Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 — 2:24pm PST
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I’m sorry Moo, I always thought you were cool. I jumped at the chance to order you during your inaugural Flickr/Moo love promotion two years ago and I’ve been pleased to exchange your cards ever since. This time however, I’m not so sure I feel the same glee and excitement as everyone else.

Moo, FTL :-(

First of all, I received confirmation that my cards were in the mail on February 6th, given the estimated arrival time of 5-7 days, the four weeks they’ve taken to get here is somewhat disappointing. I know that sometimes Canada Post is not the most reliable carrier, but some warning about a backlog would have been nice in the least (if such was the case).

You’ve also let me down in the quality department. I decided to use my logo and profile image from Flickr and I have to say, I could print out better cards on my Brother MFC. They’re grainy, spotty, and the colour is even off. It looks as though I have a dusty halo around my head in the profile logo, giving the depiction of myself a “Pigpen” effect and that’s not so hot, Moo.

icky close up (view largest image if possible)

Finally, upon receiving the note in my mailbox to pick up my parcel from the Post Office I arrived this afternoon to be told I had to pay $9.23 in customs charges. The package had already been opened by customs to boot.

Customs for Moo

Not only have I been waiting an extended period of time for these little cards, they look awful, and have cost me close to $50 (fabulous pink case included). I’m sorry Moo, next time I might have to find another option for my mini-card needs.

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  1. John Biehler says:

    Bummer they didn’t turn out as well as you wanted…You can get them to redo them…there is a little shipping label sticker with some details inside.

    I suspect that someone from Moo will get your ping and be in touch…they are pretty cool that way.

    Also, like I said on Twitter, you should be able to get the duty/taxes back since it seems the shipping put it over your $50 daily limit..I’ve successfully appealed this before on ebay purchases. There should be an appeal form on the back of the customs document you got with it.

  2. Sean Hagen says:

    Well that sucks. And here I was looking forwards to my Moo cards that I got printed using two of my Flickr photos.

  3. Miss604 says:

    Yeah I linked the Moo blog and I know they look at trackbacks. I don’t hate them, I’m just pretty disappointed since everyone is so pleased with theirs ๐Ÿ™

  4. gusgreeper says:

    i’ve decided that what they do is auto send you the dispatch email. i’ve decided when you order they set the *email* to reach you that day even though they are not done or shipped.
    I also noticed there was NO SHIPPING DATE on my packaging.

    I’m happy with the front of my cards, but not the back. the color is NOT green like the green you know i love but more of a teal color.

  5. Simon Koldyk says:

    Weird, the only problem I’ve ever had with Moo is Canada post lost one of the orders; but, they just send me a new one. Photo quality has always been great.

  6. gusgreeper says:

    holy s$*t your comments come in fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. GZ Expat says:

    How on earth can the govt charge you customs duties on that? Who are they protecting? You should take the whole lot back to Customs and say, ‘Here…I don’t want it…Gimme my $9.23 back.’

  8. Loxy says:

    One of my sets turned out bad and I messaged them and they sent me a new fixed set immediately.

    One of my sticker sets was taking really long to get here, so I messaged them and I got both sets at the same time.

    My self portrait never looked like that on the back…always crisp.

  9. Miss604 says:

    Yeah I think I may just send them back.

  10. Interesting final few words there

    next time I might have to find another option for my mini-card needs

    Of course I’m a grumpy old man whereas you’re a young woman, but I personally can’t imagine ever having mini-card needs. What does it feel like?

  11. Tyler Ingram says:

    That does suck about the quality. Do they normally check them prior to going out?

    I was thinking about using them, but I’ll see how they deal with your complaint first!

  12. Chris says:

    I find it somewhat interesting that your post is on the front page of Moo’s blog as “See What Others Are Saying” so I figure John’s right. Someone is gonna get in touch.

    I am curious as to your need to pay duty though. What did it get classified as? Not that I’m an expert, but the declared value of the item (which shouldn’t have included the shipping) comes through as duty/tax free normally unless the item itself isn’t duty free.

  13. Miss604 says:

    It’s a CBSA Postal Import Form

    Duty: $0
    GST: $1.76
    PST: $2.47
    Handling Fee: $5.00

    It was opened by the Canada Border Agency (I’ll put another photo up)

  14. Mark says:

    Hey, apart from quality, don’t be too hard on Moo Rebecca. I ordered a book from the UK at the end of Jan, it turned up yesterday. I posted a gift to someone in the UK at the beginning of Feb and it hasn’t arrived yet.

    The post between our countries is at best variable, at worst totally unreliable.

    That’s progress!

  15. Gregg says:

    I was going to comment on the duty, but then saw you posted it near the bottom… I fully expected that you didn’t pay any duty but instead paid a little tax plus the $5.00 fee for collecting that tax. I’ve been hit with that one a couple of times lately, not much you can do about that one since you didn’t actually pay duty. It seems the government has become greedy as of late and wants there taxes even if it’s a very small amount. Probably has to do with the fact that technically you are always supposed to send the taxes in yourself, but no one does. I guess customs said to them that they couldn’t possibly start collecting taxes from all these people without some money to cover the huge costs; thus the $5 fee.

    In fact, with NAFTA I don’t think you’d have to pay duty even if you ordered hundreds of dollars worth, because these are made in the US. But if the government decides it wants taxes… not much that can be done. Collecting the taxes on such small purchases seems like a new thing in the past year or so, and due to it I’ve gotten my last three purchases shipped to Sumas, WA and I pop across and pick them up (can save a lot on shipping too).

  16. zona says:

    tax tax handling fee. thanks for playing!

  17. Chris says:

    I didn’t know of the handling fee, which is why I thought you had paid duty on the cards. I’d like to say it’s odd that you would pay for in handling than the tax payment that was collected, but then we are talking about a government agency.

  18. Mostly Lisa says:

    boo! funny thing is i was just about to order my very own moo cards! thanks for the warning. uber bummarama.

  19. Pamela says:

    I ordered mine last week…I hope they turn out! I’m sorry about yours! That would totally put me in a bad mood. Let me know if you find another place to get something similar done!

  20. Christian says:

    Had a similar quality issue. A second order differed a lot color-wise from the first one (same pics via flickr). I sent it back but they couldn’t really fix it. I believe they changed their printers some times ago.

    And yeah, Canadian customs sucks…

  21. Duane says:

    I have a notice that there’s a package waiting for me with a $22 duty charge. I’m going to be upset if it’s a $22 duty on Moo cards.

  22. […] (assuming I have a photo of me on one), I’m not sure I’d order from those guys again. Rebecca had some interesting things to say about her cards as […]

  23. I had a good experience with my MOO cards, but that was back in Dec 2006/Jan 2007. It sounds like they have made some poor choices in printing and shipping since then — and given how many complaints I’ve seen just locally, they’d better get their act in gear or they won’t be in business long.

  24. Lisa says:

    I’m beyond pissed with them right now. The first time I ordered last April/May, it took almost THREE months to get to me. But I shrugged it off thinking it was probably my fault for getting regular mail.

    I ordered last Monday and paid $59(!!!!) for 2-3 days delivery. The 3rd day is TOMORROW and my order is still stuck in London because they DHL says the paperwork they filed was incomplete. I am seething mad. If my order isn’t here by Friday, I swear I’m never ordering there again.

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