Wednesday Morning Link Fest: Granville, Garbage and Google

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Welcome to this week’s Link Fest. If at any time you happen to have a news item or link you would like to share with me, and you have a account, just tag it “for:miss604” to bring it to my attention.

  • Tonight is the public open house/meeting regarding the proposed redesign of Granville street.

    On Wednesday January 23, 2008 there will be an open house at the Pacific Centre Atrium (Georgia and Howe, 12-1:30 pm and 4:30-7:30 pm) for all interested parties to view approved sketches and get answers to questions with regards to the redesign of Granville street.

    The purpose of the will be to “enhance traffic, pedestrian movement and vitality of Granville from Drake to Cordova”.

  • No Morning Brew this morning. It may have something to do with Jeffery at Metroblogging calling out Sean Orr who’s actually managed to revive Beyond Robson with the most comments I’ve seen there in months. Unfortunately most of them are slandering Sean for a comment he made about ESL students.

  • Photo credit: SqueakyMarmot on Flickr
  • Speaking of dumping on people and things, the Cache Creek landfill (where we truck all our garbage for hours up through the Fraser Canyon) is almost full. Now apparently folks are looking to dump 50% more in Burns Bog. [News1130] Um, yeah the single most important ecological chunk of land in this entire region would be best suited to receive our trash? Why not just toss all the refuse in Stanley Park then? Oh yeah… the tourists… but you know I wouldn’t be surprised…
  • Canada Post doesn’t like this Kitty. [Richmond Review]
  • Today is “Weedless Wednesday”… but they’re talking about cigarettes, right? [News1130]
  • Now, I use Google for everything. Regular searches, image searches, map searches and daily – news item searches. The thing about the “news” search is that it won’t list any blogs up there. You have to specifically select a Google Blog Search – or at least I thought you did.

    Doing a NEWS search for the terms “test the nation” to see if mainstream cared at all that bloggers won a TV trivia game show, the only results pertaining to the correct topic were from Torontoist and BlogTO, two Toronto blogs.

    This makes me wonder what it takes for Google to recognize you as a “news source” and not just a “blog”. Whatever it is, seems like these guys are doing it.

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    1. Daniel QuinnWednesday, January 23rd, 2008 — 8:48am PST

      I can’t speak for BlogTO, but I know that Torontoist operates much like a “real news site” in the sense that they have a reasonably long list of contributors who are repeatedly reminded that Torontoist is a job and not a hobby — granted, and unpaid job, but a job nonetheless.

      They also have a reasonably strong track record of reporting on things happening before the mainstream media catches on. Many of the writers for instance are heavily involved in a number of facets of the community (politics, activism, etc.) and so they are the first people called by regular citizens when they see something happening.

    2. Jeffery SimpsonWednesday, January 23rd, 2008 — 12:17pm PST

      In print it would be libel. That is if it is not an opinion and is not true. Trust me call if you ever write a negative piece about Ernst Zundel in this country you’ll be well aware of the ins and outs of libel law by the time you’re done.

      At Metroblogging things we post in the “News” category gets submitted to Google News for review. The thing is for the most part what we do isn’t news, it’s linking to or commenting on news. None of us act in the capacity of reporter, actually developing the story and talking with people involved. If we developed more actual news stories then we’d be showing up in there more often.

    3. Michael KwanWednesday, January 23rd, 2008 — 3:04pm PST

      The differentiation between “media” or “news” and a “blogger” is really starting to show everywhere. I recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and they gave out different badges to “bloggers” and “press”, even though many of these bloggers work for websites that are arguably bigger and more definitive than mainstream media. Real geeks read their stuff on Gizmodo, Phone Scoop, Mobile Magazine, and so forth. They don’t get their tech news from CNN.

    4. Jeffery SimpsonThursday, January 24th, 2008 — 7:57am PST


      Well not CNN, but you have to admit that while bloggers are great for re-typing press releases for the most part the real journalism is happening at the press level. If what you want is a rumor about the new Apple tablet computer, then it’s a blogger you want to see. If you want a reasoned and researched piece on the dangers of the chemicals used in batteries then you’ll want to go to major media.

      Bloggers do some things great, but at the end of the day so few of them do anything that would actually be termed news. That’s not their fault, but a fact that to really break a news story takes leg work and resources that most of us can’t devote to it on any regular basis.

      I read blogs more than I read papers, but if I want to find out what’s going on in the world I’ll still head over to the Guardian or to the Globe and Mail to find out what that is.

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