Edition

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 — 8:18am PDT
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I didn’t blog at all yesterday as I was recovering from the very successful Blogathon Vancouver 2008. My estimates so far are telling me that between the 12 of us we raised over $10,000 for charity.

Update: As of last night Duane and I raised a total of $7,992.50 for the UGM. To say that this far exceeded any expectations is an understatement and it truly makes me appreciate my readers and the power of social media even more.

Through the power of blogging and dedicating a little bit of our time to share stories, information, photos, videos and delightful rants online our group of writers raised thousands of dollars for cancer research, adoption, animals, the homeless and to build schools – just to name a few of the causes.

– The winner of the private Matthew Good meetup auction will be confirmed this afternoon as well so stay tuned. [MatthewGood][UGM]

– It was Dan Lilly‘s birthday yesterday so we had a bowling and pizza party downtown – it was pretty darn fun!

– One of the best places for an impromptu picnic at sunset has got to be one of the pull out viewpoints heading up Cypress Mountain.

– My weekly post on E!Online is now up.

– The Vancouver Blogger Meetup for July is taking place tonight at the Blackwater Cafe @ 7:00pm. [Hummingbird604]

– A while back we ventured through Stanley Park and found the giant grove that was clearcut to make room for more parking. When driving through the park the other night we were able to view the project which seems about 50% complete. The road has been moved way back from the edge of the cliff and the lower parking lot is closed off. Things actually look a lot better (and safer) but I’m just waiting to see what they do around the buildings and with the rest of the space.

– Finally, I think this video of John’s doesn’t need any explanation, but it was a lovely end to a perfect day together (even though it came before the video he shot of Prospect Point).

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  1. Phaedra says:

    That video of Keira bowling a strike was classic!

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