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Northern Voice: PhotoCamp 2008

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 — 1:21pm PDT
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I’ve left room 1003 (missing out on the upcoming Wiki 101, Liveblog 101 – ironically, and Tagging 101). Instead I’m in room 1001 for PhotoCamp. Admittedly the only camera I have on my is on my iPhone but a couple people I know will be leading mini-sessions within PhotoCamp and I know they’ve got some valuable insights to share. Watch for updates throughout the next hour.

afternoon sessions

On a total side note, there’s a blogger meetup tonight for NV’ers and non-NV’ers alike at 6:00pm.

Update: PhotoCamp presenters will be Kris Krug, Rachael Ashe, Derek Miller, Tim Bray, Alex Waterhouse Hayward, Novak Rogic, Duane Storey, Matt Trentacoste, Miranda Lievers and Reilly Lievers.

Update: Rachael Ashe is up first, talking about light painting and prolonged exposure. First, shoot in complete darkness leaving the shutter open, then add your light source candle, flashlight, lamps etc.) for all the cool effects (see examples here).

Next up is Tim Bray talking about pocket cameras – the fun and practicality of not just walking around with a high-end SLR, but having something small with which you can just point and shoot quality photos.

Update: Alex follows with a topic about photographing nudes and the concept of shadows and contrasts.

Photo Credit: superNova K on Flickr

Novak’s got the next slot, talking about making ‘photographic mini-planets’, I just realized I’ve seen his photos around the Vancouver Flickr’sphere before. The trick to making one of these is to grab several panoramics with a steady camera on a tripod. Post-capture, use a program called Autostitch (for Windows) and also Photojojo. From the audience there’s a comment that there is a version of Autostitch for OSX called Doublestitch.

Update: The DUANIAC is next and he’ll be talking about selling photos using Smugmug.

Miranda is now speaking about the simple portrait: shooting down in soft window light, stressing that the light is the most important element when taking a photo of a person. Base your location on that light source.

PANIC While trying to save my post I got a strange WordPress error re: snoopy.php so after some sleuthing I found out it’s a problem with the Google Sitemaps plugin I had installed upon recommendation. The plugin has been deactivated now so I’m hoping I can now save.

Okay back to Miranda talking about different types of light that can be used ie. sunshine, lamps and urban light and also how to adjust your subject to compensate for shadows.

Update: Miranda’s other half, Reilly is now talking about the opposite: modified light (see his notes here) like off-camera flashes, flashlights, video lights etc.

Derek Miller is the last presenter of the day with depth of field shots by manipulating aperture. (I’m just happy to see Derek @ Northern Voice this year… and I’m not photographer enough to comprehend all the f-stop stuff). He’s got a cool shot up of a guitar fret board… searching his Flickr stream for it now… found it! He’s also got a tip on how to post a Flickr set onto your blog so all the little photos within display in neat little cubes – like how they look when you’re looking at the set in Flickr. Simply right click, view source, find the code where the photo thumbnails are located, and past that into your blog post – tada!

Update: Whoops, I was wrong. Matt Trent is the last to present at PhotoCamp2008 referencing the digital sensor, photoshop, and how they help out the black & white photo.

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    Weird. I’ve been using it for a month now with no problems. I found this about it:

    It seems that just unchecking the boxes in the “Update notifications” section of the plugins’ options page solves the issue without requiring to uninstall the plugin.

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    Awesome. I reactivated and unchecked, I believe the issue was with – stupid… *grumble*

  3. Nick says:

    Keep those postings coming! Unfortunately someone didn’t buy their ticket on time this year and so I’m living northern voice through you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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