Sea Wall, La Nina, and 1996 calling

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 — 11:00am PST
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For some reason I am terribly nauseous this morning, and before you whip out the ‘jump to conclusions mat’ let me state that we were completely sober for the TCC podcast last night AND no, there won’t be the pitter patter of little Bollwitts around any time soon. I’m just SUPER woozy and woke up at 4am with my mind racing, and it hasn’t stopped since.

  • Contrary to reports on October 29th, Stanley Park‘s sea wall has not been reopened this week. They’ve pushed the date back (yet again) and are naming November 16th the official reopening day. [News1130]
  • We won’t have El Nino to contend with this winter, we’re expecting his cloudy and much colder sister, La Nina in his place [CKNW]. This means it’ll probably be a great year for local skiing, thank goodness. It’s comforting to look up at Grouse and see its big white patch of snowy goodness. It just doesn’t really feel like it’s winter when I look up and see green on the mountains in January.
  • canada003.gifFinally, I was reading this article on CKNW this morning and couldn’t help but notice the horribly rendered and blown up version of the City of Langley’s logo on the right. Yikes. This immediately reminded me of a site someone was sharing the link to on Facebook yesterday, “1996 called, they want their GIFs back“.
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    1. fotoeins says:

      Hey, how about that – the weather seen on the Vancouver webcams is a mirror to the weather presently here in LSC … grey, grim, spitty, and moist … MOIST …

    2. GZ Expat says:

      hmmm…having too much to drink wasn’t the first thing on my mind when reading you were nauseous in the morning. The first thing to mind was…Congratulations!

    3. PatZ says:

      hahah best office movie ever.

      btw, that post you did on radio/coffee shops at the skytrain stations a while ago…we’re being talked at by a dude from the provincial transportation ministry right now who said we should have wi-fi and cup holders on the busses and a starbucks at every stop right now because apparently that’ll somehow improve public transit…

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