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Thursday Morning Link Fest: Up in Smoke

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 — 7:00am PDT
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With a low chance of precipitation in Vancouver for at least the next ten days, things are getting hot in the city so here’s link fest with a theme (who doesn’t like a good theme?)

Photo © CBC

There was a 3 alarm fire in New Westminster yesterday over at the old Woodland’s site [News1130] and apparently smoke from the blaze could cause health concerns [CBC].

That Jackass Mountain fire is pretty much contained, however wildfires continue to plague California so BC has sent down some water bombers to help with Big Sur (although that’s not as fun to say as Jackass).

Dan’s got a quick post up about (what appears to be) a historic farm along Highway 99 that went up in flames the other day.

Photo credit: Dan Lilly on Flickr

Speaking of fiery fury, Rogers decided to appease those are pining after iPhones by announcing a 6gb data plan for $30 until August 31st [Hell Froze Over – John Biehler].

Now this doesn’t have to do with fire but it stinks just as bad as when that one guy at the campsite tosses his styrofoam cup on the open flame for kicks; False Creek’s water quality is pretty much… gross [False Creek Comet].

Fighting fire with fire is pretty bold but fighting cybercrime with a Surrey-based International Cybercrime Research Centre sounds tough too, kinda [Surrey Leader]

And just because it’s very cool and covers so much ground (literally) educate yourself with Derek’s post about East, West and city lines across this region.

Update: There are now reports of a forest fire burning on Bowen Island as well.

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  1. Raul says:

    You know, I also LOVED Derek’s post. He really clearly delineates what’s east and west and the west end, etc. It’s annoying to me when people tell me: “oh you don’t live in in East Van” and I’m like “dude, anything EAST of Quebec IS East Van, like it or not”. Seriously!

  2. Kimm says:

    It sucks about those buildings that burnt down.. This lack of rain isn’t helping either.

    From someone who’s always around the creek as a paddling for years. This the 1st year where I’d rather skip a practice then being around that water. That water has ALWAYS been gross, even with the swatter boats that are gone. I still see things floating in the water.. Yes it’s gross but hopefully Sam and his followers will finally get off their behinds and fix the problem before anyone gets sick and or before the Olympics happen. (yeah right)

  3. Shane Gibson says:

    Before the summer officially started I went in False Creek to fish out my Blackberry (RIP Berry…. now buying that iPhone with the horrid plan). It took my friend who drove me home about 2 weeks to get the “fecal creek” smell out of his car. I was in for less than 5 seconds, those paddlers swallowing it as they race along are brave. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link love Rebecca! That water is just icky!

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