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Thursday Morning Link Fest: Island Girl Edition

Thursday, January 31st, 2008 — 7:18am PDT
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Tonight, I will be one with the Island. I’m not sure what that means but it has something to do with a girl, her mom, and her puppy that keeps threatening to lick my nose.

Mount Washington – Photo credit: Keira on Flickr
  • ID now required to enter the United States, “saying your citizenship isn’t good enough”. [The Province] Um… uh, hasn’t it been like this for years?! I’m not sure what the “changes” are here. Seriously. You always needed license plus birth certificate or passport, or something like that, didn’t you?
  • As industrial land becomes a rarity in the region (with an acre of such going for over a million bucks in Surrey), the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty will soon free up 134 hectares that were once protected under the Agricultural Land Reserve. [Surrey Leader]
  • We should all Google ourselves regularly. It’s normal, everyone does it. [News1130]
  • Canadian Blog Awards voting ends. They’re going to keep us in suspense and release winners over the next week or so. “Our nerve center of super computers and statisticians are working through the night to bring you results.” – Classic.
  • Counterfeit “Abercrombie & Fitch” clothing in Park Royal yesterday shutdown the mall for four hours. They really do have to pick their battles in West Vancouver, eh. [CKNW]
  • The Vancouver Sun’s got editorials about local history, here’s one about the old BC Penitentiary in New West – (here’s my take on it last year, including cute uniforms).
  • The NHL All Star game started out as a fundraiser for a cause, why not go back to that format? [Audihertz]
  • And the Vancouver Blogger War continues as Duane attempts to stay on top.
  • If you have any links to share, send them my way on, tagged as “for:miss604”.

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    1. Keira-Anne says:

      It’s not so much that she licks your nose as thrusts her tongue way up in it. (I’m referring to Charley, not my mom by the way).

    2. Tyler Ingram says:

      When I used to drive into the US, all we had to say was which city were were from and where were were going and for how long.

      Now it’s mandatory to have your passport or something.. I don’t know, I haven’t driven into the US in years. I’ve been flying in where you do need your passport.

    3. John says:

      Maybe the passport requirement will make the border lineups shorter now.

      My wife and I have used our passports for years to make it faster to get through the border when driving across and it’s always been very fast.

      If all drivers know to use something like that instead of fumbling for other ID, it *should* make for a quicker crossing for everyone in line.

    4. Duane Storey says:

      Don’t trust the Courtney girls. Sleep with one eye open.

    5. Simon says:

      All you needed to say is you were a Canadian or American citizen. No ID is needed, although ID and passport do make it easier it wasn’t required. Soon they will make it so only a passport is allowed; but, some people are working on making BC and other provinces’ drivers licenses work for the U.S.

    6. Amy says:

      Hey! Courtenay girls are the best girls!

    7. Miss604 says:

      It’s funny that it was a “given” that I’d be SLEEPING with a Courtney girl.

      What do you get when you have a Courtney Girl and Surrey Girl…

    8. Amy says:

      …a damn good time?

      …a full memory card of narcissistic photos?

      …all of the above?

    9. […] of it like a dramatic television show with a twist at the end. Anyone who caught the bloggers team snickering at the CBC’s “nerve center” for Test The Nation, has an added appreciation of the unfolding […]

    10. Sapan Behar says:

      A passport has been mandatory since last year if your were flying into the US. The requirement for drivers was announced months ago that it would come into effect in Jan/08.

    11. Chris says:

      The passport requirement is new for people crossing by land, but the border officials say they won’t enforce it for at least another 18 months (CBC).

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