Monday Morning Link Fest: Campfire Edition

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went more than two days without being “connected”. Even when I’ve talked about unplugging from the Matrix we still manage to find wifi at a hotel, in the condo’s common room, or at a highway rest stop. With nothing but giant Cedars, cascading raindrops and paper thin skipping stones surrounding me up at the lake since Thursday, my inbox and feeds are telling me this morning warrants a link fest.

Rare Appearance by the Sun

– First off, my photos from the weekend can be found in my set, John Biehler has his in a set, and my husband John has uploaded his as well.

– I decided to post this video by Duane instead of the one where I fail chopping wood.

– Tuesday June 10th is Nat and Drew’s Free Rice Day. At 11:00am PT people are encouraged to log on to “Take four minutes, play a word game, and help feed the hungry. The more words you get right – the more grains of rice are donated by corporate sponsors to the United Nations World Food Program.”

– Want to follow all the Euro action? Jeffrey’s got a Vancouver TV guide to the game schedule over on Metblogs.

YouTube has added video annotations, click here to see how they work and to play an interactive shell game.

CoverItLive has added a new “branding” feature for its live blogs, as well as an iPhone viewer and intelligent live picture posting. I’ll have to give it another shot with these fancy new tools in place, who knows, after writing a third one maybe I’ll finally make their “recent reviews” section.

Why and how Duane had an XP sticker on the bottom of his sock is beyond us.
Photo credit: John Beihler on Flickr

– Weblog Tools Collection is hosting a WordPress Plugin Competition. Prizes have recently been announced but you can still throw something in the ring to give the winner once determined.

Seeing as how I made us all lanyards for camping this weekend, it’s only fitting that I end with The Nerd Handbook which includes tips like, “Understand your nerd’s relation to the computer,” “Your nerd loves toys and puzzles,” Your nerd has an amazing appetite for information,” “Your nerd has built an annoyingly efficient relevancy engine in his head,” “Your nerd might come off as not liking people,” and “Your nerd is f**king funny.”

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  1. Tyler IngramMonday, June 9th, 2008 — 6:32am PDT

    It’s because Duane secretly loves Windows and couldn’t be away from it for so long! (why he had the sticker on his sock) Where abouts did you guys go for camping? Looks pretty nice to have water (lake?) near by.

  2. KeithMonday, June 9th, 2008 — 7:00am PDT

    Rebecca…my bad. How could i have ignored someone with such a cool site name? I’ll get your review up asap.

  3. phaedraMonday, June 9th, 2008 — 7:52am PDT

    Looks like your camping trip was awesome, complete with nice weather AND campfire natchos. Yummy and fun!

  4. Miss604Monday, June 9th, 2008 — 11:43am PDT

    Thanks Keith… I think

  5. colleenTuesday, June 10th, 2008 — 11:39pm PDT

    sigh. i’m fancy, but not fancy enough for drunk camp. i so woulda been into that. 🙁

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