Matthew Good Concert Ticket Auction

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 — 4:00am PDT
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Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Jennie Roth in Vegas when we both attended Matt’s private birthday show.

Jennie Roth and Me... doing a toothy smile!

A Pittsburgh girl who has become involved in the local social media scene, Jennie is helping to organize PodCamp Pittsburgh this fall. Over the last year she’s made her way to Vancouver for visits and even attended Northern Voice in February. She bought tickets to Matt’s concert June 26th in anticipation of returning to our fair city but unfortunately plans fell through. I caught wind of the situation and once I contacted Jennie she had the following suggestion regarding her already-purchased tickets for the show.

We’re going to have a “silent” auction on my blog – on this blog post – in the comments. If you would like Jennie’s seats for Matthew Good‘s full band concert in Vancouver June 26th (that’s next Thursday) simply leave your “bid” in the comments.

Photo credit: Washed on Flickr

But wait, you didn’t think we’d actually try to profit from this situation, eh? Jennie has decided that the person with the highest bid will get the tickets as long as they donate that bid to the non-profit of their choice. Tickets for the winner, money for a good cause. Thanks Jennie!

*For bidding reference the tickets are $39.50 + tax

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