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*SPOILER* I’m going to be live blogging this episode at 6:00pm PT so if you’re waiting for the West Coast air time, this is a spoiler.

At the end of episode 3 of The Amazing Race, which left off in Burkina Faso, the teams placed as follows:

1. AH – Brother/Sister
2. RTK – The new hippies
3. NJ – Cranky couple that got better this leg
4. KV – Goths
5. RC – Father/Daughter
6. ND – Grampa/Grandson
7. SJ – The Blonds
8. LJ – Dating Couple

12 hours later, teams depart in the order they crossed the mat, beginning with AH. The clue states they must follow a path to a neighbouring village to find a Tribal Chief who will give them their next clue and a gift.


The gift is a chicken, that they must put in a mesh bag, then take a taxi to another town. “No chicken, no check in,” the catch for this leg of the race is that the must now keep their chicken with them the ENTIRE time, until the next pit stop.

DETOUR: Chose between 1) Shake your pan 2) Shake your booty

Shake your pan: Chose a gold mining pit and use local methods to pan for a certain amount of gold.

Shake your booty: learn a traditional dance and perform it for judges, using the proper methods and their own moves. Judges must approve and without a pass from them, teams will receive a penalty.

NJ and AH head to shake your booty. NJ completed the dance moves ok but got a 10 minute penalty for “no creativity”. Gramps and grandson head to shake your pan with RTK while AH give the dance a go. AH complete the dance without penalty and head toward a market and come across…

U-TURN: Found at the end of the Detour, teams can use the power to slow down a competitor, forcing them to go back and complete the OTHER Detour, that they didn’t do.

AH chose not to U-Turn anyone. Once teams pass the U-Turn, they must travel by taxi to another village for their next clue.

Meanwhile, Gramps and grandson complete shake your pan with ease but RC get the 10 minute penalty. NJ chose not to U-Turn anyone either, “we’re going to win this race like freakin’ men,” states Jennifer. The Goths do shake your booty, receiving applause and a grade of “wonderful!” and chose not to U-Turn anyone – same goes for Gramps and grandson and RC once their penalty was up.


The Blonds try the shake your booty task and decide to throw in a couple hip gyrations and butter churns, which helped them avoid a penalty. RTK complete shake your pan and race to the U-Turn just behind the Blonds, who think LJ are behind them. They U-Turn Lorena and Jason, however RTK who are on their heels breeze through and continue on behind them.

At the market… ROAD BLOCK: One person from each team must load a bicycle and fill it to the brim with supplies AND a goat. They then need to ride it to a marketplace where they must find a specified vendor who will hand them their next clue.

Lorena and Jason realize they’ve been U-Turned and head back to complete shake your pan.

AH complete the Road Block, with NJ close behind them. The final clue instructs them to travel by taxi to find the Hotel de Ville (city hall) to check in to the pit stop, chicken in hand.

AH and NJ race to the mat and within a split second AH grab first place again. Gramps and grandson, RC and the Goths complete the bicycle task next and all race by taxi to the pit stop. Vyxsin get pretty emotional and moved by the spirit and warm hearts of the locals, despite all of the poverty around them.


Karma seems to be biting the Blonds as Jason and Lorena complete their U-Turn and are now right behind them at the Road Block.

1. AH – Brother/Sister
2. NJ – Dating Couple – working together pretty well now, although a little sore about coming in second, wondering why AH would grab first for the 3rd time and not let them have it. Um, yeah.
3. RC – Father/Daughter
4. ND – Grampa/Grandson
5. KV – The Goths
6. SJ – The Blonds
7. RTK – The New Hippies
ELIMINATED 8. LJ – U-Turn survivors with a renewed love for each other

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  1. Christina Hsu fanMonday, November 26th, 2007 — 9:54am PST

    Find a photo of post-plastic surgery, white Michael Jackson – with the disintegrating nose… Keep that picture handy while you’re watching Amazing Race 12. Compare the lovely Christina Hsu’s visage with that of fair Michael. Resemblance?

  2. Miss604Monday, November 26th, 2007 — 10:04am PST

    That’s a pretty chilling comparison I would not have made otherwise 😐

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