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Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Matthew Good Demo Screening Auction

Sunday, July 27th, 2008 — 11:00am PDT
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I was having a hard time trying to find a prize or a little bonus that I could offer up to those who have pledged or donated but it wasn’t until I published “M” is for Matthew Good that I got more than anyone could ask.

Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr

To go out with a bang for Blogathon Vancouver 2008, I’d like to announce that Matthew Good has offered up the experience of a lifetime for one lucky fan who has been following our Blogathon effort for the Union Gospel Mission.

Here’s what you will win:

  • The opportunity to hang out with Matthew Good at an exclusive private meetup1
  • A listening session of the demos for the next record, Vancouver
    Demos include: 1. The Vancouver National Anthem, 2. The Boy Who Could Explode, 3. Us Remains Impossible, 4. On Nights Like Tonight, 5. Volcanoes, 6. A Silent Army In The Trees, 7. Fought To Fight It, 8. Empty’s Theme Park
  • That’s right – you could be one of the first people to hear the new album!
  • Leave a comment on this blog post with your bid (just like an auction). The minimum bid to start is $200 and this will be open until Tuesday July 29th at 12:00pm PT.

    Once reviewed, the person with the highest bid will be notified and asked to donate their bid to the Union Gospel Mission – the cause that Duane and I have been supporting all weekend with our combined 48 hour effort during Blogathon.

    With this incentive we are hoping to raise even more for the UGM. Big thanks to Matt for doing this and to Duane as well as NearFantastica for helping to get the word out. Good luck everyone and thank you for your support so far!

    Update July 29, 2008: Jane Smith from the UK has bid $4,000 and once her donation is complete, she will be the winner of the Matthew Good meetup prize.

    Jane had this to say: “I’d like to dedicate this donation to all the wonderful people over at but specially for the man who, through his insight and vision has helped me to open my eyes and whose achingly beautiful music has torn apart and mended my heart more times than I can remember.”

    Thank you to everyone for their interest as this truly supported a great cause for Metro Vancouver – the Union Gospel Mission.

    1 This specifically includes the opportunity to meet Matthew and attend the screening of the demos – the winner be responsible for their own travel costs.

    Blogathon Post #49 – Read all Blogathon Posts and pledge to keep me going.

    Current contests on


    1. Jenny says:

      That’s an awesome prize, although $200+ is a bit steep for me I imagine family wouldn’t qualify anyway. But we have made a donation anyway. Keep up the good work!

    2. That is very nice of him. Hope you get some bites, and most importantly raise some dough for a good cause.

      Thanks again to you Rebecca for planning this little shindig.

    3. Hez says:

      Good on ya, Rebecca! I’m sure you’ll get a great response to this auction. UGM is a terrific organization and I’m so glad they’re the beneficiaries of your Blogathon efforts. Now get some rest!

    4. Kevan G. says:

      What a fantastic incentive. Matt & Rebecca, thanks so much for making this possible. I’m excited to see how this turns out!

    5. […] recently announced on, Matthew is going to be holding a special private screening of the demo tracks for the new album […]

    6. Rob says:

      Where do we place bids?

    7. Miss604 says:

      @ Rob – bids go right here in the comments of this post

    8. Jean-Paul Gautreau says:

      I will bid 300.00… for the cause and the fact that I’m a huge fan.

    9. […] Upon hearing of this effort and cause, Matthew Good offered up a once-in-a-lifetime prize. Here’s what you will win: – The opportunity to hang out with Canadian singer/songwriter Matthew Good at an exclusive private […]

    10. Ryan says:

      I live in if I happen to be the lucky winner, when would this preview take place??

      Also.. would I need to send a cheque to the mission?? or bring it with me?

      Hope I get a speedy response, I would love for the opportunity to meet Matt, and also help a worthy cause.

      Many thanks


    11. Miss604 says:

      @ Ryan – We’re working out the details on the date. As for the donation you’d simply have to enter your pledge here in the comments and if you’re confirmed as the winner you can donate online with a credit card or paypal then supply proof by way of the confirmation email the UGM will send you. If you do not have a credit card or paypal account we can work something else out.

      Will get back to you soon about the timing. Thanks!

    12. Ryan says:

      im in for $325

    13. Tony.Shucraft says:

      okay, is there any requirements in all of this as to where the person is fromm? I am from the US, and I would love to help and get this chance, but obviously there would be some obstacles so if I cannot enter into this, then by all means fine. Plus the exchange rate is also worth thinking about, as I don’t know how much a Canadian dollar is compared to a US dollar.

    14. Miss604 says:

      @ Tony – There is an online donation page for the Union Gospel Mission so if your bid was the winner you should be able to complete the deal that way. There are no travel restrictions but as mentioned above, this prize only includes the meetup and screening – you would be responsible for your own travel/transport/accommodation etc.

    15. Ryan says:

      canadian dollar is about $0.98 right now.. almost even..

    16. Dave says:

      Im in for $500 cdn.

    17. Dan Solo says:

      My wife is going to kill me, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m in for $800.

    18. Dave says:

      $850 for this great cause and terrific experience.

    19. Matt says:

      Well my wife and I are definately willing to put up a good chunk of CDN $$ for this auction, but would really like to know the location or at least “Province” :)?

      We already saw Matt at a couple of private gigs, one at The BEar radio station in Ottawa which was a contest we won, another was a small show he played for free, and first people to get there basically at Zaphod’s in Ottawa years back.

      So hopefully with some more information we can see him for this private show as well! 🙂

    20. Miss604 says:

      @ Matt – More than likely at his place in Vancouver, BC and much more private/exclusive than a radio station show as you’ll just be hanging out and listening to his new tunes with him and some of his friends.

    21. Miss604 says:

      @ Keira – Unless you were planning on leaving me date-less that evening… hmmf

    22. fotoeins says:

      @KA,RB : you ladies slay me. 😉

    23. Jane Belinda Smith says:

      My bid is $4000. :0)

    24. Adrian says:

      $1000, but I’m sure somebody will want to pay more than that

    25. Jane Belinda Smith says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean to double post – forgot about the mods… ;0) Great charity, BTW.

    26. Phaedra says:

      Its great to see people donating to such a worthy cause, and for a chance to meet Matt and listen to the new album. Win-win situation all around. Fantastic work on the blogathon Rebecca!

    27. Dave Thorpe says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Just curious.
      when will the actual “listening session with Matt” event take place please?
      Is there a set date or is it to be determined? Rough timeframe?
      Also what will be the duration of the event?
      I plan to up the ante!

      Thanks so much,

    28. Kristy says:

      How exciting! What a great thing for Matt to offer up.. you are 100% correct when you say he is a standup guy!

      I hope you get more than you expect for UGM! Best of Luck!

    29. Ariane says:

      Dang it…if only I hadn’t just gone freelance! Maybe next time, after I’ve toiled and earned my big bucks$$$ 😉 Big props to you and MG for setting this up, you guys are rad!

    30. Wow, great idea! Wish I could participate in this, as it sounds like a really awesome experience to bid on. Unfortunately, after the blogathon, I’m well over my budget for charity this year. 🙁

      Best of luck to the auction participants!

    31. […] you have a unique opportunity to make a difference, and win a private experience / session for one lucky Matthew Good fan who has been following Rebecca’s Blogathon effort for the Union Gospel Mission. The auction […]

    32. Jane Belinda Smith says:

      Still hanging on in here @ $4000. Just been reading up on the charity; great stuff. It’s amazing how we take a warm bed and a decent pair of shoes for granted. Well done guys. :0)

    33. Duane Storey says:

      @Dave Thorpe – Hi Dave. I think Rebecca’s off fighting crime somewhere right now, so I’ll chime in. No official word on the date, but I imagine it could be anytime after the auction when everyone’s schedule lines up and Matt’s not on tour.

      In terms of the duration, it would probably be similar in length to the living room show that happened a few years ago. That is, it will probably be a few hours — which includes time to listen to the new album and mingle a bit.

    34. Great work on the Blogathon – and what a killer prize you’ve wrangled up! Best of luck!

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    37. […] For months now Keira has been fundraising for this very worthy organization and Matt (who helped Duane and I with the Blogathon) also backed the fundraising effort with updates on his website. If you’re a routine visitor, I […]

    38. […] a local charity of their choice.  What I was happy to see is that Matthew Good got on board and donated a signed CD and some of his time which in the end helped raise $4000. […]

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