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Since we’ve been in the midwest since last Saturday I missed last week’s episode. We’re going to watch it right now through the magic of torrents so here’s somewhat of a live-blog of episode 3, about 2 hours before episode 4 airs – better late than never eh?

As of the beginning of episode 3, which aired November 18, 2007 there were the standings:

1. LJ – … no clever nicknames yet
2. NJ – The Cranky Couple
3. SJ – The Blonds/Beverly Hills Cougars
4. KV – Goth Couple
5. AH – Brother/Sister
6. RTK – The New Hippies
7. MJ – “Hot Sisters” – per John
8. ND – Grandson/Gramps
9. RC – Father/Daughter “You are a disappointment!”
ELIMINATED – 10. KP – Lesbian Ministers

Lorena and Jason who were the first to arrive at the pit stop in the Netherlands are the first to depart 12 hours later.

Turns out that Ron developed a hernia on the last leg and received medical attention during the pit stop. Teams must now fly to Ouagadougou, taking a flight over 3,000 miles. Once on the ground they’ll need to hail a taxi and find their next clue. At the airport teams figure out where exactly they need to be going by using a computer/internet in the terminal (Burkina Faso). They deduce that Air France would be their best bet for a flight.

There’s a flight at 7:20 that NJ hop on after being put on a waiting list. Other teams are on an 8am plane (AH, RC, MJ, ND, RTK, the Goths, and the Blonds) however there is a problem with the aircraft. They were all to meet up in Paris for a connecting flight to Burkina Faso, which only runs once a day so the teams on the 8am out of Amsterdam are getting worried. Meanwhile, NJ are in Paris and already to depart for Africa, sitting on the plane the other teams arrive in time. Arriving in Burkina Faso everyone is even. They must now make their way to the train station, bartering for cab rides along the way.

ROUTE INFO: Take a train to Bingo, in the middle of the African savanna. Teams will search for the next clue after jumping off the train at their stop – which will not be at a station, but pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The ticket office at the train station opens at 6am so once again teams start off on the same foot, getting on the same train.

“Feisty, hot, a little bitchy but not bad,” says Grampa about the sisters M&J. Some teams are having a great time experiencing Africa, the people and culture, however the Blonds moan and complain about the flies, the smell, and the garbage surrounding them.

Teams disembark and arrive at a ROAD BLOCK: One person from each team must milk a camel, fill a bowl without spilling and then drink the milk. If their camel runs dry they must wait for everyone else to complete the task, then they can take over someone else’s camel.

“Be gentle, you’re handling nipples!” RTK stay calm and finish the task first, meanwhile Lorena flips right out while the Blonds complain again about the flies.

Property of CBS

Once complete they need to lead 4 camels across the savanna along a marked path to find the next clue box. Gramps and Christina drink up their milk while the Blonds are sent back to finish filling up their bowl. The Goths and NJ finish up meanwhile teams who are already leading camels on the path turn around, thinking they’ve gone the wrong way.

Lorena is having a spazz attack while AH, MJ and the Blonds switch camels to get more milk.

Teams who are ahead, leading their camels come across the next clue which contained a DETOUR: Teams chose 1) teach it or 2) learn it.

In teach it, they must teach a local child English words for 10 common items. In learn it, teams must learn the local language and common 10 words.

The Goths, NJ, and AZ go to learn it, while RC, RTK, Gramps & Grandson head to teach it. AH devised a strategy to each learn 5 words, so they could get through the 10 the quickest, and it paid off. They’re now heading along a marked path to the outskirts of Bingo to the next pit stop.

Meanwhile, Lorena is still spazzing with the camels, MJ are still struggling to get milk, and the Blonds have not yet reached the Detour.

Property of CBS

LJ and MJ reach the Detour at the same time and both do learn it.

Teams check in to the pit stop in the following order (teams #3-6 were all neck and neck):

1. AH – Brother/Sister
2. RTK – The new hippies
3. NJ – Cranky couple that got better this leg
4. KV – Goths
5. RC – Father/Daughter
6. ND – Grampa/Grandson
7. SJ – The Blonds
8. LJ – Spazzy McGee, and wow, Jason is an understanding boyfriend – he never once yelled at her when she was freaking out. He offered encouragement and even justified her flip out saying she’s just passiontate.
ELIMINATED – Marianna and Julia

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  1. MJ AnkenmanSunday, November 25th, 2007 — 5:00pm PST

    My thoughts when Lorena was freaking out was babe how are you ever going to handle the curve balls of life if this is what happens when you can’t get milk from a camel? I can’t believe how many time the camel knocked her arm with the bowl of milk in it and spilled it. Freaky. I agree Jason was extremely supportive …thee must be more to this girl than what we have seen.

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