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Northern Voice Preview: Sports Blogging and Podcasting

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 — 9:31am PDT
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Starting today I’m pretty much going to be running around the city, tethered to my laptop for the next week. Tomorrow is the kick off dinner for Northern Voice and Friday’s MooseCamp (with Internet Bootcamp for beginners) is when it all begins. I’m involved in a voluntary capacity on Friday and have also been asked to participate in a WordPress session, which should be pretty cool since it is something that I adore. The more structured conference on Saturday will feature keynote Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, along with a scheduled packed full of talented and interesting characters and topics.

My co-hosts from The Crazy Canucks podcast have allowed me to toss their names in the ring and we’ve scored a coveted conference time slot on Saturday afternoon (2:15 – 2:55). At the tail end of our last episode I asked each of my co-hosts to say a ‘quick something’ about their blog:

These are 4 individuals who all have different levels of technical knowledge, different blogs or podcasts but we all share one thing – our love for hockey and the Canucks. During our session we’ll simply be exploring the basics (how to start a sports blog), some of the philosophies (how do you keep it going, get an audience, deal with heckler Oilers fans or feel about being “outsiders” of the organizations), and lastly some of the more technical aspects (how do we all come together and record a podcast from all corners of the country) followed by Q&A.

During our same time slot my meetup and conference pal Phillip Jeffrey will be leading Facebook 101, and Kris Krug will host The Other Side of Two Dimensions. I think that our topics are diverse enough that we should all get a good audience.

Anyone interested in sports blogging, writing about their team, for another team, learning some ins and outs of group blogging or podcasting, should definitely check us out – and especially if you’re a fan of JJ’s Canucks Hockey Blog, Alanah’s Canucks and Beyond, Dave’s Canucks Outsider, or John’s podcast producing skills on RadioZoom and TCC.

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  1. […] only will we be speaking on a panel at Northern Voice on Saturday, but watch for The Crazy Canucks podcast members as we record an episode live from GM […]

  2. […] Crazy Canucks will be hosting a “sports blogging and podcasting” panel at this weekend’s Northern Voice. Our session will be during the 2:15 – 2:55 […]

  3. […] in since tomorrow’s another big day (starting with an intro at 9:15am). We’ll be doing our sports blogging and podcasting panel at 14:15 and then heading out after the conference to watch the Canucks spank the Red […]

  4. Archie Hill says:

    i enjoy Podcasting on my desktop PC. it really helps me share my ideas and thoughts over the internet**-

  5. Fire Grate says:

    my cousin loves to podcas all day long, he has this sort of podcas obsession thingy`:`

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