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It all starts now! Well, actually it started at 5:00 pm ET and I was going to catch the earlier airing of The Amazing Race but we were super busy cleaning the house all afternoon. Now that it’s almost time for the ‘pacific coast’ broadcast, I’m getting pretty pumped. I’m going to semi live blog the premiere of season 12 since I’m already nestled on the couch with my laptop in hand. Here’s a quick intro before game time – WARNING, SPOILER ALERT for anyone catching this after tonight.

Teams / My abbreviations for the teams:

  • Kynt & Vyxsin – Dating Goth Couple / KV
    (Kynt to Vyxsin “you’re a little pink energizer bunny”)
  • Jennifer & Nathan – Dating Couple / JN
    (Nathan was unfaithful / Jennifer has trust issues… this spells ‘drama’)
  • Ronald & Christina – Father/Daughter / RC
  • Shana & Jennifer – Friends / SJ
    (The new barbies/beauty queens?)
  • Azaria & Hendekea – Brother/Sister / AH
    (“I’m afraid of Hendekea not being ready, and that might cause me to blow a gasket”)
  • Lorena & Jason – Dating Couple / LJ
    (“I want Jason to commit more” “I like having one foot out the door”
  • Nicholas & Donald – Grandfather/Grandson / ND
    (“My grandfather swears and talks about women”)
  • Ari & Stealla – BFF’s / AS
    (Ari “life’s a bitch but I’m a bigger bitch”)
  • Marianna & Julia – Sisters / MJ
  • Rachel & TK – Dating / RTK
    (The new Hippies)
  • Kate & Pat – Married Ministers / KP
    (“Just because we’re clergy doesn’t mean we’ll hold doors and let people take our cab”)
  • START: Los Angeles, California – The Playboy Mansion

    First clue: Fly to Shannon, Ireland – each team is given money and an SUV to start this leg.


    Teams are in their SUVs heading to the airport, totally stoked about going to Ireland but not very good at navigating the streets of LA.

    LJ hit the ticket counters at the airport first and SJ, KP are close behind. NJ follow but are annoyed with the blonds (SJ) moving ahead of them. Everyone is trying to get the British Airways flight but MJ get the last pair, which leaves 5 teams scrambling.


    LJ are on a flight that leaves 45 minutes before the others who were able to book British Airways. A couple teams are able to use the laptop of another traveler in the airport, booking an Aer Lingus flight through Dublin and forming an alliance. AH and RC feel a bond since they’re both family teams.

    Ari and Staella scooped up a taxi that the other two teams reserved and took off, “oops”. Teams are heading by taxi to ferry over to an island to find a ruin – the smallest church in the world. There, they will sign up for a return ferry in the morning – there are several departure times. The first 5 teams to arrive at the ferry are those who waited for the Aer Lingus flight as the coveted British Airways flight was delayed in London.

    NJ are already having issues as Jennifer isn’t running “like the other girls”. All the teams sign up for the morning ferries and check into a B&B for the night.

    Ferry 1: LJ, RTK, KV
    Ferry 2: AS, NJ, AH
    Last ferry: SJ, KP, MJ, ND, RC

    Teams travel by ferry to the mainland to pick up their next clue and a car. The clue will instruct them to travel to a farm, ride a tandem bike along a muddy trail and retrieve their next clue.


    LJ and KV both arrive at the farm after getting some instructions from locals. K & V’s bike chain broke almost instantly so they’re going to carry it all the way, and they lose a lot of ground.

    ROAD BLOCK TASK: Chose one of two high-wire bicycles and ride it across a wind-swept ravine over the Atlantic while your partner dangles below, along for the ride. The New Hippies (RTK) are the first across.

    RTK get the next clue: Teams must now chose a donkey and fill its basket with 15 pieces of peet. They must then walk it back to the entrance of the farm.


    KV and NJ make the high-wire trek neck and neck as the rest of the teams catch up. It seems like everyone has now taken to calling Kynt and Vixsin “the freaks”… which I’m not really too keen on…. Nathan and Jennifer are fighting, screaming and insulting each other, and this is only the first leg. Their donkey pretty much gives up on them at this point.


    RTK complete the task and get their clue instructing them to drive to the pit stop, a heritage centre. AH and VK are close behind, navigating the streets in belief that The New Hippies took a wrong turn. Meanwhile, Nathan and Jennifer are stuck with a very stubborn donkey, as are Ari & Staella tears and insults ensue.

    Azaria and Hendekea are the FIRST team to hit the mat, winning a trip for two to Banff as a bonus (complete with moonlight snowshoeing at Lake Louise). Kynt and Vyxsin are the second team to arrive followed by The New Hippies. I love the attitude the Goth couple have.

    Ronald and Christina have a blast crossing the high-wire and breeze past the other teams who are having donkey problems, “donkeys have a soul too!” Kate and Pat finish the task, “you pick donkeys like it’s nobody business baby.”

    Ronald and Christina cross the line a little emotional, Phil has a way of making people cry eh.

    1. AH – Brother/Sister
    2. KV – Goth Couple
    3. RTK – The New Hippies
    4. LJ – … no clever nicknames yet
    5. ND – Grandson/Grampa
    6. SJ – The New Beauty Queens / The Blonds
    7. RC – Father/Daughter “Who is your daddy!”
    8. KP – Lesbian Ministers
    9. MJ – “Hot Sisters” – per John
    10. NJ – The new “Jonathan and Victoria”?
    Eliminated: AS – Friends “Karma came back and bit us in the ass”

    That’s it for tonight folks! Check back next week and we’ll see if I have this type of energy again. There’s also a wiki that keeps track of stats, for quick reference.

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    1. MJ AnkenmanMonday, November 5th, 2007 — 8:34am PST

      The donkey section was a great illustration of how other animals pick up on the emotion of the people. I loved the fact the more that NJ shouted and cursed at the donkey it just stood there.
      I am liking the Goth couple, they work together well and seem to respect each other.

    2. AdelaideMonday, November 5th, 2007 — 10:00am PST

      That donkey scene was too hilarious. And I loved how Ari (after they were eliminated) stated that karma came back to bite them in the ass (for stealing Ray & Chris’ taxi).

      Yeah, the Goth couple seemed cool. The gay minister ladies would’ve been a big deal to people this season if not for the goths 🙂 They totally get the attention. I heard one of the other couples refer to them as the “freaks”, which I think is sad.

    3. bzMonday, November 5th, 2007 — 4:38pm PST

      Usually there is one team that just screams out to Jen and I to cheer for.

      Honestly, don’t see much in this years batch to get excited for. There’s the pilot and Grampa, but he looks like he just about dies next week. The goths seem to have a bit of a fun streak, but I just miss the crazy flaming gay team .. much better than the lesbian ministers (wtf?)

    4. Miss604Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 — 12:22pm PST

      Yeah I don’t like “the freaks” as a nickname either – note the Goths were like the only man/woman team that was encouraging each other and not screaming or putting the other person down – and this is just the FIRST leg geesh

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