BlogHer 2008: First Impressions

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The following was written by Dr Beth Snow as my official BlogHer 2008 Conference correspondent. You can read more from Beth on her blog: Not To Be Trusted with Knives and she’ll be reporting back here throughout the weekend.

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday evening, in time to meet up with my friend Katie (who I’m staying with), have a quick dinner and then head to the BlogHer Newbie party.

Golden Gate Bridge, as seen from the plane

About SF:

  • I forgot how much I love this city! The adorable houses, crooked little streets, fire alarms out on the street1
  • 900% of the BART ticket taking machines are “out of order”
  • There are *a lot* of shoe stores here. I might end up with some news shoes before the weekend is through!
  • I saw the Golden Gate bridge from the plane!
  • About the BlogHer Newbie Mixer Party:

  • The party was held on the 32nd floor of the Westin hotel. This provided a gorgeous view of the city to enjoy while you meet new people.
  • Open bar, and a bartender who was *very* heavy handed with the rum. As in my “rum and diet Pepsi” should have been called a “rum and rum and rum and rum and diet Pepsi.”
  • I met an interesting variety of people and have a huge pile of business cards with blogs I need to check out. It’s an interesting experience to have someone ask for your phone number/email address, but they aren’t trying to pick you up.
  • I’m the only female left on planet Earth without children. There’s a lot of Mommy bloggers, but even people I met who aren’t Mommy bloggers still all seem to be moms.
  • I got a lot of compliments on my “Bloggable” shirt (yay Northern Voice!) and on my Zazzle cards.
  • 11 These, apparently, are a relic from the 1906 earthquake, when much of the city burnt down. But I can’t help but wonder when I see those how one is supposed to react when someone pulls the outdoor fire alarm – “Quick! Everyone get more outside!”

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