Wednesday Morning Link Fest: Rooting Out Evil

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Welcome to Wednesday, the day before the day before Friday…. yes! Here’s what’s making headlines around Vancouver and the blogosphere:

– Today is National Clean Air Day. Here’s a list of what you can do to contribute and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

– Meanwhile, GM is reconsidering the Hummer brand.

Photo credit: Kris Krug on Flickr – View his entire FU H2 set

– Come September, High Schools in BC will have a junk food ban in effect. I know in Junior High our cafeteria sold cookies for a quarter… I have no idea what else was on the menu. In Senior High everyone’s favourite was the fries n’ gravy for $1. Vending machines were located directly outside the gym so Powerade and Doritos were the popular post-practice snack.

– Since Jim Hughson has moved on from Sportsnet to CBC for hockey coverage, it was announced yesterday that radio play-by-play announcer John Shorthouse will be taking his place on the small screen.

Photo credit: Tripleman on Flickr

– The Device to Root our Evil is no longer located at the foot of Broughton Street in Harbour Green Park. “In one of the more notable, myopic and politically correct blunders in memory, the Park Board has managed to lose an internationally recognized piece of public art.” – [Vancouver Sun]. The sculpture of the upside-down church received many complaints for being blasphemous, “…An even smaller group of condo owners in Coal Harbour thought the six-metre sculpture blocked their view.” After one final blow, it has now been dismantled and will head over the Rockies to be displayed in Calgary.

– The Stanley Park Ecology Society is looking for EcoRangers to lead tours and assist visitors to the park this summer.

Finally, our friend DaveO was on The Lab with Leo and his episode recently aired. It features one of my personal favourite works of Dave’s, The Pig Express and takes a journey along his publishing past while giving some great shout outs to Surrey.

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  1. reddknightWednesday, June 4th, 2008 — 9:12am PDT

    I love the FU H2!
    In my totally nonscientific study I have noticed that people who bought Hummers and now whine about gas prices also want to be bailed out from their adjustable rate mortgages. I have zero sympathy.

  2. TawcanWednesday, June 4th, 2008 — 9:34am PDT

    Gas is $1.393 this morning. Yesterday I saw a massive Hummer driving in front of me and it made me wonder how much it costs to drive 1 km on a Hummer.

    I don’t know why ppl complain about the Device to Root our Evil. I think it’s a really cool structure and adds characters in the already boring area of Coal Harbour.

  3. Danny DangWednesday, June 4th, 2008 — 10:08am PDT

    Even though the the Device to Root our Evil was so controversial, Vancouver shouldn’t have given it up to Calgary! Isn’t art suppose to bring out conversation and controversy? Blocked view of Condo owners?? Did someone on a the ground floor complain?

  4. mizztissaWednesday, June 4th, 2008 — 10:32am PDT

    Re: Hummer
    The photo says it all.

    Hey GM, consider that!

  5. zonaWednesday, June 4th, 2008 — 11:10am PDT

    tossing a sculpture at Calgary are ya? A statue of Pancho Villa was created and was to be set up in Hermosillo, Sonora until the populace said “ni cagando” which is Mexican for no effing way. That statue is now in downtown Tucson even though most of us said WTF?

  6. RaulFriday, June 6th, 2008 — 12:24am PDT

    @ Zona – I am seriously impressed with your Mexican 😉 (and I’m not kidding! Few non-native Spanish speakers would know that phrase!)

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