Tuesday Afternoon Link Fest: Random BBQ Edition

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I think I’ve been seeing “BBQ” more times daily in the last week then I have over the last five summers. All those lucky folks down at SXSW are eating their fair share of roasted meats and goodies… I hear even for breakfast.

Photo Credit: John Biehler on Flickr
  • I’ve signed up for SocialThing thanks to TrevorO. I’m not sure what it does, aside from organize multiple social networking sites.
  • Thoughts from a SXSW first-timer. [MapleLeaf 2.0]
  • The Canadian’s party at SXSW, “SxNW” hosted by my pals at Raincity Studios was apparently THE party of SXSWi.
  • According to sources, Strutta is a hot topic and being very well received at SXSW.
  • Joey deVilla will from now on be known as “Accordion Guy”
  • Non-SXSW in case you’re sick of hearing about it:

  • There’s some fun looking, open-air cooked meats in Maktaaq’s post about her home country of Romania – it’s actually quite an interesting read as she’s pretty much the only person I know who is from there.
  • And to show how poor my taste is… onto the potty talk: The washroom features that have been the reason the Cactus Club was voted “best restrooms in town” numerous times are front page news this morning. Despite having the nifty auto-seat covers and floor flush buttons and no-touch soap dispensers, you still have to open the restroom door by touching the handle, ick.
  • Jim Hughson signs for six years full time with the CBC (leaving Sportsnet Pacific), meanwhile Morrison is back in the Canucks line up and bandwagon jumpers must be getting really tired.
  • And just because some people are still not aware, my husband has a blog and a new URL. He’s been doing this longer than I have, and I think it’s pretty great.

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    1. Sean OrrTuesday, March 11th, 2008 — 10:41pm PDT

      I shit you not I came up with the idea for a site that organizes all your social networking stuff, and I even started the topic on Firefox forums. Bah. If only I actually knew how to do stuff. Instead of criticize other people for doing stuff. PS invite me!

    2. Kyle R EztonWednesday, March 12th, 2008 — 2:22pm PDT

      Of course your source says that Strutta is being well received, when the source is the Strutta PR Machine. Would you expect them to say anything else?

      This brings to mind a rant I’ve been meaning to make about the self-congratulation and mutual back patting that seems to go on with Web2.whatever companies. They all seem very keen to say how excellent and hip each other’s ideas are, but in reality the average person thinks that 90% of these companies are just wasted HTML. It’s like they all live in this Pleasantville-esque bubble where no idea is bad and people will definitely want to use their service because they are “leveraging new media” or “blah blah social networking blah blah”.

      I just hate being marketed to. So when I see all these companies desperately trying to get their name out there with so called next gen marketing techniques like memes, blogs, astro, new-media, etc. I want to burn the Internet down.

      There is no point to any of the above.


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