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Odds, Ends and Apple Store in Vancouver

Friday, October 19th, 2007 — 10:17am PDT
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Update: The Vancouver Apple store is confirmed and will be in the old Holt Renfrew location at Pacific Centre.

I received an email this morning inquiring about my N95 Taste Test so here’s some more information.

first crash - oop I had the phone for one week, it was given to me as a part of an independent study (ie. not through Rogers or anything). Along with 4 other people in the group, we all chose one task that involved the phone. We decided to document our various commutes throughout that one week. I also used the phone as a full-time camera and every photo I took with it is in a Flickr set. After that week I had to give the phone back. It was a bit of a tease but it wasn’t the most user-friendly phone, I’ll just miss the camera on it mostly as it was better than the small digital cam that John and I share. You can read more about what the others were up to on their wrap-up posts, like Dave’s.

  • Readers’ Digest has found Vancouver to be Canada’s second most polite city, behind Moncton, NB and tied with Calgary, AB (see: umbrella post from yesterday).
  • Happenings in Metro Vancouver this weekend:

  • Buzz fills us in on the Vancouver Baby and Family Fair and the Women’s Expo at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre this weekend
  • Over in Kits, it’s the Hellenic Community of Vancouver’s Greek Food Festival, starting today and going through Sunday.
  • In Surrey it’s Family Day at the Surrey Arts Centre
  • And finally, what you probably tuned in to read… Duane tipped me off about the confirmation of an Apple Store coming to Vancouver:

    Apple Store! Shopping in the States Nov. 25/06After years of speculation and anticipation, there is finally confirmation that that an Apple store will occupy a space inside the Pacific Centre Mall in downtown Vancouver (BC). The three-block indoor mall has been undergoing a long-term and extensive renovation that included demolition, construction and the juggling and moving of several retailers, along with the addition of new stores. But Apple isn’t among those new tenants. Instead, additional construction will begin in 2009 for retail space where Apple will locate its first western Canada store. That work will be finished by the holiday season of 2009 and, most importantly, for the 2010 Olympic Games that begin in February. [ifo Apple Store]

    The article is a little vague, even though it says a location is confirmed. What I can gather is that it will be a part of another Pacific Centre Expansion? Hmm, who knows. I just can’t wait to hang out at the Genius Bar.

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    1. I wonder if the iPhone will work in Canada by then?

    2. Jg says:

      interesting! i wonder since the mall is underground if apple will do a similar design as the fifth ave NY location hmmmm?

    3. Andrew Kumar says:

      Awesome… did I mention awesome? fyi – i’m doing the n95 taste test part 2: my task: lifeblog certain portions of my life using the phone (and not my computer)

      check out:

    4. Keira-Anne says:

      I kinda wish I was going to the Women’s Expo, but then I thought it might be too catty. I think I’d go crazy with all that estrogen in one place.

    5. […] Miss604 notes that an official Apple Store is finally coming to Vancouver, but not for a while: … construction will begin in 2009 for retail space where Apple will locate its first western Canada store. That work will be finished by the holiday season of 2009 and, most importantly, for the 2010 Olympic Games that begin in February. […]

    6. fotoeins says:

      To some extent, I think there would be even more foot-traffic and allure if the Apple Store could get a hold of space at street-level. Thus far, most of my experience to an Apple Store has been to visit the store in downtown San Francisco, whose front door (at the corner of Stockton, Ellis, and Market) is adjacent to the entrance to the BART Powell station, and across the street from the Virgin megastore. Good lord …

    7. Tawcan says:

      Ohhh I would love to go to the Apple Store and totally nerding it out. 😀

    8. Ian Bell says:

      Apple has a number of smaller in-mall stores. Frankly, they’re pretty uninspiring beachheads for the Apple brand, but they do have a mini Genius Bar and a limited selection of accessories and software. Mostly a good place to take your broken iPod but not really a mechanism to grow the brand. They’ll still need a surface-level store to really have a meaningful presence in Vancouver.

      You’ve got to feel sorry for MacStation, Simply Computing, and West World Computers who have built their businesses on the Apple brand but who are about to get buried by Apple’s retail gorilla. That said, those local retailers almost never stock significant quantities of Apple hardware, meaning you have to order thru them — if I’m going to order anyway, I might as well order online straight from the source and get exactly what I want.

    9. teflonjedi says:

      I’m thinking of buying one of those nifty looking new iPods when I’m home at Christmas…don’t think that this store will be open by then. What are my other retail options?

    10. Miss604 says:

      The Apple store in the “village” at Alderwood Mall (in the photo above) – just outside of Seattle – is pretty lacking… I’m interested in seeing what style of store we’re going to get here.

    11. […] – Grand Opening Pacific Centre – Apple Store Grand Opening May 34 – Apple Store Opening May 24 Pacific Centre – Apple Store Vancouver to Open May 24 – H&M Vancouver and the Apple Store, A Match Made in Heaven – Odds and Ends, Apple Store in Vancouver […]

    12. ruffdeezy says:

      It’s about time. I can’t wait. I’ll probably be there every weekend. Hopefully the iPhone is launched there soon cause I will definitely line up overnight. Not sure if I can be up before 10am to make it down there right away.

    13. FiFi says:

      Nice store …. nothing much that we can’t buy online or other stores in Vancouver already.

      I tried to buy two things today but they don’t seem set up for debit customers and sent me to wait for 10 mins at the Genius Bar to pay there but I just left it (they seem to be pushing payment by credit card for some reason?!).

      Lots of people seemed to just be looking.

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