Monday Morning Link Fest: Outdoors Edition

Monday, May 19th, 2008 — 10:39am PDT
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I got a text message from Brad yesterday saying he had been woken up at 5:00am in his campground at Manning Park due to an evacuation notice. Apparently the warm temperatures have cause a quick-thaw and the rivers are buckling over their shores and causing flooding. If you have a look at the video John and I shot of the snow-covered Manning Park just a few weeks ago and combine that with 25 degrees and sunshine you can see how this would happen.

Here are a few more updates from the world outside this weekend:

– Highway 1 near Revelstoke is still closed due to increasing mud flows. [News1130]

Where Vancouver Began – Photo credit: Buzz Bishop on Flickr

– A Black Bear was spotted in East Vancouver, after swimming across the inlet. [News1130] I think he was either trying to head to my recommended New Brighton Outdoor Pool, or over to the PNE to ride the Enterprise.

– The Othello Tunnels were closed but have now reopened after upgrades to trails and public safety related work. [Gov.BC]

– On a more somber note, Sunnyside Campground at Cultus Lake is now a crime scene after a fight broke out among drunken partygoers leaving a 19 year old boy dead. [News1130]

I hope everyone is careful if they’re riding back into town tonight. Drive safe and be patient because really, all you have to be back for is work tomorrow, eh.

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  1. DaveO says:

    Wow, so much chaos this weekend – i had no idea. I enjoyed a sublimely pleasant time in a blissful and free campground on a raging river without reservations (usually anathema on a 3-day-er) and experienced no fights, floods, fees or mishaps while completing the Coast Cariboo Circuit route. Other highlights included fire broiled chicken breast, roasted yams and a bottle of Pinot Noir followed by more Old Style Pilsner while sun goes down in beautiful BC.

    Now catching up on all the missed hockey games! Thank you Tivo.

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