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Northern Voice: Staying Connected

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 — 11:20am PDT
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Are you going to miss out on Northern Voice? Are you going but don’t know many other folks or do you just want to stay on top of any and all blog posts and updates about the event? Then you need to check out the following:

Blog posts: Use anything from “northernvoice” or “nv08” to tag or categorize your blog posts, but whatever you do be sure to submit your feed (one blog feed only) for the hyper-mega Northern Voice feed on Jaiku.

Jaiku: Northern Voice Channel is

Twemes: This is a mashup of a Twitter meme. If you’re going to Twitter about Northern Voice, then be sure to include #northernvoice in your message. That way people can follow along on Twemes.

Flickr: Official tags for the conference are “northernvoice” and more specifically, “nv08“.

Tonight is the kick-off dinner at the Tiki Lounge (which has sold out) and MooseCamp starts tomorrow bright and early with a special track for beginners called Internet Bootcamp.

Photo Credit: black_siren on Flickr

John (of the brand new, RadioZoom and The Crazy Canucks) will be leading Podcasting 101 at 11:15am on Friday if you’d like to learn some of the very basic ins and outs of podcasting. I’ll also be a volunteer during the day (Friday only) so find me if you need any help with anything like tagging, schedules, washroom locations etc.

Stay tuned for the next three days as I’ll be posting updates, links and photos (tagged NV08) throughout the conference.

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