Yahoo Photos is Dead, Long Live Flickr

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

In case you’re like me and still have a Yahoo Photos account collecting dust in cyberspace, you only have ONE more day to move them all over to Flickr before they get annihilated.

yahoophotos.png“We’re closing October 18th so we can focus our efforts on Flickr,” states the message at the top of the screen when you login. Good news is, they have a feature to import your pics to Flickr.

We’ll also do our very best to use as much information about your photos as we can, like their titles and descriptions, or whether they belong in an album (which we’ll magically transform into a set on Flickr)

Bad news is that you can’t really sort through them first, ie. import this photo but not that one. I don’t want these all up on Flickr so after weeding out a few manually, I started the import. I don’t know where they will be placed on my Flickr so that’s a little annoying as I don’t want these old ones to bump my latest photos off the top of the pile.

Good thing about doing the import? Flickr is offering 3 months FREE pro status when you move your old Yahoo pics over. Unfortunately I already have pro status so I’m not sure what I’ll get instead, if anything.

Log into your Yahoo Photos account like it was 2001 and get started, you have less than 18 hours to go.

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  1. PatZWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 2:11pm PDT

    Yahoo! or BOOhoo! aaaaaaaaaahahah…..

    hey, it’s like a million degrees in this class, it’s affecting the ability to make less lame comments.

  2. SeanersWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 4:47pm PDT

    I just went through this and the dates from the Yahoo photos was retained when the finally arrived at my flickr account. (it took more than a week for about 8 photos!)

    Anyway, they didn’t bump any new photos and are now actually the oldest photos on my flickr account.


  3. LoxyWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 4:54pm PDT

    I’m having issues with my old imagestation account… they are closing in the spring.

  4. Miss604Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 4:56pm PDT

    Seaners: VERY good to know. I initiated the import this morning so I’ll just wait and see I guess.

  5. RaulWednesday, October 17th, 2007 — 10:29pm PDT

    I am on Flickr and Picasa. Which one do you prefer?

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