Link Fest: Black Friday Edition

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home alone.. err.. bound Dashing through O’Hare this morning I felt like the McAllister family, however now we’ve got 3 hours to kill in SeaTac so here’s a quick Vancouver news round up.

– Did you know it’s called Black Friday because it’s the day retailers hope to go from “the red” to “the black” in regards to profits for the year? Yeah. Nothing to do with vampires, so I guess I was a little wrong there.

bloggin at SeaTacAt any rate, today is also the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day. So don’t buy anything, and join one of the Facebook groups to stick it to the man [News1130].

– There was apparently a problem with Translink trolley buses not showing up on time this week – STOP THE PRESSES! hehe, no really, this was out of the ordinary and due to “cold wires” and “frost” and “computer trickery”.

“Although equipped with ice cutters like the old buses, the new trolleys are so technologically advanced and sensitive that the thin coat of ice on the overhead lines tricked the onboard computers into thinking the lines were dead, said TransLink spokesman Drew Snider.” [CBC].

not everything is flat in iowa– Since we’re driving back up over the border with all the Black Friday shoppers violating Buy Nothing Day in order to score that $50 flat screen TV, crossing times should be a little painful [News1130].

I’m checking in on the webcams periodically and they don’t look too bad. TIP: Avoid Peace Arch and take the truck crossing @ Pac Hwy… but uh, wait til we get through first k? We’ve been up and traveling since 1:00am PT today, I’m ready to be home now.

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  1. Tyler IngramSaturday, November 24th, 2007 — 8:28am PST

    I was thinking, oh ok she’s going to show pictures of the rolling landscape or something. Oy I was wrong huh 😉 I’ve seen shirts like that for other states too.

    Now I’ve seen that facebook group for not buying anything for that particular day bit it reminds me of the facebook groups where no one should buy gas on a particular day either to help the gas prices go down. Does it ever work? I would think EVERYONE would have to obey it and not buy whatever be it that flatscreen tv or fill their tank with gas.. but I don’t know if a hand full of people would make the slight difference…

  2. BradleySunday, November 25th, 2007 — 7:13am PST

    you are not allowed to wear that t shirt ever again miss rebecca

  3. RoshanSaturday, December 1st, 2007 — 9:11pm PST

    Flat… that they r not!

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