TV time, Radio fun, and Hockey Legends

Saturday, October 13th, 2007 — 7:53pm PDT
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Since there is just so much to take in over the last two days, the following is simply a photo post.

CTV Interview
Friday night I accompanied Keira to CTV for her spot about the MySpace extravaganza.

Photo credit: Duane Storey on Flickr

Following that we headed to the Shark Club to watch the Canucks game and met up with Captain Scotty of the CFOX morning crew.

the 'panel' ft Cliff Ronning
This morning, John and I went to North Vancouver and spent several hours enjoying Standard Building and Supplies’ Customer appreciation day, rubbing elbows with local and international hockey legends.

It was amazing to see Bobby Baun, meet him and shake his hand. He played for the Maple Leafs (alongside Tim Horton) when they won the 1963-1964 Stanley Cup.

Ginnnooooo! Babych!

Very cool to get my photo with infamous Canucks scrapper Gino Odjick and Dave Babych (with his trademark mustache… which is now more of a goatee) who is such a nice guy.

“King” Richard Brodeur (left) and Bobby Hull (right), I’ll never forget this day and the fact the Bobby Hull called me “cutie”. I also adore his message on my autograph: “To Rebecca, With Love, Bobby Hull #9“.

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  1. fotoeins says:

    All this, and you’re only halfway through the weekend! Great stuff …

  2. Dave says:

    wicked good times!

  3. Tyler Ingram says:

    Rebecca looks like you have a forced smile with Captain Scotty there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. GZ Expat says:

    Former Portland Winterhawk; Dave Babych. Watched him play back in 1980…and he had much more hair on top of his head then.

    His brother, Wayne, was an awesome player with st. Louis as well…

    I’m jealous…

  5. Keira-Anne says:

    Those are awesome shots, Becks. I’m glad you had a super Saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. […] Rebecca and I talked about it(and you can read her post about the day as well), we put more and more to the story. Baun played with the likes of Tim Horton[wiki], yes, […]

  7. Zanstorm says:

    Damn Bobby Hull! Firing pucks at goalies with no helmets……..

    Would love to meet King Richard tho! Lucky bugger you are!

  8. Sapan Behar says:

    You should’ve asked Gino if he’d be interested in making a comeback for the Canucks? We need some of him from the Game 5 vs. St. Louis

  9. […] of the highlights of my year in 2007 was meeting some members of the Canucks Alumni hockey team in North Vancouver. Dave Babych, Cliff Ronning and of course, GINO! It’s always […]

  10. […] me in the photo above) along with my Bobby Baun photo, Babych photo and Gino shot (that was such an amazing day). Tweet This Digg it Add to Stumble it Add to […]

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