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Apple Store in Pacific Centre Vancouver's New Meet Market

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 — 4:04pm PDT
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Photo credit: Paul Hillsdon on Flickr

At 10:00am on May 24th, 2008 Vancouver’s first Apple Store will open its doors in Pacific Centre.

More info:

Grand Opening Pacific Centre
Apple Store Grand Opening May 34
Apple Store Opening May 24 Pacific Centre
Apple Store Vancouver to Open May 24
H&M Vancouver and the Apple Store, A Match Made in Heaven
Odds and Ends, Apple Store in Vancouver

No more ordering online, going to Future Shop where the service is less than impressive and no more driving down to Alderwood Mall to check out the latest gadgets and to oggle the geeks at the Genius Bar. Vancouver now has its very own place for Mac fan boys and girls, months earlier than expected.

On a related note, did you know that an Apple Store is one of the top places for ladies to meet the men of their dreams? No lie. The funny thing is, I didn’t read about this article in Cosmo myself, I was passed the link by a group of Vancouver’s techies this afternoon.

Hot spot: The Apple store
The draw: Most guys are natural gadget lovers, and with sales of iPods and MacBooks skyrocketing, more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques. The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too: You can check your email among cuties, take a free workshop on anything from Photoshop to podcasting (a great opportunity to strike up a conversation), or just survey the, ahem, good-looking merchandise. (Cosmo / via: Mac.Blorge)

So while the ladies (or men) are next door at H&M picking out that outfit for clubbing on Granville later that evening keep in mind, you may not even make it as far as the bar. Mosey over to the Apple Store to check out the geeky eye candy at a workshop, the Genius bar, to book some one to one time or talk about the trouble you could get into at AppleCamp.

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  1. Simon Koldyk says:

    Just got the email, first 1000 people get a t-shirt too.

  2. […] by now everyone and their dog has blogged this, but I’ll jump on the band wagon as well. Rebecca just pinged me on iChat and told me about the opening of the new Apple store this Saturday. To be […]

  3. HEH! Now there’s a good idea… Forget the produce section of Urban Fare, I’m heading to the Apple store! (Can’t wait for the 3G iPhone…) Maybe I’ll finally splurge and get an AIR? Hmmm. I don’t *really* need another laptop, but hey, maybe it’s the ticket to a new man in my life, too!? 😀

  4. Jack says:

    Depends which side of this utterly pointless argument you fall on:

  5. […] not the only excited local blogger.  See some posts today from DuaneStory and Miss604 (via the twittersphere of […]

  6. Raul says:

    Ok… fine! I will go to the opening. I *might* even consider getting into debt and buying a Mac laptop… OMG! My geekification is definitely well underway. Can you believe it? I *AM* thinking of going Mac!!!! There is no turning back, I have converted to geekdom.

  7. tj mac says:

    I was there, and if I wasn’t married, boy-howdy!! I got lotsa pics and vids of the grand opening. Did I mention I didn’t sleep the night before out of excitement and needing to be up at 5:30 am?


  8. […] a lot of people who went and/or have previewed it (like Derek, and Duane for example). Hat tips to Miss604 (Rebecca) who has a stellar roundup of links to blogs who have talked about the …. Because she’s awesome like […]

  9. Thanks for the link love.

    I like the term geekification. Had heard of geek, geekdom, and geekery, but this helps complete the set.


  10. Ferry to the New Vancouver Apple Store?…

    The email’s subject read “Grand Opening: The Apple Store, Pacific Centre.” and there is a prominent Get Directions button, but I’m not sure they would have sent it to me if they had considered where I live (if it was a person ma…

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