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McDonald's Pizza, Kinda

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 — 12:02pm PDT
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No, this isn’t another report on Pimma, this is far more nauseating. As a person who eats at “Rotten Ronny’s” maybe once a year, this seriously turns my stomach but also makes me drop my head and giggle.

The last time John ate at McDonald’s he was violently ill for a few days. He then did some research and discovered that the McNuggets he ingested contained dimethypolysiloxane, which can also be found in things like sunscreen.

A former co-worker sent this link my way. It’s a pizza, covered entirely with ingredients from McDonalds.

Photo credit: Chinese_Fashion on Flickr (original source)

The thing is, I would totally eat it. You would, too, stop lying. The cheeseburger parts, the McNuggets — you know that’d be tasty. The fries might be the sleeper hit. If this thing were in my house, I’d totally roll my eyes and groan and make a big stink. Then my curiosity would get the better of me and I’d sneak a bite when nobody was around. And I mean, you can tell it tastes pretty good. [AndIAmNotLying]

The post is by someone who was passed the photos online, not the original creator of the “masterpiece”. You can view all of the original photos on Flickr and as Keira would say, “I think I just thew up a little in my mouth.”

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  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    Yea I’m going to skip on that. Feeling queezy thinking about it lol!

  2. Megan Cole says:

    But they have wifi man!!
    (I haven’t eaten “fast food” since one hungover morning back in the summer of 2000. And I am damn proud of that fact, even though the sausage mcmuffins are dreamy.)

    Side bar, and the real reason I am writing to you today – heard you on Rick’s morning show on CBC “dark and early” this morn in Tod’s piece – nicely done! I didn’t even know he was in the house that night: sneaky-geek.

  3. PatZ says:

    that looks so bad it looks good…

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